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The prominent Indian
scientist Dr. Hameed Ali. . . .stated in his
lecture during a convention. . . .that they won’t allow the
import of the explosives again. So, the common man will
not have the fear of a war. . . . nor the smaller
countries will have the need. . . .to import the explosives
from the bigger countries. Dr. Hameed Ali said that. For this effort and proposal
to maintain peace in India. . . .our Prime Minister and
Chief Minister has thanked him. Baby, can you dance with me? We want you to kill one of them. Who?
– Dr. Hameed. Hey! My darling daughter.
My good girl. My obedient child. But where is Raju? He is worried about
his mother like everyday. Raju, what’s wrong?
Why are you so sad? Your mother had called
up last night, Raju. So, why didn’t you call me? You were sleeping.
You refused to wake up. Will she come tomorrow? No, Raju. She said she
has some urgent programme. She didn’t say when she will come. She will return on the 3rd. Your mother has told that
her Raju shouldn’t be upset. . . .and he should study. You are a good boy, aren’t you? Go brush quickly.
You have to go to school. Hurry up. Hurry up, Son. Very good. Where are you going? My 50 rupee note is missing.
Did you take it? Why are you silent?
A 50 rupee note. I had two notes of Rs. 50 but now,
I’ve only one. I. .
– Just tell me, did you take it? By the way, the husband
and wife have a 50-50 right. If the wife takes a 50 rupee note
without informing her husband. . . .the household will crumble,
it is true. That’s why I hit you. Yes. Now, tell me. Why did you take it? I had taken it to pay
Narayan’s school fees. He will be dismissed if we
don’t pay his school fees. So, what if he is dismissed? Will he make the
country progress by studying? It is a mistake to feed you.
And you want to go to school too? What a nuisance! How did I get trapped
among these unlucky ones? Go to your class carefully,
Son. Have your lunch. – Goodbye. Goodbye. – Have your
lunch from your tiffin. Okay? Goodbye. Keep this money.
Eat something during the break. Don’t go anywhere from the school. . . . until I come in
the evening. Goodbye. Narayan, let’s bunk school
today and visit Goddess’ temple. Why?
– I’ll tell you later. Come on. Why are you we
visiting the Goddess’s temple? All the problems will be solved
if we worship Goddess. You know, Goddess is very powerful. Really?
– Of course. Climb down carefully. Be careful. Did you pray to Goddess? Yes. I asked, Goddess, in
spite of having a mother. . . .why isn’t Raju’s mother with him? I wonder where his father must be. He too is like the
other orphan kids. Fulfil his desire too.
Keep his mother with him. I pray to you. Didn’t you ask anything
for yourself? Since you asked everything
for me, I prayed for you. Okay, let’s go. Leave him. Let’s go. Narayan.
– Water. Have pity on me.
– Narayan ! Narayan ! Water. Water.
– Narayan. Give me water. No. No.
– Narayan. Give him water. Give
me your water-bottle. It is empty. I’ll go bring water. Water! Give me the camera. Narayan ! Give me quickly.
– Narayan ! Narayan ! Narayan ! Oh, my God ! You are
burning with fever. What’s wrong, Narayan? I’m feeling scared, Raju.
The police will come and arrest me. My brother-in-law will get angry,
abuse my sister and kill her. Calm down, Narayan. If you cry,
I’ll feel scared too. But why will the police arrest you? I have killed the man with the gun. No one knows that you
have killed him, Narayan. Actually, no one knows
that we had gone there. Then tell me, why will
the police arrest you? Then we will have to remain silent. Then no one can do any harm to us. Swear by your mother that we
didn’t visit Goddess’s temple. You will never confess, nor will I. Even if someone kills me. Tell me, do you promise me?
– Yes. Raju, why did you return so late? He was about to go
in search for you. We were playing at the school. Why are you upset?
– I’m absolutely fine. ‘My water-bottle?’ Take it. It is not mine.
Why should I take it? Then why did you pick it up? I saw it lying there,
so, I picked it up. I see. So, it is not yours?
– No. No?
– No. You are lying. It is yours. You had forgotten it here.
Now, you’ve come to take it. Tell me the truth. What is it? Tell me. Is it yours?
– No. Then why did you take it? That’s why I took the bottle. Fantastic. You are lightning. You duped me nicely. What is your name?
– Raju. Very good. Whose son are you? Where do you stay? Tell me. It’s time for me to go
to school. I have to go. So, why did you come
to this mountain? There is some scandal
at the mountain. The police force has come there too. I thought let me
find out what’s wrong. Very good. You must have thought
you’ll take the water-bottle. Why are you silent?
– I told you it’s not mine. So, who did you worship there? Mother Goddess. If she is pleased,
you are blessed. This Goddess is very generous. That’s why you visit
Goddess’ temple daily, right? You must have come yesterday too. Not there but here. So, you know the way.
You did come yesterday, didn’t you? Is it necessary that I had come? I’ve just come here.
How will I forget the way? Very smart. You are a troublemaker. Come on, sit in the jeep. Thanks. I’ve my cycle with me. All right. Take your water-bottle. Take it.
– I told you it’s not mine. Keep it even if it is not yours. Raju, good children tell the
truth and help the police. Raju is a good boy. Come with me. You are too much. Goodbye. I won’t meet you.
