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JAKE:This is my story.This is my song.They say when
you’re dealt a bad hand
you need to let it
make you better, not bitter.
You see, my life is roses
and thorns and sunshine
and storms.
Kind of messy.Kind of like
a country song, I suppose.
Cowboy hats
♪ Southern belles
Trailer trash, honky-tonks
♪ Neon lights, country stars
Left and right
♪ But I’m here to tell you kid
That just ain’t the way it is
♪ It’s a really fickle town♪ Build you up, tear you down♪ Think you’ve finally
Caught a break
♪ Then I guess
You’re way too late
♪ That you’re gonna
Sign your life away
♪ Welcome to Nashville♪ Lugging loads of cashville♪ Big old smashville♪ Where all your dreams
Come true
♪ Make a big splashville♪ Famous in a flashville♪ We’re the redneck real deal♪ Welcome to Nashville♪ Where you write a song
Turn it in
♪ They tell you to write that
Verse again, change the title
♪ Change the beat
More up-tempo, make it sweet
♪ Way too country, way too pop
Get a hold, get a drop
♪ Write a couple hundred more♪ Get the call
You’re waiting for
♪ Got a country song today♪ Spend the money
‘Fore you’re paid
♪ Looking like your
Luck’s about to change
♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah♪ Welcome to Nashville♪ Lugging loads of cashville♪ Big old smashville♪ Where all your dreams
Come true
♪ Make a big splashville♪ Famous in a flashville♪ We’re the redneck real deal♪ Welcome to Nashville♪ Make a big splashville♪ Famous in a flashville♪ We’re the redneck real deal♪ Welcome to Nashville ♪Yeah! [CHEERING] That was great. Oh, thanks.
Listen, I got to– Well, how about that
picture you promised me? Sorry, he
promised me
this dance. You know what,
let’s take that picture.
You hold on one sec. Hey, Bobby, can you
take a picture for us? Yeah. -You got your camera there?
-Yeah. Okay. Smile. Got it. -Thanks.
-Yeah. Okay. I was trying to
save you from that. Oh, she’s sweet.
It’s fine. I’m a sweeter girl. Oh, yeah? I haven’t seen
you in here before. Haven’t been
here before. What brings
you in? What do you say
we get out of here? I like that idea. See you tomorrow
at the show. You got it. Amy, what are you
doing here? Having a little
fun, Lyle. Is he
your brother? I’m her boyfriend, Jack. Oh. No, no,
it’s Jake. Jake. We broke up, remember? Uh, I don’t
think we did. Yes, we did. I believe her. What did you say? You heard me. Get lost. What’s up with your
little rice-eating
friend here? Hey, man. Hey, I’m gonna give
you a chance to apologize. [CHUCKLES] Wow. Your jokes are
worse than your music. -You okay?
-Yeah. Here we go. [CROWD GASPING] Quit before you
hurt yourself, man. Your package
is ready out back. -Thank you.
-You’re welcome. Hey, sis, have
you heard from Jake? No, I haven’t. Trying to reach
him all morning. Need him to sign
off on a truckload. [JAKE’S VOICEMAIL]
You’ve reached Jake.
Leave a message.
[BEEPING] Dude, where you’re at? It’s 8:30 a.m.. I need you to
sign off on a load. Hope you’re
on your way. [SONG PLAYING ON RADIO]♪ Your folks think
You can do better
♪ But they don’t understand♪ It takes a whole lot
More than money… ♪
[PHONE RINGING] Yeah, this is Bo.Hey, it’s Reggie.
How you doing?
Who? Reggie Wilson.
I’m the stage manager
for Jason Williams. Yeah, how’s it going? Good, thanks.
Listen, I know it’s short notice
but we need a good hand for this tour and
your name came up.
You available? Where you boys at? Meet over in Franklin,
just outside of Nashville.
Know the place? Hello?
I lose you? No.
No, I’m here. Hey, listen, Reggie, I don’t think I’m gonna be able
to help y’all out this time.I appreciate you
thinking of me though.
Yeah, sure.Maybe next time.Well, listen, if you change
your mind within the next hour,
let me know. All right, buddy.
Thanks for calling.♪ I’ve got the motor running
And there’s room
In my front seat ♪
-Can you sign this, please?
-Yeah. -Skip laurels come in?
-Yeah, they’re right out back. -Thank you.
