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hello there and welcome to this video. as
you probably don’t know this is my very first youtube video. I’m trying to build
up a channel where I can talk about all kinds of analog stuff like in this video
bodies but also lenses or all kinds of accessories. English is not my native
language so my pronunciation is not the best: I hope you can forgive me: if you
want to support me and you like this video you can subscribe leave a
comment or like this video. So today I am talking about the minolta X-700 it’s a
analog 35mm (millimeter) SLR single lens reflex camera it was introduced by
Minolta in 1981. the same it got the european camera of the Year award. it was
discontinued in 1999. it was the first camera to have TTL, which stands for
through the lens flash metering. so let’s have a look at it. the X-700 has a
MD mount which is basically the same as the slightly older MC mount but the
MD mount will allow the camera to control the aperture. to take the lens
off simply push that button and turn it counterclockwise. if you want to take put
any lens on just align the red dots and turn it clockwise. Here we have the cable
release socket, so if you have a cable release you can put it in there and
screw it in here there and shoot without touching the camera which will reduce
shakes for like long exposures. down here we have the depth of field preview
button which will show you what the picture would look like with the
selected aperture because if you got a lens on this camera or any other camera
except for a few m42 Lenses that I know it will always show you the biggest
aperture on the camera and even if you change it here it will always stay the
biggest one so if you want to see what it looks like on a smaller aperture you
need to press this button which will close the aperture. over here we have the PC socket for
studio flashes. up here we have the AEL and S.T. button AEL you need to press the
button down stands for Auto-Exposure-Lock which will just save the exposure
the camera chose as long as you press the button. pushing the button up
will activate the self-timer so if you press
the shuttle this will blink and take a picture after a while. up here we have the
winder, the film winder. over here we have the window that shows you how many
pictures you have already taken. this is the on/off button but it’s actually
actually a slider. so this camera has three modes of on and off on off and
another on button which will just make the camera beep when you put your
finger on the shutter button. the camera has times from one second to one
thousandth of a second (1/1000) plus a b-mode which stands for bulb in bulb mode the camera
will take a picture as long as you press the shutter. over here we have a A
mode which is aperture priority so the camera will select a time for the
aperture you have selected. P mode is program auto exposure and the camera
will not well just do everything for you as long as you put the aperture on the
lens to the smallest you’ve got there this will work with Md lenses of course
so what this does is this pin in the camera push that little pin on the… this
pin on the lens, I’m sorry, will push this little pin on the camera so the camera
knows it’s ready for the P mode and for controlling the aperture over here we
have the exposure compensation so you can over and under expose your picture
you just press that button and move it up and down this is the rewind knob and
under the rewind knob there is the ISO selection Dial. It will go from 25 to
1600 or 1600 however you want to call it just push that up and turn it around under the camera there’s the battery you
can just unscrew it with a little corn this is the tripod mount these are
contacts for an Auto-winder like my minolta auto motor drive over here what
this does you can simply screw it down there what it does if you turn it on
empty camera on it won’t automatically wind the film you have a single a low and a high mode you will accept eight double-a batteries this button if you switch it there you
can use that as a release this over here will push the little
button on the camera just one here that will allow you if you got film in there
to rewind on the back and that’s the last thing I want to talk about you have
this thing here I have no clue what it’s called if somebody know write it in the
comment but it’s very useful for me or people like me you always forget what
kind of film they got in there of course I don’t have film and there yet but if
you put film in there can just rip off piece of the film package and simply
pull it there. that’s it thank you for watching and as said earlier if you want
to support me and this video, just subscribe leave a like and/or a comment

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