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Karan! Hey, Karan! Come…come… Hey, come! Hey, come! Come, Karan! Karan!
Karan! Karan! Karan! Who are you? Tell me who you are. Stop Karan..Its very nice. Salam Sahab Salam Sahab How are you? I am very glad that you
are still courageous as earlier. How much tests are still to take Sir? Karan! you know that
gold is tested so many times. Your city is calling you. Is it? Is there shortage
of officers in Mumbai? No. Although there
are so many officers.. ..but none is brave
and honest as like you. Sir, I donít have such a burning
desire and excitement nowadays. Has somebodyís love
become so powerful.. ..that it can snatch
your burning desire.. .. and self reliance from your heart? The death is defamed
because it finishes life Karan, why do you love death so much? Because death has my Anjali. And it is your duty. The death of Anjali
is your debt on Changej Lala. I must have repaid
that debt earlier.. ..but I was transferred
here at unknown.. .. police station as
I tried to fight with Lala. I realize this thing.
I myself brought the transfer papers. I donít want to go back at that city. It is for the sake of your duty. No Sir! Itís for the sake of your country. No!
– Karan! Its for the sake of Anjali.
-I.,G, sir! Catch..catch..thief! I was sure that you would come Karan. I am ready to provide
you all the facilities.. ..and junior officer,
police force as per your requirement. No Sir I need only Ali. I can give you everything except Ali Why? Because Ali has become rebel.. Rebel.. Arrest him.. This is sword of Ali. There is life at one side
and death is at other side. He who dares to cross it come ahead. I shall be bound to take action
against you if you would create.. ..problem to executing me order. Just do it. I want to see that is there
reply of Ali in police force? Karan! Karan! When did you come? I must have come to
receive you at station, if you would have informed me. Hey, how are you? Karan. No, Karan. No, Karan! Karan! Karan, no my friend!
Karan, no please. No, Karan! Karan, stop it!
I say, stop it, Karan! Duck! Karan, no! Why are you doing this? Why? I donít want your
sword may be defamed.. The sword of Ali is for the
security of honesty not for offence. It requires the security
of honesty if it exists. Changez Lala was released as we had.. .. arrested him taking
the risk of our lives. Where was this honesty
when Anjali was killed? Where was it when
you got transfer order? It was not victory of Changez Lala .. ..the day when Changej
Lala was released. He won at that day
when you became rebel. The honesty did not finished at.. ..that day when Anjali
departed from me.. ..or I was transferred. It finished at that
day your self reliance died. These things are discussed
to dedicate our lives. They celebrate their
happiness when we die. I am agree that they are
great who sacrifice their lives.. ..but I donít want to become great. I donít want to become great. I want to live my life because I
can say that the myrtyrs sacrified.. ..their lives but their
families suffer bitterly. You canít give excuses for your
unfaithfulness blaming upon others. Did you forget when
we were so happy..? No, Karan. Ali! What? Come on!
We are getting late. I am coming… 1..2..3..4! “I became and
I am feeling so much proud of mine.” When would you leave this nonsense. We should forget the days of college
as we are police officers now. What will happen to the country
if you don’t respect time now? Sorry, dear. You will never change yourself. Actually I was much busy yesterday. Beautiful! Excellent! Sexy! seems it is latest model She is total fresh! God had created with much interest. We are also having pleasure. May I also would have a car Are you talking for car? Are you talking for girl?
– So what? Are you man or what?
Donít you feel something? It might be something
if I shall see.. Forget if for amusement. We should give something
and take many things in our lives. It should be spend
to get somebodyís love. Life is for dedication foe someone. It should be spend
for giving sacrifice. Now forget these things and start. We would see whether the life
would be dedicated itself or not.. Come on. Inspector Rane! Rane! Yeah the dead body of inspector
Rane was found todayís .. ..morning at the bank of sea. Sir, upon whom are you doubtful? Changej Lala. Changej Lala I had received call
of a girl before you came. She wanted to tell
something about this murder. She is eye witness. But how that girl is
concerned with this murder? As per her statement she is dancer
in the night club of Changez Lala. Would see confess against Lala? It is our duty to try. We are in need of
such witness to disclose.. ..the real face of such a deceitful
offender as like Changej Lala. We can reach upto
Lala through her support. So I want you both should
go there and get her out from there. But how could we recognize her? I told it to you she is
dancer and her name is Anjali. “Come.” “Come.” Come, you who’s coming.” “Come.” Come, you who’s coming.” “My heart calls you.
You’re my support.” “Take me away.” “The world is an enemy, a stranger.
My heart beats faster, my love.” “One, my youth is at its peak.” “Two, everyone is crazy about me.” “One, my youth is at its peak.” “Two, everyone is crazy about me.” “When someone calls
me with thirsty eyes.” “Someone’s gaze stiffens me.” “Something is wrong.
I wanted to say something.” “What have I done, my love?” “He has come.” “He has come.” “First you defeat the enemy.” “Then I’ll accept whatever you say.” “First you defeat the enemy.” “Then I’ll accept whatever you say.” “I am the one who
is won again and again.” “I belong only to you.
Are you aware?” “I am not a heart. My heart
doesn’t know it loves you, my love.” “Come.” Come, you who’s coming.” “Come.” Come, you who’s coming.” “My heart calls you.
You’re my support.” “Take me away.” Let’s go. Let’s go fast. Catch him… Break the bones of the rascals. We’re dead. Run! You couldn’t kill that guy? Lala will kill us. Lala will kill us. – You. I didnít see anything. Let me go. I didnít see anything But you had called on phone.. I didnít call on phone.