-Thanks. Come on in. Sorry to bother you, ma’am,
but can you sign
for this delivery? Where’s Jake? He hasn’t come in yet. [SIGHING] Did you try
calling him? Yes, ma’am.
No answer. Come on. Thanks. [JAKE’S VOICEMAIL]
You’ve reached Jake.
Leave a message.
[BEEPING] You want to keep your job, you
better get your butt in here. [PHONE BEEPS] [THUDDING] [SIGHING] Hey, good morning. Hey. Well, here’s my number. [SCOFFS] So, we’ll get together soon? Sure. I’ll call ya. Uh, I guess I’ll see you
later then. Okay. [KNOCKING ON DOOR] It’s me. What do you want? I see you made
it home last night. Barely. Yeah, I’ve been
trying to reach
you all day. So? So you missed work,
boss lady’s ticked. That’s not the first time. And you also have
a show at the Blue Bar today. [SIGHING] Just another
notch in your gun? I’m not ready
to get hitched. Yeah, well,
I hope it was
worth it. By the looks of it,
I can see it wasn’t. Hello, Reggie. Yeah, this is Bo. Have you still
got that job open? [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING]♪ What will you do
When too much ain’t enough
♪ When you can’t pass out
And you can’t pick yourself up
♪ How do you face
These lonely, lonely nights
♪ Without one single
Piece of your mind
[HONKING]♪ And you’re out of luck
And you’ve had too much
♪ And too much ain’t enough ♪Well, the show
is definitely over. Doesn’t matter. I’m tired of
playing these anyway. [SIGHING] NEAL: Jake! Ah, here we go. NEAL: Where were you? [SINGING] I wasn’t feeling it. Looks like you’re not feeling
much of anything these days. Man, it’s time we move on
from these cheesy shows and start opening for
a big name like Pace, like– Just be happy I don’t have you
playing in a place like Kimbros. -It’s not far from it.
-Look, I signed you because
you’re a great singer, but I need to know I can count
on you to be at your shows. You know the labels are in here
all the time and I need you to– [SNAPPING FINGERS] NEAL: Are you even
listening to me? [SNAPPING FINGERS] Hey, this isn’t a joke. I’m the best
you got, Neal. NEAL: Not judging by today. Our new kid, Tate,
he was the best today. Tate.
You’re kidding, right? JAKE: Tate? He just got signed
by Warner. -Nah.
-NEAL: Would have been you
if you’d have shown up. -It will be.
-NEAL: Not at the rate
you’re going. You have a chance
for greatness, kid, but nobody’s
gonna hand it to you. You are gonna
have to work for it. You gotta admit,
the Tate guy
can sing. Nah. Hey, just saw Becca. I wonder when she
got back in town. About a week ago. Really? Yeah.
Said she found
religion on her trip. Where’d you hear that? My sister. -Nikki?
-Yeah, genius. My sister. The one who works
at the nursery? I know who she is.
I know who she is, I just
didn’t know they were friends. Yeah, said she moved
in with that Zoey chick. Who’s Zoey? We played a show
with her once. I bet she’s probably here
to see me. Probably not. What are you
talkin’ about? She broke up
with you, remember? Yeah, but,
man, I’m a star now. In your own mind. JAKE: Let’s get some food. Jake, your order’s ready. Watch where
you’re walking, man. Sorry, Bud. Jake? Do I know you? No. VENDOR: Can I help you, sir? [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, flowers. [MUSIC CONTINUES] Take care. We are closed. I’m so glad this day is over. I’ll lock up. Excuse me, sir,
we’re closed. Can I help you
with anything? Yeah, I was wondering if
you had these in a size 11? Or these guys? -What…
-Lizard skin or… -…are you doing here?
-…emu skin. Nice to see you
too, Becca. BECCA: What do you want? JAKE: Looking at boots. You don’t want boots. Look, I… I need
to talk to you. Why? Why not? Gimme one
good reason. Will you
please leave? Becca, I’m just– Okay. Was that Jake Reeson? Yes. He is so cute. How do you know Jake? Oh, I don’t know him. I just played
a show with him once. Oh, that’s nice. Uh, how do you know Jake? Well, we used to
date, actually– [SCREAMING] It’s not nice to
sneak up on people. It’s not nice to ask
someone to leave when they’re trying
to talk to you, Becca. It’s never been
just talk with you. Just give me 60 seconds. How did you
know I worked here? Bobby’s sister
told me. The answer
is still no. -Why?
