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Can you hear me? Yeah… Put the hat on and pull it over your eyes. I don’t see a hat. Where is it? In your left corner. Yeah, put it on and pull it over your eyes. Come on! (sighs) Keep standing! I’ll tell you when to sit! Do we add some noises? No. She’s different. Sit down! (cell phone chimes) FATHER(in Spanish, recorded): Yes, hello… GEORGE(in Spanish, recorded): Hello, I’d like to speak to Diana please. FATHER(recorded): Is it important? GEORGE(recorded): No, but…Is she available? FATHER(recorded): She’s gone to the mountain, she doesn’t have a signal there. (crying) No! FATHER(recorded): I think she’ll be back in a couple of days. Do you wanna leave her a message? GEORGE(recorded): No, that’s okay… I’ll call her back in a few days. Bye. Diana, we wanna work together, so nobody gets hurt in our little affair. Do you understand? Nod if you understand. (dynamic music) Big deal! I will shoot. I’m not playing! Just kill him! Mozart…
(piano music) Mozart… (in Spanish) Did he do anatomy too? (electrocution noise) (roars of laughter) But… But I saw them dead. So did I. Did I hear anything? No. Did you hear anything? Belle… Ma me mi mo mu… (articulation exercises) (footsteps) (door knocking) (piano music starting)
(door knocking) (piano music starting) (in Spanish) Yes. I believe this is how it should be. (in Spanish) But why? Because… Because we rarely make love… It’s been months since we’ve done it. Diana, I know. But I’m not the only one running this thing… I don’t decide when to do it and when not to. You can’t blame it all on me. We’ve both been irritated and exhausted… And once you even said “let’s fuck”… It sounded pretty bad. Diana, how can you…? And it’s not the only reason. You said that my ex-husband pays to small an alimony for my child… But now he’s your kid too… I know Diana. That is so… But…we were going through bad times… A bad streak. It was just an idea, a suggestion, how do you want me to explain it? A ten year old boy can’t be raised on his own, he could have given us some more. It wasn’t even enough to buy a liter of gasoline. Yes, but I told you that he was having money problems. And now he has another child. I know I understood, so I didn’t say anything else. And you don’t like my friends, you never talk to them. Who? Rina…Her husband… I’ve have a lot of work I’ve got other things on my mind, my head wasn’t exactly set on making friends. Pablo, you’ve upset them! The hell with it! What does this have to do with us? Don’t you see? You’re ready to get a divorce for these reasons? (photo shot) Are they the real reasons? (camera shutter beeps) GEORGE(in English): The one thing you’ll miss will be… her spiritual side. Other than that, she’ll be exactly, exactly the same woman. The soul… Don’t worry! The soul, feelings…Count on your feelings, try and build a bridge towards her…A one way road, if you want, if you can. Give in more. You gotta be able to. No? What do you think? How long have you two been separated? Almost a year. No love vanishes in a year, if it ever existed. It did, right? (softly) Yes. GEORGE: It’s gonna happen in a week. Give or take a day. You’ll have a whole night with her. GEORGE: You’ll have two meetings, one today, another tomorrow. One with a psychologist, another with an acting and choreography master. Yes… You’ll tell us about her. Gestures, habits, tics, features, odors and other details that only you may know, even intimate, physical. We will follow her and we’ll film her for a couple of days. The woman who will play her will be trained by our specialists. All this, together with the effect of the drug, harmless hallucinogen that we’ll give you, and we’ll get the result we want: you’ll spend a whole night with a woman just like her, the love of your life. She will look just like her, smell like her, move the same, everything will be the same, But… …she won’t talk to you. Neither you won’t talk to her. But the sensations, all of them, with no exception, will be much deeper and stronger. You’ll feel her, you’ll have her again… You understand, right? What’s in it, Pablo? The payment upfront, like I was told. How much? Three thousand… (in Spanish)I’m afraid you misunderstood… GEORGE: What do you see in this