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Hey, What is this? Why have you halted you car
in the middle of the road.. ..and blocked the path? Remove it.. What else will a broken
down car do? Why didn’t you check
it before leaving? Think before you speak.
Are you aware of my identity? l don’t care even if you
are a princess. – You. Don’t you dare touch me. Don’t pick up a fight. lf we request him he
may repair our car. Forget him. Okay, then go walking. Now, remove this junk. Otherwise l will
come at a high speed.. ..and bang it. l shall count till three. One, two.. Three.. three.. No please. Don’t be angry. Please help us.
– That’s called decency. Move aside. Open Sesame. Move your heads
away from the engine. l can’t repair this car. What?
– Yes. Then tow our car and
take it to a garage. Do you have a rope?
– Will this do? This won’t help to even kill
a rat. How can it pull a car? Then what shall we do? You all remove your clothes. Hey Mister.
– l won’t take it away. l’ll use it to tow the car. We won’t remove our clothes.
Think of a better idea. After seeing your face, l
can’t think of any idea. – What? You don’t want to remove your clothes
and want me to conjure up ideas. l am going. He’s asking us to remove
our clothes to help us. What if it gets dark? Okay. As you all wish.
Come, let’s shed our clothes. Listen, you both don’t go.
– Why? Come and push. Not me, the car. Take this. Give me, l’ll tie it. Good. Wait. You cheat, rogue. Now face the consequences. Mister, please return our clothes. First, ask your headstrong
heroine to apologise to me. What for? For flaring your nostrils.. ..and speaking to me
along with your clothes. Please apologise to him. Okay, l am sorry. Not like this, but politely. l am sorry. Please return
our clothes. – That’s it. How polite can you be. Here are your clothes. ls the car repaired? Since you became polite your
car too has been repaired. Thank you. – Thank you very much. What was the problem?
– A screw had become loose. Sometimes it can create problems. Thank God. Thank you very much. Where are the keys?
– Here. Give it to me.
– First pay me labour charges. l’m sorry. How much?
– Rs.100. So much? Re 1 to tighten the
screw and Rs.99 to locate it. Rs.99. Pure English. What will you do if l refuse to pay? l’ll throw the key
beyond the mountains. Should l throw?
– This is outrageous. No, this is justice. Take.
– l won’t accept it like this. Then how? Only when you kiss the
note will l accept it. – You.. Do so or l’ll throw the key. Lovely.
– Here. – Thank you. Give.
– Take. Bye. See you, bye. What relatives l have? After harming they are
showing fake sympathy. Actually, l am to be blamed not you. l am paying for
giving shelter to you. What have we done for
you to taunt us, brother? Am l taunting you? Out of pity, l gave you
shelter which was my first mistake. My second mistake was to give the
power of attorney to your husband. And the state he’s
reduced my business to.. the biggest mistake of my life. What have we done? l think
someone has instigated you. Because we honestly hand over
all the earnings of the factory. l find it below my dignity
to retain even a penny of it. l don’t know anything. l only want to know why the
factory is showing losses. Do you have any excuse for it? l have. The workers
are very dishonest. Earlier they worked hard
now they use their brains. Earlier they were innocent,
now they have become smart. lt’s you who’ve
become smart not them. What could their demands be?
Only bonus once a year. But people like you are
always harping for bonus. You are hoarding the money
and blaming it on the workers. l want all the
accounts by tomorrow morning. Daddy. Why are you late?
– My car broke down on the way. Then how did you come? – l met a
mechanic, and got the car repaired. But he cheated me, father. He charged me Rs.100
to tighten one screw. What? Was he such a big cheat? Father, is any of
your brothers alive? Dear, it is not safe
for you to go out alone. Take Ranjit as your bodyguard. After all he is your fiancE. Wow. lf l take him as a bodyguard.. ..l’ll have to guard his body. Do you think l am a weakling?
l am very versatile. l can become a driver, a cleaner.. ..l can push the car and
even kill an eve teaser. Really? l don’t need you. l can pay and get
all this work done. – But l’ll do it for free. – Really? And what about the fact
that we are fending for you? See, how she talks, uncle. She is right, ascetic. Uncle, why do you
always address me thus? Get us married.. ..and l’ll become a householder. Brother-in-law, when you are talking
about it, l wish to say something. Please get them married.. that late sister in
law’s soul will rest in peace. l know what will make my
late wife happy or sad. There is no need for you to worry. Regarding Nisha’s marriage,
l know best. Go. You too go. Who gives the report of
our dishonesty to Mr. Goyal? Sir, l am innocent. Look, don’t try to out wit me.
l am well connected. lf you try to cheat me, l’ll
frame you in a false charge. Sir, l assure you, l am innocent. This must be that engineer’s doing.
– Which engineer? That Ramesh who is more interested
in spying than doing his work. You are a pile on.
– NO. After repairing my car, you
are now following me everywhere. My car is in perfect condition now. l am in a hurry, so
remove your lousy jeep. Forgive me, but l have
learnt only one thing. l’ve never learnt
to retrace my steps. – This is my habit. –
To hell with your habit. How will l go out? Wearing such gaudy clothes
and putting so much make up.. is better to sit at
home than drive people crazy. You are talking too much. l always talk like this to girls
who wear skimpy clothes. – Shut up. lt is beyond my control now.
And if l get angry.. You will bite me? l am
immune to animal bites. You.. What is the matter, dear? This rogue is halting my
car to talk nonsense to me. He is Mr. Ramesh, our
factory’s new engineer, dear. And she is my daughter Nisha. Hello.
– Hello. Come in.. Come, dear Ramesh. Come. Nisha, bring tea for Ramesh.
– Yes, father. Why did you call up, Ramesh? The original papers of the
water tank are not in the office. Their plans and estimate..
– They are with me. Do you need them?
– They are urgent. Sit, l’ll get them. Tea.. Thank you.
– Mention not.. The tea is good, isn’t it?
– Yes, it is very good. But what is this?
– Bill. What for?
– For the tea. Do you charge to
offer tea to a guest? l didn’t invite you.
– But Rs.100 for a cup of tea. The tea is for Re.1 . And
Rs.99 is for serving it myself. l mean Rs.99. This is injustice. Cheating. Does this happen
anywhere in the world? And was it wise to change
Rs.100 for tightening a screw? Give me Rs.100.
– Okay. Here take it. What nonsense is this?
– Don’t get annoyed. l always behave this way
whenever l tip someone. – You.. Ramesh. – Yes? l can’t find the original
copy but the photocopy is here. Yes. Nisha, this is not clear.
Please read it. Are you returning the Rs.100 or not? l kiss those whom l tip. Should l? What happened?
– The original copy is at home. And l forgot to lock
the house, l’m going. Be careful. Have you loaded the 100 boxes?
– Yes. Here is the receipt for 50. Now, go. Climb down and give me whereas What is this? The receipt is for
50 boxes, and 100 boxes are loaded. Sir actually..
– Don’t blabber and answer me. l’ll answer you. You take the truck. Wait. – Sir, this is the
practice followed here. ls it? Who will benefit from it? Answer me or l’ll
summon the police.. ..and then they’ll make you confess. Police. Father.. father. What is it?
– You are ruined. l’ll beat you.
– You can do so.. ..but you too won’t be
spared by the police. What happened? – That
engineer is aware of everything. Get ready to go to jail. Don’t chew my brains and tell me. That Dagdu was caught giving
the receipt for 100 boxes. What will happen now?
How can l face Nisha now? Father, you have ruined my life. Till yesterday you abused me.. ..but now even the world
will abuse me as a thief. And then Nisha will never marry me. Shut up, you coward.
Nothing will happen? – How? Don’t ask questions.
Just do as l say. Sir..
– idiot. You ruined everything. Now take the blame on yourself.
– What? And in return Rs.20,000
will reach your house. lf you try to act smart
or put the blame on us.. ..then l’ll get you and
your entire family killed. Do you agree?
– Okay, sir. Thief.