– I don’t want it, boss. I promise. Take it. It means that boy seems smart. Very smart. I was
flabbergasted to see him. Really? I’m sure he knows about
that murder, sir. No doubt. But he is silent about it. Shall we bring him here
and try the police tactics? No, no. It is useless to
try any tactics on him, sir. I’m sure he is not an
ordinary boy, he is very smart. I’ll make him
confess the truth wittily. You can do that. I trust you. What is the name of that boy?
– Raju. The door is open. A theft
has taken place at home. Listen. Listen.
– He has just scattered the stuff. All the items are present here. He didn’t steal the jewellery too. The money is not stolen either. But why did the thief enter
the house? This is a riddle. Definitely. They must be
surely searching something. It will be better if we
inform about this to someone. All right. Constable. – Yes. Here I am.
Here I am. – Hello, sir. You remain silent. A theft has taken
place in your house, right? – Yes. All the stuff at home is stolen.
– No. Nothing is stolen. Nothing is stolen?
– Yes. Don’t you have any
precious items in your house? There are many items. Then they all are duplicate. No. They are original. The thieves entered your
house but nothing is stolen? This is a serious case.
– You are right. Can anyone of you
recognise the thief? What did you say? Don’t worry. I will search. I have to use my brains sometimes.
– Yes. I forgot to say. If the thief arrives again
then don’t forget to call me up. All right. What? Did you file a police complaint? No. Now, you write it down, sir. Should I write the complaint?
– Yes. How can I write the case
that your items are not stolen? How can I write your
case that nothing is stolen? When the thief enters your house
the next time, then take care. . . .that he gets
whatever he wants before him. He will come and
steal it. It is his duty. Then I will come and write
the report. It is my duty. Okay?
– Yes. – Goodbye. He always goes to
school from this way. Let that boy come today.
– Look, he is coming. Are you hurt, Son?
– Yes. Is it really hurting you? What did you see near
the Goddess’s temple, Son? I don’t know any Goddess’ temple. You don’t know? Speak up! Either you tell us or
I’ll kill you. Got it? No. Please don’t do anything.
I’ll tell you everything. There was a burglary and the
thief didn’t steal anything? Yes, sir. That thief had
come to find something there. Hey! Raju has gone to school.
– Okay. Sir, what’s the matter?
– Nothing. How can it be nothing?
Perhaps something has happened. The house was ruffled yesterday. . . .and police has come
to investigate today. We will have to tell his mother. If something is wrong,
she will handle it. Why should we worry about it?
Come on. ”Wow! I’m young,
you are young too. ” ”I’m intoxicating. My body
and heart swayed. You swayed. ” ”My heart drowned. ” ”The intoxication of
love has spread on us. ” ”Wow! I’m young,
you are young too. ” ”Drink it. Drink a
little through your eyes. ” ”But serve me too.
Darling, make me lose my senses. ” ”I’ve got your addiction. ” ”I’ve left the world for you. ” ”Sweetheart, quench
the thirst of my heart. ” ”My body swayed.
My heart throbbed. ” ”You have fed me hemp.
You’ve snatched my peace. ” ”Wow! I’m young,
you are young too. ” ”I’m intoxicating. My body and
heart swayed. You swayed. ” ”Take away everything that’s mine. ” ”You have served me wine.
I’ve lost my senses, darling. ” ”Make me happy. Make me go crazy. ” ”Take me in your arms. ” ”My heart throbbed at your sight. ” ”You have fair pink cheeks.
Don’t arouse me more. ” ”Wow! I’m young, you are young too. ” ”I’m intoxicating. My body and
heart swayed. You swayed. ” ”My heart drowned. ” ”The intoxication of
love has spread on us. ” ”Wow! I’m young,
you are young too. ” Oh, my God !
– Raju? Hey! What’s wrong? Calm down, Son. Relax. Raju, you don’t have any fear here. You may stay comfortably with me. No one will come near you. Okay? Half the okay.
– But tell me the other half. Is it your water-bottle? Did you see anything
at the mountain? What if you will ask
this daily like a record? I won’t ask. I will never
ask you until you say. Promise. If it is so then full okay. Thank you, sir. Mr. Kiran, the bullet is
removed from the victim’s leg. We have examined the bullet. It was fired from water PPK. It’s very expensive. Ordinary goons don’t
have such expensive guns. Only the wealthy goons
have such type of a revolver. Such guns are sent to
Albert Pinto for servicing. Will you arrest that
murderer at any cost? It is very difficult to arrest him.
All the ways are closed. But still I will have to try. During this, I’ll forget all
this and tell you a story. Keep the gun aside. An old lady lived in a village.
She has a hen. It used to give an egg daily. The old lady used to earn a
living by selling the eggs. One day that old lady
went to the mountain. . She went to the mountain. . Raju, wait. Where are you going? You are too much. Goodbye. Hey, wait. Forget about the
mountain and the hen. Okay? I liked the hen. I was hurt on
hearing about the mountain. Okay. Okay. Let the story go to
Kashi, I’m going to the kitchen. I’ll bring milk from the kitchen. Raju?
– Mummy. How are you, Son? Mummy, if police
uncle had not saved me. . . .anything would have happened.