photo? What does this woman’s face tell you? Let me tel you… Are you paying attention? She’s got style, sophistication… She has class, she’s a special woman, beyond normal standards, beyond the hopes that ninety % of men on this planet might have… I mean men who’re still able, virile. And you want us to recreate her at a normal woman’s price? Do you wanna ruin everything? Do you have any idea how much the components and the preparation of that hallucinogen will cost us? Do you know how much the professionals who will make her become the perfect look alike will cost me? (water noise) (electronic lugubrious sound) (breathes heavily) (whispering, in English) No…No, you can’t do anything about it… You can’t…You can’t. Diana. You’re mine now. You and your family. Don’t push me aside. Come on, take it easy. It’ll be okay. I can have you whenever I want. I can do as I please with you. You know this, don’t you? Tell me! I know, I know… (sudden strident sound) God damn morons! (heavy footsteps, crying) (door opening) What are you retards doing?! We didn’t do anything. What is it? What do you mean you didn’t do anything?, you idiot! Why’d you play the noises? I told you I had a different plan. But I didn’t play anything, I’ll be damned if I did. The hell with you then! Come on, he didn’t touch any button. (in bad English) I was right here. Yeah? And where did that noise come from? Did I hear anything? No. Did you hear anything? No. We didn’t hear anything. (door closes) (instrumental sudden intense sound) He is a singer? (in bad English) No, that’s a movie microphone. What? He thought he had talent as an actor so he tried. He also tried as a director but he also failed. That’s why he bought all these lights, the cameras, the sound equipment and he brought it here in the warehouse. But he didn’t succeeded…So, anyway… Do you think… how much money George will take outta of this? Huh? Well, if we… have five grand each I think he keeps… at least five so…. six, seven, maybe eight… And why we don’t share it equally? Because he is the brains. (instrumental sudden scary sound) (dramatic symphonic excerpt) (door opening) You’re okay boss? I swear we told the truth. (softly) OK. (dramatic symphonic excerpt) (same dramatic symphonic excerpt) (lighter sound) (in English) What? (very bad English) At night you can see the glow of a cigarette over a mile distance. I’m not kidding. A sniper can easily spot you. (a worst English) Yeah, and…and…a car… Hold on, hold on. Speak Spanish. I understand all. No problem for me. (in Spanish) A Interpol car can be seen over what distance? (mumbling in Spanish) Give me one, please. Thanks. (lighter sound) I wanted to tell you… that smoking is bad. but it seems the ones… with marijuana are harmless. You can’t see those from a distance? (laughs) Don’t have any of those. (laughing and mumbling in Spanish) (car window knocking) (in Spanish) Hi. (in Spanish) Hi, guys. What do you want? Come inside, have a drink with us, loosen up a little… What’s the occasion? The boss says we should get to know each other better, ’cause you’ve been wasting your time here these last two nights… Make that three. See? A truce. Shall we? (bad Spanish) D’you have anything to eat? (in bad English) And I don’t mean doughnuts and… Sure. We’ll order. What do you want? Pizza? Sure. You? We’re going? Why not? Good choice. I want pasta…And some… Chinese stuff, dumplings, I don’t know… What about something to drink? Anything. I want some dry white wine. I want a (mumbling) Beaujolais. Of course. What’s your name? Ariel. (laughs) What’s so funny? Don’t you know? Ariel is a cartoon character, a mermaid. But it’s also one from Shakespeare’s “Tempest”. Nah, it’s funnier if I get to fuck a mermaid not a ghost… Officers, I’m waiting. Do you have any joints? (water noise) GEORGE(loudspeaker effect): You gotta look good, look at the state you’re in. Eyes barely open, dark circles… You have to be gorgeous, Diana. Bonita… Show me your breasts! (in English) OK. Cover yourself. (in Spanish) Was that so difficult? Was that hard? (in English) I asked you if it was hard! Was it to much for you to answer? Should we keep the same relationship based on common sense and respect? Diana! I can force you to get naked, I can make you do a pole dance, or