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100 thoughts on “Maddie & Tae – Die From A Broken Heart (Official Music Video)

  1. I'm a 54-year-old grandfather and I live in Northern Ireland, we're renown for being hard men but this song broke my heart. I have two grandaughter one of whom turns a teenager this year and I know that sometime they are gonna feel like this. I want to protect them and make everything wonderful for them but I know some guy is gonna break their hearts.
    They have great Moms and dads but life is life right. Just wanted to say this song touches so many people.

  2. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year and I played this song for him and he said that no man should ever do that to woman but men do if your going thru a breakup stay strong and keep thinking positive because a good man is gonna come and make you feel so happy god bless girls with broken hearts

  3. I LOVE this song you guys had a amazing concert at the Fryeburg fair I had been waiting to see you two for six years!!! I started to cry when you two said fallow your dreams because this is what I want to do! Love you!!!!

  4. I've once felt as I was going to die from a broken heart about 15 years ago…. 10years ago I married the man of my dreams & have two AMAZING boys! My broken heart is NO MORE!!!!

  5. Well, my husband told me he wanted a divorce while I’m in town visiting him while he’s at army training school. So I’m stuck in a hotel 1000 miles away from all my family and friends and I don’t know what to do with myself. So “the nerve of this guy” really does hit me deep.

  6. "Momma please don't say I'm gonna laugh at this some day, you didn't see the way he drove away" honestly my favorite line

  7. 40 year old South Australian guy here, and love listening to a lot of Cody Jinks, Cody Johnson & Luke Combs etc..
    Good lyrics mean a great deal to me in a song (most of the time lol), but their delivery is just as important (how they are conveyed) if that makes any sense?
    I can honestly feel these girls moods when they sing (from 2:15 to 2:28 I was waiting for her to start crying), and only one other female artist has done that to me. Alison Krauss.

  8. This song had me crying but for a different reason

    My best friend who happened to be getting married the next morning died on the side of old highway 58 and me and my family made a cross for her on the side if the road where she died. This song makes me think of her.
    R.I.P. Katie 😭😭😭😩😩😩💒💒⛪⛪✝️✝️

  9. I lost my daddy 2 weeks on his own terms. This song has been on repeat.
    …mama the nerve of this guy to leave me so easy, an I gonna be alright?
    Mama can you die from a broken heart?
    It’s sure feels like 💔💔💔

  10. I relate to this song for a different reason then what the song is intended for but the desired effects are the same.. Thank you beauties I needed this song, my heart breaks everyday and this song helps me get through the bad ones.. Again thank you..

  11. This song ia just wow ,the lyrics are so deep and so real 🖤 probably why so many people identify with what's being said girl or guy

  12. Just heared this one for the first time in my life on a radio station on the internet. It is 3 AM here and…. I'm in love with this.

  13. The truth is I will never be able to go to my mama & ask her for help while balling my eyes out (she's a no tears kind of woman), but this song makes me think of a future when it hurts so bad that I will have to go & ask her for help to save me. I wish I could.
    I've been playing this non-stop and I keep crying

  14. What I love the most about this is how the questions for “mama” start off so casual before the transition to emotion and heartbreak comes out. It takes me back to when I was heartbroken, calling my mom to talk about my day and then progressing to tears, telling her it hurt so bad I felt like I would die. It’s so raw and real – how do you get a red wine stain out of a dress, how do you get black mascara off a pillowcase…how does he sleep at night??…

    I feel this song on so many levels

  15. "Your Dress" not mine. I don't wear dresses and hope I'll never have to again. Ma, you knew. It's NOT funny. I love you anyway.

  16. What was SO bad/wrong with me? How could he leave his own daughter, I never even got a memory of his face. He died too soon. I needed to tell him I didn't NEED him, I had a ma. She was enough to deal with alone.

  17. I know, I'm the living proof of his own sexual cheating. He cheated his SELF first. His marriage was his Grown responsibility. He couldn't stay true to the comment he made to himself let alone himself, his wife and their children.

  18. I was in a dress the first time I was sexually assaulted. He heard no, I was left alone with him long enough for someone to make a phone call. I hate dresses.

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