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– Modern romance is tricky. We build up these crazy expectations of what declaring your
love for someone looks like based on what we read about and see on TV. In today’s climate,
though, deathbed reunions, long-distance stalking,
and synchronized stabbings just aren’t realistic. That’s Skyler. Cute, right? I’m still just trying to figure out how to just say I like you. Sometimes the conversation
just slips away from me. – [Woman] Watch out. – Oh, hey, Skyler, it’s not pee, I swear. (woman coughing) Oh, god. And then there was the phone call. (phone ringing) Hey, Skyler, I was just wondering, do you know if we have
homework for Italian? I left my planner at school. Um, so, what’s been up with you? Or, sorry, sorry, that
was dumb, just get back to me whenever you get this message or don’t, I guess that’s cool too. Um, ciao, I mean… What was that, Mom? Sorry, sorry, I gotta go. I’ll talk to you soon, though. Bye. See what I mean? It’s like I just can’t get the words out. (bell ringing) But that was before. Now I have this. – Shh. – Now I have this. A fine-point Pilot G2 gel pen. Skyler lost it the other day in Italian. Misplaced it. I just gotta go over
there to give back the pen and then I’ll strike up
a casual conversation. Okay, okay, I got this,
just talk, just talk. Nope, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Okay, okay, shit, shit. I got this, just get up, just get up. Hey, Skyler. (Fifties music)

39 thoughts on “Lovestruck | My Rode Reel 2018

  1. DUDE! HOW! You're the next big thing, i would pay to learn from you. omgosh! i'm so glad i found your channel, you deserve so many more subs! Good luck in hollywood once you make it.

  2. You are so incredibly talented oh my I've watched all your films on this channel and I just wanna say that your work truly inspires me. I'm applying to USC in a year and I hope I can make good content like yours. Fight ON!

  3. Can I follow you on Instagram or any other type of social media?? Would love to hear more about how your schooling is going! Hoping to transfer to a film school within the next few years 😊

  4. All was great! But who ever the camera operator was, it was like watching a David fincher film! Props to him

  5. Very cool, and G O O D L U C K in the competition (Great acting) cool. Cheers from Wild Western Australia

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