Let me go please. It okay but.. Sir… …What did you see? I told it to you
I didnít see anything. Nothing? No! Donít you recognize him? No. – No? They. She is widow of this inspector
and this is orphan child. See into their eyes and
say that you donít know anything. It was celebration of Changez
Lalaís birthday at that day. Hey, Devyani! – Hi. Happy birthday, brother. “I am your queen and you’re my king.” “I am your queen and you’re my king.” Sikandar. Come on. Let’s go. Wow! Sir. Our master has no match. Peoples are aware of
this thing that the fortune.. ..of city is in the
hands of Lala but.. ..there is such
a virtue in his hands, only some close people
as like me know that. No doubt! Three murders has been committed.. Shaitan Chowki
during last three weeks. Two media persons
were shot near highway. Principal of Birla
College was crushed through.. ..truck because he had restricted to
enter to the goons of Changez Lala. Really such hands are great. Stop! This inspector is our guest .. ..and I know very well
to give respects to guests. Stop this nonsense. I was collection the proofs against
you and now your sins are over. There are so many reputed
peoples in this party. I shall disclose your
real face to all of them. Yes, do it. These people are well
acquinted about my real face. Misharaji! Isnít it? Yeah.. Joshi! What is your opinion?
Do you know? You are absolutely right Sir. I know. Inspector, I know everything. Joshi!……you also? Yeah Sir.. he also.. Inspector,
all these persons are familiar, hence they are quiet.
Do you know its reason? Because I provide them such
facilities whom nobody can do.. I am sorry to say it that
I donít need anything from you. Lala! I donít know that
why these educated peoples.. ..has kept their heads down but I canít vow my
head in front of you. I can thrash such head Inspector! Perhaps you want to get me scared. Lala, I am committed
to fight against offences.. ..and offenders till my last breaths. Till last breaths? Yeah! Then you would not wait long time. Happy birthday. Happy birthday to you. May you live long.. ..among the party of Lala
only you realized to inform us. Wow! Very good, daughter. But how such a nice
girl reached at club? I was constrained to do
so as I tried a lot for jobs.. voice became useful to survival. You completed your duty. Now we shall complete our
duties and we would protect you. What? Inspector Rane is no more? It means that we missed such
a great and honest police officer. Very sad..
– You have committed his murder? I? We have evidence. Which is the evidence? Eye witness. Inspector! Government provides
you uniforms and salary. But I provide lot of other facilities
to such inspectors as like you. How can you determine about
the judgement of this battle? This battle is not only between
inspector Karan and Changez Lala.. ..but also this is battle
between ruler ship and public. Weapons remain same
only users are changed. Hearts change, fire is the same. He is Sikandar.. He is example of power
in the world of offenders. He is very faithful to me. He who raises hands against me,
he can kill him. Inspector! This is order of anticipatory bail. Now you canít arrest my brother. Inspector,
did you notice my strength? And as your witness is
concerned there are still 25 days.. ..remaining to reach
this case at the court. Go and see whether she is
having twenty five breaths or not? Lala! I shall not leave you alive
if something would become unexpected. Please. The blood which is
spread over on the walls, it was possible that some
drops of your blood may mix up in it. But if I shall kill
you so easily nobody.. ..would be frightened
with the terror of mine. I shall kill you definitely,
but slowly. Karan! Why do you want to shift her at some
other place as she is eye witness, and she can dare to confess
against Changez Lala? What do you want to
prove that law is such.. ..a weak and neutral that
it canít protect to a simple girl? Sir! She is not a simple girl. Changez Lala is
as like a wounded lion.. ..and he can attack
at any time at any place. I donít want that
he may reach upto her. Sir! Karan is right. Where would you carry her where
she would be safe from reach of Lala? There is such a place Sir. No! I won’t go anywhere. I shall not spend even a
single night with some stranger. No doubt he is stranger for
you but Karan is most trustworthy.. ..and strong police officer
in out police force. Anjali there is danger for you
and Karan would carry you at such.. ..a place where Lala and
his associates can never reach. And he would come back
at the date of court right away. No.. Anjali..please it is most
necessary for your security. This is very nice place.. Come. There is nothing to worry. Leave that I carry these things. I am able to pick up my burden. Listen! -Yes.. What is this? – What? This is a room. Where would we stay? In this room.. In a single room? You would sleep there
and I would be there. We have to spend twenty
four days and nights here. We should get locked inside
a room and find the key. You are only there. What are you doing? Listen! what is this? This is net. Oh! It’s a trap. But why did you spread over it here? Because I like distance. You would be there at
the other side of this net. You will not come back at
this side without my permission. I got it. You have divided this room
in two parts through this net. But what do you think
about single bathroom? We would use it turn by turn. I want to tell it that
I take my bath thrice at morning, at noon and at night. Only thrice!
You donít take bath at the evening? Poor evening. This girl comes here in the morning,
afternoon and night. Why doesn’t she come in the evening.
I don’t understand. The poor evening..Okay
I shall take my bath in the evening.. Poor evening. Anjali! Anjali! Anjali! Are you okay? Donít touch.. did you dare to
come here and to touch me? I had already told
you that I like distance. It is not my choice it is
my problem that we both are here. Remember that although
I am a girl but I am not a weak. Donít try to come again. What do you think to yourself? I came as you were
shivering with fear. I came so that I came here
so that I may help you something. I am not eager to come
at you as you like distance. I am not some worthless
and perishable person. And how did you think that
I wanted to become close with you. What is relationship
between you and me? I want your security .. thatís it. Mr. Lalaji! please come.. How are you?
