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! It’s Kathy here and I just I
made you a mind movie – basically all I did is
I’m running you through the process how to make the mind movie and I’m showing you – well, you’ll see it as soon as it’s
done processing you see whenever do make a mind moving you
send it to the processor it has this year little yellow thing saying
“processing” and it’s not ready to play until it’s
done with that – and t takes a little while few minutes to do that and soon as I’m
done with that I’ll load this… I’ll load the results in
and show it to you and, uh hopefully you’ll like it because I – I’ll tell you, it’s
a lot of fun and really want to encourage you to make
your own make it meaningful to you and go have some fun with this thing
alright let’s take a look at the basics themed bar one are on are on on on on on never on the new on theme room I’m good time good gone on good good

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