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100 thoughts on “Machine Gun Kelly – Glass House (feat. Naomi Wild) [Official Music Video]

  1. Listening to mgk since 2012 rep rep we always support you Kells #Est is a family …#est 19xx #est forever…lace up❤️❤️❤️

  2. Df I come back to this man's channel a year after he dissed Eminem I thought this dude was gangster thug life and all that now he's singing songs on broken hearts, depression,and suicide I'm sorry if I'm somehow hating i just wanted to spit facts real quick

  3. “ I put my daughter to bed and I attempted to kill myself in kitchen” 😓😓😓 pleaseeeeeeee don’t do that bc I lost my dad 🥺😢😢when was little so I know what it feels not having a dad u have something worth living for and that’s ur daughter and family ❤️❤️

  4. I'm here, Chester's soul is still deeply rooted in me 🙂 You're GREATNESS! No denying!! Mark has been made! m/

  5. I can relate to this song a lot. Music to my inner soul. Listening to music is probably the only time I feel anything of late.

  6. Can someone help me please depression is killing me i can't no more is like im the middle of the ocean screaming for help but no one can hear me and don't wanna take my life 💊🔫💉😖😔💔💔

  7. I just found that song and wow
    This song is so awesome

    I (Male/ 18) got such a Big tear in my Eye as I heared "I put my daughter to bed then attempted to kill myself in the kitchen" it Hits me so hard

    And no im Not depressed, just a emotional guy

  8. You know what's really sad and this is the God's honest truth what I'm about to speak here. I will listen to K-pop for hours at a time and love it before I listen to a single song from MGK and like it

  9. No body care about u after Eminem Diss trak, u got only 3 million views 😂 if I uploaded a video showing how I'm jerking it will come up with more views than this song, kill ur self bitch

  10. Hits and lyrics like these and all people can talk about is his diss with eminem… Jezzz.. Its been a year.. Appreciate a good song without the prejudice please. 😑😑

  11. Wish lil peep and me had spoke but I can't get that back just came from Pittsburg damn I miss my homie Mac" -lil peep & mac love you mgk they approve! 🔥

  12. I would like to help him write some material
    I feel like he’s getting better but still needs a little 🔥

    I give you props …the only rapper to continue his career after the eminem diss do have a back bone, now keep writing and hitting that studio..don’t give up

  13. i love this Beat, togetehr with this two amazing voices on it and dis video 😉 great work
    MGK i send much love and respect from Germany 😉

  14. I was just with nipsey now he ghost,
    They even got my homie pete out here like fuck the jokes. ❤
    Rip Nipsey. The marathon continues.

  15. This song sound like pleeeeeeeaz
    I need somebody to help me to get that shit out my system, my life is a mess ,
    I messed up .
    Mgk: you are an idiot, how can you do that ? you have a daughter and you behave like shit.

  16. This song is about
    100% depression
    100% coke
    100% sigarettes
    100% cafeine
    100% talent
    This is Mgk

    100% beauty
    100% talent
    This is Naomi

    And the most importantly thing is that he loves his precious daughter.

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