Please come, have a seat. Ali.. Its Okay.. He is young and there is young blood. You should not challenge coming here. Even lion is constrained to
work as per the wish of his owner. Ali, the law needs system not anger.. Although the hands of law are high.. ..but there is jingle
of bangles nowadays. Sir! please permit me so that.. ..I want to show him
jingling of bangles. You have so much proud on your hands. My son! there are lot
of hands upon your hands.. ..and the control of
those hands is in my hands. If I would pull back
my control the law.. ..would be useless
from Delhi to Mumbai.. ..and from Kashmir to Kannyakumari. Lala! did you forget
that we are having Anjali. And you forgot it that we have power. How can she protect herself from us? Hello. “My king.” “I am your queen, you’re my king.” “I am your queen, you’re my king.” “I am your queen, you’re my king.” “I am your queen, you’re my king.” “I’ve seen you in my dreams.” “Come, settle my life.” “I am your queen, you’re my king.” “I am your queen, you’re my king.” “I’ll make a small house.” “I’ll decorate it like a palace.” “I never wished for
diamonds and pearls.” “I’ll never wish for
anything apart from you.” “The joys will stand guard for me.” “My heart will sing and dance.” “I am your queen, you’re my king.” “I am your queen, you’re my king.” “You’re my queen, I am your king.” “You’re my queen, I am your king.” “I’ll steal you from the world.” “I’ll hide you in my embrace.” “Trust my love.” “I’ll have a faithful relationship.” “I’ll fill your life with joy.” “You’ll be my bride, me your groom.” “You’re my queen, I am your king.” “You’re my queen, I am your king.” “I’ve seen you in my dreams.” “Come, I’ll settle your life.” “You’re my queen, I am your king.” Sir we couldnít
reach up to that girl. Even we searched her at every
places and every corner of the city. It is impossible to search her. Is this possible to get you burnt? Perhaps you may realize that the
fire which is burning in my heart. You have called your death
as you spoke the word ëimpossibleí. Go and make it
possible to impossible. Are you crazy? Crazy? It’s the company you keep. – Is it? Okay tell me! Do you know driving? Should I show it? – Yes. Would you see? – Yes Itís okay. Anjali …..Anjali! Anjali …..Anjali! Are you scared? I know that why
did you become scared? Why? Because it would have become
blemish upon your uniform.. ..if something would
have become wrong. No, I was scared because it would
have become injury on your face. Keep these hairs open.
I like open hairs. From whom are you running?
From yourself? Leave my hands. “I am your queen, you my king.” “I am your queen, you my king.” “I am your queen, you my king.” “I am your queen, you my king.” “Come, settle my life.” “I am your queen, you my king.” What are you doing Anjali? Why are you flowing
in the sentiments? Did you forget it
that you have created.. ..enmity to Changez Lala
who is not going to leave you? No, no! ‘You donít have your rights upon
the happiness of your whole life.’ No! ‘ away…
run away..’ -No.. ‘Anjali… away..’ – No! Oh god! What is happening it.. Why do you want to
create love in my heart? Donít assure me for the
happiness of only few moments. My tears are sufficient for my life. Donít play with my heart. Donít play with my heart. Anjali! Did you see this girl?
See carefully.. Did you see this girl?
See carefully.. I didnít see her.. Then what are you doing here?
Get lost . I donít know where is that bitch.. Lala has created critical situation.. ..for us unless we shall
not search her.. Let us go there. Anjali! Anjali! Where were you? Why did you go? Whom did you ask? It would have become worst
if somebody would have seen. They must have thrashed
you into pieces. Who do you think you are?
– You’re said enough. Where are you going now? Get away.. Why? It is time for my bath. Please.. You crossed the limit of bath.. Leave me there is not difference
between you and other persons. There is difference. What? I love you. No you are liar. I love you. You would deceive me. Never.. You had said there is
no relationship between us. Protect.
Will you protect me all my life? Would you love me whole life? “How do I express
my heart’s feelings?” “The feelings of my
heart will remain within.” “Seeing my love near me, I fear.” “It shouldn’t drown.” “It shouldn’t drown.” “Rain, bring a shower.
Clouds, start thundering.” “Rain, bring a shower.
Clouds, start thundering.” “Whatever Radha said to Shyam.” “Whatever Sita said to Rama.” “You let me also say.” “Rain, bring a shower.
Clouds, start thundering.” “Rain, bring a shower.
Clouds, start thundering.” “Why do I feel so lazy?” “Why do I feel so lazy?” “Why did you ruffle my hair?” “I think, this laziness of yours.” “I think, this laziness of yours.” “Gives you my congratulations.” “I think that’s the
reason your hair fluttered.” “Rain, bring a shower.
Clouds, start thundering.” “Whatever Radha said to Shyam.” “Whatever Sita said to Rama.” “You let me also say.” “Rain, bring a shower.” “Clouds, start thundering.” “Rain, bring a shower.
Clouds, start thundering.” “Why does my stole fly?” “Why does my stole fly?” “Why do these bangles make noise?” “When I fell in love with you.” “When I fell in love with you.” “Why should we fear the world, girl.” “Look your bangles remind you.” “Rain, bring a shower.
Clouds, start thundering.” “Whatever Radha said to Shyam.” “Whatever Sita said to Rama.” “You let me also say.” Here. Thank you. Brother, think, a little
cough created so much trouble. What would be your condition
if you would be hanged. Shut up! There are only seven
days remaining for.. ..the date of court and you
couldnít trace out that girl. It is not mentioned in the
history that who was right and.. ..who was wrong,
who won and who got defeat. You donít like to defeat,
isnít brother? Sister! You are absolutely right. I donít like to get defeated. Are you seeing these fishes? She would be also
palpitating in this way. Why are you so frightened Anjali? I am a lady and
lady is always fearful.. ..about those fingers
which is picked against her. No I shall give
you such status that.. ..nobody would raise
fingers against you. I shall get married with you. Bandra police station.