– No. Come, I’ll introduce
you to police uncle. Mummy, you know,
police uncle is so good. Mummy, here comes police uncle. Thanks for protecting my son. I’m going.
– Wait. You go and sit in the car.
– All right. Uncle.
– Raju, go now. Go. Come on, Raju. One minute. Tell me. Let Raju. . I mean let
your son stay at my house. He is in real trouble. There
is a risk to his life too. I see. So, you have
started telling stories too now? Manjiri, I. .
– Don’t dare to start a new story. I’d have believed if some other
police officer would have said it. I won’t let Raju stay
with you for a moment too. Manjiri, I’m saying this
for the sake of Raju’s life. I don’t have self-interest in it.
Please try to understand. I understand your plan. By telling a fake story
and keeping him with you. . . .you are trying to
come close to him. You want to separate
the son from his mother. Manjiri, I’m thinking of saving his
life like a sincere police officer. After all he is my son too. Oh, sorry.
I’ve not brought him here. . . .to cast a spell on him
on knowing he is your son. Don’t give me the details about
why you have brought him here. And forget everything. You don’t worry about him now. I will protect him. Manjiri, act wise.
Understand the critical situation. It is my duty to protect him. Let him stay at my place. Got it? Otherwise, I will keep
him here forcefully. Are you threatening me? No. I have such powers. No, Mr. Kiran. You don’t have
these powers. – But, sir. . Yes. If she leaves her
child with you willingly. . . .then no problem, protect him. But if she doesn’t
approves and you keep him under. . . .your protection forcefully,
it is a legal crime. You know it.
She is the boy’s mother. But listen to me. . Why do you want to take this risk? Appoint one constable
there to protect him. If you are interested then you
may sit out and keep a watch. I won’t stop you
from doing this duty. Madam, don’t fear.
You may take Raju happily. Thank you.
– All right. Kiran, this is a very simple case.
Don’t be more tensed. Manjiri, as soon I’ve come
to know that he is my son. . . .I’ll hug him and
tell him the truth. I’ll attract him to me. I’ll keep him lovingly.
I’ll snatch him from you. You must have thought this. Never. Until you don’t tell him, I will
never confess that I’m his father. Are you feeling sleepy? No. Mummy, will you
always be with me? I’ll always be with you, Son. Will you ever leave me?
– Never. If you have to go somewhere,
then take me along too. Okay? All right, Son. Now we’ll take a
stroll in the veranda in fresh air. Fresh air. Hello, Uncle. Mummy, uncle is sitting
there for me. Call him inside, Mummy. To hell with your uncle. Shut up. He is very nice, Mummy.
Please call uncle inside. Oh, my God ! Don’t call
him uncle. Don’t call him. Why, Mummy? Don’t call him uncle. I told
you not to call him uncle. If I won’t call him uncle,
then what should I call him, Mummy? Kavita. Shah Rukh Khan. Aamir Khan. Hello, Akshay. Guru. Hello, Guru. Then what should I call him, Mummy?
– Donkey! Shall I call such
a big man a donkey? Hi, Donkey. Raju. Raju, you have
become very naughty. Run inside. Why should I go inside, Mummy? There is fresh air here.
The breeze is cool. Natural air.
– Don’t fly high in air. Come on. Raju.
– Yes? He kept you very lovingly, right?
– Who? He. He? Yes. He is very nice,
Mummy. A superman. Oh, my God !
He kept me very lovingly. Oh, my God ! He kept you lovingly?
It’s enough. Shut up. Raju. Raju, does he. .
– What’s wrong? Is there any male or female
in that house? – Which house? In the house
where uncle had kept me? Yes. In that house. There is.
– Who is there? A ten-year-old maid is there. All right. Did he ask you anything?
– Yes. What did he ask you? Forget it, Mummy.
It will be bad if I tell you. Please tell me, Raju. Do you like chocolate?
Shall I give you one more? Do you like biscuits?
Shall I bring toys for you? He asked me all this. Not this. Who is your mother?
Where is she? All this. He hates such nonsense, Mummy. He likes to talk only
about important things. He has so much knowledge. He must be having knowledge.
Go to sleep. Raju, are you very angry? Why not? First, you ask and
then you scold me. Sorry, darling. Come to me. Take this. Take this. ‘Friends, we are present
on this happy occasion. ‘ ‘Listen to my poem. ‘ ‘Heart boils in the pan like milk. ‘ ‘Heart boils in the pan like milk. ‘ ‘And the heart is happy like the
bloated flatbread on the pan. ‘ ‘And the heart is happy like the
bloated flatbread on the pan. ‘ ‘My talks are sweet
like the pancakes. ‘ ‘My songs are covered with spice. ‘ ‘My talks and my songs
are not sweetened rice. ‘ ‘My talks and my songs
are not hot porridge. ‘ ‘Mister, why are you misbehaving?
What do you know?’ ‘Do you understand
what poem and poetry is?’ ‘Do you have the
knowledge about good statements?’ ‘Listen, I. .
– Don’t speak. ‘ ‘Have you ever read. .
– Yes?’ ‘Rasthan, Rahim’s poems?’ ‘Don’t speak. ‘ ‘A puppy. A jackal’s young one.