a strip show in here for hours, I can do anything to you! Do you agree? And what do you do? You refuse to show your tits. Big deal! I’m sorry. Quiet! (recorder switch on) GEORGE (recorded, in Spanish): Hello, I have some flowers for Diana. (in English) This is me! FATHER (in Spanish, recorded): She’s not home. GEORGE (recorded): You don’t have to sign anything. Just give her these flowers, okay? FATHER (recorded): Yes, of course… (loud noises like gunshots) (in Spanish, crying) No! You murderer! (in Spanish) Shut up! Listen! FATHER(recorded): What was that? GEORGE (in Spanish, recorded): I don’t know, they’re doing some work upstairs. FATHER(recorded): What, what…noise… Sir, sure…I’ll give my…my daughter…the flowers. GEORGE (recorded): Thank you. Sorry for the trouble. (piano mysterious music) Not bad. Let’s see the red one. You want a beer? Huh? No. I don’t think we care much about the black one. It’s either this or the other. What do you think? Diana! Which one? This one. Diana, be more specific! The one I’m wearing, the red one. I’d like to see the white one again. Can you do that? Please? This one’s perfect. (soft music) (in Spanish) What’s your name? Belle. Another fairy tale character. “Beauty and the Beast”. What story? Thank God its not “Red Riding Hood”, or we’d have been accused of child molestation. Yeah, “Beauty and the Beast”. How old is your daughter? Five. Congrats. Do you read her stories? Of course. Who’s her favorite character? Snow White. She must be a sweetheart. And you know all the stories? Yeah. I always read them to her, I even interpret them. Do you play Snow White? No. She’s playing the female roles herself. I’ll be the prince, or one of the dwarfs, or the wolf… If she saw you eat like this (laughter) she’d only keep you a wolf… It’s just one night, Diana, one night. Then you can go home and forget all about it. Nobody will get hurt if you listen to me and do as I say. He won’t even know it was you, the real you. He believes you’re just a hallucination created by the drug. How can he believe that? He’s not an idiot. Often times love clouds the reason, don’t you know it? Or were you never in love? You musn’t make any errors, you have to listen to me!, okay? The slightest mistake can ruin everything. Your father, your son, maybe even your ex-husband, if you still care about him, may be in danger. And you… Well, that’s your decision, what more can I say? (scream of a man, instrumental strident noise) (electronic terrible sound dissolved in instrumental music) (sinister roars of laughter) (door opens) Sorry boss. I just play few sounds but it’s over now. Where is Gorilla? He said he’s gone to Ariel. He need…He need to relax a little bit. You mean fuck her? Basically, yes…Yes… Because he didn’t fuck in a while so… she was the only one available… What noises did you play? Show me. Play it again, but only in here. This one and this one… (screaming man) (squeaky sound, screaming woman) (screams dissolved in instrumental music) (heavy instrumental music) George, you OK? (instrumental music mixed with electronic sounds) (water noise) (softly symphonic mysterious chords) (in Spanish) It’s a long way. Drive safe. I’ll be very careful. I have you now… And you don’t wanna lose me… I don’t wanna lose you. Don’t lose me! That’s what you said when you fell in love with me. Never. I’m gonna miss you. Very much. How do you know? I was talking about me. I’m gonna miss you a lot. (wistful music starting) I was right. About? These joints. Is that what we’re smoking? I’m not sure… I think so… I don’t know. Anyways, it wasn’t bad. Belle’s kinda pretty. Ariel too. The Beaujolais as well. (heavy instrumental sounds) (scary instrumental sounds) (water sounds, voices from behind the wall) MAN: We didn’t get that far. But we did see the waterfall… WOMAN: Did you take any photos? MAN: I posted them on my blog. Go and see. (in Spanish) Help! Please help! I’m locked up in here! Please! MAN:…got back on the ship, I mean ferry. WOMAN: I was around that place myself a few years back… Help! Help me, please. Please! Help me, please. Help! Help! Who let her go? I don’t know, I swear! See what’s wrong with him! (dramatic instrumental sound) (in Spanish) Don’t play with fire! You’ve got nowhere to run. Come on