– Hello, Ali. Karan speaking. Karan! Karan, why did you call here? Do you know how much there is danger? I donít care..
listen, I want to get married. With whom? With Anjali.. Are you not crazy? Do you know that only
two days are remaining for her confession in the court? I donít know. You come with some
garlands of flowers.. the Krishnaís temple at hills. You would did and
cause to my death also. Okay I am coming. Okay? Bye. Hello? Lalaji! Anjali is likely to
go at Krishnaís temple with Karan. Joshi! Bastard! Lala! Lala! you canít do so. I shall not leave you Lala. I swear by God, Lala. I’ll rip you
apart. I swear, I won’t spare you. Had anything happened to them,
I swear, I would’ve. I shall not leave you alive. “Ocean of love in my heart.” “Ocean of love in my heart, my love.
Take me to the temple.” “Take me to the temple.” “Take me to the temple.” “What’s the need to visit
a temple when the hearts have met?” “This is an old tradition.” “What’s the need to visit
a temple when the hearts have met?” “This is age old love.” “Ocean of love. In my heart.” “Ocean of love in my heart, my love.
Take me to the temple.” “Take me to the temple.” “Take me to the temple.” “Look at your wedding procession,
my love.” “There’s neither a mare nor company.” “Look at your wedding procession,
my love.” “There’s neither a mare nor company.” “Why do you want
horses and elephants?” “You’re my and I am your companion.” “Stop giving excuses.” “You’re so crazy.” “Stop giving excuses.
You’re so crazy.” “Listen, you crazy.” “Take me to the temple.” “Take me to the temple.” “Take me to the temple.” “Take me to the temple.” “Don’t desert me
on this path of love.” “Don’t break my heart.” “Don’t desert me
on this path of love.” “Don’t break my heart.” “We have one heart and one life.” “I am yours since many births.” “Come, let’s make a promise.” “Let’s begin a relationship.” “Come, let’s make a promise, begin
a relationship. Listen, you thief.” “Take me to the temple.” “Take me to the temple.” “Ocean of love. In my heart.” “Ocean of love in my heart, my love.” “Take me to the temple.” “Take me to the temple.” “Take me to the temple.” “Let’s go to the temple.” “Let’s go to the temple.” I’ve come to the temple. I’ve come to the temple. Karan! what are you doing? Hurry up. Ali, my friend didnít come yet. Not come? He must be upstairs. The time of auspicious
occasion is passing. Let’s go. When would we get married?
Let us run. Come on. You would be defeated. Forget it. Defeat from you? Why, I am girl of 21st century
I am able to come together.. Ok I give you 21 steps. Go. Now you would be defeated badly.. 1..2..3..4. Just watch. 22..23..24..25..26. – Ready! Yes, ready.
– On your marks, get, set, go! Just a minute.. – What happened? It may become that I go ahead
and you will be looking at me. 1..2..3! You are defeated. Oh I am defeated. One minute. I lost. No! No! – Anjali! Anjali! – No! Karan! Your honor it is 5
Oí clock in the evening. How much should I wait now? Karan! Karan! Where is Anjali? Karan, uh.. Where is Anjali? Anjali? – Yes. Anjali is dead. No! Yes Karan, Anjali is dead.
– No! No! Karan, listen! Listen! No. – Listen to me. No she canít die. She can’t die. – I say yes.. She can’t die. No!
– Anjali is dead Karan. Anjali is dead. No! – Yes.
She can’t die. – Karan! “Don’t desert me.” “Don’t break my heart.” Lala! Lala! After the consideration of
application of Changej Lala this.. ..court has reached upto this
conclusion that police couldnít.. ..proceed any witness regarding
the murder of Inspector Rane. So this court dismisses this case. Thank you. This is the mercy of God. Greetings. The kids wanted to defeat me. Changej Lala! Move aside! Iíll kill you! I’ll kill you! Get lost! Iíll kill you! Lala! No! No, officer, no!
You can’t do this. He was aquitted. We can’t punish him.
It is contempt of court. Get lost! **** you! **** you, you bastard!
– Stop it officer. You can’t punish him. This is contempt of court you know,
stop this officer. I won’t spare you. You hit Lala? You’re dead. You’re finished. I shall come back. You’re finished.
Look, he is finished. Be clear. You’re finished. – I’ll be back.
– You’re finished. I’ll kill you. I’ll finish you. Iíll come back you bastered.. I’ll finish you. Come on. Come on, hit me.
I’ll kill him. He is gone.
His never forgive. His prove.
That I have been prove. I will kill you.
– Lala, I’ll be back! Inspector Karan Chopra
was transferred in.. ..the offence of playing
law and contempt of court. He is transferred
to the city of Bombay. What is this? My resignation.. You can resign from service.. ..this is not your
service only this.. your duty for your nation. This resignation is not for
this service or for this uniform. This is resignation
against the format.. ..of law in which
the honesy is crushed. Do you know what are you saying? I am giving voice to that injustice
which has become against Karan. You are a simple young
man without this uniform. You donít have power without it. You exist because of this uniform.
You’re a nobody without this uniform. This uniform is
not existence of mine. This is not my strength.
I entrust this uniform to you. Inspector!
