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LOST EINSTEIN [weeping] [weeping] [door creaks] [weeping] [door shuts] It would have been nice if
our son had joined us, dear. Hmm… -Hmm…
[honking] Hey…! [tyres screeching]
Ouch! [glass breaks]
[thud] Hey!
Wake up… Wake up… Sharadha, wake up… Mr Pratap, we tried a lot.
Her BP is uncontrollable. A lot of blood was lost
till you reached here. It’s a miracle that she survived till now. Please go and talk to her if you
have any final words to speak. Sir, we are extremely sorry. Hope you are fine. I am fine. It’s hurting a lot. I don’t have the strength
to hold my breath anymore. Don’t say such words. I was worried if something
has happened to you then, our son would have become an orphan. I was holding my breath. You will be fine. Take care of our son. [weeping] “This father…” “…will take care of you like a mom” “This father…” “…will love you like a mom” I will make sure you don’t miss your mom “I will be your mom and play with you” “I will be your moms lap for you” “I will be your school who teaches you” “While I feed you,
I’ll become the food,” “which feeds you with love” “While you go to bed,” “I will be your storybook,
air and lullaby” Dad let me cut it. -No Son…
-Ouch! [groans] Show me You have to be careful son. Forgive me. It wouldn’t happen again. “While I am here,
evil things cannot happen to you” “Nothing can harm you when I am here” “Every moment each and every moment…” “I will protect you like your mom” “I will become an umbrella in the storm” “I’ll become light in your darkness” [burbling] Sometimes, he reminds me of your sister. He resembles your sister and has
inherited all her habits. Brother-in-law, it’s been four years since her demise
and you still think of her daily. It’s time to move on. You should get married again
for the sake of him. She is not a memory,
which can be forgotten. She is a beautiful indelible
emotion in the heart. Coming to his care, I may not breastfeed him
like a mother but, I can take care of him like a mother. I will be there for him and
he will be there for me. And your sister’s memories
will be there for us. This is it for this life. Hey!
Are you a scientist that too in ISRO? How can you get defeated by my son? Brother-in-law, it’s not easy to beat him. [thud] Ramayya, I see that you are arranging
the bricks differently… why is that? I don’t know sir. My son said I could finish my work early
if I arrange bricks in this manner. I can carry more bricks
without falling in this way. That’s correct. You finish your work early
if you carry in this way. He is always right sir. Sometimes I feel as if he
knows everything by birth. By the way, what is he studying? Running my family itself is tough with
the earnings that my wife and I get. How can I send him to school? Why didn’t you join him
in any government school? Everyone is suggesting the same. Since many days, I’m requesting Moosapet
contractor to send me and my wife there. I heard that there is a government
school in Moosapet. Ok,
I will speak to contractor then. So kind of you sir. Dad, do you know some of the
stars that we see now are ghosts? How can it be? It takes billion years for some stars’
light to fall on Earth. So,
they might be alive or dead. So, shouldn’t we consider
all those dead stars as ghosts? [laughs]
Okay, sleep now. Brother-in-law,
we came to know a horrible news. What is it? This world is going to end. We have recognised a black hole
which is nearing our earth in 500 years. It will swallow the whole Solar System. What the hell are you saying? Yes, it’s true. Do not spread this across, as this
is highly confidential information. If the word gets spread out,
people will panic. How could this happen? How did you get to know which
wasn’t detected earlier? Is it true that everything
will end in 500 years? Black Holes cannot be detected, because even the light cannot
escape from its gravitational pull. Until now we were able to identify
only stationary black holes, that too based on the stars
revolving around these black holes. It was an indirect way
of detecting Black Holes. No one could guess that these massive
black holes could move. But Einstein predicted this. But the problem here is the
probability of the stars or, the planets revolving around
these moving Black Holes is very low. In such a situation, it’s impossible
to know the presence of Black Hole. Now one such Black Hole is coming
near earth in 500 years. Then how were you
able to detect it now? Uncle, we can detect them through
gravitational waves, right? You, recently we have invented
the gravitational lens. We can trace the gravitational
disturbance through this. We detected in this way. So, what are our options for now? With present physics knowledge and
capabilities, we do not have any options. It’s a dead end.