dollface, listen to me. GORILLA: The Goon’s dead! He’s dead! The bitch killed him! (in Spanish) Enough with the games! You committed murder, Diana. She’ll pay for this…I’ll strangle her to death! Wait! I will shoot, Diana! I’m not playing. Hey, stop! Don’t move, Gorilla! Why won’t you let me kill this bitch? Because I don’t wanna lose a lot of money. What about him? Him?! No more Goon, he’s gone! What was he doing in there anyway? We go as planned, do our job and get paid! Fuck the money. Hey, hey, what’s the matter with you?! Shut up! Let’s carry her back. It’s pretty obvious what went on here, isn’t it? But you can’t be sure it actually took place in here. Right? He’s got blood down here. I think your theory’s right. Which one? That he wasn’t killed in here… So what do you think happened? Suicide. What? Trust me! Where did you get this dumb idea? Look, he’s got strangle marks on his neck. It doesn’t mean… MALE VOICE: someone else didn’t strangle him. It doesn’t mean someone else didn’t strangle him. It’s exactly what that means. If someone would have murdered him, that someone would not have also bitten his penis. Even if there was a lot of hatred involved… Think about it, you hate this guy… Me? Yes…you. Let me try something else. Let’s say he had an affair with your wife, and he stuck his member in her down there… Could be that up there too. What would you do? Would you kill him and then bite his cock? Or just kill him? Just kill him. Do you see now? Then…what happened? He wanted someone to blow him. She didn’t want to, she was disgusted. He insisted, she bit him. Then, depressed and despaired by his shit of a life… commits suicide. Mhhm. Let’s say it works…Up to a point. MALE VOICE:…up to a point. What the fuck! What happened with my voice? What’s wrong? I hear another one. You can’t hear in shit in here. I swear. And I don’t speakt with…”speakt”! …French accent. With what accent do you speak? With my fucking accent! Enough of that crap, I only hear one accent… What was wrong with my reasoning? OK, OK, how did he end up here? MALE VOICE:…end up here. I can think of other possibilities. Just tell me one. Some Med students found him. They brought him here to study his body, but they heard us coming so they ran and went into hiding. So they’re around here somewhere. MALE VOICE: So they’re around here somewhere. (water noise) You committed a murder, a horrible one. He was trying to rape me. Rape isn’t punished by death. Anywhere. Yes it is! Where? In Iran…And in other Muslim countries. You don’t t alk just to hear the sound of you own voice. You’ve killed a man, don’t you understand? Is your conscience okay with it? He had two kids. Young ones. What’s the matter with you? Is he the first person you’ve killed? Yes. I didn’t mean to. I told you. It’s just one night. Do you know how much your husband’s paying for it? Do you have any idea how much is he paying for this night with you? More than ten thousand. Get it? He still loves you. With that money he could have fucked a hundred really hot ones, at a hundred a piece. Or two hundred of those so and so. What the hell! But he chose you. And you… You’re a killer, that’s what you are. Careless… A messed up mother…and daughter. Do you think I wouldn’t have come looking for you if you had gotten away? Your dad and your son would have had their throats cut by the time you called the police. Tell me! Would that have been worth it? You’ve got one chance. To listen to what I say and don’t do any other foolish gesture. You’ll be free in a couple of days and we’ll put the past behind us. I’ve build a good business outta this over the last year. Do you have any idea how many families came together after a night such as this? Do you know how many kids got to keep both parents? Do you know how it feels like for a child to grow without a parent? It’s absolutely despicable to leave a child without its father. Listen to me, I know. But two parents is a whole different story, it’s a union of… of education and love that a kid can receive. You selfish bitch! Whose fault was it you guys divorced? It wasn’t working… Whose fault?! Mine. (crying) It’s my fault… I was selfish… You’re gonna mend things, at least for now. What you’re gonna do after…is up to you. (door closes) (in