– Please pardon me. l trusted you and you cheated me. You were starving
and l employed you.. you are cheating on me. Tell me since how long is
this going on or l’ll kill you? lf you kill him, you’ll be hanged.
– Shut up. Ramesh, have you informed the police?
– Yes, they must be reaching. He is a thief and
l’ve made him confess. Rogue, confess to your crime. Sir, please excuse me.
l won’t repeat my mistake. Sir, please forgive me. lnspector, l’d
complained about him. – Come. Take him from here. l’ll come to the police
station to write the report. Thank you. You go, l’ll come later. Well done Ramesh. l’ve been always looking
for such an honest person. Now, don’t leave
this work unfinished. Try to find if there
are more thieves.. ..who are trying to cheat us. How many more rats are
making a hole in the warehouse.. ..and making off with the goods? There are two more but
they are dangerous, sir. l want to nab them.
– Then do so. Such people have even
cheated the country too. lt is necessary to
nab them. Best of luck. Thank you, Sir. We have to bear everything
till brother-in-law is not ruined. Yes, ruin him. lf l can’t marry Nisha,
l’ll kill myself. Let your enemies be cursed.
Why should you die? That’s true. Why should l die? Then l’ll kill father. – First,
learn to take care of yourself. You abuse him so much as
if he is not your own son. l too have doubts about it. Either he was
exchanged in the hospital.. ..or l am not his father.
– What? lt means you are
doubting my chastity. You are accusing me of
being a cheap woman. Then why was this
stupid fool born to me? Had he been my son, he
would’ve been smart. And he would be chased by girls. Weren’t so many girls
chasing me that day in the market? They were chasing to hit
you for teasing with a girl. That too was your idea.
– l asked you to be subtle. So that you could
apologise and begin a conversation. But he pushed her so hard
that she banged into a shop. Stop this chatter and
think about the future. Brother has refused to
get Nisha married to him. Mother, if l can’t marry l’ll kill
myself and put the blame on father. Shut up. Or l’ll hit you. Get lost. No. What are you doing? Listen and do as l say
and don’t utter a word. Should l say only what
you write for me? – Yes. And then, see how
l’ll make your life. Forget the acting she is
a rich man’s daughter. There must be many boys chasing her. Why would she pay him attention?
– She will. Love can conquer everything. Father, shall l break Nisha’s
house wall? – You again spoke. – Do l stand a chance? – Yes. Didn’t you know 3 years ago.. ..a ministers daughter
married her peon’s son? Father, where is that minister
and does he have another daughter? Don’t ask questions
and do as l tell you. Nisha. Cycle. Where is your car? lt broke down.
Where is the engineer? What can he do? l’ll repair it. This is a real car not a toy car.
How can you repair it? Ramesh.
– Fool. Come soon.
– Nisha, don’t be so harsh. Give me just one chance.
– Shut up. What is the matter, Nisha?
– My car broke down. Please repair it.
– But l am busy. Please come.
– Where is the car? lt is close by.
– Okay, come. Just a minute.
He is a civil engineer. He is not a automobile engineer. He doesn’t know anything
about machines and engines. He is not
well-versed have any problem.. ..l’ll come and repair it. Come soon.
– On the cycle? – Yes. No.. – Let’s go.
– No. You! May be they hurt. Are you hurt?
– Yes. Where?
– l can’t tell you. ”What kind of problem is this?” ”The storm in your
body flew the sari away.” ”What kind of problem is this?” ”The storm in your
body flew the sari away.” ”Tell me, how do l
look in this attire?” ”You look good in any attire.” ”Tell me, how do l
look in this attire?” ”You look good in any attire.” ” None can match your beauty.” ”What kind of problem is this?” ”The storm in your
body flew the sari away.” ”On seeing you, the season
is also crazy about you.” ”l am fortunate to get
a beloved like you.” ”On seeing you, the season
is also crazy about you.” ”l am fortunate to get
a beloved like you.” ”lt makes me feel shy when
you look at me in such manner.” ”What kind of problem is this?” ”The storm in your
body flew the sari away.” ”How do l take care
of my wayward youth?” ”Come in to my arms, let
me hide you from the world.” ”How do l take care
of my wayward youth?” ”Come in to my arms, let
me hide you from the world.” ” l’ll protect you
from the harsh world.” ”What kind of problem is this?” ”The storm in your
body flew the sari away.” Come down. What is it?
– Why did you throw that rod? lt fell by mistake. Why did you go upstairs? With
whose permission did you come? Who are you to question me?
Do you own this place? – What? What are you doing? ls this a bar that you are
fighting like roadside goons? He threw a rod on me.
– Sir, he is lying. Look, you can fight Okay,
we won’t fight here. Okay. No fight will take place here. You are lucky that
the boss intervened.. ..otherwise l would’ve
reduced you to pulp. l won’t spare you, rogue. Who is it? Why are you
flashing light on our faces? Your father. l’ve come
to see what you are doing. l’ll kill him.
– No, l’ll deal with him. How did you dare to
come to my hamlet? To gauge your, daring. To see who is a weakling. You or me? Get up.. Please forgive us. Please forgive us. Father.. What will you give me
when we get this factory? l’ll hang you.
– Sir.. sir.. l don’t have change. Watchman, who let this beggar in? Why did you to recognize him? He’s the one we had sent
to teach Ramesh a lesson. Then what happened? Sir, he bashed me up and
rendered my limbs useless. He is a very dangerous man.
– l know that. Stop giving your opinion otherwise
l too will bash you. Get out. See if the old man is coming.
– He’s coming. Start. Aren’t you ashamed?
Firstly, brother-in-law is unwell. And you want to hurt him
by telling him this news. He won’t be able to bear it?
We are all the family he has. Without him we’ll be orphaned. But we must stop her if she
is going on the wrong path. lf anything goes wrong,
how will we face everyone? You!
– We have to tell him. But what if he hears it.
– But if we hide it.. What is the matter?
– Brother.. What am l not supposed to hear? No, actually.. – Uncle, Nisha
and the engineer.. – Shut up. Let him talk. What is it, Ranjit? Uncle, the engineer and Nisha were.. ..romancing in the garden. ls it so? Nisha. – Dad. Daddy..
– What is this l am hearing? Are you romancing with the engineer? Answer me. ls it true? lt is true. l love him, father. l don’t accept it. Do you
want everyone to ridicule me? Ajit, make plans for her marriage. What are you doing?
– l don’t want to hear anything. Ajit, go and meet the priest. l’ll fix the marriage today itself. Thank you uncle. My sweet uncle. May God bless you.
– Thank you. Now you too get ready. You have to welcome all the guests. What? How can l welcome the guests? l’ll be in the podium.. Are you a priest to
sit in the podium? Only the bride and
bridegroom will sit in the podium. Ramesh and Nisha.
– What? Dad. Who is it?
– Where are you disappearing again? You promised to return in three
days but have come after three months Are you having an affair elsewhere? Tell me or else l
will teach you a lesson. ”l swear by my father, mother,
you and life..” ”l swear by my father, mother,
you and life..” ”Make me swear on anyone’s name.” ”l belong only to you, l
swear it on everyone’s name.” ”l swear by my father, mother,
you and life..” ”Make me swear on anyone’s name.” ” You’ve got a wayward nature.” ” Your swaying hips tantalise me.” ” You’ve got a wayward nature.” ”Your swaying hips tantalize me.” ”l won’t listen to any story..” ” are a liar, my beloved.” ”l won’t listen to any story..” ” are a liar, my beloved.” ”l swear by my father, mother,
you and life..” ”Make me swear on anyone’s name.” ”l’ve seen the world at this age.” ”Nobody knows how many
affairs you’ve had.” ”l’ve seen the world at this age.” ”Nobody knows how many
affairs you’ve had.” ”l didn’t see anyone
else even in my dreams.” ”l didn’t see anyone
else even in my dreams.” ”l swear by my father, mother,
you and life..” ”Make me swear on anyone’s name.” ”l belong only to you, l
swear it on everyone’s name.” ” Uncaring about the world,
l’d like to kiss your cheeks.” ”Using all kind of tricks,
l know all your plots.” ” Uncaring about the world,
l’d like to kiss your cheeks.” ”Using all kind of tricks,
l know all your plots.” ”On one hand is the whole world,
on other it’s you, my beloved.” ”On one hand is the whole world,
on other it’s you, my beloved.” ”l swear by my father, mother,
you and life. ”Make me swear on anyone’s name.” ”l belong only to you, l
swear it on everyone’s name.” You are sacking me?
