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-Matthew, last time I saw you
we were in U.T. AUSTIN. -Yes, sir.
-Where you were a professor at that university.
-I’m still am a professor there. -You still are.
Yeah, that’s right. -I kept my job.
-How was the class, yeah. How did it go? how —
-It went great. Everyone passed. Everyone got As.
-Yeah, perfect. Man, come on. [ Applause ]
-We actually studied this film, “The Gentlemen.”
-You did? -We were talking about it, yes.
-Oh, that’s right. And I saw from your Lincoln ads
that, over the holiday, you went ice — you went
ice fishing. -Ice fishing.
[ Laughter ] -In the back —
in back of your truck. -Everyone’s always known how big
of an ice fishermen I am. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] Have you ever,
ever been ice fishing? -Absolutely not.
[ Laughter ] But, I play one on TV.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah.
-A red flag come up and you get a bit of a smile.
Go get the fish very slowly. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -Have you seen —
have you seen his Lincoln ads? -No, I want to very much.
-Oh. [ Laughter ]
They’re the most relaxing coolest, best — one of the
oddest things you’ll ever see. [ Laughter ]
-Really? -They’re fantas– I never
know where he’s going. -He’s quite an odd man actually.
[ Laughter ] -You think he is?
-I have discovered, yeah. -Yeah, you have.
Did you guys ever know each other before this movie?
-No, and not on it either. We had no scenes together.
-Oh. -So, we’ve really just met.
[ Laughter ] -Wow.
[ Laughter ] -We passed each other
from a distance on a Chinese golf course,
someone told us — [ Laughter ]
about 15 years ago. -Is that right?
-But now we’re just meeting tonight, yeah. -There’s a question I wanted to
ask you because I think it was last year you got a little
political in England. You didn’t want to get
Boris Johnson re-elected. -Yeah.
-Or to be Prime Minister — so, you went — is this true,
you went door to door knocking on people’s doors
telling them not to vote for Boris Johnson?
-I did. [ Cheers and applause ] -What can people do? What? -Well, they pretended to be
very nice. [ Laughter ]
I took eight different candidates around and, you know,
we knocked on doors and I said, “Are you going to vote for Jim?”
and they all say, “Oh, yes. very much so”
and none of them did. [ Laughter ]
-It didn’t work. -Every single one of my
candidates lost. [ Laughter ]
-Oh, my God. -100% record of failure.
-This is good. It’s good to try it, though.
-Well, I felt I had to — -Did people to be like
“Love Actually.” [ Laughter ]
And that’s what you did. -I think some of the adults
thought that and some of the kids burst into
tears because they thought I was the guy from “Paddington
2,” you know what I mean? [ Laughter ]
Yeah. -The funny thing about this
movie is you kind of got into this, Hugh, because it
was your wedding day maybe. -It was an absurd encounter.
-Yes. -I was on my way to my wedding
with my wife. I was very late and trying cross
the road in Sloane Square in London and a man falls off
his bike in front of us. Idiot.
[ Laughter ] Oh, Christ.
[ Laughter ] I tried to pick him up and along
comes Guy Ritchie who I know I bit ’cause I did
“Man from U.N.C.L.E.” with him. -Yeah.
-And he said, “Sorry Hugh, it’s my assistant. He’s always
falling off his bike. Get up, get up.”
[ Light laughter ] So, he got up. Anyway, “Bye,
goodnight. Nice to see you.” Guy said, “No, no. Wait, wait,
wait, I got a script for you.” I said, “Yes, fine,
but I’ve got to get married and I’m really late.”
[ Light laughter ] He said, “No, no, I’ll tell you
the picture, the whole story.” [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. So, you were late for your
wedding because Guy Ritchie? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-And it turned out to be this movie.
It’s fantastic by the way. -It’s fun, isn’t it?
-It’s so much fun. It’s great. I mean, you must have gotten to