Spanish)The big night. Want a light wine? I have a Beaujolais. I recommend it. I’m glad you agreed and understood why I had to increase the amount. But it stays like this, fourteen thousand, I hope it doesn’t keep growing. Not even with a single cent. (in English) I was up all night… I see, you probably thought about not doing it… They all do. Feel a little guilty… But it’s not the case. It’s…it’s magic. That’s all. This hallucinogen I discovered about a year ago, which I don’t intend to make public, for now, has some extraordinary effects… And it’s harmless. You don’t even get dizzy… Why not make it public? Because they’ll push me aside… Big corporations, I mean. And they’ll begin using it for all sorts of foul purposes…The way I use it, it’s innocent…it’s a sort of a love potion. (in Spanish) Good luck, my friend! I’ll send you the hallucinogen. The big night’s here. Want a light wine? I have a Beaujolais. I recommend it. No, thanks. How do you feel? Sexy. Great. You’re gorgeous Diana… Very attractive. You still spur generous erections… Look at me! Watch out for old, familiar gestures, moans, things that can give us away! And no talking! (tense music) So…Where do I put him? Figure it out…where you put the other two. We’re not keeping a body in here. But he was one of us. So, what do you expect, a funeral, a service? Some priests? What the fuck! Fuck this shit. (symphonic music starts) (in Spanish) I don’t know who you are, but… I want to thank you for being with me… for reminding me of her. You made me feel like I did then, when I was with her… Before she cheated on me and betrayed me…lied too. Yes, she cheated on me. She betrayed me. She left me a wound where was only trust. I don’t respect her anymore, I don’t even admire her, but I still love her. I can’t help it…You can’t kill love. Once you’ve felt it for real, it lasts forever. Opening my heart to her made me recover my faith in humankind. (instrumental chords, creepy laughter) I did something foolish. I had a relationship when you were gone, until you returned… And I found out that I was pregnant. With him? I couldn’t live in the same house with you… Couldn’t pretend that it was your son… It was months ago since we last had relations. Did you abort? I couldn’t carry a pregnancy like that. And that is why…you made up all those stupid excuses for us to divorce? It was the only reason. Why didn’t you tell me? Damn it… Love carries understanding along with it. Boss, why don’t we have a camera in there too? It wasn’t necessary. Yeah, but we could take a peek at what’s going on. Those two usually fuck in the dark. We would have needed an infrared one, God damn it, and those cost too much. You want porn? Go online, it’s free. But now that it’s only the two of us will you give me a bigger share? No. Why not? Because we’re splitting it three-way! I wanna send five grand to the Goon’s wife. That’ll give us away. She won’t know it’s from me. They’re bluffing. I don’t believe these threats. No, Pablo! Their capable of murder, I know they are. They’re armed. I saw their faces, their reactions… (she sights) Wait here! (door opens) What the hell! What? They’ve opened the door. Let’s see what’s going on… Hey, what happened? (in Spanish) You lied to me! This is all a farce. (in Spanish) Pablo, don’t take it personal. That is how things are. Son of a bitch! Think about it…I put both of you face to face, you were able to meet again. Maybe you can even get together again… (in English) You are a piece of shit. Wouldn’t you like that? Don’t you wanna be a family again? I just want for us to leave. And I want my money. Right now, George! (in Spanish) Sure, sure… You can both leave right now! (three gunshots) (sobs) (grunts) Don’t let her get away! GEORGE(distant voice)Come on, you moron! (distant footsteps) (close footsteps) (in Spanish) What did you stop like that? What are you thinking? (in English) Shot. Pretty nasty. But obvious, right? Yeah. What are you reckoning? I was thinking about a famous anatomist from around fifteen hundred, sixteen hundred. Who? Fabrizi d’Acquapendente. Girolamo Fabrizi d’Acquapendente. What about it? (camera shutter beeps) MALE VOICE: He wouldn’t have liked a corpse that was shot three times. He wouldn’t have liked a corpse that was