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hello I’m Richard I’m this coworker at
93 sherlyn road support housing I am for tomorrow welcome to spell from
Shannon rose brilliant project involved know so yeah I’m Frank yeah I work for
Simon goes tomorrow as a peaceful I was diagnosed with schizophrenia about seven
or eight years ago after a couple of psychotic episodes and being in hospital
basically a bit ominous rules in January 2016 and then in February I was placed
in a like a project like a post over in Camden for
with mental health and substance use issue youth issues
I stayed there for about six months in which things about the roller coaster
I’ve got sectioned a few times but then things like to get better and I moved
into a low support hospital still in Canada I have history of them
homelessness substance use it was a long history of suffering trauma and abuse
his child’s join the army and I’m joining I can use that as a crutch for
30 years resulting in being in contact with times I’ve had breaks and I didn’t
live in a project I’m lived in our roommates fausto long time ago was that
experience important for your row now yes it’s very important because being a
woman yeah and coming from a broken relationship and hardship and all that
you need to be strong you need to have your head screwed on and you need good
people around you people that will work well with you to bring positivity in
your life not being told because I had enough of being told what to do by man
by society by my parents so I just want to be the good role model in people is this an individual acting you have a
point you are in a job excellent sir laser to tell other people don’t lose
hope this rest we will work hard you didn’t lose him his support has been a
great opportunity for me not just to get back into work but also to meet great
people to work alongside other peers who have had maybe homelessness or mental
health problems as well and so it’s just really good that some of us saw
something that they thought that would you know that I could be trustworthy
that I could go back into employment and help other people who’d been through
similar things obviously not exactly the same because as we all know that’s it’s
a very broad term schizophrenia or mental health in fact so and no one has
the same known as the same experiences 2016 had been a really intense year and
I felt that all I kind of knew at that point was mental health sister was like
men yeah mental health and like hospital services
and homelessness services and then it just seemed to make sense to kind of use
that knowledge and my experience of those things and then I got a job
shadowed in November 2016 so I was still living in a hostel when they got the job
and enable me to be able to move out and
move interact with my friends which was amazing and it just that’s so great to
be employed because of my experience rather than like rather then not be
implemented you work at like 15 years ago or maybe more than that because I
love people and I’m loving just this listen people get on with their lives
with good support I hate see people being sidelined and
being told of what to do and you know the mainstream stuff like you know like
working in a project that people have mental health and is a technical
education and you have to do these and your form and form to the requirement or
for the produce pearls experience there’s a lot
yeah and if you haven’t got no experience of it
you can understand it I think sometimes clients you know didn’t feel like we
could connect you know all this stuff yeah
and when basically I remember what happened to me and things you know the waitress they kind of trusted me more on
without you know what I could understand them more on things about experience in
their of the situation that people go through I think with a lot please it’s just
chatting about some of the solutions so I’ve got red ears some people he sees in
the sea penis and it’s just about being a tough conversation about that if they
are feeling a bit distracted at work it’s just saying that and being able to
chat about that I’m not freaking out that’s just part of their life as its
apartment lots of other people’s lives okay I’m relishing my new role as
piss-poor workout because it gives me an opportunity to use my lived experience
of the issues that are faced to help support residents in my project
why do you employ a baseball workers because it’s the right thing to do it’s
not easy but it’s the right thing to do we best person either work to it was mad
and she could only be at work 80% of the time but I ain’t upset was worth far
more than some people are that hundred percent at the time and don’t understand
importers understand for peer support workers are able to bring rounded
experience and when they do it makes a deeper empathic connection with the
people that they work with they understand what it’s like to be sexually
understand what it’s like to have no money to have nowhere to sleep to feel
traumatized and with that they bring such a deeper understanding that the
connection is made and it’s eighty percent of the time even if there’s more
sickness issues or anything else they have a better way of being
experience can’t be good desirable desirable good in my humble opinion the
people that listen to you because a lot of us have been in the situation where
we haven’t been listened to in the past and having a staff member that can
understand that makes a huge difference having people who’ve been in those kind
of services makes it better because they know they just get it so then it means
that things are much less institutional they’re much less clinical they’re much
more like I hope they’re you know pie becomes a natural thing because it
doesn’t need to be theorized and heavily thought about it’s just we all know what
those places are what we want those places to be like and what we don’t yeah
I think it’s given me my experiences of mental health services being in and out
hospitals give me a sort of wariness about the
traditional medical model and it does have some things going for it but a lot
of things it takes away your freedom it takes away a lot of your agency and it
takes away a lot of your own your own say really in your treatment so what we
try to do here is a bit more it’s a bit more human really we try and be very
open not to show a little bit about myself with
someone and I could see in their eyes I think as a service except for people to
experience an internal mental health we are not set up to have fun with people
in our starting that have experience fun as an assignment of health and we’re not
set up

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