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100 thoughts on “Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) – The chase begins (1/10) (slightly edited) [4K]

  1. Note to my subs: I'm about to upload 10 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) more clips. And I don't want to ruin your sub feed, so I'm gonna turn off "Notice your subsribers" feature on all of them, except first and last. So if you want to see the rest – check out this playlist:

  2. Jesus Christ they ruined this movie for the original mad max fans! What a joke I had to wait over 30 years to be let down with this unrealistic over the top Hollywood piece of shit! You should have left a good thing be! what bloody embarrassment to the original wasteland.

  3. I just freakin love when movies hype you for the big action scene I like when it takes its time for the big
    moment rather then just straight forward

  4. Tom Hardy had some big shoes to fill because the first 2 mad max movies with Mel Gibson are some of the best movies ever made

  5. Didn't like this noisy and nonsensical movie. But I'd give a pint of blood to fight in a battle like this as the Doof Warrior.

  6. When I first watched this movie I was kind of on the fence during the opening. I wasn't really sure what the film was trying to do. The second I saw that guitar shoot flames I instantly got it and enjoyed the hell out of the rest of the movie.

  7. A movie that is made in a junk yard and a patch of desert earned 200 million US dollars.
    Anything stupid that makes money .why not.

  8. Не думал что дикобразы в оригинальной озвучке говорят по русски)

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