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R K Duggal Studios presents.. ..’ Telangana was established
as India’s third state.’ Let the police officer.. -Be
punished. -Let the police officer.. Be punished. -Let the police
officer be punished. He doesn’t know how
to respect women. Such people must be punished. Let the police officer be punished. He must be severely punished. Let the police officer be punished. Hang him! Let the police officer be punished. Let the police officer be punished. Let the police officer be punished. Who is this man? What is his area? Is he tricked into
a personal issue? Or has he been trapped
by his mistake? Where does he live? Appoint a special officer to give
the court this information. Sir! This is the file of his
district and the details. Shall we call those people here? No. Let it be. I will personally
meet the people. Since he came to our college
no one rags us. He is a good man.
Superb human being. -I used to beg. I am going to school
because of him. He is God. My children had abandoned me.
I had no place to go. He gave me money every
month since then. He is a great man! His house, family, children have
no importance in his life. The police station is
everything to him. I know him for just two days. But I can’t forget him all my life. You arrested a good man
instead of criminals. We will shut down everything. Listen! Listen! Get up! This is your coffee. When will you get up?
When will you get ready? We have to go for a wedding.
I had informed you about it. Indira, it’s not possible.
You go ahead. I have to go to Vizag. Not possible. They are calling us since
so many years. And we haven’t gone
there even once. If we can’t go again this time.
They will be hurt. It is important for
me to go to Vizag. I’ve to meet an important person.
Are you aware of it? Kids,
your dad is not accompanying us. He says he has something
more important to do. You both convince him. Daddy! Please come along with us. It’s not possible. Please daddy!
We planned this together, right? I won’t be able to come. Please excuse me this time. Alright. I have a wonderful plan. You take us with you. Then come with us and
enjoy the trip. Okay? Please daddy! Come with us, please!
-Please daddy! Please daddy! Are you going to Vizag to meet him? Tell us about him until
we travel to Vizag. Close his file quickly.
And enjoy this trip. If you want to hear his full
story then it’s fine. Or I will drop you to your
destination and leave for Vizag. Alright. We are ready to
listen to his story. 30 YEARS BACK.. Let me the name of your village. Hamtura. -Godda. Angul. Ragmati.
Which is your village? Dad belongs to Raichima.
Mom belongs to Telagana. I was born in Andhra. I am an Indian, sir. Very good. What work does your
dad do? -My dad expired. Mom is MRO. Hello ma’am. Hello! Listen to me carefully! Seeing you hard work and
sorrow and trusting you. Your land on which you should
have your rights on.. ..I am fighting for it in the court
and returning it to you. Please work hard. And secure your children’s future. This should be the goal
of every person here. Alright ma’am. RMO Laxmi returned the land which
you occupied to the people. She registered the documents
in the name of those people. If you don’t do anything she
will continue doing it. That can be a problem for us. Their people are beating us
up and making us run away. When we went to the police
station the.. ..officers threatened
us with encounter. What do you do? -I sell milk. And you? -I sell milk. I drive a tractor. I work in the fields. You have been digging the ground
with you sickle and axe. Make that sickle and axe a weapon
and teach those goons a lesson. They should know who you are and
what you are capable of doing. They should fear you. Go! And face them. Sir! What should we do? Even a small reptile
should be killed. Or even that reptile can bite you. Driver! Where is the driver? Driver! Driver! Pratha! Vishnu! Mom! Hey, get up! Come on.
Get up! Get up! Come on, get up! I say get up! Come on. Come on. You haven’t eaten anything
since the last seven days. It is not right, dear. If you won’t eat anything
will your mother return? The people who killed your mother
are more in numbers in our country. You can’t avenge them all. And how long will you
get imprisoned? You didn’t understand what I said,
right? Become a police officer. You will surely be famous if you
have self-respect and are brave. Seeing you people will think
I want to become like him. Whether you live or not but your
values must live in people. I desire that you live
with dignity always. Nothing will happen
if you show sorrow. Nor by your reaction. Listen to what I say carefully. Before dying I want to see my
family getting into politics. Where is the boss?
-Sir will be coming here. President! Sorry sir. The High Command
refused to give you a seat. What is this? Tell me? How will I fulfil my father’s wish? You tried very hard to get a seat. But the High Command refused
you forthright. And your seat was given
to the opposition. What if the opposition
candidate is no more? Why are you surprised?
This is called politics. Thank you! Thank you! My father has a small wish. That my brother becomes
a politician. My brother is trying
to get a seat by.. ..donating million
to the party fund. But you are so famous that you are
given the seat instead of him. If I am not there it will
no end politics. If anyone happens to me my
bother will take over. If my brother will die.
My son-in-law will take over. If he dies then my younger son-in-law
will continue with politics. Do you know why you are alive? So that you refer my brother
for the seat. You will refer him.
You will surely refer him. Take this. Yes. Alright. Alright.
I will look into it. Yes. I understood. Okay! Yes. What kind of goons
have come to this city? They don’t let people
live in peace by.. ..being the part of local politics. I won’t be at peace until I don’t
throw them out of the city. Only God knows when such
a time will come. No one must find out about that
police officer in any situation. Follow him carefully. Understood! Yes sir! Hey, stop it! Hey, did you come back? We have no other shelter
beside you. Have you come to your senses? Okay. Let’s dance! Stop it! It’s quiet late.
Let’s cut the cake! Give me the knife. Take this. What kind of knife is this?
Give me the original knife. Take the knife.
Cut the cake. -That’s good! Brother, wait.
One of our sister will be here. Who is she? She is new.
She has come from the village. You will go crazy on seeing her. How did this happen? You will be dealt in the same
manner as you dealt with them. Who are you? Police! This was just a beginning.
Wait and watch! Public star. MENTAL.. Sir, a father is meditating for
his daughter in a village. Since four days.
-But what has happened to them? Actually the girl in a college. A strange incident took
place with her there. A boy used to harass her while
she went to college. Hello! Why do you disconnect
my calls? Oh no! Hey! Will you answer me or not? I told you don’t think of me. If you don’t say yes to me.