– Yes. – But why? What is my fault for
which you are punishing me? l find it below my
dignity to even talk to you. Suffice it to understand
that if an employee is debauch.. ..then the boss has every
right to sack him. Get out. What gave you the
impression that l am debauch? Should l tell you? Then listen. An employee should only work
not eye the boss’ daughter. And that’s what you were doing. And then you want
to know your fault? Ranjit. – Why are you
annoyed with him? He is right. We have seen through you. You carried tales about
honest people like us. For the sake of money you
feigned love with Nisha. My love was a pretence? You mean l love Nisha for her money? We are not saying it,
evidences are hinting at it. No, it is you who are saying it. You are playing
games to malign our love. Shut up, l have seen
your true colours. Now stop defending
yourself and get out of here. Sir, l request you not to be hasty.. drawing a conclusion. Now quietly go out and
don’t spin a web of words. Our boss is decent. Anyone else in his place
would’ve taken you to the police.. ..and got you hanged. l am not feeling
bad at being sacked. l am only feeling bad that
before the other cheats.. ..l am being sacked. But remember, just as l am
being thrown out of this house.. day your relatives
will do the same to you. So, be careful. Hello? – l am Goyal speaking.
– Greetings, Mr. Goyal. l am advocate Anand here.
Should l bring your old will? Why? You want to change it? Okay, l’ll bring it in the morning.
– Okay. Hurry up, father. Welcome. Yes. Excuse me, Mr. Ranjit.
– Yes, sir. Sign it here.
– Okay. Thank you very much
– thank you – welcome Let’s go. – Okay. No. Ramesh, what are you
doing here at this time? Ramesh. Dad. Dad. Dad. This is a lie. l did not kill Mr. Goyal. Your honour, evidences prove
that Ramesh is the murderer. Ramesh was in love with Mr.
Goyal’s only daughter Nisha. And their marriage too was fixed. But suddenly Mr. Goyal
saw through Ramesh.. ..and he invited Ramesh home and.. insulted him in everyone’s presence. And broke the alliance. And also sacked him from the job. Due to all this,
Ramesh became vengeful. He wanted to take revenge. The same night Ramesh killed
Mr. Goyal and took his revenge. Culprit Ramesh, do you
want to defend yourself? Yes, your Honour. lt is true that l love
Mr. Goyal’s daughter Nisha. lt is also true that
he resented our love.. ..and insulted me in
everyone’s presence and sacked me. But yet l never hated or
was vengeful towards him. Neither did l ever
go to his house again. Where were you on the night
of the murder? – ln my house. Can you prove it? l have no other witness except God.
– But l have. Will you tell the court what you
saw on the night of the murder? That night l was lying in my room. lt was very late.. ..yet l was unable to sleep. And then l heard
shrieks from father’s room. l came out immediately and saw.. What did you see? Please tell us. Your statement is important.
Please tell us. Please tell us. l saw Ramesh coming out.. ..of father’s room. And on seeing me he fled. Nisha. l kept calling out
to him but he escaped. Did you see me in your house? The culprit can’t interrupt.
You may continue. l got a doubt and
ran to father’s room. There l saw my father’s dead body. l need some time to
prove Ramesh innocent. So, l request 20 days time. Request granted. The case is postponed
until the 15th of next month. Thank you, Your Honor. Press it harder, you chicks..
– Little chicks. – Shut up. Press my feet properly. l have come. You’ve come? – Yes. Kalia. – Yes, sir. Ask him to come and
press my free leg. Go.
– l’ll tell him just now. You idiot.
– What did you say? Come and press the boss’s leg. l know how to press
someone’s neck not leg. My neck is very delicate,
don’t press it, Gangu. Move. You fatso, you want
me to massage you? lnstead, l’ll bash you up. Do you know whom you are talking to? Who is he? – ln one night he
wiped off an entire colony. That’s the reason he
resembles a demon. Such a person can neither
be pardoned here nor there. But l will pardon him
because l am an artist. l wield a pair of
scissors not a knife. Tell your boss to
massage me instead. What did you say?
– l am helpless. Had your father been alive l
would’ve asked him to do it. You. Poor fellow, fell down. You idiot. What are you doing? Will you massage me, fatso?
– No. You. Boss. Fool. You were acting smart with me. He fell down. Fatso, even if you faint or
die l won’t throw water on you. Now see what l do. You broke this too. Get up. No. Will you massage me, fatso? No. Tell me.
– No. Move. What is going on here? Gangu, today you
were to be released. Why do you want to fight
and extend your punishment? He wants me to massage him. How can l touch his impure
body with my pure hands? Now come, not there, here. Hey, Jagga.. Gangu. What is it?
– Come here. Please. You look exactly like me. l too have the same thought.
– Who are you? My name is Ramesh.
– What is your crime? Murder. Murder? You can’t murder anyone. You are right,
friend. l am innocent. l didn’t kill anybody. But my beloved accused me falsely. Accused you falsely? What? That the day her
father was murdered.. ..she saw me in her bungalow. You must never love a rich girl. Like their possessions
they change their hearts too. Who is she and where does she stay? She stays at Jagannath street. And is the daughter of a
rich man called Goyal Verma. Daughter of Goyal
Verma from Jagannath Peth. What? Goyal Verma is murdered.
– Yes. When?
– On the ninth of last month. Yes. Your girlfriend was mistaken. Since we are look a-likes. l
escaped and you were caught. l fail to comprehend.
– That night she saw me. l had gone there.
– What? l swear. l went there to steal. But your girlfriend came
and on seeing her, l fled. Are you speaking the truth?
– Yes. But she is not to be blamed. On
her part, she spoke the truth. Will you give your
statement in court? – No. lf l do so the police will
think l am the murderer. And l will be framed. Gangu, only you can help me. That’s true. But l can’t
get hanged to save you. No. Who wants get
hanged unnecessarily? Can you stay here in my
place for 3 days? – Why? Tomorrow you’ll be released,
and l’ll go in your place. You stay here in my place. They are forcibly
getting Nisha married. l’ll save Nisha, keep her
in a safe place and return. lf you don’t return at 4’o
clock on the third day.. ..l’ll escape from jail. l’ll surely return. Surely return.. No matter what comes my way.. ..l’ll surely
return on the third day. Now, let’s change our clothes. Yes. Okay, okay. Here are my clothes, sir. Here are your earnings, Gangu. Thank you, sir. Wait. A pickpocket, and
an illiterate man.. ..who can’t speak even Hindi.. When did you learn English? Sir..
– Don’t blabber and speak. l heard you saying it and learnt.
– Okay. Look, try to live a decent life. And reform yourself. Forget this stealing
and pick-pocketing. Work hard and make
proper use of your hands. That’s the reason l am going out. Go. – l shall leave now. Good boy. Sir, will you push the car? You take care of the steering,
l’ll start. Are you a car driver
or a hand cart driver? The car is always broken down.
– lt’ll start now. Sir, your car has started.
– Thank you. Hey, stop the car. Ramesh. l am Gangu not Ramesh. You are lying.
You’ve escaped from jail. Hey constable. – Call anyone you
want to, l am not scared of anyone. What is the matter?
– He’s fled from jail. Arrest him. He is lying. He’s gone senile.
– Arrest him. ls he speaking the truth?
– No. Either he is mad or drunk.
He’s been addressing me as Ramesh. And l’ve been making him
understand that l’m Gangu. He is lying. He’s escaped from jail. Hey shut up.
Don’t create a chaos here. Let’s go to the
police station to decide. You’ve come, Gangu. l
went to meet you in jail. And l came to know
that you’ve been released. Do you know him?