– Not inspector, only Ali Sir. Good bye. And you gave your resignation. Ali! we are makers of
law and we should respect it. If every people would break
law as like you what would be result. Whole city would change in jungle. Karan, the city is changed in jungle. The offenders give
money in crores to police. No other more shameful
thing may become than it that the.. ..peoples are ready to go
at some don for their security but.. ..they donít want to go at police. Thatís why we are needed. Thatís why I came back. The darker the night,
the more you need a lamp. I want to arrange punishment
for Changej Lala for his.. ..offences and I need you for it.
Are you with me? I am always with you. Hey! Hey, smarty! Oh your car stopped. Anjali! Excuse me. Karan! What happened? She is alive.
– Who is alive? I have seen her. Whom did you see? Anjali is alive.
– Anjali is dead Karan. She’s alive.
– You must have seen some other girl. In the meeting of lovers
somebody dedicates himself.. ..but somebody wants
to snatch someone. In this game the mirror brakes. Anjali is dead.. Karan. No Sir! the girl who
was running was Anjali. It would be illusion of your eyes. Actually your eyes want to see Anjali
so you see Anjali in every girl. It may be illusion of my eyes
but it canít illusion of my heart. You can not precede
your heart as witness. All these documents and confessions
proves that Anjali is dead. I donít care..
I know that Anjali is alive. How can you say Anjali is alive? Because I am alive.
I must have died if Anjali was dead. Karan! donít forget that you
are police officer not some poet. Karan, he is right. One day you would realize
the death of Anjali. also.. Karan! Why donít you understand? Now it is our priority
to accomplish.. ..the mission of Changez
Lala not Anjali. Break this delusion. Come out of this. Think about Changez
Lala. We have to get back, man. Please allow me to seek Anjali. It is most necessary
for me to reach up to.. ..Anjali as we have to
reach up to Changez Lala. Anjali! I know that you are alive.. ..and I shall reach up to you. Karan! Do you also think it that
it was illusion whatever I had seen? No I donít know what did you see? I know this thing that whether
this is truth or deception, whether it is heaven or hell,
I am always with you. Then we have to find out Anjali. But Changez Lala
should not know about it.. ..otherwise we canít
reach upto our destination. But if Anjali is alive
why did she run away from you? We have to sort out this thing. And at first we should know
that where Lala has kept Anjali? And we can get this address
with the associates of Lala. Apply number 15. Wow! Oh, what a girl. Mummy! What’s the matter, girl?
Why are you scared? I am with you. You are so sweet. I am missing my mother because.. ..if she would have become here
she would have become very.. ..much happy seeing so many Indians. This is very nice. The land of entire
India is very fertile. There is a handsome guy.. Oh really! He’s coming here. Good evening mam! Hello baby doll! Oh hello dilki fellows! Hello, hello. Some more. If there is so much power in
her hand, it would very much there. She is very strong made in Germany. Very fast. Papaji! – Yes! How did arrange this imported
thing without paying custom duty? Smuggled. She is bold and 20th child
of a famour Hollywood actor. 20th..? She gets burnt cigarette
with the note of hundred dollars. Hello, hello. It means she is beautiful and rich. She’s absolutely beautiful.
– Come, let’s take her. Baby doll. – Gosh! You scared me.
– Sorry. Please join us. – Thank you, you dog. Brother, something has happened?
– For love. So sweet. – Please sit!
– Please shit. Ouch.. Thank you handsome. Mother! – Would you
join a page of liqor with us? Oh would you serve only one drink. Oh! no, no, no. I am sorry.
Sweet boys. Actually I know so
many film dialogues. Sometime my voice come from my navel. Is it? – Yeah. Can I see your navel? Show, show. Look this naughty boy..
He wants to see my nabhi.. Some sound coming from there. Pape.. Bro. – Yes, Susie. The train has left Bombay Central
and it is going in fast speed. It is likely to
reach at Indaur now it… ..has turned at Bhopal..
Agra is near.. Paape Delhi is not away now. Why did you catch it ..this is mine At first you decide that
who will reach at first. I shall reach. -I shall reach. I shall reach. – I shall reach. “Paape!” “Ooiee, Ooiee.” “Ooiee, Ooiee.” “Ooiee, Ooiee.” “Ooiee, Ooiee.” “The fair looking girl killed me.” “I’ve lost control on my heart.” “The fair looking girl killed me.” “I’ve lost control on my heart.” “Oh my God! What’s wrong with him?” “Run! Run! Run! I am in danger.” “Where did I land up?” “Save me.” “Ooiee, Ooiee. – Look after me.” “Save me.” “Ooiee, Ooiee. – Look after me.” “Your girl isn’t any less.” “She walks swinging her waist.” “Your girl isn’t any less.” “She walks swinging her waist.” “Come in my embrace. Don’t jump.” “I love you very much.” “She has a sweet smile.” “Save me.” “Look after me.” “Save me.” “Look after me.” “The girls have soft cheeks.” “Why wasn’t I born as a man?” “The girls have soft cheeks.” “Why wasn’t I born as a man?” “If you were a man, my love.” “How would we benefit?” “Where should we go?” “Save me.” “Look after me.” “The fair looking girl killed me.” “I’ve lost control on my heart.” “The fair looking girl killed me.” “Just watch what all
I lose in the future.” “Oh my God! What’s wrong with him?” “Run! Run! Run! I am in danger.” “Where did I land up?” “Save me.” “Look after me.” “Save me.” “Look after me.” What is happening? Yes, what is happening to her? It looks she is intoxicated.
Had you applied injection? You mean injection?
– Injection needle? I am saying the same thing. I want it.