I will ruin your reputation. When the father went to complain
at the police station.. Before you,
your pictures have reached us. Didn’t you think when you
clicked these pictures? When the police didn’t do anything
they went to the politician. Ramanand, is this is how
you bring up a daughter? Look, the pictures of your
daughter’s romance is in my phone. I am ashamed to look at it. You should take care about your
daughter’s whereabouts. She couldn’t bear what
happened with her. She committed suicide. Sorry sir! Sorry sir! These are the people who ruined
your daughter’s life. Tell me, what should we do to them?
-Kill them, sir. They are responsible for
my daughter’s death. Don’t let them go. Kill them. Sir, let us go! Let us go! Kill them, sir! You like to ruin the stature
of other’s daughters, right? Will you bear if the same was
done to your family members? Sorry sir! -You wouldn’t bear it! Are you happy now? Go! Go and eat your food. I am telling all the girls you will
find such men at every step. You shouldn’t give in to them. When you decide to fight them then
consider they have lost the fight. Take care! Sir, this is no parking area.
Don’t park here. Whom are you asking
not to park here? Look, I am asking you to.
Please don’t park here. Do you know whom I am?
-I am the son of the minister. Take care of the car. Who are you? Do priest drink these days? What is this? What are you doing? Smell these corpses until morning. Only then you will realize
the power of a policeman. Do you know who I am? It makes no difference. I don’t know if God
saves this world. But I know definitely that police
is here to protect the people. Tell me what did you understand? That the police is like God. Go and tell your father. To respect the policeman.
Who? The policemen? Right. The politicians are more interested
in film stars. Tell them to respect
policemen like us. I am sorry! But who are you? Police! Do you know? -Look at him.
He thinks this is Goa. Don’t you think his
style is different? He seems to be very strange
and dangerous. Something is wrong. Hello sir! -Hello! Are you alright?
-I am absolutely fine. How are you? Come in. What do we got to do with him?
-Where is Lavanya? I need a touch up. You are very pretty. Hey! Hey! Cheap! Hey! Lavanya is here. -Yes. She is
coming. Look behind you. Look. Look! Do you have eyes at your back? Get aside. Get aside. -Get aside. Listen, his pant is awesome!
Let buy a similar one. Which shop did you purchase it
from? -Come here. -Yes. Hold on! We will meet you later. Give me a cigarette. Who is this different person? He says he is from Vizag. He has some work in this city. He is Rafiq’s acquaintance. Oh! That price is much more. Then how do we purchase
it from there? Give me a bottle of water. We need to get it by
flight or ship? The room temperature should
be less than 28 degree. It means it is more expensive
than an Alsatian. Absolutely! Listen old man.
Are you talking about a dog? The food should be right. We have Indian food.
Why? It’s for a dog. The meat should be half cooked. When you give a bath the water
should be neither hot nor cold. Are you discussing this for a dog? Come sir. He is speaking nonsense. They are more worried
about a dog than.. ..seeing a man lying on the street. They worry about his shelter,
food and medicine. But they are not bothered
about human beings. Do good to humans not dogs. But rich people like you won’t
understand such things. They always think of
money all the time. My life is better than that. I will make her love me today. First learn to slip down.
Right! Shut up! Look there. Sir!
Cigarette is harmful for health. Do your work. Go away! Hello! Can’t you hear? It is harmful for people
around you too. Tell the government
to ban cigarette. Brother, he will be beaten up. He is asking me to tell the
government to ban cigarette. Is he mad? Oh no! Hello! What is happening here? Mr. Karmakar is here to see our
pension detail. -Mr. Karmakar? Yes. -The sensational director
Karmakar is coming here? That’s great! -Where is he?
Look here he comes. I am late. Come on. Fast. Fast. Look here. They are very talented.
Look at his face. The more number of faces will
lead us to different talents. Did you know which character
is this? -Shukla! -Yes sir. Hello! -Hello! -Sir.
Sir, what’s the name of the film? Cream four. -Sir, cream. Ice fruit.
Ghost. Silence of the night. All are hits.
-You don’t have any flop film, sir. Yes. That’s why I am planning
an Oscar Award winning film. Sir,
what will you shoot in this area? What a question? Thank you! The heroine will run
in a swimming suit.. ..on this road when I say action. She will push the crowd
that has gathered here. Ten goons will follow her by
pushing the same crowd. By the time I will say cut again
those goons will disperse the crowd. And I will say pack
up before lunch. I am a methodical director. Reddy,
did you get Tamanha’s confirmation? Tamanha refused it. Is it? Tamanha.
-The film must be a big one. Is there no other heroine? Sir, our market is down.
I have a secret to share. No heroine wants to work
with us these days. Alright. I will manage.
-I think he has seen something. Superb! Very good, sir. Wow! She is good for you. I found a new Tamanha. Note down her number and
delete her number. -Ah! She fits the character.
-Sir. -No. -Cut. Film cancel. -Hey, wait. Wait! Shiva! Arjun! Satya! Govinda. Govinda! Sorry, this is not an action movie.
It’s based on Gods. I feel his body is good. Superb! Manager. Sir. Sir. The film got cancelled.
-But he is my star. The shooting will be cancelled. No. It’s going on. I told you it will get cancelled. Why? Look at the story. Oh my God! You were right. He became a hero
before he started shooting. That’s enough.
Let’s go back. Come on. Okay sir. Sir. Sir. -What happened, sir? Actually I didn’t like the location.
-So let’s shift elsewhere. Why sir? Hero is okay.
Heroine is okay. Then why? It’s my wish. Yes. It’s my wish. Will you be in touch?
-You made me the heroine. So stay in touch. When should I get in touch? Anytime. He is going to your darlings house. If you hit him,
you will become the hero. Yes. -Otherwise you will lose
your stand. -Shut up! He is right. Shut up! Who said if you fight for girl
you will become a hero? It’s nonsense! -The girl must know
my feelings. Not my fight. I am late. Bye. Hey, who are you? Hey! What are you doing? Leave me! Leave me! Leave me! Hey! You will fulfil your desire with
this girl in front of all of us. You didn’t understand it with love.
Right? Oh God!
Save this girl from these goons. Do you want a kiss? A kiss? Hey! I will kill anyone
who comes to stop me. Get up! Come on, get up! You want a kiss. Take kiss the gun. Come on, kiss it.