-Well, I like to talk. -Hi, I’m Zoey.
-Hey. -Zoey, no.
-Hi. Because I know that you– Whoa, wait,
why not? Because he– ‘Cause I–
You need to go. -No, I don’t.
-Yes, you do. -No, really I don’t.
-She really doesn’t. Mm-hmm.
Well, I do.
And she’s my ride. -You drove today.
-No, I didn’t. -Yeah.
-Yeah, mm-hmm. -She’s right.
-I’m pretty sure you did. You have a car
in the parking lot. -Come on.
-Bye, Jake. Are you crazy?
He is hot. I know. I’m not gonna
give up that easy. Suit yourself. Look, I want to make
it up to you. You could never
make it up to me. Someone once told me
that everyone deserves
a second chance. Fine. I’ll accept your offer,
but first you must do
something with me. And what
is that something? Meet me tomorrow
and find out. -It’s a date.
-It’s not a date. -Sounds like a date.
-Forget it. Okay, okay. But if I go with you, then
you have to let me take you out on a real date,
dinner, a movie. -We can do coffee.
-Coffee! -How about a beer or two?
-Just coffee. -You used to be fun.
-You used to be nice. -He’s not nice?
-Long story. Well, he looks nice. He’s not. Where? Here, tomorrow.
4:00 p.m.. It’s a date. I hope the food’s good. It’s not a date. But food will be served. He seems nice. [GIGGLING] [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Just a second. Can I help you? [SIGHING] Bo? Hello, Mia. I just wanted to– No. Just go. Go away. [MUFFLED CRYING] [MUSIC CONTINUES] LILY:Can we have
a piece of cake, Mommy?
staying out
of trouble? Yes. You know, it’s tough
but we’re doing all right. What’s the word today, Reggie? Jesus loves you, Clinton. That sounds the
same as every other day. That’s what I’ve
been trying to tell you.
He’s the same, every day. Well, if he loves us so much
why don’t you talk to him and see if he’ll lighten
our workload a little? Landon, somebody, somewhere
getting laid off right now. Y’all need to be grateful.
[LAUGHS] You must be Bo. I’m Reggie, the stage manager
and babysitter for these guys. If you need anything or you need
to talk, my door’s always open. Thanks. That’s good
to know. You bet. All right, let’s go.
Let’s finish up. Time to get to work.
Got to get that stage up. MAN: Let’s go, fellas. [CLEARING THROAT] Hey! You’re late. It’s already
started. Come on. -Late for what?
-Thanks for coming. -What’s started?
-Let’s go. What are we eating?
Are we eating somewhere? -Patience, patience.
-Okay. Oh, um… What? Oh, what’s
that for? Are you worried? Should I be? Guess you’ll just
have to trust me and see. How am I
supposed to see? [LAUGHING]
That’s the point. How am I
gonna drive? Well, give me
your keys. -Oh, man.
-C’mon. -Really?
-Mm-hmm, c’mon. -Jump in.
-All right. It’s all about trust,
my friend. -Yeah, all right.
-All about trust. All right?
Do you know how to
drive one of these? [LAUGHS]
I sure do. Just jiggle the key. I am
jiggling it. [ENGINE STARTS] [LAUGHS] Ah, right. JAKE: You were never
this much fun. People change. [JAKE LAUGHING] Hey, so where are we eating? [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] Smells good.
Hey, can I take this– No, no, no,
no, no, no.
Hold on. Let me get ready first. Where are we? C’mon. Hey, this is not a place I
would have picked for a date. Well, you made the deal. C’mon. We help feed lower income and
homeless families once a week. So this is
your idea of a date? I never said
anything about a date. But you
meant a date. I said food
would be served. Which usually
indicates a date. Fine, you want to leave? No.
Hold on. You’re right,
we made the deal. So let’s do this. Perfect. Oh. I have this for you. Oh, no, I’ll wear the apron
but you’re not getting me
to wear the hairnet. [LAUGHING]
You have to
wear the hairnet. It looks good. Okay. What are we
doing here? Why don’t you
hand out the biscuits. I’ll get
the gloves
for you. BECCA: Here you are. Jake? Jake? I gotta go. I gotta go. What do you mean? I gotta go. Well, Jake– Seriously?
