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(somber music)
(rope creaks) (baby cries) – Shh, it’s okay. It’s okay, it’s okay. (phone vibrates)
(baby cries) Yes sir, I understand,
I just wanted to be home for my daughter. Okay. Yes. It won’t happen again. – Is everything okay? – It’s fine, I just wanted to
say goodnight to Mackenzie. – [Woman] She’s already asleep. – She always cries when I hold her. – Hey, I told you you have to
stop doing this to yourself. She’ll understand everything you’re doing to provide for us. (somber music) (phone vibrates) (baby doll screams) (baby doll giggles) (email chimes) (somber music) (old fashioned music) – Peter knows that a man
belongs in the workplace and a woman’s heart is in the home. That’s how it’s always been. That’s how it always should– Be. (monster growls) (frightening music) (baby doll giggles) (eerie noise) (frightening music)
(Peter screams) – Peter, what the hell are you doing? Come to bed. (eerie music) Peter. What is it? – It’s behind you. (eerie music) (light switch clicks) Peter, what? (Peter pants) (creature shrieks) (woman screams) Peter, Peter! (baby doll giggles) (baby doll cries) (intense music) (baby doll voice distorts) (door thuds) Peter? (creature gurgles)
(Peter screams) (somber music) (body thuds) (old fashioned music) – [Woman] Peter knows where a man belongs. Peter knows a man’s place. No fancy notions on encroaching
on his lady’s territory. (laughs) And look, he’s
all the better for it. Isn’t that right, Peter? (hokey music) (shutter clicks) (eerie music) – [Man] Watch new vids every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Only on CryptTV. (eerie music)

100 thoughts on “MISS ANNITY | “Baby On Board” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

  1. That's the way it's always been, that's the way it's always should be…Miss Annity knows best. Were you brave enough to watch this fullscreen??

  2. Won't lie..this one kinda pissed me off a bit because growing up my family was just the opposite…my father could not work due to my mom was the one who had to be the bread winner…so..this one really got under my skin

  3. I’m starting to think I’m a little bit arachnophobia but yet I like to watch spiders walking around minding their old Business.

  4. I really want this monster to die, the other monsters at least have rules and standers, this one? It just stuck in the past, a parasite on the future, and a blight to all those that want to better themselves, I don’t care who does her in I just want her dead

  5. Has anyone else noticed that all the characters so far are Asian? This could have nothing to do with it but they are the most pressured into being perfect. So that could actually play a player in this.

  6. Could it possibly have some feminist stance where she kills the ones who go by the old rules? No actual clue Crypt tv plez spoil

  7. "A man belongs in the workplace, and a woman's heart is in the home"

    Well then make me a sammich, Miss Annity

  8. Que pasa con los que hablamos español antes tenian subtitulos vale verga sus videos ya no me suscribo.

  9. So according to Miss Annity men are not suppose to take care of their child or baby sit……Lol !!!!she is crazy…… looking forward for her next victim……

  10. Glad to see more Asian American actors in horror films but Miss Annity's message is out of step with some and out of date with others. Looks like she has a lot more killing to do to show those offending men they are doing it wrong.

  11. So miss annuity seems to focus on those who worry, such as Peter, or the girl who wanted to be skinnier. She kills those that wish to be better, and are unhappy with how they are. She can affect reality. And make herself only visible to her prey, interesting.

  12. Crypt tv to be honest I have watched all the movies but they didn't scare me because they were not that scary but this short film gave me goosebumps

  13. THEORY: Miss Annity is targeting people who are "not prim and proper", BUT the "not prim and proper" is actually inside the mind of the victims themselves. It's about the expectation the victims have for themselves and the struggle within themselves.
    For example, if Peter was actually happy to be home with his daughter and had no shame in that, he wouldn't be targeted.
    But he doesn't seem to be happy at home, even when holding his daughter. SO the thing about "being home with his daughter" was something he think he has to, NOT that he want to. That's reflected in the description of this video: "Peter knows that a man belongs in the workplace…"

    1. Peter said himself: "She always cries when I hold her". People say that children can actually sense a lot (of the emotions) from the adult. So the child probably sensed thew negative emotions he had (that he didn't actually want to be home) so that's why she always cries.
    2. At 6:00, a bunch of baby dolls keep popping out, isn't that represent the fear of having children, more and more children that would ruin your life (a lot of young parents have).
    3. The idea of "a man belongs in the workplace" is coming from the concept of a man is the pillar of the family, the provider and protector of the family. It's not really about being "in the workplace" just for the sake of the social norm, but as a man you need to protect your family. BUT when he saw that there is a monster in the room, his reaction was to lock the it in the room with his wife in it (regardless if she could see it, or if it's a hallucination or not). That was a coward move, and he wasn't being a "prim and proper" man.

    So in conclusion, Miss Annity is actually targeting people who have struggle within their mind. And in the end, her victims end up where they actually want to be (at the back of their mind).

  14. Just realized that Miss Annity has 6 eyes.

    If she's supposed to be a sort-of spider demon, then why doesn't she have 8 eyes?

    My theory is that her other 2 eyes are the eyes of the victim that she's stalking; that way, she can know what they're doing, where they're hiding, and can generally maneuver them into traps (or "spider webs") she has placed.

  15. Theory judging by the introductory

    Miss Anity was just a woman who wanted to give helpful tips with her books and videos, unfortunately something happened that drove her to suicide and as how most CryptTV monsters are created, her soul was strong and fuse with the magic blue spider that came across the book,
    and that's just a theory
    A probably wrong theory

  16. Most of the crypttv monsters,I enjoy. They fight against bullies and bad people. Miss Annity I actually hate,but I think that's the point. All of us are at risk,instead of just the bullies.

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