Come on. Sorry boss. One. Two. Sorry sir. Forgive me, sir. I won’t do this mistake again.
Forgive me. Say sorry to her. Say sorry! Sorry ma’am. I’m sorry!
I won’t repeat this mistake again. Now go. Go away! Thank you God! Thanks a lot! Hello! Thank you so much. Sir! Sir! Thank you so much! Look at our dress. Same pinch. Just like made for each other. Sir! Sir? Hi! I will call you later. Do you know what happened next? A new lady journalist did a video
shooting of the murders. Saga Reddy’s brother was
responsible for these murders. She visited the local police
station with the evidence. Sir! When Narayan’s men were
beating a man on the road. I clicked some pictures of them. Do you want me to take action on
him on the basis of these pictures? Yes sir! -Saga Reddy’s brother also
came to the police station. My brother is thinking
of entering politics.. serve the people.
He will not bully anyone. Everything is perfect. But you submitted this
file against him. Everyone knows how those
murders took place. And no one spoke about it. And you are here as a witness. It will be better if you
take the file back. What will you do if I
don’t take it back? It will be bad. Hey! I told you lovingly. But I feel you didn’t understand
what I said. You will be responsible for
what will happen to you. That lady journalist couldn’t
bear this insult. She came out running and came
in front of a truck. Brother! Brother, that journalist
came under a truck and died. The media will spread
this news everywhere. Why do you worry? The coming government is ours. Sir, give me some money. Sister, give me some money. Sir, give me something. Sir, give me something. My mother is not well. I want to take her to the doctor. My mother will die, sir. Give me something. Sir, give me something. Take a U-turn. Hello Sir. What are you doing? -Are you
begging? Why are you doing it? There is a new law. I was fired from my job. What can I do? My mother is not well. She has no one beside me. That is why. In India, children don’t
have the right to work. What else do we do beside begging? Everyone is adopting a village. The C.M of this state has
adopted a village. But there is no one in the
world who will adopt us. You are a kid but you told
me something huge. Come with me. Sir. Sir, one picture. Sir.
Please pose in this manner. Sir. Hail to clean India. We have cleaned enough. Let’s go. Hail to Raju Naidu! Hail to Raju Naidu! What happened?
Why is it so jammed here? Sir, the corporator is brooming
under a clean India scheme. That is why we have this traffic
jam. -Hail to Raju Naidu! Drop him at the colony.
-Alright. I will drop him. Hail to Raju Naidu! It must come in all the newspapers. Show them everything I did.
What is happening here? Clean India. We are brooming the
roads. Can’t you see? Come here. Where are you taking me?
-Come with me. -I will show you. Clean this. -It is stinking.
I will not clean it. Are you feeling like puking? -Yes. India will not look clean
if you click pictures. First keep a clean eye
towards the people. Reduce contamination. Feed the poor hungry. The poor children shouldn’t
beg on the streets. Moreover stop girl molestation. So that they don’t commit suicide. Only then India will be clean. There is no need to
sweep clean roads. First clean this. He left saying good dialogues. He is teaching me clean India.
-Were we doing something wrong? Did you hear what is the
meaning of clean India? Keep the mikes down. Pick up the
broom and start brooming. Hey, did you shoot him? Delete it. It shouldn’t come in any
social media handle. Is he the same one who made
a chaos to beg? Yes sir. What did he do now? -He stares
at girls more than he begs. Don’t I have that right
in Free India? Speak about rights and
Free India later. First tell me what has he done? When he was begging in the morning. Oh.. Hello! Police station. What is wrong in that? -Her figure
was good. Can’t I watch it? No. You have no right. -Why? I told you you have no right. Why? She was my senior’s wife. Sorry!
I didn’t know she was your wife. Why are you talking about it?
Will you tell everyone? Hey! Arrest him and beat him up. Take him away! -Sir. Who are you? What work do you have? How far has the case of the
dead journalist reached? Who are you to ask
me this question? How far has the case of the
dead journalist reached? He is a hero. You need to tell him the details. What are you doing? Are you mad?
-You slap a police officer. Who are you? Batch 1995. Durga Prasad! Circle Inspector of Police. Vijayawada Range. Made in India. What more details do you want? Tell me something. What to do with
a person who does a mistake? That person must be arrested.
-Arrest him! Sir, I am a senior inspector.
-Will you arrest me? Are you someone special? Seal his mouth. And arrest him. Superb! Who is he? -He is a beggar. He was creating nuisance
in a public place. That’s why the inspector
asking to imprison him. Bring him out! Come out. Don’t touch me. Why did you beat him so much? -My
officer asked me to beat him up. What is the mistake? -He was
creating nuisance in a public place. Tell me clearly what did he do? Is this a public nuisance? He calls my small activity
as public nuisance. I don’t see day or night.
Morning or evening. Do you know how hard I work to beg? Do you think it’s wrong? And big industrialist takes
bribe worth billions. Don’t you think that’s wrong? Why don’t you arrest them?
Don’t you have the guts? Tell me what should we do? If the people are wrong the
policemen beat them up. But what if the policemen
do the mistake? Will you beat the police? I am ready, sir. Tell everyone to stand in a queue. Arrest people who are handicapped,
beggars.. ..small children,
orphans if they are wrong. But we don’t have the
right to beat them. This is my law.
Understand! Yes sir! Where is your senior inspector? How long will we have
to come to find him? Listen. The senior inspector
is not here. Come later. What is happening?
You call us here so many times. How many times should we come here? When will this case get cleared? Why are you shouting? -Sir,
these people are coming here.. Look sir. She is my daughter. We fixed her marriage
with an NRI boy. Thinking she will be happy.
We also gave dowry in marriage. But that boy cheated us. He left her. We are coming to the
here so that some.. ..action is taken against
that person. But no one bothered
about this case. If we had taken this case.. some politician
than the police.. ..then our complain would
have been attended. Arrest the guy and bring him here.
-Alright sir. Sir, this is that man. Good morning sir. Are you their NRI son-in-law?
