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What a place! What a place! Why, it’s as pretty as a picture! But if I ever told my favorite wife the awful truth, I’d land right on the front page. Yessiree, Bobby! — Cigars? Cigarettes? Bots? Ah, hello Gailey. Why sure, I’ll buy some of your cigarettes. You got a light, kid? Hello, Ann. How’s the ‘oomph’ girl tonight? — Oomph, oomph, oomph oomph oomph oomph oomph oomph. Oomph! Good evening, Mr. Weissmuller. Good evening, Ms. Rand. You hear much, this job is plenty risky, get me? You gotta be tough guys to go through with it. Because if you get caught, you take the wrap alone, see? Hmm, alright. I’ll let you try it. (squabbling)
–That’s mine!
–This is mine! Oouchh. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Hope you’re all enjoying this little hoedown. Comes now bit of the… Get away from me, boys. You’re bothering me. Comes now bit of the dance. If you’ll all gather ’round, brother Stokowski will give out with a helping of that South American jive. La Conga, to be exact. So make it mella, fella. (rhythmic music) Oh, Jimmy. That rhythm does something to me. Let’s dance. Will ya? Please? — Oh, um, sorry, it’s not that I don’t wanna, you understand, it’s… on account of that, uh, gee wiz I don’t know any of these modern steps here. — Ah, come on, Jimmy. Please! For me? — Oh, sorry, uh… heck, I guess I might as well try. (mumbles) It’s me again. Fifty dollars?! Dad?
— Yes, Andy? I’d like to have a heart-to-heart talk with ya. Don’t go away, folks. This oughta be good! Comes now the feature attraction of the evening. Uh, keep moving, boys. See ya at the track. Comes now the feature attraction of the evening, Miss Sally Strand and her bubble dance. Now if you boys will put away your bean shooters, we’ll get on with the show. Students! (all wolf-whistle) (all) Baby! I haven’t seen such a beautiful bubble since I was a child! (female yell) HenRYY! Henry Fonda! –Coming, mother! Gee! Gee! Gee! Gee! You boys having a good time? (all) Yes. Guess who? Yehudi! Now listen, babe. I’m a man of few words, see? I’ve been chasing you all night. Now how ’bout a little kiss, baby? — Well, fancy meeting you here!

55 thoughts on “LOONEY TUNES (Looney Toons): Hollywood Steps Out (1941) (Remastered) (Ultra HD 4K)

  1. 2:43 the red head man looks like buster keaton and the man smoking te cigarette looks like the guy who played sunny in A Bronx Tale

  2. Whistling at Sally Rand– William Powell, Spencer Tracy, Ronald Colman, Errol Flynn, Wallace Beery and C.Aubrey Smith.

  3. No doubt about it! Schlessinger's cartoons were utter CRAP! They improved dramatically once Schlessinger was GONE!

  4. that ending sequence is cancer,
    pause the video before the video ends so your speakers don't blow out.
    but thank you for helping us see these old cartoons

  5. so uh….. I forgot all of these guys that igor lookin' ass dude is on the tip of my tongue can anyone tell me who he is?

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