– Yes. Who appointed you as a constable?
Doesn’t your wife know you? l am his would be wife. Julie, first reform him. Whenever he sees a pocket
he puts his hand into it. He is in jail for six months
and out of it for six months. Control him. Aunt, l try to control
him but he slips away. But now l’ll be more careful. Why are you staring, old man? Are you trying to flirt with me? l’ll teach you a lesson. Come. Sir.. don’t feel offended. But
please get your eyes checked. l’ve to go for an urgent work.
– What is it.. pick pocket and
go to jail, isn’t it? Are you trying to fool me? God has given me a two feet antenna. Listen to me.
– What is it? You are hurt. Earlier
you never were like this. How did you become so
delicate in the jail, handsome? Listen to me.
– Just a minute. Take this. l’ll lay your food. Don’t stare at it. Start. l don’t drink.
– What? Which jail were you in? l hope you didn’t come from there.. Earlier you couldn’t
eat without drinking. And now you say you don’t drink. l’ve quit drinking.
– What? – Yes. Don’t lie. You can give
up anything but not booze. Are you the same or an impostor? Actually, l’ve reformed in jail. l’ll return after doing my work. Now, if l let you go,
you’ll again give me the slip. Sit and eat. lf you remain like this,
l’ll flood you with kisses. Should l start?
– What are you doing? What’s wrong with you?
l do this daily. lt’s okay if you quit
drinking but not kissing. What if someone sees us? You are scared of my father? – Yes. Don’t worry. He’s gone to the garden
and will return in the evening. Come and embrace me. What happened? Bones.
– Have you forgotten to eat fish? Your mother will be pleased to
hear that you quit drinking. Listen, where is Julie’s house?
– There. That bungalow.
– Yes. ls that a bungalow? Let’s go. The food was delicious. Gangu. Now, who’s come to interrupt? Gangu is not at home. Come later. Gangu. Why are they screaming? The voice sounds
familiar l’ll check up. Gangu.
– What’s it? He is Ramesh. He’s
escaped from jail. Nab him. Police. Constable. Commissioner.
High Commissioner. Chief Minister. Shut up. l too was mistaken. Can’t you understand when
l tell you l am not Ramesh? You screamed on the road
and now have a partner too. l am his son.
– Shut up. Actually, you resemble Ramesh a lot. Will you come with me,
l’ve some work with you? Come.
– Wait. Where are you going? Slowly.. He’s come today and
so l won’t let him go. Get lost and come tomorrow.
And you come in. Madame, are you his wife?
– No. What?
– l mean you are my would-be wife. What is it?
– Nothing. l want to speak to you. What is it? – Nothing.. ls it a secret?
– Yes. He seems to be a rich man.
l’ll meet him and come. Let’s go. Gangu, come soon.
Don’t get arrested. Oh, so that is it. l want Nisha to marry my son. To him?
– Yes, why? He is not very ugly. Thank you. You too are nice. Had l been a girl,
l’d have married you. Stupid. Father of a stupid,
when is the marriage? Tomorrow. You want me to go to Nisha.. ..scare her as Ramesh
and make her believe.. ..that Ramesh feigned
love to her for her money. So that she starts hating
me and agrees to marry you. Yes.
– How will it benefit you? She thinks Ramesh is
her father’s murderer. And she’ll mistake you as
Ramesh and will get scared. And then l can get married
peacefully and retrieve her love. But was Ramesh her
father’s murderer? – Yes. ldiot, rogue. What is this?
– l was abusing Ramesh not you. Act similarly in Nisha’s presence
so that she forgets that rogue. And agrees to marry this rogue.
– Am l a rogue? Sorry. Very sorry. l have to come tonight at 10
at Jagannath street, isn’t it? Yes. – l’ll keep the door open
and you enter from the east. Not only east l am ready
to come from Europe too. First tell me, how
much will you pay me? Pay. Here.. Keep this.
– Are you giving alms? ls it less? – Give him more..
– Want more? Take this. l’ll give you more
once the work is done. l have fallen in love. Fool. Thief.
– lf you shout, l will behead you. Why? Have l wronged you in anyway? Why?
– You loved me and betrayed my love. Love you? l don’t even know you.
– You don’t know me? You liked being in my arms.. ..and now are
refusing to recognise me. l swear on my child
that l don’t know you. You swear on your child? So, you have a child too?
– Only one. You claimed to be a virgin. Nobody has ever touched me. Now, l know you have
given birth to an idiot. Oh, Lord. Please save me.
What are you saying? Why are you uttering such rubbish? Wretch, l’ll take my revenge. You shrew, get ready to die. Don’t kill me.
– Then what shall l do? Nothing.
– That’s not possible. l didn’t ask you to scare her.
– ls she not the one? Since you said she’s beautiful,
l was mistaken. She is beautiful.
– She is my wife. Congratulations.
– Why? – For finding such a wife. ls she your own wife
or someone else’s? She is my wife. l’ve
asked you not to deck up. What if someone flirts with you? l asked you to come from the east.
What are you doing here? l thought this is the east.
– That is upstairs. Go. You look ferocious.
Don’t Actually kill her. lf you want, l’ll do so.
– Only scare her. Behave like an engineer.
– Should l only behave or.. No.. Only behave as one and
speak to her from a distance. Don’t touch her. l
have to marry her. – Okay. He was harassing.. Forgive me but l can’t
believe you are married. Really?
– Yes. – Go. He is flirting with my mother too. Who is it?
– Read this. You liar, you’ve made a
mockery of my poverty. You acted to be in love with me. When you had enough of me,
you got me fixed. Wretched woman. l’ll kill you. There’ll be bloodshed in your house. You can call me any
names you want, l don’t care. Murderer, after killing my father.. expect me to love you. l feel like murdering you. l’ve escaped from the jail.
Now after killing you.. ..and disposing your body,
l’ll go back to the jail. Don’t come closer to me. Concentrate on God as
l intend killing you. Don’t worry, l won’t
let their plan succeed. l’ll take you away. Really?
– Yes. l’ll leave. Aunt, uncle, Ranjit.. Please help.
– What happened? Ramesh had come and do
you know what he did? What?
– Wretch, witch, shrew. l will get choked.
– He abused me thus.. ..and tried to choke me.
– What? See the marks. Poor girl.. May he be punished. You’ve committed a mistake. Ms Nisha, you should’ve
tied his hands and legs. Then my parents would’ve
come and admonished him. Fool. Think before you speak. l let him go, uncle. Today, l realised that he
was my father’s murderer. And so he feigned love to me. l am ready to marry Ranjit. Oh, dear.. What happened to him?
– He couldn’t bear the good news. Get up, my son. Nisha, my wife. Fool, she slapped you
and you are whirling. Priest, be careful while pouring
the expensive clarified butter. Shut up. Donkey’s son. Summon the bride.
– Should l? Don’t scold me or after
marriage l’ll throw you out. Nisha dear.. My daughter in law
looks like a rich bride. May the evil eye spare you.
Come, let’s go. Why are you shy? Come on. Okay, but come back soon.
– Yes. Nisha.. Nisha. There is no sound coming.
– l don’t know. Listen.. move. You
are blocking my way.. Listen, we are ruined.
Nisha has run away. What? Now, who shall l
tie this wedding chain to? Uncle, my name is also Nisha.
Why don’t you marry me? Yeah, that’s will
be fine? You loser. Ramesh? You? My son.. suddenly.. Who is this girl?
– She is Nisha, my boss’ daughter. She is a nice girl just the sort
of daughter-in-law you wanted. May God bless her.
She is so beautiful. Just like a divine nymph. But before marriage you’ve
decked her in bridal finery. Her uncle wanted
her to marry his son. At the nick of time, l
saved her and brought her here. Then, they will follow her here too. Come in, dear. You’ve come again. Where is Gangu? We too want to know.
– Don’t act smart. You took him along and once the.. was done, you
left him in a lurch. Don’t be over smart,
Julie. Where is Gangu? He’s not returned
since he left with you. Father, we are doomed.