-Yes sir. He gave a dowry of 1 billion
for his daughter’s marriage. I started my business
with that money. I lost the money as the
business was in loss. When I don’t have the money then how
can I take care of his daughter? You incurred losses in business
so you left your wife. Right sir. That’s a mere issue. -But sir? He is a NRI. You thought your
daughter will be happy. To get your daughter settled
down in America.. are ready to spend
millions of rupees. But when there is a problem
you think of the police. You must come to the police
station before.. ..fixing up an alliance
with an NRI. And you must find the
details of that boy. Only then the police takes action. I love you, sir! Ma’am, if you support him and say
that I am ready to live in.. ..whatever condition he keeps me
in. -Then I will release him. And if you say he cheated you.. And if you want to marry again. Then I will surely take action on
him. -I will surely marry again. But he must be taught a lesson. Not only him, in fact all the NRI
guys must be taught a lesson. Is marriage a business venture? Is a wife a business venture? Take him in and don’t deal
with him well. Arrest him! This is wrong. A minister can cheat once. But a policeman does his duty well. You may leave. That’s great sir. Let’s talk on the real issue. Didn’t you understand? I want to talk about
that journalist. It’s Vinod Reddy the brother of
Saga Reddy. -Where does he live? He doesn’t stay here. He keeps roaming here and there
searching for girls. How can we bring him here?
-He will not come here. But if anything happens
to his brother.. ..then he will definitely
come here. Oh! Then his brother must have
some problem. Yes sir! Tell me how many people
are there in his gang? At least 20 people. Tell me how many are attached
to their families? I feel it must be 8 of them. Kill the rest. What? Are you scared? I am not scared. I feel God has
given me the permission. Alright.
Kill them. -Okay sir! -Okay sir! Don’t take the old guns. Take some revolver or
a latest weapon. Yes sir! Bye sir. -Listen to me. Yes sir.
Remember who gave you the orders. I got it, sir. The encounter will be in the
senior inspector’s account. That’s good! -Sir! What is this? No! Who killed these people? The policemen. I found out that the
police killed them. What? The policemen killed them. Don’t pretend. Where is the
person who killed them? I will find out. Who killed these people?
We killed them. The new officer commanded
us to kill them. Which new officer gave
you the orders? You don’t know about that officer?
Where is the senior inspector? We were told to beat him
and cover his mouth. He is in the prison. Bring him to me within an hour. You will stay here
until he returns. You won’t go anywhere. Wait! Wait! Wait! Hello! Hello! -Hello sir! -Alright.
Did you see the officer? Whom are you talking about?
-Our senior officer. You are searching for a policeman.
It’s very strange. He is not a ordinary policeman.
He is a game player. -Is it? Yes. I understood it on that day when
he asked me to beat you up. He is not an ordinary man.
He is a great man! You will not find him. Go away! Sir, you are not an ordinary man. You are like God. Go to every lane. Go and find him. Go and find him no matter
what happens. Sir, whom are you searching for?
-Tell us. The new man in your colony. We are
searching that fake policeman. Oh, that stylish man.
-He is not a stylish but a killer. He killed 11 people and created
a sensation in the surrounding. I am searching for him. Oh God! The one we taught
was a hero is a fake man. Will you shut up! We are so tensed. Something is wrong. We doubted that man.
He will surely do some trick. Yes! It’s true. He can’t be wrong.
He can never do a mistake. Hey, he is speaking more than it’s
needed. Take him with us. Sir, sir.
I was just speaking my mind. But sir, Rafiq picks him up daily. He has some relationship with him.
-Who is Rafiq? He is a policeman like you.
He is handicapped. Right. He lives in room number
108 in this area. Hey, go and get him. Hello sir. Why are you looking at him? He is Carman Raj. He kidnaps girls if his
interest is not paid. Won’t you return my money? I am trying.
I will return it in a week. How many more weeks will you take? I can wait if you say so. I want to take your daughter
on a holiday. I will return her in a week’s time. If you still don’t have
the money then.. ..I will send her to
another country. Oh no!
What rubbish are you talking? My daughter’s wedding is fixed. She will marry on the
15th of next month. What can I do? You have money to get her married. But you don’t intend
to return my money. What are you talking? Come on. Come on. Hey, leave her. What are you doing? Don’t do it. The police has come
in search of you. I am coming there. Wait for a while. Help us! Help us! Don’t do that.
-No! Please help us. God send you here on time. You saved my daughter’s life. Sir, he is coming to meet you. It will be fun. He is a fool to come to meet me. I will kill him today. Hey, shut up! Let him come. Hey! Hey! Listen, I am waiting for him. You can now dance. Dance! Hey, come here. Go away! Hey! Come here. I am telling you. Come here. Hey! Come here. Hey! Dance! What are you watching? Go! Enjoy! Who are you? Police! What do you think a policeman is? A mere watchman of your house. You had called me. And here I am. Hey! No! Look. Arrest him! Sir! Sir, wait. Please! Sir, do you know who he is? He is a mad man. No one must find out about that
police officer in any situation. Follow him carefully. Understood! Yes sir! He has run away from
the mental hospital. We are searching for him
for the last 25 days. Why? What is this? Why are you all staring? I will kill him right
in front of you. No sir. Sir. Take him away quickly. Come on. Is this man mad, dad? He is both! What do you mean? The road belongs to everyone.
Will you jam the traffic? Don’t act smart. Go away from here. Hail to Lord Ganesh! Why don’t you listen to me? Hail to Lord Ganesh! Hail to Lord Ganesh! Praise to Lord Ganesh!
Praise to Lord Ganesh! Who tried to slap you? He did it, sir. Praise to Lord Ganesh! The police is here. Run away! Police officer,
do you arrest our man? Are you trying to be
smart in our area? Praise Lord Ganesh! Look up! The name of the shop
is Goddess Durga. What are you doing? Is this called worship?
-A God’s picture is put up here. And you are partying. Lord Ganesh.
Sai Baba. Tirumala. Venkatesh. You put the Lord to test. You keep an idol in the middle of
the road and hit a police officer. Are you a goon? Come with me.
