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Oh, I shouldn’t be looking! (but you’re still looking!!!! ) Hey yo!! What’s up my ZELI FAM!!! I finally back!!! ya I’m back XDD (where is your name??? XDD) ok, I’m so excited today! Because of my LISA released her new video in LILI’s Film!!! my Instagram’s inbox has been spamming by ZELI FAM today when I’m working my inbox was totally explored XDD requested about this video although they want to see my reaction… But they are really worried about what will happen to me HAHAHAHAHA OMG you guys are so cute!! do you know uncle is very strong?? not so easy to die~ XDD NO NEED TO CALL THE AMBULANCE OKAY~~? so I’m so excited with this video when her video is aired, I must give priority to her BECAUSE I LOVE HER THE MOST!!! XDDD no matter is Lizkook , Taelice , or other shippers have to give way as well HAHA I must react to this video first okay~ and I thought this video is a VLOG just like LILI’s film last time after that, I just realized the Title of the video is LISA Dance Performance video I can’t control my emotion after saw this title so happy and so excited!! ok, as usual, before my video starts, remember to give me a thumbs up on my video subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow my Instagram! okay, no more nonsense! let’s start the video right now!! 3,2,1 start! LILI film she is in long hair!! *cough* (Can call the AMBULANCE now~~ XDDD) it just beginning but she is trying to kill me already WHERE DO YOU TOUCH??? Do you know that you are married? Do you know who is your HUSBAND? XDDDD (I think we change to call the police better LMAO~~) CANNOT~so many people are watching you (so jealous~) You cannot do that~~ XDD (Uncle!! it is just a dance, can you don’t getting jealous easily??) and she still grabs the part so tight OHH SHITT XDDD *barely breathing and coughing* wow how to do this motion??? she.. she is so fast I think she used the slow-mo function then only film it I think impossible to dance it so smooth and fast if not using some effect and the music is slower than her move (what are you talking about? XDDD) I don’t know what am I talking about I wanna say is she’s perfect LMAO WTF, this… HOW TO DO THIS?? (uncle!! be careful your old bone!!!! XDD) (now I have to spend money on chiropractic again) I don’t know how to do it!!! OMG (Uncle, nobody asked you to dance LMAO) Her dance is making my body hot! OMG this is too sexy OHSHITTT!!! (actually, you looked more like a dying uncle LMAO) What did I just saw! OMG I really didn’t want to press rewind but I couldn’t control my hand!! (must be something really “good”, if it’s not this uncle wouldn’t replay) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. it’s here!! (MISSED) Oh, I shouldn’t be looking! I shouldn’t be looking! (but you’re still looking!!) there must be a lot of haters that are going to scold me soon OMG I didn’t mean to do it, I just can’t control myself!! XDDDD Lisa! Did you know that your husband is going to be so jealous! Why did you do so! (But uncle, you’re not HER HUSBAND!! XDDD) You!! (headache) This belongs to me! Why did you show it to everybody!! OMG (It’s mine!!) (“vulgar words in Chinese”)
(why are there so many competitors!) I’m so hot, OMG I need to learn this up, and dance with my wife everyday (which wife? LOL) (“singing the song”) (PARROT???) (uncle! can you please don’t dance the cha-cha that exists in your old ages?) (this perverted uncle never changes on his interest) WOW! this scene!! OH SHIT! thumbs up! this is “farting” thumbs up!! too beautiful!!! 3, 2… (MISSED AGAIN!) What is this!!??? OMG why does this end so quick! I need to replay this scene! Wow she ended the video with such swag moves!! (Uncle are you SWEARING LOL?) How do I look? I just ended the video like this! (Uncle, Lisa is talking about the dance, yours is????) (A perverted uncle that is hated by his wife hahaha) This is too pretty! This is is so nice, I really liked it Oh, the video really ended. This dance is too perfect, ain’t it! Did she choreograph it herself? Or she had a choreographer? My wife is just too powerful When I saw her in a sexy dance It’s actually very exciting, but I’m so jealous about it She actually danced such a sexy dance to everybody OMG Of course, I’m just a fake husband, aren’t I? So there’s nothing I can do about it I cannot control her Why did she hashtag #1 on this Lilifilm? I remembered she had a few videos from #1 to #5 previously Why did it changed back to #1 now? Oh! Maybe her upcoming videos are going to be… Dance performance? OH MY GOD Did I guess it right? hahaha She wanted to make a playlist of her dance videos I think This is the brain of a Youtuber! We are connected (somehow….) If you guys have other videos about Lisa, please comment below!! okay this video is going to finish, hope you enjoy this video from start to the end Kindly help me to LIKE & SHARE & COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel see you in my next video!! SEE YA!!!

