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(fist thudding)
(Jacob coughing) (dramatic music) – Pussy. (fist thudding)
(somber music) – I’m not gonna pretend that
it’s a natural thing, Melissa, ’cause it’s not. – Shh! Your opinion doesn’t matter. He’s your son. He’s needs you to be more sensitive.
– No, what he needs is someone to tell him to
take that gunk off his face! You’re too soft. (dramatic music)
(objects clinking) (somber music) (object thudding) (object thudding) (quiet music) (creature scurrying)
(sudden dramatic music) (creature creaking) (suspenseful music) (sudden dramatic music) (flesh squelching) (suspenseful music) (legs squelching) (creature scurrying) (body thudding)
(foot thudding) – Hit me.
(fist thudding) Hit me.
(hand slapping) (fist thudding) (legs tapping) Hit me!
(fist thudding) (Jacob coughing) (fist thudding)
Hit me! (Jacob breathing heavily) Hit me! (fist thudding)
(Jacob grunting) Hit me!
(fist thudding) (fist thudding)
(upright boy grunting) (fist thudding)
(Jacob grunting) (fist thudding)
(Jacob grunting) (slower music)
(tone ringing) (fists thudding) (creature squelching) (fists thudding) (music intensifying) Hit me! Hit me! Hit me! – Just try it! Stop! (music slowing)
(creature creaking) You don’t have to be like this. (face creaking) You don’t have to do this.
(creature creaking) (somber music) (face creaking) – [Mother] You’re not
even gonna check on Jacob? – Let him cry it out or whatever. I’ll check on him in a bit. (eerie music) – It’s been six months since the suicide of sixties makeover maven Helen Annity, who faced controversy in her later years for her unorthodox advice. (newscaster’s voice in distance) – Dad? I want to talk to you. I… (suspenseful music) But… (sudden dramatic music) Dad! Dad! (suspenseful music) (old-time band music) – [Recording Of Woman’s Voice]
Dad knows it takes brawn to (record skips and stops)
(machine clicking) (somber music) (wings fluttering) (old-time instrumental music) (record clicks to stop) (chord ringing)
(metal grating) – [Narrator] Watch new vids
every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, only on Crypt TV. (eerie music)

100 thoughts on “MISS ANNITY | “Kiss And Make Up” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

  1. What’s wrong with MISS ANNITY? She seems sometimes go after good characters like the stay at home dad in the last episode. Then she goes after bad characters like the gay boy’s dad. I don’t get her pattern. Hungry spider lady can’t be choosy?

  2. Crypt TV I have a monster idea that I've made up based on different fears I want to actually tell you the back story and the design nd I want to know your thoughts hopefully u would like it enough to put it on your channel you have an email?

  3. This is a nice message. It talks about accepting who you are. And if you don’t, you’re just a puppet of society

  4. Is she based of a trapdoor spider? She waits until her prey is vunerable and weak and then she strikes and takes them into her trap/lair just like the spider

  5. Well. That's… You know the best thing about CryptTV? Their ability to surprise me. Follow the formula and then… bam! Change direction. Such a twist! I hope there will be more Miss Annity in the future.

  6. this is like the naruto scene where he hugs his evil part at the fountain and it stopped his evil part,just like in this story


  7. Oh yes this confirmed my theory from last episode. Miss Annity doesn't punish people who aren't meeting societal norms or stereotypes no Her victims WANT to meet the stereotypes. So Miss Annity comes to help 🙂
    And then she takes them and displays them in her show as the perfect example of her teachings. As something we should all strive to be. A mindless puppets who do as Miss Annity deems the best

  8. Did anyone else notice how in the news section the caption wrote "Six month ANNIVERSARY"? How does time work in these shorts? Anniversaries are in regards ANNUAL events or did I misunderstand that?

    Putting that aside, this series has been truly enjoyable and intriguing. Keep up the great work CryptTV!!!