I will deal with you. What is this? You don’t worship God by keeping
him in the middle of the road. In fact to stop from
doing such things. Arrest the principal. Arrest the principal. Arrest the principal. Get up! Did the principal tell
you something? I am not well since yesterday. But my mother still
sends me to school. Arrest his mother. “You teach everyone what is power.” “You fight injustice
to get justice.” “You give wounds.” “Your job is to stop violence.” “An enemy can’t forget your face.” Her son has left her. She is waiting for him
since three days. No one is happy. There is an old age home
in the neighbourhood. Everyday some son or daughter
leave their old parents here. They keep waiting for them. Is she your mother? -Yes sir. You bow to God whom you cannot see. And you treat your parents who
are equal to God so badly? That they don’t have food to eat. You still have time.
Repent for your sins. Come on. Take her home. “He will not change.” “He will beat every criminal.” “He ends crime.” “There is no one like him.” “What he does is right.” “That is right.” Sir,
I didn’t get a seat. You are DSP only by name. Go and tell him sorry. I am sorry, sir. Say sorry to them. I am very sorry. Tell them no one has the right
to slap a police officer. Alright sir. Don’t salute me. You protect the country. I must salute you. Take care. Yes sir. Hello sir. I am Ravindra. I am the builder of Sriram
construction. -Sit down. Tell me. -My real estate business
was good in the beginning. But things have changed now. I used to pay the local goon
Narsingh whatever amount he asked. I have put up a new site. He is asking bribe for that too. Then give it to him. You have given him this habit. There is no money rolling
in real estate presently. That business. This business.
Give a little from there.. ..which you grabbed from people. If I complete this site.
I can pay off the loan. My family is very frightened. If anything happens to them.
-Nothing will happen. Do one thing.
Apply for gun licence. Why? For protecting yourself. If Narsingh finds out.. ..that you have complained here.
He won’t sit in peace. Forget it. The film industry guys.. ..politicians apply for the
licence for their safety. In the same way even
you must apply it. You can go.
-Okay sir. I am leaving. Chandrasen! Yes sir. -Are you going to another
police station? -Yes sir. Take care. Alright sir. I apologize. It won’t happen again. Forgive me. Rajendra! Sir! Who is this woman? -Sitarani! She has been arrested by SI Raju. What has she done? She has cheated. Call the complainant. -Right away. Sir! He is here. Do you pay for bank credit? Yes sir! Sir, don’t spare him. Did you all pay him the money?
-Yes sir! How much?
-I gave Rs.2000 on interest. Which has become 4 billion now.
Who will pay it? Will anyone give you 4
billion for Rs.2000? Sir,
you can’t speak in this manner. You can speak. Can’t the police
say the same thing? You point your finger at me.
-Your greed has overtaken you. And you call others robbers. Bhaskar! Sir. -Imprison them and file
a case on them. -Sir! And take her hospital fees
from these people. Sir! Sir, what are you saying? You are filing a case against
the people who filed a case? I won’t do this mistake again. Sir, it is not our fault. This is our circumstances. Bhaskar.
-Yes. -Sell all his property. And return whatever money has
to be returned. -Yes sir. You may go now. Yes sir. -We are going. -Yes sir. Hello sir! -Yes builder.
You came back so soon. I got the licence. I also purchased a gun. You applied yesterday and
you got a gun already. Sir, you know how to get your work
done by a government official. You are very smart. What can I do? Now plan to meet that goon. Okay. Sir.. that.. First go and meet him. I will catch him red handed. Okay sir!
-Sir, he has left the place now. Don’t worry. I am watching him. Sir, he has come closer. I am ready at the spot. Okay sir. Sir, his car has stopped. I will be there. He is coming upwards. I am also reaching below. Sir, he has come up. I am coming in a while. He is coming closer. I am close by too. He has come more closer.
-I am very close to you. He is right in front of me. Shoot him. Shoot him! -Sir! Shoot him. Shoot. Sir. You shot him well. -Sir. -He
is dead. Sir, you told me.. Yes. I did. You will arrest me. Sir asked you to shoot.
You shot at him. Why are you worried? Sir is like Lord Krishna. Look here. A cow died because
of electric shock. The whole electricity department
was arrested by the police. Hello sir! What happened? -Sir! You didn’t take action on
the person who shot him. I did take action, sir. -On whom? The person who killed the animal. You took action on the person
who killed the animal. The animal is dead. What are you talking about? Sir, actually the electricity
department were not alert. So the wire broke. And the animal died as
it was electrocuted. So I caught the officers
and imprisoned them. They got the bail and
I let them go. Oh no! What about the cow?
Electricity? Arrest? I don’t understand anything.
-Sir. Sir. I am telling you. Yes. Tell me. There was an animal here. It died as it got electrocuted.
Enough. Yes. That’s enough.
Let’s come to the point. Yes sir! Did you arrest the person who
killed Narsingh? I arrested him. Where is he? -He left. Left? Why? He told me the right reason for
killing Narsingh. -I let him go. You let him go? Yes sir. -Officer,
we want to know why you let him go? He didn’t shoot to murder him. What? Yes sir. What do you mean? -He applied for
gun licence a day earlier. He got the licence yesterday. He asked Narsingh to help
him to practice. While practicing the bullet got
fired. -And Narsingh died. It means he doesn’t know to shoot. He applied for licence
the day earlier. He got the gun yesterday.
Then how can he shoot? What do you say? What should we do? File the case. We will take action. But on whom? On the government. -Will you file
a case against the government? Yes sir.
We take training for years. There are rules to fire here.
There. Up and down. You need to pass 8th
grade or 9th grade.. take a licence
for riding a bike. The government gives
such conditions. Why is there no rule for a gun
which kills human beings? What do you want? Train them to use a gun. If they do a mistake then we can
take action against them. Didn’t this officer marry? He got married. How are you? -I am fine. Why did you call me in a hurry?
-I saw a girl for you to marry. That’s the reason you
called me urgently. Just think over why I called
you here urgently? We need a wife just like
we need a mother. That girl is very good. Did you see her? Yes. I did. Alright. I am ready to get married. What happened after that? They got separated. What happened between them? Hello sir! -Why don’t you listen
to the police officers? I gave them a bribe. They still
insist on closing the shop early. You gave a bribe. -Yes. Did my officers take it? No sir. -Imprison him. This is unjust. I gave ma’am.. Which ma’am? The same ma’am. Which ma’am? I gave a gift to your wife.