– What nonsense are you talking? Perhaps Nisha’s eloped with Gangu. He may marry her for her money. Gangu won’t marry anyone besides me. What have you got?
Nisha is a rich girl. He too will become
rich if he marries her. Where could he have gone? How would we know?
That’s why we’ve come here. You are an animal, a rogue. Bring Gangu back to me or else.. Shut up. Oh, my God.. l’ll die. Fernandez, John, come here. Hurry up. Come here.
– What is it, Julie? Why are you crying?
– These people have abducted Gangu. ls it true?
– She is lying. Had we abducted him, why
would we come here? – No.. Yes.. yes.. Tell me or l’ll kill you.
– Listen to me. Father, let’s run. Run.
– Catch them. Close the door.
– l did it. What? What happened? Why are
you huffing like animals? Were you bashed up? Tell me. Oh, God.
– What happened? Thinking that Nisha must’ve eloped.. ..with Gangu we went to his house. But there, people
started accusing us. And instead asked us about him. They hurled stones at
us and we had to flee. Why would Gangu elope with Nisha? Don’t scold me. This was his idea. What say?
– This lousy idea was his. No, it was yours. You are blaming me?
– Ma, l am dead now.. A letter. Just see
whose this letter is. You both are always quarrelling. Where did it come from?
– From this pillow. Letter from the pillow. Who is it?
– Nisha, l am Ramesh. l’ve come in Gangu’s disguise. These fools have mistook me to
be Gangu and brought me here. Who are those fools?
– We, of course. l think they are
your father’s murderers. Without finding the truth, you
suspected me and got me framed. Now, we’ll enact a drama.
l’ll threaten you.. ..and you pretend to be
scared and agree to the marriage. And then on the
marriage day, we will elope. No, mother. ldiot. He is roaming
freely and also tricked us. l won’t spare you either.
– How? Just follow my instructions. ls the news of your escape
from jail printed? – No. Why haven’t you changed? Anybody will get a doubt.
– Mother forbade me. Why?
– Maybe it is inauspicious. The stars foretell that
tonight is an auspicious time. After that, you’ll
have to wait for a year. Okay, then we will get
them married today itself. Whom?
– You. l don’t want to marry now.
– What are you saying? lf you won’t marry today,
you’ll have to wait for a year. Mother..
– And it is inauspicious to remove the bride’s finery
before the marriage. Yes son. Remove the bride’s
finery before the marriage.. ..can destroy a whole family. These are all superstitions.
These are old beliefs. l don’t want to marry now.
– But, why? l have to resolve some problems.
preparations. l don’t want to hear anything. You
are being stubborn for no reason. Start preparing for the wedding. Ma,
– l won’t listen to anything now. Come here. Don’t break mothers heart.
Let her have her way. l hope l don’t bring
doom to your family. So, let the marriage take place.
– How can l agree? l am trapped in this thick plot. l have to go after 3 days. You can leave
immediately after the marriage. What are you whispering?
– There is nothing to hide. l was trying to convince
him and he has relented. You start making
all the preparations. Nisha.. That’s it. Tie the wedding chain to her. You convinced me with
your emotional talks. You said it is a sin
to break mother’s heart. And so l agreed to the marriage.
– So, what happened? Today is our nuptial night.
– You should be happy. The noose is awaiting me
and you have married me. The rituals will go
on for three days. And mother is not ready to evade it. l didn’t foresee all this. Let us tell mother the truth.
– What nonsense are you talking? Mother is a heart patient. lf she realises l’m
framed for murder.. ..she won’t be able to
bear it. l am confused. Oh, my God.
– But we have to find a solution. lt is too late. My stipulated time
gets over at 5 today. l have to any how reach the
jail and fulfil my promise.. ..or else Gangu will
break my innocence. l am going, Nisha, wipe your tears.. ..and in my absence
take care of mother. l’ll take your leave now. l am speaking the truth. That was Ramesh who
eloped with Nisha. How is that possible?
Ramesh is in jail. How can l make you believe?
– Listen to me. l am like a police dog in
recognizing a man’s scent. Yes. l am sure he was Ramesh. How can one man be
in two places, sir? He’s not in jail.
– Stop this nonsense. Don’t listen to him and call
up in the prison. – Please. Please, call up. Hello? What nonsense. Who can dare to think of escaping
the prison when l am around? But on my rounds
here are insisting.. ..that they have
seen Ramesh in the jail. But they’ve been sitting
here beside me since morning. ..but they are sure about it. ..that they have seen Ramesh,
out side the jail. Verify it and tell me.
– Okay. All prisoners
gather near block No.1. Mr. Ramesh must immediately come
and meet the jail superintendent. Ramesh.. Where did he go? Run. Run. Run. Greetings, sir. Your presence in this village..
– Don’t flatter me. Does that engineer
Ramesh reside in this village? He’s got married
and left the village. He got married? Now, his
wife will become a widow. He sent me to jail
now l will kill him. What are you doing? Boy, can you tell me where
is engineer Ramesh’s house? Why are you laughing? – Uncle,
why are you pulling a prank? Are you drunk to ask
for your own address? l was joking. Please go. Mr. Ramesh, Dagdu has
been released from jail.. ..and is looking out for you
and threatens to kill you. Please go back. Who is this Dagdu
who wants to kill me? l came here with a purpose but
things here are complicated. Let’s see. Hey you engineer,
did you recognise me? l am Dagdu. Whoever you may be
makes me difference to me. Since you sent me to jail,
l want to kill you. Are you the postman
of the angel of death? What did you say? Hey, dog. l know how to
deal with people like you. Come on, you idiot. Tell me.
– Please forgive me. Dagdu, if you trouble the
villagers again l won’t spare you. Get lost.
– Please forgive me. Praised be Mr Ramesh. Praised be Mr Ramesh. Why are you praising him
so much? What is the matter? Mother, your son really beat
Dagdu mercilessly. – What? Henceforth, he won’t
dare to enter this village. Are you hurt, son?
– No. No. My body is like steel. lt is very strong, Madame.
– Madame. Why are you addressing me thus? Because mother.. ..a mother’s status is very high. Mother. You look different. That’s because l was
roaming in the sun. Now, you won’t run off suddenly? l’ve yet to perform
those three days of rituals. No, mother. l won’t go till my
work is not accomplished. First take an oil bath and shower.
– Okay. Drink this milk. Drink this milk. Only children drink milk,
Julie darling.. ..l want alcohol
to quench my thirst. So that l can feel relaxed. Rogue, thief. Keep quiet. Quietly, hand over
that gold necklace to me. Which necklace? – The one
that’s in your pocket, Gangu. How did you know my name? Are you a magician? l know everything about you.
– Oh, God. l did not come here with
dishonourable intentions. l came here only for
a change of scene. But l’ll leave now. Wait. lf you move, l’ll expose you. Now, you can’t go from here. Can’t go? Then what will l do here? You will follow my instructions. lf you try to escape,
l’ll get you arrested. Don’t be so harsh.
– Shut up. For three days you have
to stay here as Ramesh. And pretend so well that
mother doesn’t get any doubts. lt means l’ve to behave decently.
– Yes. Understood? – Yes. Now take your pillow and go
and sleep in the balcony. Come on.. Nisha, Nisha dear.. Gangu, get up.
– What is it? Go and sleep inside.
– Why are you torturing me? First you ask me to
sleep out then inside. Be quiet. – Even the
jail was preferable to this. l am trapped.
– Come on, go inside. Hurry up, Gangu. Not here, on the bed. What a predicament?
– Hurry up. Nisha.. Nisha dear.. To hell with you.
Stop all this music. What is the matter, Chhote Lal?
– l begged.. ..and finally convinced the
minister to inaugurate this bar. Now, l get news that
instead of coming here.. ..he’s going to inaugurate a jail. Don’t worry, Chhote Lal. lnvite some prestigious person from
the village for the inauguration. ln this village, all
are idiots like you. Do you think l am an idiot? lf l stand for the elections,
l’ll win hands down. Then you’ll come to
invite me for an inauguration. Talking big. But there is a
prestigious man in this village. There is Ramesh the engineer. Mr. Ramesh? – Yes.