shot three times. Drop it. He’d have no reason to cut him open. Shot, three bullets, dead! Now, yes. But back then they would have been impacient to perform an autopsy on him. Yes, I bet. The insides were a big mystery… For a long time…I know. Before, there were only occasional openings. ‘Cause there were lots of obstacles, interferences…Right? Sure. Like…refrigeration. I never would have thought about that. What about the unskillful butchers who were doing it kinda grossly? MALE VOICE:…who were doing it kinda grossly? (symphonic music starting) Wait! Do you think they’re still here? They might be, we gotta keep an eye out. MALE VOICE: They might be, we gotta keep an eye out. (softly) Hold it! What? Shut the fuck up! What is it? Go that way! Go already! But wouldn’t it be better…? Go! I don’t have my gun. Where the hell did you leave it? It’s in the car. It’s only a woman, you idiot! There’s much more here. What do you mean? I heard some noises, I saw some shadows. You too? Me too what? You’re coming up with this shit too? Someone else told you about this? That bitch Ariel. What the hell, as you as faint-heart as a woman? No boss. Good. Then I’ll meet you there. I’ll go this way. (symphonic music starting) (voice laughs) (sound like a burning flame) (breathes heavily) Who turned this on? Didn’t you turn it on just now? No! That’s why I’m asking! Are you stupid? No boss. I didn’t turn it on. This is how you found it? (typing) She’s hiding here somewhere. Who knows how long she’s gonna hide? It moved. (the detectives musical theme) It’s these pimps again. I think we should call some back-up. Hold on. We mustn’t taint the crime scene. We’re forensics too. MALE VOICE: We are forensics too. Well, not really… Hey, hey, hey. I’ve been training hard for years. I know… the entire history of criminology, even anatomy, allopathist, forensics, and alternative medicine. (a door crashes)But you didn’t… That’s a weird noise. So what? It’s not like it’s scary. MALE VOICE: It’s not like it’s scary. No, no, no…Of course not. But…But…What is strange is… that they moved the body… MALE VOICE:…they moved the body… MALE VOICE: and then made this chest wound. And then made this chest wound. Why? How should I know? What are you doing? I wanna see what he’s got on him… MALE VOICE: I wanna see what he’s got on him… (laughs) Good looking chick. Yeah, wouldn’t mind meeting her. But she isn’t blonde. MALE VOICE: But she isn’t blonde. In this crisis that’s irrelevant. Wait! He wasn’t looking for a whore. True. Maybe he was looking for her. That means he too was investigating this network. Maybe the girl’s been kidnapped. I would have kidnapped her myself. And I would save her… Aha. The bird has left her nest. Let’s catch her! Be patient. Let’s go! I wanna see what she’s doing. GORILLA: Who the hell is that guy? That’s not right. Is the alarm on? Of course. Hold on! Hey! I wish I have my gun right now. But aren’t those the two cops? Yeah! Those from Interpol. (Strange instrumental music starting) But I saw them dead. (mixed instrumental sounds) So did I. How the fuck do we get out of this God damn warehouse? The only way out is past those two… Lock the door! I don’t have a key. Let’s move this. Are you crazy? What are you doing? I wanna move this and lock us in. Why? Can’t you see those two? And? And they’re dead! You mean they’re ghosts? Yes. And you think they’re coming after us? Didn’t we poison them? So…what can they do to us? How the hell should I know, I never had to deal with ghosts before. If they’re ghosts they can do whatever the fuck they want. There’s nothing you can do about it. Please, help me move this to the door. We have to last until the sunrise. So you think they’ll go away after sunrise? Yes! You idiot, they’re ghosts, not vampires. It’s the chick from the photo. (laughs) That’s exactly what I was thinking. So, what do we do? Meaning? Well… You said you would like to kidnapped her… And you said you’d like to rescue her…So here’s the dilemma…what do we do? (symphonic music) (sighs deeply) (in Romanian) You must see something, before. (in Spanish) Before what? Before I kill you. You did that before. And then I gave you life. I will do it again and again. From now on I shall kill you, bring you back, kill you, bring you back again, then kill you again…And so on, forever. (laughs) Why? To punish you. I’m punishing you for dying on top of my shadow. The first time… It’s not my fault…(sighs) I got shot and landed on your shadow. I know. But that’s the rule. (softly) What rule? An old one, a law. Don’t worry. This is going to be my hobby… (laughs) (symphonic music) Look here. Here, in this point lies the entire universe. You’ll see everything that was before. (strange electronic sounds) (strange sounds) PABLO(sighs): It’s…it’s all real? Alvarez’s theory is incomplete. The one about the asteroid that made dinosaurs extinct?