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What the hell’s going on? What’s on your stupid bloody mind? You reject me. You refused to sleep with me.
Now you keep following me. You’re not just any girl.
How to put it? You’re special. Must I spell it out? So what’ll you do?
Stupid! – I mean…
– Go on, talk! Why you following me? – I won’t anymore.
– Did I tell you to stop? – No.
– So? Yes, I’m wrong. You be wrong too. Come, let’s get it wrong again. Leena, I’m very serious about you. I won’t ever leave you. You could’ve said that on the phone. – Come, let’s elope!
– Get lost! If you feel I’m bothering you… …I’ll go away. My career is everything to me. What happened? Being with only one man
and loving him all your life… …is not natural. What? Follow your heart today. Hey you two! This is not a *******! What the hell did you say? *******! The stage is all set!
Do it with a twist! Would you like to break dance? The one thing you knew
you’d never do… …you realize you do it one day.
Just like that. We’ll sort it out. It’ll never get sorted, Veer. What is it, Zoe? You’ve started to bother me. I’ll never be able to strike a balance
between my career and you. I can compromise in a relationship,
but not with you. I want all of you, Zoe. The inside one, outside one, career one,
family one. Full! Be with me fully… …or don’t be with me at all. Eyes meet, hearts meet It’s the same story,
just the eras change. Do you get attracted to girls? Yeah. Don’t you get attracted to boys? Yeah. I feel like drinking petrol too!

100 thoughts on “Love Aaj Kal – Official Trailer | Kartik, Sara, Randeep, Arushi | Imtiaz Ali | Dinesh Vijan | 14 Feb

  1. He is not even close to saif ali khan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 kesi shkl hai bhai iski💩 editing my comment….shkl hi nhi acting bhi tatti hai is actor ki hadh hoti hai and they are comparing him with saif 😂😂😂😂

  2. I had doubt on Sara’s acting. Now it's confirm . Off screen manners won't help you to get success in movie! Learn acting babe 😥

  3. Koi mehnat nahi ki.. same story.. same songs.. same movie name.. star k bache k bhi same… Ssly.. sic.. why imtiaz.. why???

  4. Sara Ali Daant nikal kr :tum mujhy tang krne lge ho😂😂😂😂😂ye kon sa emotion tha 😂😂😂 totally confused….Not match up to Saif Deepika love aaj Kal .

  5. Ohh y Bollywood now remaking old movies too with same story line, bt this will be a hit no matter what we people say we will go and watch it even after calling out nepotism and all

  6. Superb Guys !!❤️👍👍💖
    Loved the trailer, I think this will be a amazing and marvelous turning point for Kartik and Sara..💥❤️❤️
    Congratulations to whole team!!

  7. The trailer disappointed me so much ke theater kya isse to main ghar pe bhi na dekhun.. instead i would rather watch the original!!

  8. Sara ka Baap to Koffee with Karan me Gaya thha …fir bhi acting me struggle kyu Kar rahi he ?

    The other girl looks cute and seems to have done a better job in acting in this one.

  9. Abey mana movie remake kr rhe ho par gaand toh dusre bana lete whi purane gano ki maa bhn karoge ab tum remixe k naam pe.

  10. Aana to Puri trh aana nhi to aana hi Mt. Same for this movie from my side…aana to dhng Ka kuch Leke aao …aisa Lana h to aao hi Mt….😆

  11. Saif had killed the role in love ajkal and was very good movie overall. This looks like a way below average movie with Sara and Karthik looks very unnatural and a disaster…who agrees?

  12. ए सारा की आवाज सुनते ही ऐसा लगता है कि 50साल की आन्टी डबिंग कर रही हैं 😅😂😂😂😂

  13. Bloody fucked up man… Grow up above sting love stories….. We get it imtiaz love is beautiful but please stop bored us all

  14. when you don't have new story,songs,expressions and two actors who don't know good acting but give you hot chemistry then make a sequel to a very good movie,use songs and story of that movie

  15. There is no chemistry and acting . Dialogues sucks🙄not worth the hype . Should have taken a good actor for this movie. There are many good ones. But no lenge toh sara aur Kartik ko hi . God knows why ? Every dialogue is like garbage 🗑

  16. Talking of petrol….its really expensive these days..!! These oil refinery companies are looting us…we're all paying more than 20/- as duty …and they are distracting by all this CAA/NRC BS. By the way trailer is as uncomplicated, simple shiny as Imtiaz Ali's hair style.

  17. Imtiaz Ali the most underrated and Best Director of India

    Jab We Met
    Love Aaj Kal
    Legendary and Classy Filmography

    Only mistake – JHMS

    This movie is going to set new benchmark for Love Stories
    Hit like if u agree

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