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Do you think there’s
still colorism in Hollywood? Ha!
Yes. Yeah. Yes, there’s definitely
still a misunderstanding of dark skin. I recently had a makeup
artist say to me, oh, well, you know, your
skin can take anything, it’s so tough. And my– I have
very sensitive skin. You know? It’s just misunderstood. Yes. And so that definitely,
then, plays itself in so many different ways. He’s mistaking
melanin for steel. Yes, and it is not, actually. It is not, yes. The more dark skinned women
that are present and working, the better. And I think it’s
about there being a change in the demographic
behind the camera, as well. Absolutely. And that’s how, then,
things will truly change.

23 thoughts on “Lupita Nyong’o Speaks Out About Colorism in Hollywood | Oprah At Home | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. This year I’ve appreciated Lupita more than ever. Artistic prodigies come and go, but those who use massive stages to speak out against wrongdoing are true treasures!

  2. You're being kind Lupuita…
    It's not a misunderstanding, just plain bigotry and most deliberatetly find ways to insult us… they love to try us.

  3. The most popular woman in Hollywood, award from her first movie (dark skinned) and the richest woman in the U.S. dark skinned, discusses colorism. What a joke. Lupita, a Mexican Kenyan, privilege, top U.S. college graduate discusses colorism. People fall for anything that will make them feel like a victim. These dark skin Africans come here and succeed while telling black folks it's skin color that holds them back. This is why we have Trump. Too many victims in the U.S. and people are getting sick of it.

  4. Oprah only shinning a light on colorism after black media youtubers like Chrissie speak out. You have done NOTHING to help the image of DS BW. Shame on you.

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