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What’s a guy gotta’ do to get an old-fashioned
around here? Mmm – He’s actually pretty cute. Agreed Alright, wish me luck. What? Who says that you get him? I spotted him first. Since when is that a thing? Since now. Besides you got the last guy, remember? On Valentine’s Day. I love you so much, baby! Aww! How sweet! (sighs) Target acquired. “Execute” (SCREAMS) I’m such a heartbreaker. Yeah! Thus proving the guy with a hat is mine. Nuh-un! Remember the guy you did
in the backseat of my car? How could I forget? You were driving like
a maniac. How we doing back there?! (Choking) Next time, I’m driving. Hate to rush you. But his friends are catching up. We’re running out of road! Door please! ‘Till death do us part! You ruined my backseat by the way. The guy was really big! Okay? And you could have jumped in
any time to help me finish him! Also what about the time when
you joined the mile high club? Wha – I barely got off! (SCREAMS) (DISTANT SCREAMS) But you still got off! Look I need this! Okay? And you just got some action recently. What? When? Oh last week?! Mmm-hmm. But that was a CHICK! (CHOKES) Thank you! That’s bullshit I didn’t even enjoy that!
And women are much more difficult! Look, I don’t care! it’s my turn! YOU’RE A BITCH! Ladies! Ladies. Umm-sorry. I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation… I think I might have the solution to your problem. (GROUP LAUGHS) I’m ready for you ladies! We’re ready for you too. it’s the noise

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