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[WONHO] Do you know what the killing part is? At the ending, I do this exactly to the side. There’s a part where I turn to the side like this – like this. Killing part! [JOOHEON] If I were to introduce our outfit I’ll call it ‘bottom to top’. If you look at mine; ‘bottom’. From ‘bottom’, it goes up slowly. It’s called ‘middle’. ‘Middle’. ‘Top’. [HYUNGWON] There’s none~ at the end! It disappeared. (Me being this way) (I know you’re enjoying it) (As if you want me to see) (Like tapping on my shoulders, ha ha funny) (I thought I was special) (I almost took it the wrong way) (I was thinking and now my head is spinning) (YUSS MINHYUK BODYROLL)(Why are you doing this to me?) (We’re not anything but what is this?) (Why is it so annoying?) [HYUNGWON] Individual shots are over now. It finished earlier than expected, even if it’s a little off guarding. Even so, the director liked it, because he said good job. I’ll believe the director so it’s finished. But, there’s another individual shooting again later this evening. Later, it’s a bit different than this one. I think I need to do some more research on gestures or the sorts. [KIHYUN] It’s like, the base feeling is jealousy~ ‘jealousy’. There’s the state of I’m jealous. It’s like ‘ah~ what to do’ kind of worry, that sort of feeling. Expression, and behaviour, until the whole body, I emit that jealousy, kind of like that? (Hot!) (It’s like a pepper mill~ pepper mill.) [STILL KIHYUN] There’s a part where I stand in front and look at the big painting, Shownu comes next to me. It’s like we’re in the same space together, but we’re in different spaces, that kind of feeling. (Baby who da X?) (Imma X!) *sensual OOH* (I’m an angry goblin because of you) (I’m a Red Hare, going to you out of jealousy) (whut is dat noise lol) (The last out of the seven) (Now tell me
What are you feeling?) (Why are you talking about Shownu?) [MINHYUK] For this time’s MV, there’s also the very first individual choreography shots. As expected, I did ‘hand’ acting. Every MV, without failing, there’s alternately ‘foot’ acting, and ‘hand’ acting to be done. Little by little, I’m getting used to it. Almost, the ‘hand’ acting right now seems almost Johnny Depp’s level. Little by little, my acting is growing. [JOOHEON] Right now, the brothers riding cool motorbikes are circling around me. It’s awesome! It’s thrilling! Here, my individual cut comes in place. It’s a wild feeling! A rough feeling. The wheel was in front of my foot here. It’s scary. (I’m scared) When shooting the film; cool! Monbebe will be able to fall for me. [HYUNGWON]Now, while sitting on a chair, with some memo, looking at the writings. While thinking deeply. Like this, let it fall, walk out. The chair, itself, ‘tick’ – thrown, that kind of magic was attempted. Even if how it turns out is unknown, if it turns out something magic like, that would be liked. (You’re so beautiful) (I’m a little jealous, RRAAT-TA-TA-TA) [I.M] I, from the car, found something like a clue. A hint, searching for a clue of sorts. It’s not my car. But, I did act a bit like it’s my car. It was a good experience. Actually, it’s the first time to shoot with a car. I seemingly have the car from the beginning, that kind of feeling. (If this was your plan) (It worked very well) (JEALOUS BABY!) [WONHO] Opening with the hotel key, entering. Since I’ve entered, this place looks like Avengers came and left, a little bit like that. Something like the traces of a battle! This hourglass is pretty. When you do this, it falls to the bottom. It’s the feeling of going against gravity. The feeling of opposing the time. [SHOWNU] This place has an atmosphere a bit like a restaurant. Earlier inside, it’s like a kitchen, even fire came out. I feel the jealousy of the other members. Other members’ – should I call it breaths? I feel that kind of feeling.

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  1. my kings. uwaaaaah, i'm so proud of you babies. Keep it up and you'll be on top. Okay, Chankyun is my bias but I can't help but to adore and love them all so muuuuuuuuuuuch. So Changkyun is my bias and the rest are my bias wrecker. HAHAHAHA.


  3. The beauty of Monsta X is not only are they one of the most talented kpop groups they have the most adorable, endearing personalities. Obviously I don’t know them personally but they seem like such genuine, humble people. This is why they will always be my ultimate favourite group. I’m sorry but to me no one else comes close (and I’ve liked kpop for a long time :’D )

  4. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍✂️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️🤖👻👻👻👻👻👻👻😽😽😽😽😽🙏🏻

  5. when youre desperate for english subs and cant find them….type the hangul subs into your notepad to translate….im learning but still….took 15 mins to type out what hyungwon was talking about at 1:20 grrr… stubborn though, ill translate the whole darn thing for myself!

  6. we're losing this week. If everyone is ok with that, fine. otherwise Vote Winner has 40% and is #1

  7. i watched this whole thing without understanding it, tho
    i ended up wrecking my bias list ^^
    kihyun look so cute with the orange hair, but then when he does something like idk what he does but does something with his eyebrows like WTF he looks so sexy, he does it often when he is singing out loud, I am literally not being loyal to Jooheon lol

  8. This group don't have a visual, THEY'RE THE FUCKING VISUAL ♡♡♡♡ I LOVE YOU GUYS ☆☆☆☆

  9. Мои ЗАЙКИ ))) Я рада что узнала о вас, и есть в фандоме Monbebe😚😚😚😚😚. Поздравляю вас с вашим 3 годом от дебюта ))))) Ваша музыка великолепная, продолжайте в том же духе (И конечно жду совместную песню с BTS) Люблю вас ))🤗🤗❤❤❤😚😚❤❤🤗🤗🤗

  10. They were the only KPop male group that I idolized the most and nothing else. LOVE MONSTA X FOREVERMORE #SHOWNU #JOOHEON #HYUNGWON #I.M #KIHYUN # MINHYUK # WONHO

  11. Monbebes help me out here, I'm still new to Monsta X but does Minhyuk has some kind of habit of blinking his left eye more? Cuz I noticed it when I was watching this video I thought he's just doing a wink but then I noticed he blinks both of his eyes but his left eye opens up slightly late?

  12. my dear monbebes…. can you help ahgafam to [email protected] got7 mv lullaby? i do believe that our fandom have a good relationship just like our idols.. 1 vi3w from you are so meaningful, please help us to win our boys on music awards💚😿 it's ashame to begging you guys like this but i don't have another choice bcs i'm so hopeless rn. please help us, save us, and support us. ahgase will support monstax too💚

  13. Ой блиэт, нихера не понятно, на русском плиз. Слушайте, монбебе, давайте специально для них, устроим уроки русского языка? Они наверное как Тэхён "ЗДРАБСТВУЙТЕ, Я БИТИЭС", нужно это изменить

  14. Ladies and gentleman, at 0:06 you can witness the rare sight if wonho morph to wonhoe. Thanks for coming to moneagi safari, have a nice day 🐒

  15. Вау, смотрю такая, думала мне показалось, ай нет, на воротнике Гюны ,,стиль"

  16. Jooheon : "Monbebe will be able to fall for me !"
    Me : Honey I already fell for you , your my bias! fzhfjzhzli'féIU4BFGEBGI I can't with him 😩😍😭🔥💓💗💕💞

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