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Hello, and welcome to Meathead’s Web Hole Forum. I’m– Are you okay, Dave? Something’s wrong. I feel like my brain is vibrating. Like Jesus is sending you a text message? I’m scared, Ug. Your fear tastes of vanilla, with subtle undertones of ginger. I truly hope you enjoy your new water cooler. It would mean the world to me. Hey, has anyone ever told you you look just like Howie Mandel? No one who lived to tell about it. Bye. Deal or no deal? Deal or no deal? I didn’t sign up for this. Deal or no deal? Deal or no deal? I want to go home. You have five cases to open. Nineteen thousand dollars. Deal or no deal? Deal or no deal? Dave. Oh. What happened? I think I spaced out for a minute. You’ve been sitting there for the last six days. Really? Do you feel like answering some e-mails? No, not today. I think I’m going to go home and throw up. Okay. See you next week. Does he suspect anything? No, it’s cool. Go back to the basement.

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