– Will he agree? Why not? Besides
there’s no harm in asking. lf he refuses, l’ll do it. Sir, will you cut it?
– Do you want to get me arrested? No. lt is a ribbon.
ls it a girl’s ribbon? No, it is to
inaugurate a liquor bar. Okay, l’ll do it.. Come. Come sir. Put the garland and give
him the pair of scissors. Take this. Wow. Sir, for a sweet meat
shop’s inauguration.. has to taste the sweets. Similarly, you will have
to taste the liquor too. l know you don’t drink but you
will have to accept one glass. l don’t drink. Have you lost your mind? l don’t even touch it. Just one glass for our sake.
– l won’t drink. lf he offers again, fine, or else.. Okay, l’ll drink your share. We are pleased to have you here. l think you are offended.
l’ll drink it.. ..but won’t offend you.
– Great. He’s drinking. Sir, one more glass.
– He is the owner of the shop. He is Chhote Lal.
– One glass for my sake too. You will enjoy yourself. You will enjoy yourself. ”Life is a dream, the
world is an illusion.” ”These are not my words but
written in the scriptures.” ”Rama.. Rama..” ”Rama.. Rama..” ”l accept that l am a loafer,
everything about me is unique.” ”l am a loafer not a devil,
neither am l a corrupted man.” ”Rama.. Rama..” ”Rama.. Rama..” ” What’s wrong if l drink?” ”What’s wrong if l drink poison?” ”What did l do..” ”Why do they abuse us?” ”While they make other’s life hell.” ”Rama.. Rama..” ”Rama.. Rama..” ”l live for my,
beloved. Love is my life.” ”Love is my life.” ”My only weakness is
befriending beautiful ladies.” ”Rama.. Rama..” ”Rama.. Rama..” ”What’s wrong in
speaking the truth?” ”What’s wrong in
fighting with injustice?” ”What’s wrong?” ”While the black
marketers prospered..” ”..while the toilers
remained deprived.” ”Rama.. Rama..” ”l accept that l am a loafer,
everything about me is unique.” ”l am a loafer not a devil,
neither am l a corrupted man.” ”Rama.. Rama..” ”Rama.. Rama..” l am a loafer..
– What has happened to my son? l am a loafer..
– What has happened to my son? What did he do after drinking? What? – He is drunk and
created a scene in the market place. He made others also drink. Everyone got drunk.
– How does it concern you? l will make everyone drink. Then l will make the
whole of lndia drink. Oh, l too am drunk. Turn that side. When you talk
you smell like bitter gourd. Come, he’s talking nonsense. Come on. What is all this nonsense,
you insolent? You embarrassed me in
everyone’s presence. l never expected you, who,
detests alcohol.. drink it. Don’t be sad mother.
Times are changing. The hearts of people
are also changing. Till yesterday alcohol
was considered a stigma.. ..but today it is the
fashion of high society. Yes. – And non drinkers
are considered gauche. Well done, you are right, Madame. Under the influence of alcohol..’ve forgotten to even
talk decently to your wife. Come, let’s go.
– l am still thirsty. Why are you dragging and pushing me? Have you any manners?
Why did you drop me? l’ll show you. What if l’d broken my bones? She is trying to behave like a nag. Where is she? She was going to come.
She hasn’t come yet. What are you doing? Firstly, it’s hard
to find alcohol and.. you’ve sobered me? Where are you slipping? Now, l’ve got bored, so l’m going. You had promised to stay for 3 days. You can’t break that promise. But.. – Stay till
tomorrow and then you can leave. l can’t stay that long. There are too many
restrictions in this house. l can’t drink here. l can’t go out.
l can’t talk formally to people.. l have to talk properly.
Because of that my teeth are aching. My tongue has been sprained. lf l stay for two
more days, l’ll get TB. l am going.
– Wait. Show me your bag.
– Why? This is my bag and has my clothes. Look, my pant. lt is my pant. l know that.. ..but mingled with it are some
of the possessions of this house. Give it to me. Why do you steal? l needed..
– The money? Tell me. Why don’t you tell me? l’ll tell you the truth. l came here only for money. Just as you love Ramesh,
so do l love Julie. But Julie’s father David.. ..wants Rs.5000 only
then will he get us married. l had promised Julie
that l’ll stop stealing. But, for fear of losing Julie,
l again resorted to theft. Keep this.
– No. l am giving it as a gift. Madame, l’ve always
survived on theft. But never accepted charity. This is not charity.. ..this is a wedding
gift from your sister. You helped my husband.. allowing him to
escape from jail for three days. And saved my life. You
have done a lot for us. Take it, Gangu. Don’t refuse this gift. Look, all my life, l’ve never cried. But, l’ll cry today. You made me your brother and are
asking me to accept jewellery. l am poor but not wretched. There are other
means of earning money. But l won’t find a sister again. Sister, my life is barren. l’ve Julie whom l can’t attain. And God too is not merciful on me. And today l’ve got a sister,
who is hurting me. lt’s not so, l want
you to settle down. My house did not settle. At least, you settle down. Now, how am l going
to solve this problem? Everything will be resolved. l will see to it that
you are happy once again. Don’t worry at all. Keep this. Nisha dear.. – Here.. Nisha dear..
– Yes mother. Son, they are cutting
the coconuts in the garden. Go and bring the money due.
– Okay. And don’t go to the bar.
– Never. Silly boy. Nisha
– ls he Ramesh? Yes, but why, mother? No one in our family
has ever had alcohol. Where did he get this habit from? Someone challenged him to drink it. ls anyone there?
– ls anyone there? Who are you?
– First call Nisha. Nisha? Why? Don’t ask questions.
Do as you are told. Go and call Nisha. Behave yourself and who are you? And why do you want to meet her? l am her uncle, he is
her fiancE and my son. But now she is my daughter
in law. -Daughter-in-law? How is that possible? Why not? She has married my son. But where did she marry? Where? ln the jail? ln the jail? – Since two
months your son is in jail.. ..then how did you get her married.
– What nonsense? How can my son be in jail? Are you drunk or doped? We are in our senses.. ..and have come to
bring you to your senses. Actually, your son
murdered my brother-in-law.. ..and so he was arrested
and a case is also on. l think you have gone mad. My son is at home and you
are insisting that he’s in jail Father.. What is the matter, son? What is it? The one in their house
must be Gangu. – Who is Gangu? He is a con man who
resembles your son. l too was once mistaken. l
thought he was your son Ramesh. She’s come. – That’s why
l doubt your parenthood. We’ll she’s here. Ask her.
– Ask her. Dear, is my son in jail? Why are you silent?
Tell me the truth. What will she say? She herself is trying to trick you. Actually, the man staying in
your house is not your son.. ..but he is Gangu. Ask her, am l lying? l want an answer. ls
he speaking the truth? That he’s not my son, but Gangu. Why aren’t you answering? Yes, mother. He is Gangu. What did you say? What a betrayal. You cheated me so badly. You have ridiculed my love. No, mother. Believe me,
l did not betray you. Come with me, l’ll
tell you the entire truth. First you get out of here.
– Please listen to me. l don’t want to hear
anything l hate you. Witch, get out of here. Get out of here.
– Please listen to me. l beg you. Don’t soil her feet. Come with me.
– Please listen to me. Mother. What nonsense is this? How
dare you raise your hand on me? Shut up or l’ll kill you. l cheat the world and
you tried to cheat me. We will see to it
that you marry our son. Yes.
– Your dream will never realise. Because l am already married.
This is it’s proof. Tying a thread around the
neck doesn’t mean marriage. We will show you what
a proper marriage is. What are you staring at? Remove this
wedding chain and throw it away. No.. No. Beware if you touch it. This is my husband’s gift. Your husband is about to
die then why retain his gift? Give it to me.
– l won’t! You won’t give? l will kill you. Then kill me. What else are you capable of? You are ungrateful and murderers. My father supported you all and instead you
cheated and killed him. So why will you hesitate to
kill his daughter? Kill me too! How can we kill you?