It’s all over. I will find out uncle.
I will find a solution for this. Put four pillars here and next to it… What Ramaiah? What’s going on? I came to thank you, sir. You had spoken with the contractor,
it seems. He asked us to come
there by next Monday. We will send our son to school. I owe this all to you, sir. Provide him with a good education. Alright sir,
we will leave now. [shouts]
[thud] Dad… Dad… Mom… Mom… [weeping]
Mom… Mom… Dad, wake up… Dad… Mom… Some lives are so unfortunate. If they move one step forward, then
life will take them ten steps backwards. So sad. Daddy,
I want to do an experiment. What is it dear? It is Atom Smasher. Anyway, I hardly understand
what you speak nowadays. You are talking something else. Tell me what you need for that. I need an electrical
wire, motor, bulb, light and a wheel. Ok. [temple bell rings] [footsteps] [ritualistic bell rings continously] God,
take care of my son and keep him safe. I need nothing else. Just grant me the strength to
arrange everything for him. I see some
divine-charm in you. You are born for a reason. This world would need
your help in the future. -Ouch!
-Take care dear. I see some divine-charm in you. You are born for a reason. I will find a solution for this uncle. Dad, our Atom Smasher is ready.
[switches clacking] What’s happening? [electricity crackling] [glass breaks]
Let ‘s go. What have you done? [footsteps arriving] By God’s
grace, you both are safe. What were you trying to do? Atom Smasher. What? You need a place at least as large
as football ground for that. How can you do in this small room? No need,
I have come up with a new process. What? Is blowing house
is your new process? What are you studying and
what you are trying to achieve? Have you gone mad? This is what I was trying to do. Give me a minute. Do you think it will work? Then, why did it explode? It did because I used
inferior materials. But my process is correct. Ok, document the whole process along
with all the equations and give it to me. Okay. Brother-in-law, your son is extraordinary.
He seems to be next Einstein Huh! [panting] Hey!
[honking] [shouts]
[glass breaks] [indicator beeping] [panting] Such an evil dream shouldn’t come again. I don’t want my son to be
an orphan even in dreams. -Hi uncle.
-Brother-in-law, immediately you should… …bring Santosh to ISRO. Why Sampath? Didn’t I tell you that our
boy is the next Einstein? Take him with you and start
there in the morning. He invented a new process. It seems like he may save the earth
in future as he claimed. No,
we are not coming anywhere. He doesn’t need to achieve
anything and save anyone. It’s enough if he is fine. You have seen what has happened that day,
right? That’s it. Spare us now. Please dad,
let’s go to ISRO. Brother-in-law, I am scared that
your overloving nature might harm him. How is it if you continue in this way? His mother is watching us from heaven. She won’t forgive me if
something happens to him. My sister will not forgive you for
sure if you commit this mistake. Please, dad, I promise you
that mistake won’t be repeated. Dad, please let’s go to ISRO. Huh! [phone ringing] -Hello.
-Brother-in-law, where are you? Have you started? Yes, we are on the way.
We will be reaching there in three hours. Dear, are you feeling hungry? Yes, dad. Okay. Hey waiter, get some water here. [weeping] Who is going to save me
from this monstrous person? Son, what would you like to eat? Tell me. Dad, I will have poori. Hey you idiot, how long will you make it? -Brother, don’t hit me.
-Make it fast. -What are you doing?
-Brother… -brother, please don’t hit me.
-Damn! Unnecessarily, I gave you a job. Are you crazy?
How can hit a child? Hey lady,
mind your own business and leave. We should not get into this mess,
let’s go. Shucks!
Don’t know when this world will change. Dad, isn’t it pathetic to bind and
hit that child to make him work? Why don’t you stop him, dad? Son, we should not get
into all these things. Forget it and sit quietly. What do you mean dad? Is it that we should
respond only if we have any benefit in it? Sir, he is my brother in law… -…and he is my nephew.
-Good morning sir Congrats Santhosh!