A deer’s young one. ‘ ‘The poet said to include
anything in your poem. – But. . ‘ ‘Don’t speak. ‘ ‘Madam, I won’t say anything. ‘ ‘You make our country
famous with your poems. ‘ ‘Oh, no! ‘ ‘You all are badly trapped. ‘ ‘Sir. ‘ ‘Keep the change. ‘ ”The one who comes in my dreams. . ‘ ”. .goes away too. ” ”Tell him to come in
front of me at least once. ” ”Tell him to come in
front of me at least once. ” ”The one who comes in my dreams. . ” Help! Somebody save me! Academy calling.
Mount Mary academy calling. An accident took place
on Khandala Ghat ( valley ). It was a car accident. The girl sitting in the car. .
her life is in danger. Go immediately and save her. Okay! Over! Oh, God ! Please. Please, hurry up. No. I won’t recite poetries to you. ”Sweetheart,
what has happened to me?” ”My eyes crave for you. ” ”My heart has become uneasy. ” ”What have you done?” ”The kiss you gave me was lovely. ” ”The kiss you gave me was lovely. ” ”These cold winds
seem so pleasant. ” ”Beloved, come to me.
You’ve driven me crazy. ” ”This is also the dream I chase. ” ”Sweetheart,
what has happened to me?” ”My eyes crave for you. ” ”My heart has got restless. ” ”The look in your eyes. ” ”Your beauty. ” ”Your curls have driven me crazy. ” ”What is this warmth that I feel?” ”My efflorescing youth
is only for you, darling. ” ”I don’t like it without you. ” ”I don’t want to live without you. ” ”Come, give me a hug, Sweetheart. ” ”Life without you is worthless. ” ”Your silence. . ” ”Don’t ever forget it. ” ”You’re so beautiful. ” ”Let me be in your heart. ” ”Don’t look at me like that,
my beautiful damsel. ” ”The weather is damp. ” ”I don’t like it without you. ” ”Sweetheart, don’t ever
separate me from you. ” ”Sweetheart,
what has happened to me?” ”The kiss you gave me was lovely. ” ”The kiss you gave me was lovely. ” ”I spend sleepless
nights thinking about you. ” ”Come before me for a moment in
the middle of the night, darling. ” ”You’re far away from me. ” ”Little do you know,
I don’t like anything. . ” ”. .or even a moment without you. ” ”You’re lonely, so am I. ” ”Call me to you. ” ”My life lies wherein you are. ” ”Call me anywhere you want. ” ”My life. . ” ”Is only for you. ” ”It’s become a story. ” ”It’s a beautiful night. ” ”Don’t wake me up when
I’m sleeping soundly. ” ”My heart craves for you. ” ”Please put an
end to that craving. ” ”This is the dream
of my life as well. ” ”What have you done?” ”My eyes crave for you. ” ”My heart has become uneasy. ” ”Sweetheart,
what has happened to me?” ”The. . – Kiss you gave me.
– Is lovely. ” ”The. . – Kiss you gave me.
– Is lovely. ” Raju. Raju. Raju. Raju. Raju. Raju. Raju. Where are you taking Raju? Anjali, we have to take
Raju to the hospital urgently. Hospital.
– Get into the jeep. What’s the matter? What happened to my son? Anjali, please. It will be a huge
problem if we are late. No.
– I’ll tell you everything later. First, get into the jeep.
– You must have done something. Anjali. .
– You’re lying. Leave me. – I’m telling you.
Give me the child quietly. Anjali.
– Hand over Raju to me. Give me my Raju. Give me my Raju. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. – Good morning. What, Mr. Kiran? What is this matter? You’re a good police officer. I found this act of
yours to be extremely bad. Just explain to me why you do this. What do I explain to you,
sir? In fact, what happened is. . The constables and Raju’s mother. . . . have told me
everything that happened. That’s why I’ve come here. If you repeat this act ever again. . . .I’ll have to report you
to the higher officials. Sir. .
– It’s all right. As per the desire of
the boy’s mother. . . .you don’t interfere
in the matters. . . . pertaining to the
protection of the boy. Our law will take care of that. A Sub Inspector and two constables. . . .are on duty to take
care of the security. That’s enough. By the way, you can
investigate the case. Okay, sir.
– Bye. Thank you, sir.
– Bye. This is a radio announcement. Here’s the news. The renowned Indian scientist,
Dr. Hameed. . . .will be arriving to the
capital on the 2 6th of January. All the scientists from
the third world countries. . . .will attend the
convention on that day. The defence minister
says he hasn’t decided. . . .on the place of
the convention yet. Mr. Kiran, any headway
in this investigation? Sir, I went to the
hotel and investigated. During the robbery, someone shot. . . .at the robber many times on
the second floor of the hotel, sir. That murderer had used a
special gun called Walter PP. Only the most notorious
thieves have this revolver. There were some prominent
personalities. . . .on the second floor that day. I have the list. Very good.
– You too were present there. You had used that gun. Mr. Kiran, that was a great joke. You took quite a bit of trouble. But you haven’t got
anything to show for it. May I come in, sir?
– You’re already in. Shall I open this, sir? You’re already opening it. May I tell you something, sir?