Now I want. I’ll take you. Please follow me.
– Shalu, Shalu. Come darling!
I want to apply injection of love. I am coming. Oh God! Two two of you? What shall I do? You have completed your job.
Let me do it now. You sit here. It becomes deception
to the peoples in this world.. The bird is in a cage.
– Punjab smiles. I so smart. The queen became king
and now you would be punished. Rascal! Karan! just a minute! He wanted to play
with my respectability. Where did this come from? Tell me where are
dens of Changej Lala? It seems we will have to
make his condition as like Bheema. No no I donít like to pierce
hot rods across the knees. Then we should give
them treatment which.. ..we had given to Kalia. That bastered was not telling. But what was its advantage.
We cut the tongue of Kalia Ok..we shall come some
other thing instead of tongue. No no! Do you remember that Gafoor. He is still standing at signal. I am telling. Tell me where are
dens of Changez Lala? Sir! What? The bail is granted
for these peoples. By whose order? By order of Changez Lala.. Changez Lala.. Stop, Ali. We have to
finish enemy with his weapons. I am very sorry to say that
you spent so many years in such.. ..unknown police station. Now it would be
interesting to see that.. ..there is some flame
in the ashes or not. Touch it..You would know. You would have become much bereaved.. ..with the death of Anjali. Love is such thing
which kills a person. I am still alive due to hatred. I feel hatred in my
every breaths every moment. Then there is great relationship.. ..between us because
hatred is deeper than.. and a man becomes cleaver. See yourself..
earlier if I would have.. got excited
you must have attacked.. ..upon me as lion but
if a man controls his anger.. ..he becomes more powerful. He does not know what
is going on inside him? I shall find out it very soon. What happened? He’s gone. Karan! Listen. Karan! Who was that guy? Sikandar.. he is faithful man of Lala. And this letter.. Anjali is alive. The day when I was following.. ..Anjali Sikander tried
to create hindrance my way.. ..and now he wants to assure me.. ..that Anjali is dead. It means she is alive. But if Sikandar knows that
he must have told it to Lala.. ..and we didnít
notice this thing in.. ..the communication with Lala
todayís morning that Anjali is alive. It means it was not coincidental
to become Sikandar with Anjali. I mean Sikandar knows something
that Lala doesnít know. Sikandar can tell us about Anjali .. ..that where is she
and why is she alive? Sikandar. He knows you not my face. Now its over.. Sikandar! Sikandar! “Sikandar.” “Sikandar.” “Sikandar.” “Sikandar.” “Sikandar.” “Sikandar.” Enough. Sikandar! Where is Aaka? Brother! It was only excuse
for message of brother. I wanted to meet you. Then why did you send fake message. There was no other option. If Aaka would come to know.. I think that I should tell
me this thing that I love you.. You’re the thief. Forget these things. What? How can I forget? Sikandar!
I donít want to forget you.. ..and it is impossible
that you may forget me.. Stop this nonsense.. Then now you think I talk nonsense. You have become decent person. I will have to teach you lesson. Sikandar, the day when
I shall come to know that there.. some other girl in your life
I shall get ruined myself alongwith.. also and I shall get ruined.. that girl who dared to love you. Sikandar! Where will you go? Go straight.. Sir how much should I go straight? Belapur Road. – Belapur Road. There is jungle Sir.
Even there are no birds. What would you do there? Right side of city there is a river. And farmhouse is two
kilometers away from there. What happened? – Nothing Sir.. I kept my foot wrong place
thatís why the taxi stopped. Donít worry…Sir. The car won’t stop now.
It’ll keep moving. It is very hot boss! I go at nearby village
to bring water. I just come back..
You please wait here. Sorry boss. I’ll just come. Karan! Karan! “The heart that loved you.” “The heart that worshipped you.” “You broke that heart.
You left me alone in the world.” “But this heart
hasn’t forgotten you.” “It has suffered,
but it’s not angry with you.” “Come back, my lost love.” “Don’t make me suffer anymore.” “Come, let’s break every
tradition of this world.” “Swear by your love.” “You’re my queen, I am your king.” “You’re my queen, I am your king.” “I had seen you in my dreams.” “Come, settle my life.
You’re my queen, I am your king.” “I am your queen, you’re my love.” Anjali! Anjali stop please! Anjali stop please! Stop! Anjali stop please! Anjali! – Karan! Anjali! Karan!
– Anjali! Let me go Karan. Let you go? I was searching as like a mad person. I was spending every
moment in tension.. One, I was dying to see you. You are saying to go.. .you are unfaithful..
– Karan, no! I am not unfaithful. I am not unfaithful. I am not unfaithful. Then where were you?
Why did you hide yourself? It was the gust of dust. I am not so fortunate that
I could die being departed from you. When I became conscious
I found such life.. ..which was worst than death. You would be astonished seeing me.. front of you and
getting yourself alive.. Did you forget those
25 days and nights.. you had created
problem for me hiding.. ..yourself with your lover. Then you didnít
realize that what would.. result of the enmity
with Changez Lala? You were likely
to confess against me. Now you are free for confession. There is a little
difference that Lala.. ..would justify this matter. And nobody would be
here to listen your prayer. Don’t be scared.
I am not going to kill you. For your rebellion, I won’t just.. ..I won’t give you
such a lenient punishment. I shall give you such a life which.. ..would be worst than death. Leave me..leave me.. Okay..I leave you. The consequences of rebellion.