… Yes. Yes… No one went further back with the research. Before, two hundred million years ago, there was another world. My world, my civilization. Four hundred million years ago the air had almost the same mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen as today, and temperatures were similar, do you understand? It was the same array of factors that could have given rise to life and could have sustained it. And that’s precisely what happened! Then, after the impact with a giant, monstrous asteroid, my world died. And I, I became a shadow…And you were killed on the shadow of my shadow. This has never happened to me, in millions and millions of years. But a law is a law. Hold on! Hold on, please! Go ahead! You speak a language I do not know but I do understand all. What the hell…how’s that? Hey, forget it… It’s just the astral language… (yelps) (breathes heavily) (beautiful piano concerto starting) Hey, do you hear that? I don’t hear anything. MALE VOICE: I don’t hear anything. I hear music. Listen carefully. Yeah, it’s music. Isn’t that weird? Would you have said these criminals are listening to this stuff? Mozart. I even know how this song is called. It’s the piano concerto in D minor, number twenty. MALE VOICE: C major, twenty-one. You could have told me any number, I wouldn’t have contradicted you. But I like it. Sounds good. (shushes) It’s divine music. (piano mixes with hard instrumental music) (strident scream) We’re in deep shit! MALE VOICE: We’re in deep shit! You said we’re safe now. What’s worse has passed. I really said that? MALE VOICE: I really said that? Something like that. Look at him. It’s the third time we see him dead. Maybe he only died once and then got carried around the place. A body doesn’t bleed. So you wanna disappoint me? You’re telling me that miserable life we just got out of isn’t over yet? That’s I was saying. That’s I was afraid of. MALE VOICE: That’s what I’m afraid of. I’m glad you got it. MALE VOICE: I’m glad you got it. Sweetheart. Are you alright? Diana. I’m fine. What did you call me? I love you, Pablo. I love you! I made a mistake, Paul. Please forgive me. Forgive me. We have to go. They try to get away. This isn’t good. It isn’t! They’re good bullets. I don’t understand. Maybe you didn’t kill him… But we both saw him. I shot three bullets into him. I don’t believe this. How come they still together? OK, so he’s dead, the two cops are dead, but we didn’t kill the bitch. Yet! I know, and? And how come they’re still together? Can’t you see? A living bitch and a ghost! This isn’t normal! We have to stop them! No. It’s either the ghosts or the police and jail…Which one do you prefer? (hopeful music) Music… (three gunshots) You missed. Stop crowding me! (burning flame sounds) Do we help her? Yes. (in Romanian)Hello there, darlings! You’ve had it now! Come on, spit it out! (in Spanish) We have the right to a phone call! (flame sound) Don’t get involved. Go on, scram! I’ll take care of you two later. Fuck! (gun hitting the floor) (footsteps running away) (sinister laughs) Fuck! (sighs) What is it? (breathes heavily) Look…What happened? (sighs) The gun caught fire in my hand… After you shot? Yeah. Let me see! Ah…Uh…Here. You lied to me! You ran away like a coward! You’re insane! No, George. All I know is that you could kill that bitch and that jerk off. But you ran! (groans) Can’t you see we’re in deep shit? Didn’t you see those dead people walking around? (sighs deeply) And you don’t understand a little…how should I call it…healing of a burn? That’s what happened. My hand was on fire and now it’s healed. But it wasn’t from the honey. I’m glad, but it also