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For this project you will need to make small shiny cubes – and lots of them! I bought a 1cm optical cube off eBay and made a silicone mould from it I did buy a mini ice cube mould first, but it wasn’t shiny and the resulting cubes were not fully transparent 🙁 This only needs a tiny bit of moulding silicone so I combined it with another project, which is why there is so much in that dish! I used the mould to create a cube each time I had a bit of leftover polyurethane resin, simply because it cures faster than epoxy I kept making cubes until I had 36, and then used those to make a 36-up mould 27 would have been enough but I like to have some spares 🙂 Turning this many cubes into a single mould meant that I only had to do 1 epoxy resin pour For this project I’m using my usual epoxy art resin, which has a 2A:1B mix ratio by weight If you use a pipette to fill the cavities, and touch the bottom of the mould with the pipette, it will help to avoid bubbles getting trapped in the corners Let the resin dome very slightly so it levels off as it cures Lots and lots of small, optically clear cubes 🙂 Now you need to cover 3 sides of each cube in dichroic window film I found the easiest way to do this was to place the cubes onto the sticky side of the film, then cut around them with a sharp knife The only rule here is to not cover opposite faces of the cube, as per the illustration coming up Cover these 3 sides on each cube This took about a week Or maybe it just felt like it did :/ This a 50mm cube mould off eBay. Pour 5mm of resin and let it firm up. Get them bubbles! Pour a little more resin into the mould, and then add your cubes The idea is that they will all have the dichroic film facing in the same direction… But I managed to get some in the wrong way around :/ You can use a small flashlight to see which sides reflect gold Top up with more resin until it covers the cubes by 5mm, then straighten them up Allow that to firm up, then repeat the process for another two layers What did the ice cube say to the water? I’m cooler than you XD Sorry…. it’s the only cube joke I can think of This project did suffer with micro bubbles, but you really need a pressure pot to deal with those Just get as many as you can with the lighter flame Final layer I wonder if I could make a resin Rubik’s cube? Apparently the more you play with it the harder it gets :/ That’s it we’re done – 24 hours to cure and then it’s ready 🙂 Watch your knuckles on those sharp top edges Looks great, and no post-finishing required 😀 I’ll make a stand for it… Drill 6 holes in a hexagon pattern to suit some 3mm dowel This is actually a piece of scrap oak flooring Cut some 40mm lengths of 3mm dowel They literally flew 10 feet You can use wood glue or epoxy, anything suitable really I usually go for whatever dries fastest Finished! Be sure to leave any suggestions for a future video in the comments 🙂 Thanks for watching! Oh no here she comes… [Alexa] I’m actually impressed [Alexa] But I don’t think you’ll be putting Jack Storms out of a job any time soon

100 thoughts on “Making a Chroma Cube from Epoxy Resin with Dichroic Film | As seen in Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. That is really beautiful,,it would look good with a light , or make a bigger one and turn it into a table lamp, want to see more like that great idea.👍😺🌺🌷🌹🐯ps there is someone who cuts glass crystal and makes things like this but are very expensive to buy,thousands from around One two 5 thousand dollars euros or pounds,, this cube that you made is just as beautiful , and affordable to make, the person that makes the real crystal ones are. Beautiful too,, but this is easy to make when done properly..

  2. Ich bewundere deine Ideen, prezision und eleganz wie du das machst 🙂
    Für deine Filme habe ich extra Ordner auf meinem Komputer.
    Schöne Grüsse !!

  3. Oddly enough, I just watched a video about An AMAZING GLASS SCULPTURE CREATOR~ So, sadly this was a labor intensive, poor imitation. BUT, IF you're into tedious, somewhat drawn out projects…
    Thanks for sharing your idea, And I DO Want To Learn About Making Things With Resin, SO I WILL SUBSCRIBE!

  4. If you heat your epoxy to 189-200 F° (can use an oven) before you mix and pour, you will avoid bubbles. I've worked on custom boat stuff for awhile, and old timer showed me that trick.

  5. You really should have put something in there to keep the spacing more exact. Flat sheets of clear epoxy, maybe?

  6. Okay, this is going to keep me up all night! You are so clever and you make a very labor-intensive process look easy thanks to time lapse. I recently developed an obsession with dichroic glass and all things that color shift and cast rainbows. Thank you for sharing your art process with us!

  7. Merci beaucoup pour votre idée. J'ai essayé de le faire. Il est un peu moins bien réussi que le vôtre mais je suis quand même satisfaite du résultat. Continuez à nous inspirer ! 👍😍
    À bientôt.

  8. end result was better than expected, really nice. Also a lot cheaper than dichromic glass/crystal some artists painstakingly make.

  9. Creatively speaking, I would love to know more about where your inspiration comes from. This piece is just so awesome! Perhaps you can do a Q&A video?


    Mini ice cube mold

  11. I watched twice where you put the cubes in the larger cube to make your design. I think you placed all the little cubes with the film on top. Is this correct? This is mesmerizing!

  12. Thank you for making glass effect sculpturing affordable and available. I've been itching to have a go and now I can.

  13. this but each layer of rasin is differently colored in a soft transparent color, that is clear with just a tint of color…

  14. Awesome video.I like the video is the best.guitar cover song.What do you think about this.Thank you for being friends with music.ㅣ

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