Changez Lala’s. Now you would be
staying in my custody. I can finish you in a single moment.. ..but I am not so kind. Your lover had challenged me that.. ..he would come back and
he will get me devastated. I am so much tensed
that he is still alive.. ..and it is possible that
I may use your life for his death. Because he would be
alive till you are alive. No! Lala! I am ready
to alive in this hell, I shall tolerate your every
atrocities but let him be alive. Make him prosper. You love very much. I shall give you best
prize for your love. I shall entrust
you to such a person.. ..who would scratch
all your love from your.. ..body and he would
provide you such life.. ..which is worst than death. Sikandar! This is reward for your faithfulness. You are free to behave
against her as you want. But remember that
she should be alive. Donít try to touch me.. Donít think as I am weak.
Donít come ahead. Girl! Your lover will
live as long as you live. Or else. I canít die. You are giving me this
ërotií because you want.. get ruined my respectability. You want to give roti to your lust. Lala is maintaining nice thing. There is pain in whole body. Come No! – Come, baby. – No! Come on, baby! Excellent! Don’t touch me! No! No! No! – Sari? No! Leave me!
– Take it out! Leave! Hold the girl. Sikandar! No! – Quiet, you drunkard.
Get lost. Will only you have fun? No! The safest place for you
is custody of Changez Lala. He is not going to
leave you alive whether.. go at any corner of this world. If you would stay
here he would be assured.. ..that he may reach
upto you at any moment. And due to this assurance
you may be alive. I misunderstood you. But you are also human being. Only your way is wrong. “I love you.” “I love you.” “I love you.” Sikandar.. Then you created your
relationship with him. I canít take it granted
that some other girl.. ..may fall in his love. How did you dare to come out? Sikandar is not someone’s leftover. I am the morsel of poverty.. ..which will tear the throat
of a rich if it gets stuck. And this is with me for safekeeping. It is my duty to secure her. Okay Sikandar! So your Aka
gave you this for safekeeping. Donít forget that you
are also under my possession. I donít allow to somebody
to create any problem between us. The people tried to getting
me troubled but Sikandar saved me. He secured me with Changez Lala, Divyani and with himself. The day when you
had seen me on the road, I had gone at the temple
of Krishnaji with him. I had gone to pray
regarding your wellness. I had sent Sikandar at
police station at that night. I didnít want that you may search me. You would have find out
me and Lala wonít leave you alive. Karan you donít know
the strength of Lala. You were not confident about.. love as you realized
the Lalaís strength. I must have faced such hundreds
of such Changej Lala for you. I must have searched out everywhere. Now your all the tests are over. Nobody can separate me from you.
Let’s go. Life is waiting for us. Not life..Sikandar! Sikandar he.. Leave her she will come at me. Anjali will go with me. She is under my protection. She is my love. Everybody tried to snatch
whatever I got in my life. People snatched and
Sikandar kept on giving. I shall not allow to snatch now. Sikandar.. Karan…. No! No! Sikandar! No, Sikandar! No! Karan! No! Karan! Don’t fight. No! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it. Why are you peoples fighting? For what? Karan! he is not
enemy but he is friend.. ..and he is my life. Don’t stop me today. You please let me go. I canít live without my life. I shall die.. So please let me go. Go.. Go.. Sikandar! I would like to beg
something from you . Yes.. You leave this world of crime. Sikandar, you start new life. Listen. I would like to beg
something from you. What? I have always seen
you sad and unhappy. I want to see you laughing
at your departure. I want to see your laughter. No. Once.. “I want you to be happy.” “Even if I have to walk
on a thorny path of sorrows.” “Alone I am gathering..” “.. the pieces of my heart.” “What do I do? Where should I go?” “The destiny has hit us hard.” “Answer me from somewhere.” “My heart’s support.” “Where are you?
My destroyed love calls you.” “Answer me from somewhere,
my heart’s support.” “My destroyed love calls you.” “My destroyed love calls you.” “My destroyed love calls you.” Sikandar.. Sikandar is unfaithfull. What is it? Why have you changed
your condition like this? I donít want you may
sympathise my condition. Think about the result which
is likely to become tomorrow. What do you mean? Sikandar. What Sikandar had done? He is changed. Sister you are suspicious
about my pet dog? He is not your pet dog. He is human being and
human beings are unfaithfull. But Sikandar.. Don’t be a fool, brother. Sikandar is fallen
in love of that girl. His message is message of your death. You are talking nonsense. Sikandar! Sikandar! Where is Anjali? I have left her. Who permitted to you? I asked from my heart. Are you not crazy?
Do you know that she is my death? And someoneís life. – You! I want Anjali..
Go and search her. Hey! No. No, Aka. No. Aaka..leave her.. I have always served
as faithful dog.. ..and I did whatever
you wanted to get done. I didnít ask anything from you. I beg her life from you. Kill her? You are saying to
leave her as you know.. ..that her life is death for me. And you also realized
that you are a faithful dog. But Sikandar you forget it that.. ..I picked up you from the
street and I maintained you. I quenched your thirst. I fed your starving stomach. It was not your mercy upon me. You gave me roti and
got me learnt to snatch it. You gave me life and you
got me learnt to get ruined lives. You made me animal. My sister was right
that you are changed.. That wretched girl has changed you.
That cheap girl. No. Aaka! No. You are deceitful.. ..and you dared to pick
up your head in front of me. That wretched girl
has done magic upon you. Enough.. Enough.. -What would you do? Would you raise
your hands against me? Me? Would you hit me, your Aka? Will you hit me? – Aka! Not hand? Hit me, hit me. Come on.