You gave her a gift. Yes sir. And she took it. Yes. She did. Let’s go. -Sir. Sir. Rama! Rama! Son-in-law, how are you?
Please have a seat! Come out quickly.
-Yes. I am coming. What happened? Tell me did you take a necklace
from him as a gift. That.. I.. Did you take it or not?
Tell me that. He said it’s a small gift. So.. Do you think a necklace worth
5 billion is a small gift? Did you come first in
running or Olympics? Or you think you are a
world champion? -Sir! Keep quiet. Go away from here. Come with me.
-Where? -Police station. Son-in-law, listen to me. Where are you taking me?
-You are arresting your wife. Are you crazy? Why don’t you listen to me? Are you mad? Dad!
-That was not a gift but a bribe. Listen. Sadanand. -Yes sir. Alright sir. Ma’am is standing here
since morning. She hasn’t eaten anything. If you say.. Please sir. Prepare her bail papers. Yes sir.
Right away. And listen. Yes. Drop her home. Ma’am. I don’t need it. Auto! Where are you going? -We are taking
our daughter to our house. Be prepared for the divorce. Is this your decision
or your daughters? This is my decision. Alright. You may go. -Thanks! Sir. Sir.
-Did you get your wife arrested? Everyone is equal to me. -Whether
it’s a criminal or my wife. Arresting her is fine.
-But divorcing is wrong. Can’t a policeman divorce? If people do it, it is right. And if a police man does it,
it is wrong. -Did he divorce her? Thank God! The divorce papers are here. We are saved from that
unfortunate guy. Forget that mad man and start
a new life by marrying again. Why do you feel sorry? What had to happen has happened. You must be brave during
such a time. Hey! Please don’t cry. Brother, you earned a lot at
the last posting you had. No. Nothing like that.
-I know everything. I vow on God. Nothing as such. You are newly married. If you lie to me You will
get a baby girl. It’s nothing like that. Sir! Sir, hello! Did you say something? Nothing sir. You were saying something. Actually he is newly married.
What did you say after that? Nothing sir.
Tell me what did he say after that? I told him if you lie you
will get a baby girl. It is not right to say that. Tell me something.
Are you the new constable here? Yes sir. Go!
Go and stand out for the whole day. Go away! What happened? Why do you look sad? Nothing sir. I said you will
get a baby girl if you lie. He slapped me.
-What is the mistake about? He slapped a constable on duty. Let me deal with him. He showed us an example. But he
is showing him the procedure. Yes. Listen. I have thought about it. Either he or I will stay
at the police station. I will complain to
the commissioner. He will come here and suspend him. After that I will come here. Sir! -Yes.
What mistake did they do? That you made them stand outside.
Didn’t they tell you the reason? A girl will be born if you lie. You punished them for
such a trivial thing. I felt like shooting them. Sir. My mother is woman.
My wife is a woman. If I get a baby girl.
She will be a woman too. St.
Mother Theresa. M. S. Subhlaxmi. Lata Mangeshkar.
The Queen of Jhansi, Laxmibai. So many woman working in our
country and in our government. They are making our country proud. Did they come to this
world by lying? Girls are not born because you lie. In fact daughters are born
for your good deeds. Have a daughter. Educate her. You are correct. If such wrong things are
said about girls. Then we need to get more laws
like Abhaya and Nirbhaya. Only then this country
will progress. You are right. Hello sir. Where is the third guy?
He is resting in an AC room. Oh! When he comes out. Ask him to stand out for
3 days continuously. After that ask him to join duty. Who asked you to tell him? I did. Sir. Has the new officer come? He says he will deal with you. Send him in.
He will see me and leave. Alright sir. I will send him in. Tell us quickly and give it to me. The inspector has called you in. Hey! You are really crying. I am
crying as you asked me to speak. Okay. You are counter attacking me. Why did the inspector call me for?
-To apologize? I feel so. Okay. Go! Hey! Which is your village? Where have you come from?
-Hello sir! Tell me. Are you scared? -Sir. Hello sir. -I will shoot
you if you don’t speak. Tell me, what were you
doing at the bus stop? Tell me.
Where did you go last night? I heard you were supplying
RDX at a locality. Sir. -Tell me or I will
shoot you. -Tell me. I will kill you. Tell me. Tell me how many of
them were there? Were you alone or you
had a gang with you? He is mad. Come on. Tell me. Sir, what happened?
Did the inspector apologize? What are you talking about? He is really mad. I will not come here
until he is here. Sir. Sir. Sir,
mother tried to commit suicide. She is in the hospital. I want to meet the inspector.
-You want to meet the inspector. Sir. He is here. Good morning sir. Which hospital is she in? Mother! Mother! Get up!
The inspector is here. Get up! Get up! Why did you want to commit suicide? Don’t you know it’s a crime to
commit suicide? -What could I do? His father was playing
cards at the club.. He lost the money that
I saved in it. He wants to sell the house too. I felt dying is better than
seeing my son begging. I had no option but
to commit suicide. Arrest him. This is wrong. I
have a licence for gambling. I have the licence to arrest him. His wife gave this licence to me.
-Get away! He is newly appointed.
So he will do some noise. Feed him.
Then he will be faithful to us. Who are you?
-Don’t you remember me? I am the manager of the club where
you got that man arrested. I feel you are new to
this police station. Why are you unnecessarily
making an issue? Tell me if you want some bribe. I will send as much as you ask.
What do you mean? Come on sir. Whenever a new police
man is appointed here.. My boss sends him a good bribe. Will you bribe me? Come on. Arrest him! -Not just him but blow
up the whole police station. That police officer
must know who I am. Come on. Come on. -Hey!
Hey! -Let’s go quickly. Hey! Hey! Leave me. Hey! Hey! Come out. Come on. Where will he go? Search him here.
Yes. Yes. -He is not here. Over there. -Where did he go?
-Come on. -Search there. Sir,
he jumped the wall and ran away. Police! Police means power. If more power is added
to that power.. ..then it becomes Mental power! I am a lion.