You are the young Einstein. You have a bright future.
You’ve done it a very intelligent way. A 7th-grade student named
Santosh from Warangal has proved that the LHC experiment carried
by thousands of scientists spending billions of dollars
can be done in an easy way. Now, the whole world is
calling him as ‘Next Einstein’. I feel happy to say that Living
Einstein is from our Warangal and also proud that he is my nephew. He invented an easy method
for conducting LHC experiment… …at a very small age and
made our country proud. I need not explain again.
You all know, how useful his theories are in our
current technologies and development. Now in our future… No… I mean that we are going to get
more benefits in the near future. [applause] I thought you would say about upcoming
doomsday, uncle. We can be sent to jail. This is very confidential matter, uncle. It will create panic among
people if it becomes public, I know it Santosh. It was just slip of
the tongue. But I didn’t say it, right? Hmm… Let’s felicitate Santosh
who is our young Einstein. [applause] Who the hell parked
this car in the pathway? Find out who did this. Sir, what’s the problem? We need to leave urgently.
Someone parked this car in the pathway. Sir, I see there is enough
space to take your car out. No, there’s not much space to take
the car out. It will get scratches. I can take out your car without
a single scratch. Trust me, sir. There is sufficient space. -Hmm… Well, take it out.
-Sure, sir. [car starts] You have taken out with
precision. What do you do? I am a driver sir. Can you be the driver for
my son if you are interested? Sure sir. Then, come and meet me tomorrow. Okay, sir. Okay. Here are the readings of this month. Okay. Hmm… Won’t you remember us until
there is nephew’s felicitation? It’s nothing like that. I always wanted to come and meet
you but just got busy with my work. Dear… [mouthing words] So, what’s the progress Santhosh? I am almost there uncle. You have been saying the same
thing since long time, Santosh. We can think that there is
only one number between 1 and 3 or there may be infinite
numbers between them. What exactly is the problem? One should go into a black
hole to solve this theory. But it is possible only
in movies, unlike reality. You have to find a solution to this
like you said during your childhood. Only you can solve this. The fate of this world lies in your hands. Definitely Uncle. I will find
a solution and save this world. Hi sir So you came. Well, I forgot to ask your name
on that day. What’s your name? Sir, my name is Kranthi. Sir, you are Mr.Prathap. Am I correct? Yeah, how do you know? I know you, sir.
You have seen me three times 20 years ago. Oh! Is it? Take the car keys. It’s been a long time since the last
service. Get it serviced tomorrow. Okay, sir. Well, I forgot to tell you. The car’s odometer isn’t working I will be free tomorrow. Get it repaired. No need sir. I don’t know about
others but I don’t use it anyway. What? I can gauge the speed, sir. I can accurately tell
the speed of the car. How is it possible? Right now, our car is moving
precisely at a speed of 44.8 kmph. Look at that car.
It is moving at a speed of 60 kmph. Hmm… Look this car, sir.
It is moving at a speed of 40.4 kmph. Can you tell me our car speed
while increasing the speed? Sure, sir. Now, we are at the speed of 45.4kmph. Okay 50… Uhuh. 52… 55… Now, it’s exactly 56.1… 56.2, sir. Uncle, shall we play a game of chess. Only your father can play with you
though he knows that he will be defeated. But who would like to play with you when
they know they are sure to lose the game. Leave it, uncle. Kranthi Yes, sir. Come upstairs. Okay, sir. Hmm… Come Kranthi.
I’m bored, let’s play chess. Okay, sir. You are playing very well Kranthi. Who knows, sir? What is this, sir?
Can a pawn kill in this way? You are playing very well, but
don’t you know this move? Sir… The thing is that you didn’t
play this way in the past ten days. I didn’t see such move by
either by you or your father. Actually, I learned to
play chess by seeing you. That’s why I don’t know this move. What? Are you kidding! No, sir. It is true. Let’s play this some other time, Kranthi. What happened Santosh? Yes! I moved one step
forward to the solution, uncle. That’s good. Hey, that’s not the way.
let me show you how to solve this. Give it to me, I’ll show you how to solve
this. You have to turn it in this way. What’s the matter Santhosh? Kranthi almost defeated
me in the chess uncle. Did you forget that you
have defeated the grandmaster? How can he defeat you? I’m not sure. Seeing all scenarios and possibilities, my chances of winning were very
less in afternoon’s game, dad. It’s okay son. Sleep now. Here, these are the
readings of this month. What happened? The gravitational ripple data
of this month is very unusual. What does that mean? Nothing, everything is fine. [music] It’s been too long that
you have been depressed. -Have some food.