know each or a little bit on set even though you didn’t
have — -No.
-You really haven’t? -Really, tonight.
[ Laughter ] -You just did really meet
tonight. -Yeah, pretty much.
-No, we — we did a read-through together.
-What was your first impression. -We didn’t say anything
to each other. [ Laughter ] -I tried to talk to him.
[ Laughter ] -He — really?
He’s not one of those. He’s not really talkative guy.
-It’s a bit grand. -Yeah.
What did you think when you were going to work with
Matthew McConaughey? What did you think he was going
to be like. -I — I don’t like working with
very good actors ’cause they show me up.
[ Laughter ] And I was aware that he’d won
bloody Oscars and things like that.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah.
-Was not very happy about it. -No, yeah.
-Yeah. -And what did you think about
when you were going to work with Hugh Grant?
-Well, what you probably don’t know about Hugh
is how jolly of a character he is.
[ Laughter ] An infectious humor and laughter
and just so happy. It pisses everyone off.
[ Laughter ] -That’s not the case at all.
-One of the funniest men I’ve ever —
-I’m a humanist. It is an art. [ Laughter ] -Matthew, describe your
character in “The Gentlemen.” How did you come up with Mickey?
-Mickey, he’s is an American expat who is living in London,
who has a very profitable marijuana empire
and he’s trying to sell off this multi-hundred million
dollar empire, gracefully and civilly for a fair price,
but because he’s in the business with a bunch of scallywags,
of course, they’re not going to pay
the fair price. [ Laughter ]
So, instead of eloquently retiring as I want to
he has to get up and get very violent again
and try to eliminate the — the bad guys.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-And, Hugh, your character, I’ve never seen you play
a character like this. -How good is this man in this?
-He crushes it. -Crushes it.
-Oh. -This is amazing.
-No, Matthew McConaughey. [ Cheers and applause ]
Oh, that’s very nice. He’s a proper actor. I’m messing around in this film
and I don’t know if it comes off but, yes, I play an incredibly
sleazy repellant, reptile of a human being.
[ Laughter ] He’s a private investigator
working for a big tabloid newspaper and that, of course,
was sort of joke casting on Guy Ritchie’s part ’cause
I’ve been ranting and raving about tabloid newspapers
for years, but it was — it was quite fun
and I was able to — I’ve now made friends, you see,
during my campaigning with some of the guys who used
to hack my phone, steal my medical records,
in one case, burgle my flat. [ Light laughter ]
That was weird ’cause the people I campaign with,
give me a party every year and at each one they introduce
me to another person who did something terrible to me
and it’s just strange they say, “Oh, Hugh, I don’t
think you’ve met Bill. He burgled your flat in 1996.”
[ Laughter ] And you go, “Oh, hi.
Well, have a drink. I think you know where
everything is, you know.” [ Laughter ]
[ Applause ] -“Let yourself in.
you know the place.” -Yeah.
-“You know the place pretty well.”
Oh, you know, I had an idea I thought it would be kind of fun. I thought it would be kind of
fun if you read a famous line of Matthew’s and Matthew, you
read a famous line of Hugh’s. -Okay.
-Would you be up for that? -Yes, please.
-Alright, Matthew, you can go first.
-Nevermind. -First one is Hugh’s line
from “Love Actually.” -[ British accent ] “Who do you
have to screw around here to get a cup of tea
and a chocolate biscuit?” [ Laughter ]
-Wait, but how would — how would —
that sounded like him. But, how would you do it as
Matthew McConaughey? [ Laughter ] -“Who do you got to screw around
here to get a cup of tea and a biscuit?”
[ Laughter ] -So much hotter.
-It’s not bad. -Yeah.
-And then Hugh, could you read this line here?
This from one of Matthew’s — -“Alright, alright, alright!” [ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ] -Yes! Why, that did again.
[ Cheers and applause ]