With a name tag called Police. Not someone to take bribe. I will bring you to your senses. You wanted to blow up
the police station. Will you? Where are you running? Stop there. How much can you run at this age? Wait! He got scared. He barks. He shows off in front
of the police. Yes. You thrash people as you like. What do you think of yourself?
-Sir, I thrashed animals. The people were included
among them. Even goons, sir. -So what?
Will you thrash them as you wish? Who gave you this right?
-They were thrashing policemen. Would I wait to get orders
from the authorities? You can see the dead goons. You can’t see the wounded
policemen. I don’t want to hear that.
-The things have gone too far. I am pressurised by
the top officials. Look, either I have to suspend you. Or you should take a leave. You can’t stay here. The decision is yours. Do one thing. Take a leave. At least you will live in peace. He got suspended from his duty. But did his mental state heal? Why was Saga shocked to see him? Get away! What do you want, ma’am? I am asking you to take
action on him. You are right. You complained at the
police station.. I tried to get close to you. Idiot! What? Hey! Disconnect the call. How about tomorrow? -Tell me. Who is he? Alright bye. -Okay. -Bye. -Bye-bye. I have seen them together
many times. Who is he? I don’t think it’s important
to tell you. -Who is he? My boyfriend. -Hey! Go and get him. Leave me. Don’t hit me. Tell me.
Will you listen to me or not? Sir. Who are you? Aunt, your son loves me a lot. Son, do you like this girl? Why don’t you answer? Yes. I love her. Don’t take such decisions
fearing those goons. If you can’t take care of her. Then I will take care of you both. I will take care of you.
-Go away from here. Hey! If you don’t respect
me I will tear you apart. This is not your state. Local. I am a local police woman. What do you think of yourself? What do you think? Is this bungalow given by your father
for your luxiourous lifestyle? It’s a police station.
Public property. Who send you here? Bring that man to me by evening. Or I will do your encounter. Yes! What happened? Cool! Cool! She got married. That’s all. Right? But that girl will be yours. I will settle things. I will settle things for you. Don’t worry. Hi! Local police! What was their mistake? They would have taken their man
from the police station. You threatened them that this
is a police station. I will do an encounter. Right? Will you? Then do it. Come on. You? You are misbehaving with the
police at the police station. The police officers
are the witness. It is impossible for you to go out. Well done! Police means power. I thrashed you so much
but it’s of no avail. Sir, I beg of you. Stop him! Sir! No sir. Don’t do that. This is wrong. Stop it! Local police. Look! The people you got married. Watch the happy married
life of that couple. Looks like we need to show him
the power of the police. Get the file! Sir,
you are worrying unnecessarily. It’s a simple matter. What have they done?
They have arrested him, right? What else can be done? Hey! You can’t do a job. So much has happened. And what did you do? You are useless. If she tried the same
trick with me.. ..then I would have
killed her by now. Go, kill her. Sir, right now it’s better
to remain calm. Hey! Listen to what the lawyer
says. Don’t be in a hurry. You are worrying me a lot. He is very strict. Hey! Do what is asked of you to do. Alright sir. -Hey! Go! Go quickly. Sir, I left them. Now a big.. Sir! What did you say?
You will deal with me. I have heard such dialogues on tv. Give him the phone. Mental. Mental is on the phone.
-Give it to me. Your son is absconding. And I going after him to kill him. Hey! Hey! Sir. Sir. He will run away. We can kill him only
if he runs away. No! No! What are you doing? I will pay you as much
money as you want. Let him run! Let him run! If he runs more than this then
shoot him. -Please! Please! Your son is intelligent. He ran back to the police station. How can I kill him at
the police station? He says he returned to
the police station. Your son made fun of the
police by returning.. ..back to the police station. Why can’t I kill him at
the police station? Come on! What are you doing? He is my only son. I beg of you. Are you being emotional? Please! No emotions. I will give you whatever you ask. I will give you whatever you ask.
-Leave him! I get angry if anything
happens to anyone. That lady officer was my colleague.
No! She was from my department. She was my family. How can I let him go? Son! Listen. Considering your son died.
Or considering my grandson is dead. It’s useless crying. Listen Chote! Dad! They must suffer more than
what we are suffering. Only then my son will be at peace. How did he get transferred here? He was on a holiday. He got transferred normally. You got him transferred as you
wanted him to kill that guy. What do you mean?
Mind your language. I will mind my language. But before
that fire him from the job. Sir! -Yes. Did you understand what I just
said. -Go and fire him. Okay sir. Will you imprison anyone
as per your wish? Who gave you this right? He can come to the police
station and.. anything with
a lady inspector. And I can’t kill him at the police
station. -But he is a goon. I am a policeman. We have a bamboo to hit people. We have a gun to fire. But no permission. -Are you a
policeman or a mental person? If I stay any longer in
the police department.. ..I will become a mental case.
-I suspend you. I am sorry sir.
I want to continue my duty. I am firing you.
I am telling you the same thing. I didn’t do any mistake. And I can’t leave the job. You are suspended. Get out! I have worn the uniform.. So if I get suspended,
transferred or I get fired.. ..I will still do my duty
as a true police officer. This is what I learnt
in my training. Whether I have the uniform or not. Whether I have the bamboo or not.
Or a gun or not. I am police! Until I live.. I will live the life
of a policeman. His body. His eyes. His whole being is filled
with police power. Let’s start with our treatment. Hello sir. I’ve heard that he is suspended
from his job. The lion has calmed down. He lost his job. He lost his wife. Tell me something. Did his wife
leave him as he is mad. Or she left him as
she was going mad. You are still arrogant even
after losing your job. Doesn’t matter. Look at the market. Tell me. Do you think you are
still a police officer? Will you break anyone’s bones and
send him here by a vehicle? Since you lost your job
you have gone crazy. Vacate the police quarters
right away. Normal episode.