-No, dad. Son… I can sense that something seems to
be going wrong. What is the matter? Nothing Prathap. Hey, will you tell me? The speed of the black hole has increased. How much time do we have? Very less. How much time is left, at least 400 Years? No, very much less than that. 100 years? We are left with only 20 years. Prathap…This is the reason Santhosh
asked me not to tell you about this. Take care of our son. No… [gasps] [music] Damn! Shucks! Hey! If you keep working on it constantly,
your brain will be tired. Take some break.
You will get some fresh thoughts. You have been specially
invited to some seminar. Attend it, you will feel relaxed. Okay, dad. A human brain can do wonders. On an average, every person uses only
5% of their brain power. We have achieved all
this with that mere 5%. Didn’t anyone use more than 5% till date? Till date, among the known
persons of the world, Einstein is the only person to
have used 10% of his brain capacity. You know how Einstein influenced this
world. And that is the power of the brain. What if someone uses 100% brain power? 100 percent?
But I can tell you how it would be [laughs] I don’t know about it. But I can tell you how it would be if
a person uses 20% of his brain power. Precision… If anyone has such this
thing, they will have very high precision. For example, We cannot exactly tell time and
distance without measuring it. If we get used to them for a few days,
we can make a rough estimation. But those people can tell
it with exact precision. They observe it very
keenly and meticulously. We are at the speed of 45.4 kmph, sir. And due to effective binding in their
brain, their memories are very
detailed and long termed. [applause] Good luck… Good luck to you. Excuse me. Sir… Yes I need your autograph. Why does he need my autograph?
Is it my incapability to save the world? Thank you very much. I have a small request. You heard my seminar, right? I have devised a test to prove my theory. You are the perfect sample for my test. If I can prove my test
by conducting it on you, the world will accept my theory. No, I’m busy. Dad, what do you think about our driver? What do you mean? He is unlike any other ordinary driver. There is something
special about him. He isn’t how he looks.
He seems to be very intelligent. Yes, you are right, son. I have seen
him fixing the issues at home easily. Even I felt the same. That’s not what I meant, dad.
I’m talking about different thing. I mean, what if he was educated
and became a scientist like me? What if he finds the solution
for the problem that we are facing? You’ve been overthinking due
to the worry of lack of time. But relax, everything will fall in line. What happened on that day after we left? I escaped from that place and did
whatever I could do to fill my stomach. From then, I did almost all the jobs. Later, I learned driving and had been working as a
driver for the past three years. What happened?
Is everything alright? I am unable to do it, dad.
We don’t have much time. I don’t understand what to do. Don’t worry son. You can do it.
You will save everyone. No, dad. Whatever I did till now lead
to the same point from where I started. These two equations are the
same. They are kind of mirror images. I didn’t understand anything. Hmm… Let me explain to
you in an understandable day. Suppose I started working on the solution
from here and moved forward this way, Finally when I thought I
am near to the solution, I realised that I reached to
the same place where I started. It means, I have started
and ended at the same point. It’s a loop and dead end. Which means we will
never get the solution. It’s over. Everything is over. [gasps] Isn’t it pitiful, dad? Tying and
beating that child to make him work? Why don’t you stop him, dad? Dear, please rescue that kid. Okay. Hey, untie the kid. -If you do this again,
-Dear… There would be neither
you nor your restaurant. Beware! Hello… Hello… Wait. Get the jeep,
we need to arrest a person over here. Mother.. Mother… [gasping] Did I make a mistake? Hey, the entire world kept hopes on you. If you being ‘the young
Einstein’ is unable to solve it, isn’t there anyone who can solve it? Is humanity going to end soon? I am very privileged that you came to
see me. Tell me what can I do for you. We’re doing research on a theory. Okay We don’t have much time to complete it. Okay… The thing is that,
as you said in your seminar… Is it possible to find out if
a person is born intelligent? Because I feel that my
driver is born intelligent. How to know that? What happened? We are at the speed of 45.4 kmph, sir. Impressive, but we cannot just
confirm with those things. But why you are so
concerned about your driver? It is not about the driver.