100 thoughts on “LISA HUSBAND reacts to(LILI’s FILM #1 – LISA Dance Performance Video)[NOSE BLEEDING WHOLE DAY]

  1. Do you feel my heartbeat??? OMG!!! SHE IS PERFECT!!!!! LIKE & SHARE this video!!! THANKS A LOT😘 😘
    Hope you enjoy till the end!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  2. อัครินทร์ พร้อมสันเทียะ says:


  3. I can't take my eyes off Lisa. Her dance is so sharp & smooth , sexy and cute in the same time. Thank you soooo much for your reaction. Lisa is my wife. #

    Zean Lim 林志颖


  5. 😂 😂 😂 I laughed so hard i need ambulance like rite now ❤️ ur reaction so much

  6. นายคลั้งมาก555+😁😂อาการเหมือนเราเลย😂

  7. I told yah 😏😏
    Lisa is so HOT 🔥🔥
    Best react ever 👍👍
    You made me laugh like an idiot until the video end 😃🤣😂

  8. i love u so much of being lisa fanboy..i just wonder if u still love her if she involve on dating rumor😥please love lisa till the end

  9. Love you Lisa's husband.. your so funny.. i understand why you're like that hahaha
    Actually, it's been a sad day for me but you did make me laugh very much XD thank you very much!
    God bless you Zean! 😘❤❤

  10. been waiting for ur reaction.. and finally this happen… u are really FUNNY… 🤣🤣🤣 i really enjoy every reaction video u did on LISA's vids… hehehe…

  11. If Lisa watch his all videos about her maybe Lisa will found that he is funny also hope you always support Lisa and blackpink and protect our girl in basher in the future too

  12. You should definitely react to BTS "dope" its a total bop !!!! And "Not today" as well !! and Anpanman as well

  13. Please react to Jungkook moments at 2019 lotte family concert
    The link :

  14. Uncle i am not a pervert but when you said "she grabs that part so tight" and when you paused the part where i can see Lisa's chest blew my head off😂😂

  15. Haha your so funny Zean 🤣 anyway, thank you for the reaction .. Lisa's so hot and swaggy as well on that dance video ❣

  16. ถ้าเดาถูกคุณหลงรักลิซ่ามากๆๆๆๆเลยใช่มั้ย😊😊😊😄😄😄😄😄😄😙

  17. I'm pretty sure Lisa had seen you and your videos 😂😂
    Like Lisa stans would definitely mention you to Lisa

  18. Omg you always have me rolling every time with your reaction to LISA’S video 😂😂😂your the best👏👏

  19. คนรักล็อตเตอรี่ เฮง เฮง เฮง says:


  20. HAHAHAHHAA your so cute 😂💜💜💜 your making me laugh so hard 😂😂😂 I cannot with you 😂😂😂 now I’m your fan 😆💜💜💜💜

  21. R u prepare yourself for meet yr wife Lisa yet???? Don't forger to take the oxygen tank with you too. Ha.. Ha.. Ha..

  22. You are so funny 😂 ,คุณรีแอคสนุกมากค่ะ

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