100 thoughts on “Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant Swap Iconic Movie Lines

  1. Nothing like millionaire actors showing up at your doorstep telling you who to vote for and why it's so great to be taxed 50% to pay for everyone and all their kids to get "free" healthcare and "free" college…

  2. It's fairly horrific to watch Hollywood bastardize the word "gentlemen." With such low class standards given by today's media you wonder why people elect Donald Trump and Boris Johnson? There are plenty of horrors of every day living to document but let's make a film where a bunch of
    "classy guys" resort to constant violence and call them "gentleman." Here's my middle finger…

  3. Matthew one of the best actors of all time!
    Мэттью один из лучших актеров за все время!

  4. matthew is kind of the younger, american hugh. both got their start in rom-coms and later transitioned to more serious work


    why so many kids waiting alone the road by themselves?

    it doe snot matter if he committed suicide or not. it matters that he was called pediphile when 17 year old and 14 year old who are not in prison and were not forced to come repeatedly they prostituted and take no accountability for this and it is publicly acceptable behavior so any 14 year old can go do that and say they victim when they doing it. online in prison when the life or freedom is threatened. 

    if he committed suicide is probably cause a guy the size of magic johnson was raping him and say i come have fun with you again tomorrow. maybe thsi guy accidentally choked him or when he left epsitied decided to kill self not wait until another visit? 

    if he was paid to do that would he wait?

    so why peopel react to rape differently 

    some peel think s great humiliation and some come back over and over again to get paid?

    doe sit matter hw old are they they smart enough to get paid and advertise it.

    the guys who make them advertise it probably hope that more of the same kind of gird join in cause that is ok they just the victim they cant do anything wrong?


    what is rape?

    so repeatedly willingly a number of girls happy looking were getting paid and groomed and they chose that they have parents etc. so why we derail the discussion 

    cause we tell small kids do not accept tys from grown man do not get in te car etc. we explain small kids but we do not explain teens tat propstitution is not ok that accepting cash in exchange for physical relation s not ok. so whose fault is that peopel that do not explain ?? and not only that they still say it was ok all these girls did was ok they only victims is not their fault?

    hw so?

    joe rogan your daughters would do that? why? they stupid? they do not undertand? of course these girld knew what they were doing and considered self lucky even  they only wanted money and they had frustrations.

    These man clearly are sick but what they can do literally they can just start to harass 18 years old so how 17 yo tat is one day less than 18 is different 

    am sure if people really scared epstein which they seem to have done in 2005 he even stopped doing that long time ago. so how do they take this break when he seemed to stop that behavior and they went and brought up old cases?

    clearly there was something else was going on that even epstein didn't know. maybe he learnt someone was pedophile and he had information and it was not about that he was himself a pedophile but that he could testify etc. 

    what sex trafficking is? that he told girls that if any other guys want them they can get paid extra? goes back how we ok to tell these wenches that are one day less than 18 and that continues to do this after they turned 18 cause they considered this lucrative opportunity that they are victim?

    thes effete on teh top f the world and real smart oct of them and also ric and had trips. but basically they were not even from country with economic inequality so what is wrong with these gilrs? 

    when do people address prostitution and exchange of favors for physical relation in resect of education?  cause some people take advantage of this and a lot of peopel actually real coformatble to have this dynamics even in marriages

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  6. I think that was some good acting between those two and Matthew does not care for Hugh at all…… call it my intuition.

  7. I want to see Mathew McConaughey read thirst tweets. I wonder if he would blush and get embarrassed even though he know he a fine daddy that could easily get several baby mamas because of his neck and chin. . That chin and jaw… ehh err jkjbvhj

  8. 👌2 grands acteurs!
    Très sincères, on le ressent lors des interviews👍
    Two great actors! Very sincere, you can feel it in the interviews👌💖💖💖💖💖💖😗Mylène from Paris

  9. Lol..until Hugh started in his classy fine accent puts everyone of us to shame I think same goes with Anthony Hopkins. Such fine English. 💕

  10. My heart is going to explode. I'm about to cry. I love you Matthew McConaughey And Hugh Grant. According to me your both the most sexist men alive

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