– Go on. This won’t be of any use. I took quite a bit of trouble.
But it wasn’t fruitful. I went to all the opticians
in the city and investigated. But I didn’t find
glasses like these. Shall I keep them here, sir? May I go, sir? Thank you, sir. I’ll report to you later, sir. What about the cassette? I don’t know. What about the man who
went to get the cassette? He. . He. . Ditto. The same to every question. I don’t know. SP, don’t stare at me. The minister in power
is my brother-in-law. Don’t give me that look. Come to the point. Okay. Will we have problems if
Kiran investigates the case? Not at all. But if Raju knows
the whole secret. . We’ll have problems
if he lets Kiran on that secret. Does that boy indeed know anything? Kiran thinks so. He does? Sir, if Kiran thinks so, that
boy must have told him something. No doubt. Kiran will surely get the secret out
of that boy some day or the other. And he’ll ruin our lives. What if Kiran is off this case? Yes. That would be good. Good idea, sir. SP, change it. Change his duty. Should I tell you each
time that the minister. . . . in power is my brother-in-law? Don’t you dare give me these looks. First, get that Kiran off this case. This is not done, Sir. Did I tell you to adjourn the
assembly or forget the parliament? I just told him to get
Kiran on some other case. Why are you giving me dirty
looks as if I’ve told you. . . .to change the constitution
of the country? These looks. Just think about Kiran.
– Okay. ”When I saw a girl, I felt. . ” It’s great, isn’t it, Mother? ”When I saw a girl, I felt. . ” Off you go. ”As if a silken thread. ” Show me some latest
clothes for kids. Here you are. This colour. It’s nice, isn’t it? Ice cream.
– Ice cream. Okay. Here. Make it quick. Okay. ”When I saw this girl, I felt. . ” ”When I saw this girl, I felt. . ” ”Sister, your
brother-in-law is crazy. ” Mother. Mother. ”He is an old hand at this. ” ”He is an old hand at this. ” ”Oh, my! He flirts with girls. ” Yes, ma’am?
– Where is Raju? Constable, where is the kid?
– We didn’t see him. Go find him. Move it. Raju. I’m sorry, Mr. Kiran. The DCP has sent
orders of your suspension. But what I did. . Mr. Kiran, you forcibly
tried to take that kid away. And you injured
everyone who came in your way. The SI who was on the duty has
complained to the higher officials. I didn’t take Raju away, sir. They would’ve shot Raju,
if I hadn’t saved him. This is what you say. And I agree. How can you agree to it? None of us saw the shooters. How come only he saw them? By the way, this is the third
time he has committed this crime. That’s why I reported him. You heard that. The boy’s mother has
complained about you. There are witnesses to the crime. That’s why you have been suspended. I did everything I could for you. It’s all right, sir. Thank you. The famous singer Manjiri and
his son, Raju, have been kidnapped. This news has
created uproar in the city. There is no clue
about the kidnappers yet. The concerned officers
are hard at finding them. Raju. Raju.
– What is it, Mother? Come on. Watch it, dear. Bhairav, come. Come. Mother, tell me clearly. Is this really
a case of kidnapping? There should’ve been men with guns. . . .on guard if this were
a kidnapping. Our hands and legs
would’ve been shackled. A piece of cloth would’ve
been thrust into our mouths. Are you going to shut up? Give me some food and
I’ll shut up. Promise. Hey, champ! Hello, champ!
– Hello. Uncle, have they
kidnapped you as well. – Yes. Thank these kidnappers. Mother, I can play with uncle now. Hi.
– Have you done this? Yes, Your Highness. Why? You didn’t like it? They suspended me.
I couldn’t help it. I’ll have a good time
along with you. That’s why I have got you here. The location is great, isn’t it? The location is superb. Listen to
what the kid said carefully. Okay. First, have something
and take rest. We won’t have anything. You’ll starve the kid to
death as well as yourself. Here. You have it. It’s very easy to lose something. May God bless you. Your virtue will
surely bear fruit one day. Raju, the food tastes
good only if it’s hot. Come on. Mother, it’s different
if you send me. But it’s different I go willingly. Right now, having food is
the most important thing. Don’t sadden your mother.
Have some. You want me to feed you? Perfect. Oh, my! It’s piping hot. The hilly veggies.
Wow. This is very sour. The onions there as well. There’s nothing wrong with the food.
I have nothing against anyone. Anyone can have food. Mother. Tell me. Do people lose their
appetite on seeing a mud pot? Doctors have told me that mud
pot is better than a cooker. You know that? Bite into the onion. Yes. Perfect. Chew this. You like it?
– Superb. It tastes same like the perk. Well done. Mother, have some. I don’t want it. Uncle. . The SP has after all
sent us to the jungles. Mother. Show me your hand. Come on. Soft, silken. Egyptian cotton. American gorget. American bandage. Put your hand out. Come on. Oh no! So much of pain. Hold on. I’ll show you right away. Don’t you brains? You’re so ungrateful. People only kiss hands
that are soft as petals. But you. . How will
you know what love is. It’s a fact that she was
leaving me without informing me. But still. . What? You want me to think
that living in the cottage. . . . is better then
running away like a fool. Yes. Got it? Heard that? Dr. Hameed’s life is at risk
from international killers. . . .opportunistic murderers. That’s why our police department. . . . has take all necessary
precautions. . . .with regards to the
security of this convention. The Science Academy hall, where. . . .the convention is to be held
is under strict surveillance. Only the scientists
from various countries. . . .will be allowed to
enter the hall. Come on, bring it. Go. Come. Come on. Bring it. You liked the song?
