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100 thoughts on “Megadeth – Sweating Bullets (Official Music Video)

  1. Did Dave Mustaine just obtained his stand from Holy Corpse or he is just a parallel universe Funny Valentine using D4C to make a music video ?

  2. It seems like he's trying to make it funny, like look at his facial expressions its hella funny and the part where he kicks him self to

  3. Dude, this music video speaks to me for two reasons man.

    First is how fucking relatable this sensation is to be sweating bullets.

    And secondly how much I want a Dave Mustaine clone army so I can CONQUER THE WORLD!!!! MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA!!!!!!!

  4. It's weird because I love this song but this is a shortened version of it. The one I have on my PC is 5:27 and this is (heh) 4:20.
    Oh well, it's nice talking to myself anyway.

  5. Sweating Bullets is EASILY The Best Self Explained Psychotic Song EVER. I HAVE LOVED THIS SONG AND ALBUM SINCE JULY 14, 1992

  6. This song sucks so fucking much but the fact that the speaking parts are played so straight is so fucking funny

  7. I hope he gets through this shit storm of health failure.
    Even if we get no more vocals from him I hope he can at least orchestrate megadeth further.

  8. Dave Mustaine is conspiring with Dave Mustaine against Dave Mustaine… But Dave Mustaine knows what Dave Mustaine and Dave Mustaine are planning… XD

  9. Those bloody entertainers.. makes me wonder if their religious preference adversely effects mental health symptoms…

  10. I have sent this link to my direct manager… and the feedback was that all of us have multiple personalities. Yeah right!! Working on a world wide corporation has everything to do with multiple personalities but not with the imposed insanity…

  11. Me the first time watching this: this is the most ridiculous thing I've seen!
    Me after many years on this hellish planet: this is one of the best metal videos of all time.
    Mustaine is a treasure. A genius of metal. Thank you for your contributions to the genre.

  12. Just wondering, will dave’s voice be the same after the throat cancer? I don’t know much about it and i hope he recovers well.

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