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I speak for the trees let him grow let him grow But nobody listens to much don’t you know? I Speak for the trees, and I’ll yell and I’ll shout for the fine things on Earth that are on their way out Up there! Princess! You can use this Take it, Mei’s slipping off Hold it like this Behold, the crows fly home, first one.. At last I can say this in the right setting Brother! Help me.. Long live the King Tsukishima! Huh? Moon lets you pet him? Moon, you’re not coming in? Is that his name? He’s like a full moon That’s why I call him that Can you do that? bla bla bla Well you get the idea anyway. Let’s see See this, this is called a rock Rock Good He spit something out, that is it! Hey there Are you going to let me on, or not! My shawl!

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