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We are in Aarhus I just bought a hawaii shirt it’s giving me a bit of trouble getting in to like that Levi’s hawaii Errrrrrr we are meeting a bunch of film photographer here in Aarhus Errrrrr at a bar called Ris Ras So lets go there we just arrived at Rias Ras.. and the first has already showed up “hey” This is Michael – Oh you look so fresh Yeah yeah it’s hawaii and summer right? We are having a meet-up and we are gonna have som beers and talk some gear so watch along, it’s gonna be cool and.. Welcome to Noisefilm Hey my name is Christian Instagram: @_christianbertelsen I brought my Rollei 35 a fun little camera with a lot of quirks which makes it very difficult to shoot with I came here all the way from Copenhagen to hopefully learn something new and meet some fellow film photographers Hey I’m Andreas
Instagram: @andreas.raun and I have a Bronica ETRSI I am here with the rest of the Noisefilm crew to shoot some photos and see Aarhus it’s gonna be awesome and the sun is out a great time to get the old camera out My name is Stine
Instagram: @stinevillemoes I brought my little.. Leica M4 and my Rolleiflex I’m here to meet some new people who shoots analog too plus camera and beers sounded like a great time to be had hey I’m Michael Godthaab Instagram: @michaelgodthaab I’m here at the meet up with Noisefilm… mostly because of the cold beers and for the “hygge” I brought my Pentax 67 which i hope to get som portraits with either with the guys who met up or someone else I’m Jannick and I am here in Aarhus at the Noisefilm meet-up it’s a great time.. we are having some beers and looking and gear i am shooting on a Texas Leica and a little brother Yashica T5 which I hopefully get to play with later my instagram: @jannickfjord go check my site if you feel like it I finally got my Contax G1 and I am already regretting I didn’t get the G2 the G1 only goes up to a shutter of 1/2000 and with the harsh sun.. i have to stop the aperture down to f: 8-22 Paw had a G1 which I sold for cheap back when I started shooting film and back then I didn’t want the G systems and then I fell in love with it and ordered one from Japan and it got expensive the camera itself was ok cheap but the danish toll was HIGH we are finishing our drinks and errr.. then we go out to shoot you just saw… the few cool people who showed up it’s actually mostly people from Copenhagen, pretty rad maybe you guys from Jutland could learn something from them I know there is a photo event in Viborg today but that can’t beat having beers with us? I think we are going out shooting some photos and stopping by a cool little coffee shop so let’s go first of all it’s a prism finder and at the same time you need to turn it upside down it’s really confusing everything is upside down and turned around everything feels wrong, it’s total chaos but it’s pretty cool when you get it right normally you would shoot like this, but then you have to turn it like this focus with this.. and the shutter is.. on the left side and focus with left hand it’s really really chaotic it works out when you shoot, but you look like an idiot let’s snap a photo I think we are leaving here some of the guys haven’t seen errr. Aarhus from above, right? nope and I am from here you live in copehagen and it’s a pretty new spot great music here in Aarhus this day is all about chilling with our cameras and get to know each other but Michael had a little project of shooting portraits of all the guys who met up today let’s run them here! what I am looking for in a picture? is what no one is looking for usually in a alley things that people tend to walk by I usually find something cool in the alleys, great photo maybe a great coffee shop – I am thirsty now, you?
– I could go for a beer even though it has only been about 30 minutes are you thirsty? is it orange juice now? – orange juice??
– what do we drink? we need beers that’s what I needed to hear no juice! hahahah no juice 😂 we just came from Sallings parking and this is where we got the most photos we got some portraits of each other got some cool lines and err the parking spot is is a round tower so that’s a instagram banger spot let’s roll some photos from the guys fun fact: 60% of the guys who showed up today is from copenhagen don’t you shoot here in Jutland? maybe you went to Viborg? don’t know but we just met up with another guy who made the trip he didn’t bring his camera but say hello Hey internet, hey Noisefilm 👋 My name is Alex and I have been shooting analog for about a month or two Sold all my digital gear, everything I had, all sony and went full on analog I now have a Mamiya RZ67 I mainly shoot portraits and lifestyle fashion inspired stuff Like Paw I do it because of Paw You loaded a new film while I looked away? – which film is it?
– It’s an expired Kodak Ektachrome Expired back in 2005 it shoots positives.. in color. I have only shot one Ektachrome before and I find it very awesome even the colors are great I am satisfied with today
– Me too.. I hope that.. we can do it again some other time with a few more people, since we planned it poorly this time yeah yeah i am really satisfied 100 % we do it again This is my new terrace which I am pretty stoked on, I have already had quite a few beers here .. back to the meet up, it went very well the best thing about a meet up is the beers and all the gear talk everything went as it should afterwards we got some food split up, and Nick and I met a guy called Joe who is down with some Rosé we turned off the camera since it wasn’t about the meet-up no more now we just wanted to end the day with a glass but when we were headed for the last train half past midnight we were pretty late and walked as fast as we could then some dude called us over “hey isn’t that the noisefilm guys?” we stop let’s go back in time a few hours at the first spot I saw an older guy who looked really radical and I challenged the guys to shoot a portrait of him and then I would pay for a big beer to the first one who did it no one did it though, but the guy who called us over later was sitting with that same old guy and they asked us to take their picture so what I want to say is I took his portrait, I gave the challenge ill give myself a beer we actually caught the train and I have got this app you know everything is an app now so I try to get myself a ticket through this app it didn’t go through so I ended up getting a ticket for 750kr (120$) I tried to give him a false social security number because I was pretty mad their app didn’t work Nick had no problem with it… last of all I won’t take all the credit for the meet-up I may be the face of Noisefilm but I would like for Nick to be a bigger part of it and now some of you have met him I think that is pretty cool i’ts cool that they met me? 😂 yeah you know you have mainly been behind the camera yeah yeah cool. cool guys at the meet-up and it’s definitely not the last time we do it not at all I am ready for the next one I would like to see how many would show up if we didn’t plan it at the same date as a photography event in Viborg sure! but it was cool with just a few guys as well to me it doesn’t matter how many shows up how many showed up at some point I think we were 10 I think it was an awesome day thanks to everyone who showed up to everyone who is watching along I hope you wan’t to join us at the next meet-up yeah, we had a lot of beers and got to talk about what we love if you our videos – feel free to subscribe and.. what is called? – what?
– when you press the… yeah push the notification bell then you will get a mail when we upload a new video that would make us happy to know you get the content while it’s fresh and then you can get that first comment that’s important I’ve heard it’s important to get that – yeees.. so let’s shut it down here, see you in the next video noisefilm we outta here catch us on instagram cheers

7 thoughts on “MEETUP l 13 FILM CAMERAS (subtitles)

  1. Ej men for helvede!! Er så ked af at jeg ikke kunne være med fra starten af!!
    Men fedt lige at sige hej!

  2. Jeg hørte noget om at Kodak ville gen-producere Ektachrome? Så den er vel ikke helt udløbet. 😀

  3. Fedt med så'n et meetup, bare det var herovre…
    Kender ikke nogen der kan få det til at lyde SÅ legalt med det øl der…👍

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