– A lot. It wasn’t good. But why? Would they’ve praised in just
a few words if it was great? You were awesome.
You’ve driven us crazy. It was rocking.
Wow. Wow. Super duper. You’ve brought the auditorium down. You. Ma’am, the DGP is coming. Hello, sir. Hello. Have a seat. Ms. Manjiri, the show was great. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Have some drinks. You. .
– Commissioner of police. You performed for the Police
Benefit Fund at our request. Thanks, Ms. Manjiri. Tell us wherever you show is. We’ll provide you
with all he help we can. We’ll take your leave.
– Bye. Bye.
– Bye. All the best.
– Bye. Sit.
– Now what, Manjiri? – Now what? I sat down and talked to them. Why were you just
standing next to me? You are my husband. Not my servant. I felt so bad when you
were standing like that. They’re my seniors, Manjiri. So what? They’re your
officers only when you’re on duty. Are they your seniors even
when your wife is with you? You don’t need to lick their boots. That embarrasses me. Did anyone of them
salute you in return? You even clear up the
glasses they drank from. Anjali, take it easy.
This is very important. You don’t need to lick
at their boots. Quit this disgusting job. Manjiri. – It doesn’t
matter if you lose this job. At least you won’t be humiliated. Anjali, don’t insult my job. I’ve got this noble
job after great struggle. I’m proud of this job.
And I worship it. This is way better than
your cheap fiddling around. You call it fiddling around.
And cheap. You called my art fiddling around. . . .when I lovingly
expressed my wish to honour you. You called my art cheap. Manjiri, please. I’m sorry. I’ll never say that again. Okay. Hello.
– Ms. Manjiri, you haven’t left yet. Ma’am, you’ve to travel 200kms. If you get going now, you’ll
be able to reach here on time. If you want,
I can send my man with you He’s over there.
He’ll accompany you. I need no one.
My husband is accompanying me. Don’t worry. He’ll be with me. Ma’am, my life will be
ruined if you don’t perform. Come quickly, ma’am. I implore you, ma’am.
Save me, ma’am. Run. Run for your lives. I’m sorry, Manjiri. I. .
– Why? Is there some emergency? Sorry, Manjiri. I had to go for an emergency case. I’m very sorry for
cancelling this programme. I’ll never do that again. This is what you’ll say, right? Yes. My department is such. My job is such.
Tell me, what should I do? Quit the job immediately. Manjiri.
– Do it. Quit this lousy job. What has it got you? You can’t even spend five
minutes with me at leisure. There’s an emergency. You don’t have the time to
accompany me to the market. There’s an emergency. You can’t accompany to the show. There’s an emergency. Why are you stuck in
this job? Quit it. Why? Is it that’s it’s
all over if you quit? We’ll have a better life. Manjiri, don’t comment
on this job. You call this a job. People are happy
with the job of a peon. Manjiri. – You can’t even
stand next to me because of this. You know, if I want I can
get you many jobs like this. Shut up. What do you know about this job? We don’t sing around in gatherings. We put our lives at risk. We have to sacrifice our
lives for the country if need be. You know that. This job is my life. That’s why I love this
job more than life itself. I don’t want to hear
this nonsense again. This means your job is
dearer to you than me. Yes. It’s dearer than my life. That means you need don’t need me. Spend your life doing this job. I’m asking you one last time. Do you want me or the job? I’ve already said what I had to.
You think about it. You want your husband
or your shows? If your job is your life, then
singing and dancing is my life. I see.
– Yes. Goodbye. – Goodbye. ‘Why? You want to say something. ‘ ‘Look, how he’s staring at me. ‘ ‘Let him stare at me. As if I care. ‘ ‘I’ll call him what I have to. ‘ She’s going to say, ”Kiran,
I’ve realised what I’ve lost. ” ”Now, we’ll be together. ” ”If I say it, it
will bring up the past. ” ‘Okay. Let things happen
as they’re meant to be. ‘ ‘I’ll relent if you ask me.
I’ll relent immediately. ‘ Kiran, why don’t we bury the
hatchet and get back together? What say? There could be
nothing sweeter than this. Say it, Manjiri. Say it, Manjiri. Say it, Manjiri. Say it, Manjiri. What do I say? You want to say something? How long will you keep here? What do I tell you?
This is not in my hands. Then won’t you let us go.
– I will. Give me some time for that. You’ll have to be a
little more patient. We’ll find it difficult
to leave each other again. I won’t let you go this time. I shall see.
– Who? Me? You won’t see me tomorrow morning. I’ll go to the city. Look at me as much as you want. Mr. Kiran, the
people in the department. . . .still have complete faith in you. I don’t understand why do
have such feelings for that boy. Go through this file, sir. It has all the details. Really.