It’s about the entire humanity. I mean, the theory that I am working
will significantly change the world. Oh! That’s why I came to
you to talk about this. You are very good person. In these days, when people are
working to get fame for themselves, You are working on the
betterment of the world instead of being concerned
of your honour and credit. It’s not about being
good. It is necessary. Okay, listen. As I told you earlier, I have designed
a test similar to that of an IQ test. This test helps in calculating the brain
power usage of highly intelligent people. Till date, people scored
only 5 or 6 out of 100. Bring your driver to me.
We will conduct this test on him. Okay, I will bring him. What about my request, sir? Would you
also like to take this test for my sake? Okay, let’s do it. Sir, it is really impressive.
Very impressive. A score of 11 is incredible. That is the reason you have
been named as Young Einstein. Your result will be a proof for
my test. Thank you very much. Seems like my expectation
might become reality, dad. About what? About our driver. We have gobbled up rising wave
before it touches the shore. On a similar thought, we have cut the tree
that gives shade to the entire world. Kranthi is like a star that was
concealed by the dark clouds, dad. All these days, we ignored his light. But now, he became like a useless
candle and we are the reason for that. What happened? Do you know the price that we are
paying for our irresponsibility, dad? Our lives. In fact, everyone’s lives. Nothing… I requested to test Kranthi. Kranthi, I heard you play chess
very well. Let’s play a game. Your game is over, sir. What? Your game will be finished
within the next 10 to 35 moves, sir. How? The exact number of moves left for your
game would depend on your next moves. But, your game is over. I can see that. You made a mistake four steps ago. You may not have realised
it at that point in time. But your game was decided by that step. You don’t have any option, sir. Kranthi, come with me. Sir, what happened? Kranthi, tell me the solution for this? What are you saying, sir?
How would I know the solution? It’s you who is working on it, right? It’s not me but it is you
who should be doing this. What are you saying, sir?
I don’t understand anything. How did we lose him, dad? If anyone of the people or the
government would have educated him, we wouldn’t be facing this situation now. [weeping] Save this world. [music] [weeping] There is something
special in this kid, dear. He too looks intelligent like our son. Whatever he is, it is irrelevant to us. I am doing at least this
just because you asked me. [vehicle honks] They will never come no matter
how many days you wait for them. It’s an incredible
achievement to be a great scientist and to be called as
‘Young Einstein’ being an orphan. Humanity would have
ended if you aren’t there. You are the god’s gift to humanity. Mr Sampath, you are overly praising me. It is nothing before what you have done. The problem you’ve solved is a
kind of reincarnation of humanity. I am very proud that even
my nephew is part of it. I am very privileged to travel with
the world’s top 1st and 2nd scientists. Because Mr.Prathap saved and
joined me in the orphanage, I am able to reach this position
today. The whole credit goes to him. [weeping] You are born for a reason. If I would have saved Kranthi, would
I be considered as born for a purpose? My son and the world is facing this
situation because of my irresponsibility. By ignoring my opportunity, I brought my son and this
world into this situation. Dad… Dad.
[sobbing] Every one of us is born for a purpose,
but we do not realise those purposes. Our negligence and irresponsibility
can be obstacles for own growth, Or it may cause to have no growth at all. [music] “Have you observed
these guys among us” “All these guys are adorable” “How can we say which of them” “will reach to great heights?” “Which seed will give
rise to a medicinal plant” “which will save lives?” “Intellectual talent
cannot be seen by eyes” “Your help may shine the talent
to reach greater heights” “Your help may bring light to
this world and end darkness”

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