You are our meal ticket. lf you die, we will be doomed. And before marrying,
l’ll become a widow. Stupid! Not widow but widower. lf you die your father’s
property will be sealed. So we can’t let you die. So don’t try to act
smart and get ready to marry. Your husband has
only a few days to live. Once Ramesh gets hanged.. ..Ranjit will marry you.
– No. Come on let’s go, you fool! Wait! What is your name? You are an impostor.
Why are you staying here? Tell me what did you to
do him and where is he? And what is the purpose
behind your coming here? Mother..
– Do you know what a mother is? A mother is one who bears
pain to carry her child. And can’t see her child in pain. And bears pain to give him birth. Only he has a right to
address her as mother. Listen to me.
– Shut up! l won’t listen to anything. You have caused me tremendous grief. Did you find no one
else to hurt besides me? And that girl who pretended
to be my daughter in law.. ..did you both find no other
place to enact your drama? No, mother.
– To satisfy your evil intentions.. ..did you find only me?
– No, mother.. Couldn’t you find any other house
in this whole locality? Tell me! Enough! l don’t want
to hear a word more. You can abuse and even hit me.. ..but don’t accuse your
chaste daughter in law. Though l am a thief.. ..l didn’t come here to cheat you. Had l wanted to cheat you, l
wouldn’t have returned your money. l would’ve run away.
– Why would you have run away? You wouldn’t have been
satisfied with this paltry amount. You had intentions of murdering me.. ..and then escaping with
all the money. – No, mother. Don’t say such things.
l may not be your son.. ..and you may not have reared me.. ..but the love you have
bestowed on me in these days.. ..has reformed me, mother. You have cheated me enough. Now you won’t be
able to convince me. Just tell me, why
did you frame my son? What is the tenure
of his punishment? l am a very unfortunate woman. l’ve lost my husband
now don’t snatch my son. By making me hapless,
you too won’t be in peace. He will be ruined. Mother, believe me, l swear on you.. is not me who framed
your son but some one else. Very soon, l will
prove him innocent. Are you trying to fool me? Merciless sinner, get out of here.. ..before l shout
and gather everyone.. ..and say that this
tyrant has killed my son. Get out! l can’t bear your sight. Ramesh, my son! What did you do, mother? On my behest Gangu left everything
to come and stay with you. Nisha, who left
everything for my love.. ..and agreed to be your
daughter in law, you doubted her. And threw her out.
– What else could l’ve done? l feared that l’ve only one son.. ..if he is snatched
from me, l’ll go crazy. And all this happened.
l was mistaken. Ramesh, they are forcing
Nisha to marry Ranjit. Marry. This is impossible! lf they get a married girl
remarried, they will be doomed. They don’t believe in all this.
They are cunning and selfish. They worship money and think
money can achieve anything. Ramesh, l’ll try
my best to save you. lt will be too late by then. By the time l am released,
Nisha’s life will be ruined. There is only one way out. Now only Gangu can save Nisha. Mother, you go and meet Gangu.
He is a nice man. Try to convince him
to save Nisha’s life. l’ll go. But where does he stay? Son.. Mother, you!
– Yes, son. That day l humiliated you.. ..but today l have
come to ask you a favour. l once called you my
mother and l’ll stick by it. And a mother never pleads
for a favour from her son. l can even lay my life for you. Son, that day Ajit
forcibly took Nisha. Now he wants her to remarry his son. Just as no one can
change one’s destiny.. too no one can get
a married girl remarried. Don’t worry, l’ll
stall this marriage.. ..and l’ll ruin Ajit’s life too. Then hurry up or
it will be too late. Do your mother this favour. Who is it who
wants to send your son? Savitri, how did you
come to know he’s your son? This secret was revealed
to no one else besides me. What is the secret, mother? Please tell me everything? That you are not my son! l was unfortunate to
deliver a still born child. And at the time
Savitri gave birth to twins. To save my life, my
husband bribed the nurse.. ..and took one of her twins.. ..i.e. you and brought him to me. Savitri, a lie doesn’t
remain hidden for long. He is your son, take him away. Son.. Mother..
– Son.. Mother..
– Son.. Now l’ll have the
love of two mothers. Earlier, l was
fighting only out of humanity. But now, l’ll fight for my blood. l’ll get you son
released from the jail. Hurry up, the guests are expected. What are you doing? Do it quick! Father! Stand straight, you
are going to be married. Don’t stand in a dancing pose. Sir, please forgive me.
– Leave my leg. First say you forgave me.
– Leave my leg. That day l did not
recognise you, so l abused you. l insulted you.
– What? You girl, who are you
and why are you crying? What have you done?
– l haven’t done anything. Did l do anything?
– Yes. No! What did l do? She is.. who are you? Julie – Who is Julie? –
She is Gangu’s fiancEe. Where is that cheat? Whilst searching him,
l reached here. That rogue promised to marry me.. ..but eloped and married Nisha. Where is he? l’ll kill him. Answer her.
– He won’t dare to come here. And his marriage to
Nisha was a pretext. What are you saying?
– l swear. ln a short while, a
registrar will come to Then she’ll be my wife
and l’ll be her husband. ls it? Are you getting married? This is good news. May Jesus
keep you happy! Thank you. Sir, l am poor.
– Take this. l’ve never seen a rich
man’s marriage. How is it? Can l witness it?
– Of course! Why do you want to ask? God bless you. God
bless you. – Thank you. Son!
– Father. – Come. Stupid! – Don’t abuse me
at the time of my marriage. l’ll get your marriage cancelled. Are you crazy to allow
that girl to stay here? Are you out of your mind?
– Not me. You are out of your mind. This girl will prove
beneficial to us. – How? Don’t ask questions.
– Don’t repeat my dialogues. Tell me. – The benefit is
that if Gangu comes here.. ..then this girl will be of use. Live long.. no, you are not my son.
– What is the matter, sir? Can l stay till the marriage?
– Of course! Thank you, may you too marry! What nonsense are you talking?
Go inside. – Come on. May you too remarry!
– When will that happen? What?
– She is taking only nonsense. Father, since it is
my marriage hug me. Wear this sari.
– l told you l am already married. l am a chaste woman then why
are you forcing me to remarry? That was your doom. This is your actual marriage. Listen to me and wear this sari. Or else, l’ll teach you a lesson. Even if you kill me, l won’t relent. l won’t wear this sari!
– What? Yes.
– What is the matter? This wretch is refusing
to wear her bridal sari. ls that all?
– Do you think so? l can convince not
only her but even.. ..the men in her
family to wear a sari. Don’t worry, l’ll deal with her. lnauspicious! How dare you don’t wear this sari? Wretched girl! This is what she deserves. l’ve taught even
fugitives a lesson.. ..she is a mere girl.
Be rest assured! Who are you?
– Madame, l am sorry. l slapped you to
convince that old lady. l am Julie, Gangu’s fiancee. Gangu will be coming here.
Don’t worry. We are there with you. You wear this sari while
l teach them a lesson. Okay. – Okay. Please hurry up. Just wait for a while. Yes. Yes. – l’m busy, l’ve to
perform another marriage too. lf you delay, l’ll leave. How can you say that? You’ve got people in your house. Sir, l am a government
servant not a greedy priest. Why hasn’t she come yet?
– There she’s come! Where did he come from?
Father, did you invite him? – No! Then ask him to leave.
– Go! Nisha, who is he? Who are you? l.. Mr. Ajit, what
is happening here? Who invited you? Get out! Dear Nisha, please come in. She is the bride and
he is the bridegroom. He is the bridegroom and who is he? He is my husband.