– Yes, sir. Mr. Kiran, go ahead. And keep me posted. India is going to be
proud of the country’s. . . .first national
flag being raised here. ‘How to avoid this beep sound?’ 124 for 7. Amarnath jog
trots in now to Marshall. And he is out. How to solve this problem? I got it. Raju, come here. Mummy, are we running
away from here? This is a very good place, mummy. Why are you going from here? Raju ! Manjiri ! Manjiri ! I’m very frightened, mummy. What happened? She hit me and both of them ran
away from here in a boat, sir. Their life is in danger. Uncle, save us. Mummy, I’m scared. Uncle, save us. We are going to get drowned.
I’m very scared, mummy. I’m scared.
We’ll get drowned, mummy. I’m very scared, mummy.
We are going to get drowned. Don’t be afraid. Hold me carefully. Raju ! Be careful. Manjiri, hold the rope. Hold me. Be careful. Buck up, son. Oh ! Kiran ! Raju, you stay here. Kiran ! Kiran ! ! Bhairav, where are you taking me? Kiran ! Uncle! Kiran ! Kiran ! Kiran ! Kiran ! Kiran ! Kiran ! Kiran ! Kiran ! Kiran ! Kiran ! Kiran ! Help me, help me! Kiran ! Kiran ! Kiran ! Kiran ! Kiran ! Kiran, open your eyes. Kiran ! Kiran ! Open your eyes! You can’t do this to me, Kiran ! ”What a lovely night! ” ‘I’m with my beloved. ” ”The garden is blossoming. ” ”My entire body is blooming. ” ”My heart is dancing. ” ”Two bodies will meet. ” ”This lovely night is telling you. ” ”I’m in love with you. ” ”I’m thirsty. Give me love. ” ”What a lovely night! ” ‘I’m with my beloved. ” ”The garden is blossoming. ” ”My entire body is blooming. ” ”My heart is dancing. ” ”Two bodies will meet. ” ”When you touched me,
a wave erupted in my heart. ” ”There is a storm in my heart. ” ”When I embraced you
my life embraced your life. ” ”There is a fragrance in my life. ” ”Your flute will play
songs of love. ” ”I’m thirsty of your love. ” ”Dear, we have come
together today. ” ”We’ll never part
away for many lives. ” ”I’ll belong to
you for seven lives. ” ”What a lovely night! ” ‘I’m with my beloved. ” ”The garden is blossoming. ” ”My entire body is blooming. ” ”My heart is dancing. ” ”Two bodies will meet. ” ”There is a sweet
fire in my whole body. ” ”We’ll get drowned
in the sea of love. ” ”Today, I can’t keep away
from you even for a moment. ” ”Hide me inside your drape. ” ”When you met me,
something happened to me. ” ”Nowadays I yearn for you. ” ”I’m also yearning for you,
darling. ” ”The same way you
are yearning for me. ” ”Hide me in your arms. ” ”What a lovely night! ” ‘I’m with my beloved. ” ”The garden is blossoming. ” ”My whole body is blooming. ” ”My heart is dancing. ” ”Two bodies will meet. ” Raju ! Get up. Look over there. They are coming. They will kill you if they see you. Run away quickly. Hey, did you locate him? No. Where has he gone? He has made our life difficult.
Where is he hiding? Let’s go. Oh ! Raju ! Hey! Serve two cups of tea. One light tea. We took up this case
thinking he is a child. But he turned out to be very tough. He has made our life difficult. Look there! He is
running away. Come on. Narayan ! Narayan ! Narayan !
– Raju ! Narayan !
– Raju ! Narayan !
– Raju ! Let’s go from here, Narayan. Raju, what happened? When I heard that you were kidnapped,
I was very worried. Tell me, where is your mummy? I’ll tell you about it later.
Does he beat you up? Yes. First, he takes a
drink and then he beats me up. This happen everyday. Raju, tell me the truth now.
– I won’t. Otherwise I’ll throw
you inside the water. Uncle, please let Raju go.
I’ll tell you everything. Tell me.
– Don’t tell him. You are not allowing him to tell? Tell me. – We both had gone
to a temple. Then. . He fell down from the hill
with a cassette in his hand. A jeep is coming here. We must go. Manjiri, our Raju is inside it. Raju ! If I don’t get the cassette
where you said it is. . . .you’ll be in trouble. Teacher! Raju !
– Mummy! Raju. You get down there. You go first. No, you first. No, you first. Can we come up again if we go down? We’ll know it only
after going down. Have the children told us
the truth? I don’t know.
– Let’s ask them. I’ll bring it. Raju ! Hey! Mummy! Raju ! Raju ! Mummy! – Don’t shoot.
We are surrendering. Raju ! Raju ! Raju ! Raju, look at me. Raju, look, your daddy is here. He is your daddy. Raju ! Please look, Raju. Raju ! My son ! Raju ! Go down and bring the cassette. Give us our cassette and
take away the children. Raju, Manjiri, come on. Famous atomic scientist
Dr. Hameed. . Yes. – No.
it is not possible to kill him. Because he is never alone. He is surrounded by
security people for 24 hours. Don’t worry about it. A killer named
Mr. X will come in India. It is his job how and
where to kill Dr. Hameed. Is it? And what will I have to do? You’ll have to do it.