  9. 🤔🧐So I've just been so curious and I'd really like to know… why is Miss Anity hellbent on having her dimension a perfect place? Like I get the other monsters; Look-See wants us to move on and release all that past, Shelley is basically a badass hockey player who wants justice for her death, and so on and so forth but for Miss Anity.. she wants peace and perfection but for what?
    Also I love how she's against violence… but she'd probably kill me because I have a lot of hate, grudge, and anger 🕷️🕷️🕷️.

    Please continue making this series I as viewer of your channel's videos am intrigued and willing to explore all the darkness you're willing to put in your videos❤️❤️

  10. Miss Annity met her match Kindness is not a weakness but dear ole dad's belief in braun was punishable I'm not even sure the kid was gay he may have been and is clearly on his way to being a joker jester incel type progressives win(lose) again

  11. Man this series is the one of the best ever I really want to know more about this ultra traditional bitch hope you make more absolutely brilliant as always love to know some tips on how you get your shorts so suspenseful

  12. ooh I love this. great message. and I watched four times before I noticed 1;07 and I still flinched a bit lol

  13. BReAk tHa sTeReOtyPeS, SysTeM MaKeS YoU SlaVE, TradiTiOnAl VaLueS ArE bAD
    and other similar manure, much wow, how authors were able to encapsulate all that in such a small format
    filmed nicely tho, but it counts what's inside, rather than outside

  14. These are such horrible videos. So sad they've conned so many people. Half the accounts following then are fake. Lol. Such bad acting

  15. After i heard you guys existed from watching the film theory vid. I stop the vid and went to your channel and Miss annity was my first . I like her design . Always wanted to see a spiderbody like villian

  16. I suppose the story is somewhat similar to the 19th Century killer who built a hotel to lure in victims. He had trapdoors placed in every room (similar to Annity) and an underground compartment where the bodies would be found.

    Crypt, could this maybe be part of the inspiration for this? Or am I looking too deep into things?

  17. He was the first one to hurt Miss Annity
    Also, i love this lady spider, Miss Annity.
    Am i the only one who is expecting to become friends with that kind of… creatures?

  18. My theory is miss annity own those apartments filmed in the basement and she made those trap doors so she could see if they were play by her book but she must of got a lot of hate to her show or book so she couldn’t take it any more so she hung her self but her spirit was in raged that nobody played by her book so she crawled inside of here book like the spider she is and the police closed the basement permanently so when people don’t play by her book she uses those trap doors but she gives them time to fix their problem in her way but if they don’t she kills them and takes their body’s to her filming room then after she filmed her little short with her voice over she puts the body’s in some chairs then lays eggs inside of them

  19. So basically miss annity died in that apartment complex. She finds people who live there that don't fit traditional norms and offers them a chance to change (Anna could have cut the tape measure, Peter could have ignored the baby and this guy could punch the bully dude) if they do it, they live and someone else dies in their stead. If not, then they are killed and strung up as an audience for het creepy show in the basemenf

  20. Boy: I'm not going to let you (the monster) or anyone else tell me who to be.

    Miss Annity: He's standing up to me? Is that allowed? Can he do that?

    Also love how the boy is all about spreading love and not hate (hugging the bully instead of hitting him).

  21. Hey can u tell me how i can make the look see Monster cosplay
    Im going to a Horror convention in few weeks and i need some Help with it

  22. Heres my take:
    Miss Annity is resembled after a spider. Spiders are known to inject their prey with poison that liquefies their insides so the spider can suck it out and leave the husk. Miss Annity also injects her prey with a poison meant to use their insecure societal beliefs so that they can be destroyed inside out. When Jacob in this story fights the bully, he is giving in to the "masculine" image his father wants. When he hugs, he uses the values and principals he wanted all along to counteract the poison. To me, Miss Annity feeds on people who can't come to terms and follow their own "rules for society and being proper" and so she implements her rules to the victims to "teach them." If they can't follow their own societal image, she gives them a new one to believe in and teaches them how to dwell in it.

  23. Ok I haven’t visited crypts channel in a bit but this is even more well done than usual and thats saying alot. Love it

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