– So, are you married? Yes, we were married since long. Mr. Ajit, what was that? You want to get a married girl,
remarried, Mr. Ajit? She is crazy and
is talking nonsense. Don’t listen to her and get them
married. – Yes. Start quick. – Yes. lf l get a married woman remarried.. ..the government will
nullify my own marriage. This is illegal. l am going. Please, listen to me. Absolutely not! l am going to
report the matter to the police. Sir with the belt. He is my son in law, give
him a fitting treatment. Take proper care of him. Run! Who? – You! What are you doing, you fool? Shut up! l can deal similarly
with all your goons. Remember that. Okay? Yes. Yes. lt’s me! lt is a
very poisonous snake. He will kill him. Now very
soon we’ll hear his shrieks. ”One, two, three, four..” ”One, two, three, four..” ”We’ll hit you twice
and count it as half.” ” We won’t leave you
without a proper treatment.” ”We’ll hit you twice
and count it as half.” ” We won’t leave you
without a proper treatment.” ”One, two, three, four..” ”Oh, foolish,
greedy, shameless people.” ”You’ll forget
everything after being treated.” ”Oh, foolish,
greedy, shameless people.” ”You’ll forget
everything after being treated.” ”One, two, three, four..” ”We’ll hit you twice
and count it as half.” ” We won’t leave you
without a proper treatment.” ”One, two, three, four..” ”Your face as well as
your character is evil..” ”..and so are your intentions.” ”You’ll forget
everything after being treated.” ”Your face as well as
your character is evil..” ”..and so are your intentions.” ”You’ll forget
everything after being treated.” ”One, two, three, four..” ”We’ll hit you twice
and count it as half.” ” We won’t leave you
without a proper treatment.” ”One, two, three, four..” Please forgive us. Please, don’t throw us out.
Even an orphanage won’t accept us. They will accept me.
– You are not my son. Please don’t throw us out.
– You can stay. But you will have to work.
– What? What work?
– Come, l’ll show you. You have really progressed! You are polishing shoes now? l couldn’t marry Nisha
but am serving her instead. Ranjit. You deserve it. Hurry up and clean this. You
still have to wash clothes. Dirty clothes. Old man, don’t day dream. You still have to white
wash the entire building. l will not spare you! Hurry up and clean. You have yet to
clean the entire house. ls it so soiled?
– Shut up! What happened?
– lt slipped. Pick it up and clean it properly! Father, how long do we
have to undergo all this? Stupid, when will you understand? You think l am enjoying all this? Try to understand the situation. l despise this situation. But we have to remain silent.
let’s become vegetable vendors. That’s preferable! – That’s why,
l feel you’re not my child. Kids were changed in the hospital. l am not an idiot to
continue staying here. There’s a secret behind it. lt is necessary that we
continue to stay here. lf we leave, matters will worsen. The decision on Goyal’s
case is yet to be made. What else is left? Ramesh
has been proved guilty.. ..and he will be hanged. But if we leave this place,
we will be hanged instead. Leave me! We had made a fool proof
plan to change uncle’s will. We both left for Pune. People thought we went for business. We stayed in a hotel whose
register bears our name. At midnight, and went straight.. uncle’s room. We killed him by
suffocating him with a pillow. Mother. Uncle died without a noise,
gasping like a fish. After killing him, we
again left for Pune. Nobody was any wiser.
– Talk softly lest anyone hears it. Didn’t you hear there was
a fool called Karan Singh? He too committed a similar murder. He too was boasting about
it to his father like us. And somebody recorded his
confession. – l don’t agree. But, who was Karan Singh? Don’t ask questions,
just follow my instructions. Move.. – Mother.. Let go of him! Hello.
– Captain Samuel speaking. Send the section A to my house. Urgent and over.
– Okay. Section A, go to the boss’ house. Now, watch out, how
l make them writhe. Gandotra too had recorded
the confessions. He was killed. Gandotra? – Don’t ask
about Gandotra’s identity. Only listen to father. Where have you hidden
the recorded cassette? Which cassette? l did not record anything.
– Oh really! You won’t crack so easily. Section A.
– Yes sir. Action! Why are you parading? Attack! Leave him!
– Why are you attacking me? Stop it or else l’ll kill her. Nab these rogues. There’s no cassette on him, Sir.
– Take him along with us. Section B will work on them. Come on! Come on! How you made me run!
What did you say? We’ll hit four times and count one. Tell me about the cassette.
You won’t disclose? Section B, action.. No! l have an army of
goons from section A to Z. Tell me about the cassette or else.. ..l’ll beat you mercilessly. l don’t care. But your confessions.. ..will be played in
the court after 24 hrs. And Ramesh will be acquitted. l may die but my brother will
surely come to seek revenge. Section C will make to confess. Section C action Did you have fun? Just as you tore my pant, so
too will l tear your pant. No! Leave me!
– l’ll tear this too. Fool!
– Section D! Action! No! You idiot! You hermaphrodite, you are
tying a woman and torturing her. lf you are the true
son of your parents.. ..then free me and
l’ll teach you a lesson. You are a brave girl! You’ll teach me a lesson? Shobha, you go out, l’ll untie her. lf you are untying her,
why do l need to go out? ln that case,
– l won’t go. Your intentions
don’t seem honourable. Pitamber Popat’s wife
also doubted him like you. Do you know her outcome?
– To hell with them! l won’t go. You can fool your
son with such fake stories not me Are you going out or no?
– l won’t go! Due to your arguments the
auspicious moment is passing by. l’ve a brilliant idea.
Lend me your ears. Cheat, after framing me,
you’ve come to meet me now. My dear, a dying
person doesn’t abuse.. ..otherwise his
soul never gets peace. We’ve made plans for
your soul to rest in peace. Listen to it. The court will announce
the judgment tomorrow.. ..and the judge will ask you whether
you’ve committed the murder or not.. And l will always
say that l am innocent. You’ll have to say
that you are the murderer. Do you know why?
– l’ll tell you. They all are in my custody. lf you refuse to do our bidding.. ..l will kill them. And you’ll have come to
come and pay homage to them. l said what l had to.
Now it is up to you. Come on! The court’s proceedings are over. Only your statement is left.
Do you want to defend yourself? l only want to say
that l killed Mr. Goyal. He refused to get his
daughter married to me. l couldn’t control
myself and so killed him. Listen, what he’s saying? No! He is lying! Criminal Ramesh has
accepted his crime. On 9th October, in a fit of
anger he killed his boss Mr. Goyal. And the prosecution report
with all evidence hints.. ..that Ramesh is the
murderer of Mr. Goyal. So, under section 302, the court.. ..announces capital
punishment to Ramesh. No. “Mother” l am in your debt. All your life you
underwent perils to rear me. And today instead of
making you happy.. ..l’m leaving you behind
to bear more sorrow, mother. Don’t say that son.
– Tomorrow morning l’ll be hanged. This is our last meeting. Bless me mother, to have you as
my mother in my next birth too. So that l can repay your debt. May God bless you! Mother is one of God’s
wonderful creations. Right from giving birth
to the child’s death.. ..she only blesses her child.
”Bless you my child..” Son, this is the holy epic.
Keep it with you. lt will help you in
tiding over your time. The meeting time is over. Okay.. dear.. May God protect you now. Who is it? Ramesh, Ajit has kept
Gangu and Julie in his custody. Where?
– l’ll tell you. But this. – l’ll take
care of it. Come with me. After two hours,
Ramesh will be hanged. Then who will save you?
So don’t be stubborn. Sign these documents
and l’ll set you free.. ..and also accept you
as my daughter-in-law. l’d rather die than be your
daughter-in-law and sign these. Your time is up.. Now nobody can save you. l am there to save her. Brother – Gangu. Untie this. He set fire at the wrong place! Everything got burnt. The stolen money got burnt.
Even our loyal man died. Now confess to your crime. Come on! At midnight, very
stealthily we came here. And then entered uncle’s room. He took the pillow and
covered uncle’s face. Mother.. uncle died
like a fish silently. Father, the judge is glaring at us. His looks tell that a
worse fate is awaiting us. With a child like you
what else can be expected. You are not my son!
– You too are not my father. And accords life imprisonment
to the actual culprits l got the guilty arrested. But l feel sad that the great
man to whom l’d made the promise.. no more. God compensated me for
taking away my father.. giving me a
mother and a brother.

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