– Enough! Sikandar you have
created enmity with me. I loved only. As you are aware of it
that its result is devastation.. Yes. It is destruction. – Yes! It is death. – Yes Lala! You dared to call me.. name as you were
calling me Aaka.. Yes Changez Lala! This is not my blood
this was dirty faithfulness.. ..which was flowing into my veins. I am free. I am free.
I am free. I am free.
– Kill the deceit. He’s gone mad. I am free. I am free, Lala! Anjali! Anjali! “You stole my heart.” “You stole my heart.” “Hey, thief. Hey, thief.” “Hey, thief. Hey, thief.” “You stole my heart.” “You’ll have to marry me.” “You’ll have to marry me.” “Hey, thief. Hey, thief.” “Hey, thief. Hey, thief.” “What is about the beating
of a heart, my love?” “The heart keeps beating.” “The heart beats faster.” “Love has been a
tradition since ages.” “Love has been a tradition since
ages. Ranjha is crazy about Heer.” Ranjha is crazy about Heer.” “What can I say about myself,
my love?” “Even my dreams belong to you.” “Hey, thief. Hey, thief.” “Hey, thief. Hey, thief.” “The day seemed like a dark night.” “The day seemed like a dark night.” “Just think what
the night must’ve done.” “Your mind had become
an ascetic in the darkness.” “And my heart was also
a wandering ascetic.” “My heart was also
a wandering ascetic.” “Let’s light the lamps of love.” “Let’s get rid of the darkness.” “Come, let’s get
rid of the darkness.” “Hey, thief. Hey, thief.” “Hey, thief. Hey, thief.” “Don’t call me a thief.” “I am going to marry you.” “Your face will be in a veil.” “Your face will be in a veil.” “We will get married.” “We will get married.” “You belong to me.” “You belong to me.” “You belong to me, you thief.” “You belong to me, you thief.” “You belong to me, you thief.” “You belong to me, you thief.” She went back at city
and you could not prevent her. I donít think from where
he reached there..I.. Shut up! I donít know that why did I gathered the group
of useless peoples. Before that the peoples may think.. of you announce
a party so that.. ..people should not think
that I am defeated from a girl. Go! Excellent Karan! You proved us wrong. No Sir. I proved the palpitation
of my heart only. Nobody can save Changez Lala with.. ..the punishment
of hanging till death. You please confirm the date of court. Changez Lala had
declared that there.. no such steel
in this country for.. ..manufacturing hand cuffs. I shall show that the steel
of this country is much heavy. Changej Lala.. Who is there? I am such a guest whom
you donít want to wait. The guest who comes forcibly
in the party, I donít like him. One battle is still
pending between us.. ..and I have pulled that
battle upto your door. This is your last party.. …and try that it should
be remarkable party. You want to take
support of such a girl.. ..who canít come in front
of me due to my terror. She canít pick her head. About whom are you talking Lala?
Anjali.. Anjali.. Anjali.. There was no other better
gift for me than her. Anjali come.. No! – Come on!
Come, Anjali. Anjali! would you not
keep your sights upon my face? You are alive. Do you want to protest me? You canít do so
because you are a poor.. ..and weak lady. You donít have other option
except tolerating everything. This is reply Lala.. What? Not only this is
my slap but also this is.. ..slap of that lady
who gave your birth. This is slap of such a lady
as you think handcuffs to her bangle. Such a lady who can
spend her life in the.. ..forest as like Seeta
and she can become Durga also. Changez donít forget
it that you are going for.. ..conviction in the court
and you would be punished. Come on. Remember it 12 O clock tomorrow. Lala..that girl insulted
you in presence of guests. Go and affix the stamp
of my name at every.. ..corner of those paths
which goes to the court. That girl should not reach
in the court at any cost. Go! Oh! Did you not forget her? Why Sikandar? See into my heart and
listen the palpitation. Anjali doesnít love you as like me. What is such thing in Anjali? You donít ask its reason to me. I donít know it myself
what is the reason. Listen to me..
I didnít keep you alive.. ..yet so that you would
love some other girl. Tomorrow is last day of Anjali. My brother would
kill her before that.. ..she may reach upto the court. His destruction will be my freedom. No! Sikandar, please donít leave me. She is not my love.
She is my worship. I shall get ruined myself
but I shall save her. Blow it up! Anjali..go at back seat. Anjali. Anjali! Are you okay? Karan! You people go from here. Get going. Take my vehicle. I shall face these persons. Get going. Carry to Anjali upto her destination. Go. But? – Go. Ali.. – Yeah.. My ambitions are burning. “May you find light.” “May you find light.” “May you find light.” Kill him. – “May you find light.” “May you find light.” Sikandar! No, Sikandar! Sikandar! Sikandar! No, Sikandar. Karan! -Karan! Karan! No! Karan! Karan! No! No! Yes, Karan! Karan! Anjali! save me please. I have surrendered
myself into your feet. I accept all the offences of mine.
Please save me. Save me from being killed by him,
Anjali. Save me. No! Yeah! “You stole my heart.” “You stole my heart.” “Hey, thief. Hey, thief.” “Hey, thief. Hey, thief.” “You stole my heart.” “You’ll have to marry me.” “You’ll have to marry me.” “You’ll have to marry me.” “Hey, thief. Hey, thief.” “Hey, thief. Hey, thief.”

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  1. Aaj phir Usi movie ko dekha…..
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  3. Wrong casting….Sangeeta Bijlani or Meenakshi Sheshadri should have been casted instead of Juhi…..Naseeruddin Shah AWESOME PERFORMANCE…..mOVIE IS WATCHABLE ONLY BECOZ OF POWERPACT ACTING OF NASEERUDDIN SHAH….

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