It was just a sample. Night episode. It will be worse. What happened? Are you scared? I stopped myself as I respect
the commissioner. I won’t hold myself any longer. Whether I have the uniform
of a police man or not. I am always a policeman. I will come like a policeman. Hey! Come then. Come on. Come on. I am ready. You can come. Listen carefully. You were showing your
strength until now. And we were watching it. But now.. we will show you
what real strength is. Come over. Come on. Sir,
The CI came to the police station. And took the revolver with him. Take the revolver from him and
arrest him. Immediately! Dad! Don’t worry. Alright. Listen to me. -He won’t change. Richshaw. Hello! I have come back to you. I have torn the divorce papers. You slapped my father. I was angry about that. It was my mistake. I won’t do that mistake again. I will live for you. And die for you. Forgive me. It’s okay. I will meet you later. -Alright. Fool! She disconnected. Hey! Your wife has come back
home after 6 months. She is waiting for you. Hey! If you have the guts then
try to save her. Speed up! Speed up! I will not do this mistake again. Live the way you want to live. Stay like you want. You will always be my hero. Don’t ever leave me alone. What is his name? -Mental! Mental! Tit for Tat, sir! You did a good job. His life is ruined. Vishwanath, he is not a dead snake. He is wounded. Roma! Roma! Sir! The commissioner ordered
for your arrest. Sir! The constable you hit
died at the hospital. How many more people will you
kill for your own greed? Tell me. Tell me. How many more people will you kill? I thought he protects this country. But he couldn’t protect his wife. I told her not to return. But she didn’t listen to me. She came to him. Any punishment is not
enough for him. He has gone mad. That is why he is wearing a police
uniform even after losing his job. God knows how many more people
will he kill if he is free. I request you to arrest him. Arrest him as soon as you can. He has killed my daughter. Punish him. Punish him! I want to tell you something, sir. He is depressed. He has gone mad. He wears the uniform even
after losing his job. The way he spoke was bad.
Now it’s worsen. Since he lost his job.. ..since then there are negative
changes in him. On the basis of witnesses
and evidence.. Inspector Durga’s manners was
strange since his childhood. That is why this court considers
him a mental patient. Orders to send him to a mental
asylum for his treatment. We got him trapped afterall. Everything was against him. His face was worth watching
in the court. I couldn’t stop myself
from laughing. What happened? We couldn’t trap him. The commissioner brought
out his character. And saved him from capital punishment
calling him a mental patient. Did you understand it? What should we do now?
-Hey! Shut up! Watch out! We will start his real treatment. He is in coma. If we hit him more
then he will die. Hey! Hey! Hey! Did you see that? He is not dead. He is not dead yet. He is Mental. How can he die? Start it. What are you doing?
-Why are you sharpening the knife? Will you clean his moustache? Forget that and think
of something new. What are you doing? Did you get a garland of slippers? Will you garland him?
-Think of something new, friends. Hey! Remove his clothes. Brother, what are you saying? Remove his clothes! What to do? Hey! A cap on your head.
A stick in your hand. I have a gun on the belt.
The body is of a police officer. Did you say that? But you don’t have any power now. You have no power. I threw it out. Look! Look! He will die now. Burn! Sir, he is CI Durga Prasad. He is a sincere inspector. Sorry! He is in coma. Keep him under observation. Wear this police uniform. You’ve always been my hero. Always support me. Come on, get up! Sir!
The CI regained his consciousness. Good result. Okay. Start the treatment. Okay sir. Raise your head. Don’t bow it. You are not a hero who thinks
of my family, my children. You think the whole society
is my family. You are a leader. You are the hero who
avenges injustice. You have the right to kill. I did a mistake. I left him without killing him. It was a huge mistake. Call up Nana. Call up quickly. Brother!
Brother! He is going to kill us. Brother, he will kill us. What happened? What should we do now? I will talk about him in the court. Don’t worry. Go! Go quickly. -Right. Go! Go! -Yes. He should die. Don’t worry.
I am there to handle it. Let me see him.
He will know who I am. Hey!
By proving that you are not Mental. If I don’t get you capital punishment
then you can take back my words. The police has a right to kill. You made things easy for me by
proving that I am Mental. You are not a lawyer.
But a fool with a black coat. I will show you where
I stand in the court. You have a sharp tongue, right? What will happen if
you can’t speak? What did I do? Your son raped a lady inspector. I killed him. What wrong did I do
by killing him at.. ..the same police station? Tell me. I got fired for this mistake. My innocent wife was
killed mercilessly. I was pronounced mental. Hey! If you would shave my moustache
it would not make a difference. It would make no difference if
I was garland with shoes. But you tried to burn my uniform. You thought I will die. No! I learnt living after that. Whether I have a cap on my head.. ..a stick in my hand or
a gun in my belt.. ..if this uniform touches my body.. ..the power takes over
my whole being. Now watch the uniform
that you burnt.. is doing it’s job. That is the power of the uniform. Hey! You earned millions of rupees
in the form of bribes. You took up politics to
hide those crimes. Money in exchange of money.
Life in exchange of money. You promoted students by
taking bribe from them. They became lawyers, doctors,
engineers with fake certificates. The people select a politician
who works effortlessly. I will tell you a final thing.
Listen to it. It makes no difference to people
if any millionaire dies. But great people like
Abdul Kalam die.. ..the people cry. That is life. If you have some shame left
in you after hearing me.. ..then don’t make the reason
for your death. Goodbye! The court gave orders to send him
back to the mental asylum. You heard the whole story, right? Now tell me, on one side is Kakinada
and on the other side is Vizag. Where do you want to do?
-Dad, take us to him. Listen, please!
Even I want to meet him first. I am Srinivas Prasad. I am the special officer
on your case. My wife, Indira! My daughter, Bhargavi!
-My son, Abhiram. I told them about you in details. Before submitting the file
I wanted to meet you. It would be nice if you would
join the service again. I am still doing the same thing. You should do it officially
after coming out. This is the right method.
Unofficial. No! A real soldier shouldn’t
go for a battle. He must get people ready
for the battle. When you die, your character
will live in the society. After listening to your story
thousands of soldiers must get ready. Only then your dream
will be fulfilled. I want to become like you, sir. I am ready! CI Durga Prasad alias Mental,
this gentleman is not mad. He is completely cured. And on public demand.. ..I submit the file for
him to be appointed.. a trainer in the Indian
police academy. Dad’s village is Raichima. And mom’s village is Telangana.
-I was born in Agra. I am an Indian, sir.

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