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yes March is movie season and y’all know
it’s time to start talking about it we’re gonna get our first major Marvel
movie this month and I’m gonna give you guys the rundown on what I see are the
best movies coming out in March and it starts right now in time you will know what it’s like to
lose to feel so desperately that you’re right but to fail read it just text what’s good YouTube you in the Builder
with y’all knowing I’m living out feeling I’m saying all-powerful damn all
everything that’s sexy as hell host bringing you a life game informative
video about what movies are coming out this year March 2019 let’s jump into it
but first I got to put on my plus seven glasses of sexy as hell movie reviewing
looking like 3d glasses in the movie theater
cuz I’m working on skilling up my craft bringing you guys are more info on
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one movie that drops March 1st some of y’all might have already seen it Tyler
Perry’s madea’s family funeral supposedly this is the very last Madea
movie and I like to say is I’m very happy to hear there’s been time to put
that thing out the pastor if you want to catch my deal you’re still gonna have
plays after this movie so you can see it but I think the movie franchise it’s
time to bring it to an end go check that out if you’re into the Madea the next
big movie that’s dropping of course March the 8th I’m hopefully gonna see it
a little earlier Captain Marvel brie Larson Nicholas Fury I can’t wait for
that when y’all know I’ve been waiting for my first Marvel review I haven’t
done a morrow review all year long they tried to trash my girl because she has
specific political views you know they put it through some turmoil in terms of
reviews on Rotten Tomatoes but they’ve gotten all that fits and she had just as
much presale tickets as Avengers I’m expecting this would be a pretty good
movie right before Avengers comes out next month next movie – watch out for
the babies because y’all know I love the kids 1 the park it comes out March 15
casters Brianna de Biscay Jennifer Gardner Kate Hudson Kenan Thompson great
little animated features for all the others got kids you need
take the kids out to see something this is going to be good family entertainment
highly recommend you go check that out next on the list from the twisted sent
mind of Jordan Peele is that scary movie us and it stars my girl the Peter and I
ain’t even gonna say a last name a little moss and Winston dude if this is
anything like that movie he did two years ago
this is gonna be a good one I am their first night hopefully I’ll be able to
see a pre-screening I can give you guys a little bit of a non-spoiler review
before it comes out but I’m expecting big things from that movie I’m so happy
for Jordan Peele because he is finally getting his just desserts for writing
movies and doing great things his last movie was outstanding rounding out this
list the last one I’m gonna say is a big mention Dumbo the remake comes out March
29th and it’s done by Tim Burton y’all know he’s the crazy man that gave us
essence Scissorhands and all kinds of other crazy kind of flick movies I’m
interested to see how this is gonna work with him directing it the cast is Eva
Green Michael Keaton Colin Farrell Danny DeVito Luci DeVito
that’s the vetos daughter I’m interested to see how all this is gonna work with
this new rendition of a live-action Dumbo he was a beloved character when I
was growing up little goofy but you still love them you rooted form and
let’s see how this goes with these big names in this movie I don’t see how it’s
gonna be bad this is another one for you to take the kids and just have a great
great kids night out and that’s gonna round out my March 2019 list leave me
some comments is there something that I missed that you’re looking forward to
any other movies that I should have put on the list and let me know what you
guys are gonna go see any theatres this March that’s gonna do it for this video
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and until the net sex is hell video I’ll see you

6 thoughts on “March 2019 Movies – The Top Movies You Can Catch In Theaters This March.

  1. Some good movies are dropping this March. Check this list of my top 5 March 2019 Theater Releases and let me know what you think should be on the list

  2. Thanks brother LAMONT. Mandela's Funeral is my favorite. I myself love all the TYLER PERRY MADEA movies. Keep the content coming. Have an awesome day. Much love brother

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