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all right well let’s get you set with a look at a couple of new movies out this weekend our movie reviewer Greg Russell is in the building once again thanks so much for being here and the reason I was laughing about Top Gun I have that as a wine and recline so you can come and see that I will come absolutely his wine and reclines are a blast they’re a blast I imagine is that Rollo invite yes yes perfect you want to have a great time so we’ve got two new movies to talk about including another Marvel movie that will likely be another number one premiere for the company I have no doubt no doubt I mean yeah Ant Man and the wasp he’s back again Paul Rudd as ant-man this time he’s married just want to stay home take care of the family but bad people keep pulling him back into action so a lot of fun I think we’ve got a clip too [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s a pleasure doing business with you Sonny all right Greg so what are you hearing about this well I’m hearing that it is a very good movie very funny movie ant-man’s buddies the guys right there in the band they are back again who made the first movie just so hilarious I’m gonna go out on a limb because I’m actually gonna see this one this afternoon this is probably gonna be number one this weekend Oh what do you think I mean you know I don’t putting it out there but see these Marvel movies are I enjoy them yeah Kim you gonna go see this one I have to go for it no I don’t really enjoy the Marvel movies that much but I do enjoy me some Paul Rudd okay okay so and that’s mine there you go all right well I’ll go together that’ll be great great next up a summer horror movie yeah these seem to be coming out more and more throughout the year what is the first purge all about it is about the first purge as you know I think this is the fourth one out of the series and it deals with when cities take 12 hours where people can do whatever they want to do they can you know get rid of you they can do whatever they want and no penalty whatsoever so this is what but you know I don’t do well with these movies either but yeah so it just goes to show you know what these folks will do and just the folks who want to fight back who just don’t want to go along with it I think we’ve got a little bit of this one as well you’re angry yes I’m angry very angry you want to release that anger I need to thank you for your honest answer so first a few formalities but easiest the official flower of the experiment they represent rebirth in the Box you have according lenses contacts should you choose to actively participate where the one the evening and they’ll document everything you do as I said greater participation yields greater financial compensation next will implant a tracking device after that you’ll be all set as they say to purge Amy and I are stressed out what do you think about this one actually what it is that mean true enough they’re using the whore to bring people in to see the movie but this film the storyline really just deals with the social fabric of so many things going on now not only in our country but in this world I think they’re trying to use the scare factor to bring folks in but they’re also trying to teach them a lesson cuz after this movie was over I got stopped by a couple of folks out in the lobby to discuss the movie some pokes in the parking lot as well as the parking structure yeah yeah because it really is you’re just kind of going does this really mean this and you know so on and so forth so the storyline you know is really good it really makes you think it really does yeah I mean like so once you get past all the you know boom boom and all that stuff yeah will I get nightmares ya know if anything about the real storyline is like really we’re going through this what that may scare you okay yes well I’m wearing the first purge t-shirt we’ve got one of those for you right here to give away as well as a hat for the first purge and then also for ant-man and the wasp this is the full-size t-shirt right here this one’s mine right that’s it there’s the t-shirt right there yeah you take it up within the water and it blows up I love it and then also a towel which all of us definitely need during this hot weather you do the exact same thing with that and a couple of run of show passes to see ant-man and the wasp very cool if you want to end to win what very cool to win Greg’s giveaways just follow the link on the live in the Facebook page or the contest page I click on under the scene on 4 tab contest rules are posted there as well thanks Greg raffle thank you so much always a pleasure always good to see you

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