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100 thoughts on “Movie Talkback – SNL

  1. Personally tired of Leslie’s angry black woman… she’s such a good actress. Why keep wasting her on this role. Tiresome. It makes me cringe./:

  2. The would’ve been the woman in the audience on the right if I was in this sketch, she was literally fighting back a smile though almost every character 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Kate: 'now I sit on you'
    Seth: 'whuuhhh… N.. No'
    Kenan: 'you sure?'
    Seth: 'what no!'

    Me: whhuhh?
    don't at me I'm not good at this stuff 🙄

  4. funny how from all the female characters in SNL they chose the fat one to point out "feminism" just saying….

  5. It's always odd when SNL makes fun of SJWs & PC culture when they all publicly support it
    Leslie Jones in real life has been complaining that the next Ghostbusters will star men !!!

  6. seth meyers could not look more dead eyed and unconvincing for someone supposedly discovering who their father is

  7. Ok, commenting by quoting what we just heard does NOT make it funnier. We just heard it from people who get paid to be funny. Don't quote me on that.

  8. (using her tongue seductively)
    "A beautiful film . . . very sad, very sexy. For this experience, I will sit on you."

    This was not my experience at Cannes. At all.

  9. I really like when they do these “approach the mic” skits. There are so few of them. But Kennan and Kate always kill it!!

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