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Mars One will establish human settlement
on Mars in 2023. In that year, the first group of four
humans will land on Mars. Every two years after that another group
will join the settlement. My first impression was that this is an
extraordinary project by people with vision and imagination.
But my first reaction was, I think like anyone who is confronted with
such an idea: This will never work. But now look and listen more closely. This is really something that can be achieved. I think this might become the most
spectacular media event ever. Watched by everyone on the globe. 1972 was the last time that humans
walked on the moon. No human has ever gone as far as Mars. Mars One has designed a mission that is
much simpler than previous designs for Mars missions.
The most significant simplification is that the crew is actually going to stay
and live on Mars with the intention to remain there
for the rest of their lives. We will finance this mission by creating
the biggest media event ever around it. Everybody in the world can see
everything that will happen in the preparations and on Mars. This is going to be  a media spectacle.
“Big Brother” will pale in comparison. The whole world will be watching and
experience this journey. Mars One paid visits to major aerospace
companies around the world. In these meetings, they confirmed to us
that they can supply the required equipment. For every component, we have at least
one potential supplier. All these suppliers have written
letters of Interest for Mars One. As for financing, this is going to be a
private enterprise. Only private firms are going to contribute.
No political mambo-jumbo, no taxpayer’s money will be involved.
Only people like myself and many others who are enthusiastic about the project,
will contribute This is the plan: In 2016, a communications satellite
and a supply mission will be sent to Mars. In 2018, a large planetary rover will be
sent to Mars. It will drive around on Mars to find the
best location for the settlement. In 2020, living units, life support units,
a rover and more supplies will be sent to Mars. The rovers will prepare the settlement
for human arrival. They will extract the inflatable section
from the living unit. The life support unit will prepare the outpost
for arrival of the humans. The crew will depart in September 2022
when the settlement is fully operational and habitable. They will be flying to Mars in a Transit habitat,
with a lander attached to it. Seven months later in April 2023,
the humans will land on Mars. The next giant leap for mankind! This project seems to be the only way
to fulfill humanity’s dream to explore outer space.
It is going to be an exciting experiment. Let’s get started! Mars One invites you to join us in this
great adventure. For more information visit

100 thoughts on “Mars One’s human mission to Mars – 2012 introduction film

  1. I would like to apply but I believe that the applications ended 🙁 I realized later I am 18 years old, good physical condition, no psychological or ereditary illness, good eyesight, I see things well, but I am sad, there are no more applications.

  2. "MARS ONE" Mission, ok. Astronauts try to make colonies in the mars, they used global warming to melting out the liquid water in mars, and then transforming it into waters, then be ocean, then soil will appear, then tree, then.., LIFE!, WHAT CAN ASTRONAUTS CAN DO IF HUMANOIDS COMING FROM MARS?? ARE THEY NOT THINKING? LIFE WILL APPEARS WITH THE WATER, WHERE EARTH LIFE COME FROM? WATER! THEN MARS CAN DO IT TOO. IN THE FUTURE, HUMANS MUST GO TO THE OTHER STAR TOO, SUN WILL BE RED GIANT! just saying xD

  3. how you can say goodbye for ever to your family and your parents and leave them.
    this project is so funny but it's so difficult for your mind and soul .

  4. I don't know have you seen the swamp operation film?!.. Maybe NASA and USA want to send a death mission ?!!… Deaths of certain peoples may be specified ?!!…Maybe the Mars Mission Project is a mission of death !!… I suggest you watch this movie ( Southern Comfort 1981 )
    thank you .

  5. Quote:"I said I wanted Landsorp to come to our office in New York City to talk to space enthusiasts or do a presentation via Skype. I was told his fee is $30,000, which “includes his travel” from the Netherlands, and that “additional expenses are hotel, meals and ground transportation.”

  6. Why don't they just take all the old space shuttles out of mothballs and use them as habitats who want to live in a small hut They should take all the remaining shuttles and send them their load it with material to build structures or even make an atmosphere

  7. Mars One dreams plummet back to Earth as company goes bankrupt

  8. So… this bankrupt company wants to take random people to a place where they can barely survive, for the rest of their lives (1:18)

    (She says it so casually)

  9. Shame that this project is no longer a thing, I really believed in this but money decided to not expand humanity

  10. I think something very bad going to happen on this planet, Remember the film 2012, they build arcs but this time spacecraft's but moving to mars and the rich people will be save and sound and rest of us will die. Think about they will do it.

  11. Iwant to go there please . How can i apply? I'm from in the philippines . I'm not afraid to die. But support my parents and my family. That was my wish

  12. Today in 2019 all I know is a meteor is gonna hit the earth maybe it will crash in 2023 and i think this is one of the solution

  13. Reasons why to start colonizing another planet..
    Over population
    Global warming
    Asteroid hitting us
    Religion and different beliefs
    Wars and conflict, disagreements
    … theres a lot of stuff

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