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100 thoughts on “Meanwhile… French People Problèmes

  1. Meh, pretty weak stereotypes. These are like the jokes I used to make about the French before I actually went to France. Cliches.

  2. It won't funny in a few months when you're reporting on the bloody civil war of the cheddar critic.
    ….but our region must be free from the cheddar eaters. We must secede from France!

  3. Marc Veyrat said that losing his third star was more painful than losing his parents… BTW a very famous chef here in France Bernard Loiseau committed suicide after losing his third star

  4. Wow. I hope Trump supporters or Republican who listen to this learn about what's going on and are insulted at how little these party leaders think you know.

  5. Why do Americans dislike the French so much? Do you not realize that if it wasn't for the French helping you in your revolutionary war, that you'd all be speaking English today?

  6. Every night I watch as Stephen carefully prepares, mixes, and bakes the dough for the perfect crunchy-on-the-outside and soft-on-the-inside baguette that is his monologue. However, sometimes, I like to scrape off the leftover breadcrumbs, mix them into a rum-soaked flour and egg concoction and vigorously reconstitute them into the hearty and delicious bread pudding that is his segment… MEANWHILE

  7. As many French commenters have noted, ‘meanwhile’ there is a large fire at a petro-chemical company in Rouen. People are being told to stay indoors and air and water contamination are risks as the fire is burning some rather noxious chemicals. It is so easy to be blinded by our current situation in the United States to the point we barely see any international news of note at the top of news feeds. I hope for the people of Rouen and the surrounding area that they are able to stay safe and this chemical disaster is rapidly contained.

  8. I've said this before about Stephens monologues. But seriously. The people that write the buildups to all these Meanwhile segments – just give them a pulitzer allready. 🏆

  9. meanwhile—when trump released the zelinky's conversation a "rogue rudy" came as a "HERO" from nowhere and since what animation movie a rogue became a hero?…ah this wh parody

  10. I'm French (™) and this is the first I'm hearing of this. The French news outlets were all over Trump's impeachment and Jacques Chirac's passing, for all I know.

  11. Yep… When you don't have an extremely unstable, narcissistic, under-educated, stubborn, constantly lying human being as a President who is moreover struggling against an impeachment, you do have time for some more minor "problèmes" I guess.

  12. How dare you write problèmes and still say the s at the end? And how is everyone on the internet so sure that every French person has an accent like that? Speaking another language is treason and punishable by cheese in a can for every meal for the rest of your life (may be variable). 😋

  13. Holy crap Steven, how comes you didn't talk about the DEATH of a former french president and the burning of a factory in Rouen that is covering the entire region in toxic smokes ? Is it because Chirac gave the finger to the US by not joining your irak war, or because that factory is owned by an american billionaire ? But nooo, it's better to talk a silly story about an entitled frenchman, despite both events happening THE DAY BEFORE YOUR SHOW !

  14. One of the best journalists and broadcasters in the world meets one of the best comedians and talk show hosts in the world 👍

  15. As a French, I absolutely loved this.
    Just be noted that if the chef's accusations are right, a mistake from the reviewer might cost livelihoods, I get why he's upset, michelin stars are broken anyway


  17. As a french person I have something to Ask you. Please. Stop tell ''OUI OUI BAGUETTE'' everytime you see a french. Thank you.

  18. Ok not to say this is a first world problem but in reality it’s so bloody hard to have even 1 Michelin star and these chefs have a lot of pressure to maintain them. So yeah if you work your butt off for a year straight and get demoted over a misunderstanding, you can, understandably, get incredibly frustrated.

  19. The guy's name is "Colbert" and he dares making jokes about french people. (Search on internet who was Colbert in french history if you don't know)

  20. I love how the twinkle came back to add the accent grave. As if it had remembered "oh wait, this is French, it needs some extra sass"

  21. Losing a Michelin star is a big, big deal for a chef. There's a lot of money involved in those famous restaurants, so it's no laughing matter IMO. Kudos for getting the accent right on "problèmes" though!

  22. Wait, was that supposed to be funny? ‘Mericans 🙄 i guess i could be a comedian there, with some century old stereotypes and an accent.

  23. French people problèmes, as you say, are almost a year of protest met with violent police repression totalizing more than a thousand severly wounded and 1 dead…. but not a word on that, right?
    French people f… thank you!

  24. This is a real problem, going from 2 to 3 stars is a million euro investment for a restaurant, and losing the star is losing a lot of money.
    There's 127 3star restaurants in the world and 26 in France.
    The average cheapest menu start around 150€ in France.

  25. I'm French and i naively clicked, thinking you were gonna talk about police violence against peacefull protests. Or about the governement's scandalous orchestration of islamophobia (guess who will be the only possible bullwark against Le Pen come election time ?) to make the people forget they are destroying vital public services one by one for profit, and so on and so on. Oh well, the french like cheese, haha and sex

  26. I'm french with a great sense of humour too, this was a bit funny but you must know two things before laughing too loud. First we don't have cheese with crackers, english people do and yes one of our chef is angry about something that may sound trivial but here in France it echoed in public opinion because unlike some other people we really care about food; what's inside and how it is made.

  27. It was funny, I didn't really laugh but I like this type of sketch. Just to clarify something: This isn't actually a good french accent.
    I'm French, and most of the time we will try our best to make our best American or English accent while speaking English (which will usually end up being pretty shitty).
    However, if an old monsieur is speaking in English (old french people are bad at English) he will usually pronounce the words as if it was French. It's not even near that "French accent" you guys are thinking of. The monsieur will read the word "knees" pronouncing the k and other words with a French phonetic. But we usually have the same words, just prononced or written a bit differently.
    But that doesn't matter. Someday you'll go to France and realise it's just completely different from what you thought of it. Or you'll just look for French videos on YouTube and hope for subtitles. (there is none)

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