– Yes. SP is there to help
the department people. Shankar is there to
deal with the gangsters. Three of you will have to help him. If you help him, you’ll
get a good amount as reward. Okay. Who want to kill Hameed? The arm traders. They are inciting the
backward nations and they sell. . . .their arms to these
countries and make money. We have got millions as
their agents. But we will suffer big
losses because of Dr. Hameed. Is he in the
business of selling bombs? Shut up. Dr. Hameed has come out with new
invention after years of hard work. His invention is such
that even atom bombs. . . .will prove useless in future wars. You mean even if it is
dropped it will fail? Yes. Now, there will
not be fear of any bomb. Dr. Hameed is going to explain
the benefits of his invention. . . . in the conference of scientists. If this happens. . . .the backward nations
will not take arms from them. There will not be
a war in the world. The developed nations
will have to close down. . . .their arms factories. Control room. Where are you now?
Wait there. Don’t move. Master, I’ve got a great idea. What if we both become approvers
and put him into trouble? Shut up. We’ll have to be on guard. Has he sent the police after us? Forget your ideas and doubts. I’m so scared. He has come. Swiss bank cheques. Identity cards. Air tickets. Everything is there. Good luck. Bye. Instead of going to hell
we are going to heaven. I thought there is no way
out of this problem now. Foreign trips, drinks,
enjoyments etc. Picnics, foreign trips. Come on. It will be great fun ! We have no idea who that killer is. We don’t know when,
where and how he kills. But he’ll try to kill. Whether he fails or he is successful,
but he’ll make an attempt. Okay, Mr. Kiran.
You must save Dr. Hameed’s life. He already has ‘Z’ type security. But still you’ve his responsibility.
Keep that in mind. Thank you, sir. Hello. Thank you. Who is there? Room service. Everything in order. Science for peace! Science for peace! Science for peace! Science for peace! Science for peace! Science for peace! Science for peace!
– Hello. Take it please.
– Science for peace! Science for peace! Science for peace! Science for peace! Science for peace! Science for peace! Science for peace! Science for peace!
– Sorry. Science for peace!
– Sorry, sir. It’s all right.
– Science for peace! – Thank you. Science for peace!
– Yes. Science for peace! Science for peace! I enjoy the privilege of
opening the conference. . . .of scientists of
Non-aligned countries. I declare the conference is open. Excuse me, sir. Madam, tell me quickly
what that matter is. I’ve come to meet the
Malaysian delegate Mr. Jagannath. Go away from here. Please get out. Dear friends, I’m very happy to
be present in this conference. This is a very important conference. All the scientists
present here are the. . . . representatives of
developing nations. They should declare unanimously. . . .to the whole world
that science is for peace. Yes, sir.
– Have all the delegates arrived? Everybody has arrived, sir. Don’t allow anybody to go
inside until the meeting ends. . . .whoever he is.
– Okay, sir. Be alert. Sir. Excuse me, sir. Sir, I’ve come to meet
Malaysian delegate. . . . Mr. Jagannath. Hey, girl, I’ve told
you already to stay away. If you come again, I’ll arrest you. As you know, every
nation is concerned about. . . . how to make every citizen happy. We cannot make them
happy by giving them arms. . . .from the developed nations. What our people need is food.
Not the bullets. Okay, sir. All right. Sir, please at least tell me
whether he has come or not. If you allow, I’ll enquire myself. Madam, I don’t want to talk to you. All the delegates have arrived.
All the doors are closed. Nobody is allowed to enter.
If you don’t go away. . – Sir. . All the people from
developing nations have seen. . . . lot of destruction in the war. We have gathered here
to tell the world that. . . .only peace will solve
the problems of people. All of us scientist
are here to declare. . That science is for peace. Sir, I’m waiting for
him since a long time. He had called me here himself, sir. Madam, go back.
I’ve told you many times. Please sir, help me. Please. Oh ! Don’t bother me.
I told you many times. Get lost. Sir, Malaysian
delegate Mr. Jagannath. . Don’t talk. I’ll get
sick because of you. Get lost.
– Hey, what happened? – Please. Sir, she has made my life
difficult since an hour. She is continuously asking
me whether the Malaysian. . . .delegate has arrived or not. Get lost.
– Wait. Tell me, what’s the matter?
– Thank you, sir. At least, you are
ready to listen to me. I’ve studied in Malaysia. The Malaysian delegate Mr. Jagannath
is our family friend. He even wrote a letter to
me about his arrival here. I’ve come here to welcome him. But he has not yet come. But he is saying he
has already arrived. . . .and he is asking me to go, sir. No, madam. Everybody has arrived. Do you know him well? Yes, sir. He is like my father. Perhaps you’ve missed him? No, sir. I’ve watched
everybody carefully. Mr. Jagannath was not among them. With the arms race,
there will be wars. There will be destruction. We spend a large amount of
budget provision for defence. We spend little for development. The arms factories are taking
undue advantage of this matter. The nuclear companies
are looting our nations. We scientists must
help in this matter. We must declare, goodbye to arms. Run for your lives.
– Follow me. Come on.
– Go. Hey, mister!
– Hurry up! Hey! You ! Hey, you ! Stop there! Run ! Save me! Run fast. Leave me. Leave me. No. Save me. Leave me.
– No. Please, help me. Save me.

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