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– Speaking of counseling, you
know there’s something that you said in one of your
sessions that was like– it was the phrase
that was most tweeted and everybody talked
about, where you called your mistress a peasant. I’m married. I have a beautiful wife. I know I’ve done wrong, but
what I’m going to call somebody that I was seeing on the side. I know it’s still a woman. I mean, but we did
certain things together. And she knew I was married. I mean, I know I
stepped out, but she knew I was married, too. So she owned up to
being a side chick. So any side chicks out
there, if your dude call you any name, run with it.
Forget it. [AUDIENCE GROANING] And so I don’t know. You tell me. She watches this show. And then she hears you
call her a peasant. The first thing I’d imagine she
would do is pick up the phone and call you and fuss you out. Did she call you? Have you talked to her since? No. So she’s out of the
picture completely? Of course. Melody, do you believe that? Time will tell. You know, the biggest
thing for me in all of this is the fact that we
do have children. And, you know, this is
not what they asked for. They didn’t ask to be here. They didn’t ask for
me to be their mom and him to be their father. You know what I’m saying? That part is what kind of
hurts me a lot is, you know, both of us, we grew up
in single parent homes. And that was something that
we always in the beginning wanted to give our children
something different. And for me, considering
that I have two daughters and another one on
the way, it’s kind of like I have to be able
to show them what marriage should be, and the love that
they should get as a woman, right?
Because– [APPLAUSE] Yeah. That’s it. But it also sounds like you’re
still leaving the door open. Is there anything Martell
can do to show you that he still wants you in his life? What Martell
will have to do is put the proof in the actions. I need to see the work.

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