freaks me out. And you feel like fighting with me? I’m your only friend, pal! GORILLA: You’re my friend only if you need me, and only if I bring you money. Still thinking about money? Well, yeah, we were supposed to split it equally but you didn’t want to. Take it, man, here! Jesus! OK, now we’re talking. What’s next? What’s next, George? Think for yourself, pal, make a decision and I’ll listen! OK. One…Go and get the gun… (breathes heavily) And…two..? Just one. (sobs) (symphonic music) I want to try this. (electric table saw in function) (stops the electric saw) This disk is too small. I want something bigger. Do you mind if we do this some other time? This time I want us to try with these. Want some? Let’s see how electrocution looks like. And afterwards we’ll try others: drowning, incineration, decapitation and… I know a few thousand more ways, but it’ll take too long to mention all of them. Something wrong? What’s with this music? Aha, you noticed? I like it. In fact, it’s the only wonderful thing in this world of yours. When your world will came to an and too, this music it will be the only thing I will be sorry about. My costume… I believe it’s from that period. (laughs) No! No, no, no! Hand me the gun! Oh, yeah, sorry. And the key. (mysterious creepy music) (instrumental sudden intense sound) (sighs and grunts) (two gunshots) Try again. (one gunshot) (gun hitting the floor) (screeches and yowls) (footsteps noises) (bang) (strange, unreal scream) (gun hit by foot) If you move you’re dead! I don’t have the slightest restraint. I know. DIANA: Is that the key from the exit? Yes. DIANA: Isn’t there any other way out? There is, in the warehouse…DIANA: I know, I’ve seen it. DIANA: Do you have any plastic straps? Yes. Over there. DIANA: Slowly. Wait. DIANA: Slowly. Opening slowly. Go on! Come on! (unreal laughs) DIANA: On the ground! All the way down! DIANA: Hands behind your back! (coughs and sobs) (grunts) (suffers) Is this how you torture women? I don’t! I swear! Well… Hush! We have to get the hell outta here! Go where, hell? Where would we go? To the Underworld? OK, lead the way then. MALE VOICE: OK, lead the way then. Thank you. Faster, the last two digits! Four… DIANA: And? Four. (dials) (ringing) WOMAN ON THE PHONE: George? WOMAN ON THE PHONE(angry): At this hour? What do you want? She answered. WOMAN ON THE PHONE: Hello, hello…George… Angela… (softly)I’m a murderer… Louder! WOMAN ON THE PHONE: George, who’s voice is that? Who’s that woman? He can’t hear you very well. Just listen. I want you to know I am a murderer, Angela… I’ve killed people. I’ve kidnapped women and forced them into prostitution… Go on George, spill it out! I run a network of prostitutes. I’ve lied to you from the start. I was never a pilot. WOMAN ON THE PHONE: What?! How many people did you kill, George? Who were those people? The last one was Pablo. I shot him. Before there were two cops. I poisoned them. A young woman… Actually she had a heart attack… DIANA: How? She didn’t make it. DIANA: What did you do to her? Just a few electric shocks… (groans) Weak ones. I didn’t mean to kill her… (grunts) (strange electric noise) I didn’t kill the hooker… She did that to herself. She overdosed. Anyone else? Just them. (laughs ironically)Huh, just them?! (sudden symphonic excerpt) See? He told us not to stick our noses in it! No…No…No! (yells with a thin voice) Take the knife and turn around so I can see you! DIANA: Go ahead! DIANA: Start from the last one! DIANA: Do it! Do it! (sobs) (breathes heavily) DIANA: Letter E! (sobbing) (grunts) (grunts with effort) Turn around! DIANA: Turn around! (sighs) (sighs deeply) (coughs) Now the other R! (yells) (sobs and coughs) E! (yells and breathes heavily) Good boy. And full of initiative. Well done. (screams full of hatred) I want to see you. (sighs) Take it like a man. Stand up! (softly)What’s he doing? Don’t make me come in there! (funeral music) (laughs) (in Romanian) Brilliant! You were brilliant! I wanted to see this happen, experiment… Extraordinary. (laughs) (hums) I’m gonna steal your idea…I’m going to use it myself. (laughs) Pablo! Diana. Don’t ever lose me again! Never! Let’s get out! I have the key! (instrumental choral music)

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