Are you kidding me? I’m sorry
about that. [SIGHING] All right,
white or dark? Dark. Hey, Reg, got a second? Hey, Bo,
come on in. [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Ain’t had a drink
in three days. That’s good to hear. God’s gonna give
you strength, Bo. You just trust
and believe. I’m tryin’. [KNOCKING ON DOOR] REGGIE: Can I help you? Mia? My name’s Reggie. Nice to meet
you, Reggie. Mia, Bo’s… Why don’t I give you
two a minute to talk. -Good to meet you, Mia.
-You too. How did
you find me? I called every
motel in town. I’m glad
you did. I’m just in town for
this big concert thing. Then it’s back out. I need to talk. Okay. It took me all these
years to try and bury all the bad memories
I have of you. Seeing you the other day
at my door, it was like
I was experiencing
them for the first time. When you first left,
I prayed to God every day that he was gonna
bring you back to us. We needed you so bad,
especially our son. He would ask me every day,
“When is my daddy coming home?” I was so lost when
you abandoned us. And I didn’t know
what to say. After a while, I realized
you were never coming home, so I told him that you
were in heaven with God. It killed me
to lie to him. And then my hope turned to
bitterness and anger for
what you did and it just continued
to grow and eat me up inside. You were
his whole world. It was
a tragic accident. I’m so sorry– I was hoping you
were not gonna say that. I know there’s nothing
I could ever say to take
away the pain I caused. Nothing I can ever
do to bring her back. I live with that
moment every day. I finally just got… to the point
where I realized… I had to give it to God. And now I can only hope that you can find it
in your heart
to forgive me. I have tried many,
many times, believe me, but I can’t. You shouldn’t be
seeking my forgiveness. You should be
seeking his. Mia, please. The only question that I wanted
answered here today was why. Why? But after seeing you, it
just doesn’t matter anymore. I think he would be better off
still thinking you were dead. I died a long
time ago, in here. I guess, in a way,
-You boys still kind of
have me at a fluster. You should ask her out. I mean, you’re
available and all,
you know? [LAUGHING]
Hey, man. [LAUGHING] How come we’ve never
been to Kimbros before? My old man
used to play here. I never knew that. Not something
I tell people. -Don’t miss!
-[GROANS] [CHEERING]♪ She’s sleeping like a baby ♪Losing your touch there,
old timer?♪ My guitar’s
Leaning on her dresser ♪
You got lucky. Even a blind squirrel finds
a nut every once in a while. Skill, dude. It’s a skill. BOBBY: Watch and learn. Why did you leave
me there like that? -Becca, I’m–
-You know, I had to
get a ride back to my car? [SIGHING] I’m sorry. How’d you know
I was here? I was driving home and
I saw your truck parked outside. Why’d you take off? I couldn’t deal with it.
I had to get out of there. It brought back
bad memories. Can we start
over again? I don’t know.
That depends. I’m totally innocent.
I’m not lying. I’ve heard
that before. Hey, Bo. Good work today. Thanks. I got pizza coming.
You hungry? Nah. I’m not here
for that. You sure you’re
not hungry? No, thanks. But I might like
to take you up
on your offer. Okay, okay. Some of the guys here,
we get together,
keep each other strong. I could sure use some
of that right about now. [CHUCKLING] I’ve been doing
this a long time. Road ain’t the easiest
place to… stay focused,
faithful, or sober. There’s a wrong way
and a right way to do the road and believe me,
I’ve done, done ’em both. We help each other
do it the right way.
You in? Yeah.
I think so. Good. Good. Oh, and, just for
the record, if the big boss catches anybody drinking,
he lets ’em go with quickness. I appreciate
the tip. You’re certainly welcome. [DOOR OPENING] -Zoey, is that you?
-Will you come here a sec? ZOEY: Yeah, coming. Hmm, or… I’m thinking black. -Yeah?
-Yeah. With the belt? Yeah, belt, definitely. Mm-hmm. So are you gonna
tell me about it? Tell you
about what? I know we haven’t
known each other
that long, but it’s obvious
you two have a past. You and Jake.
What happened? Nothing. Oh, come on. I broke up
with him. ZOEY: How long did you
go out for? Three months, two days,
and eleven hours. Beats my
last relationship. He wanted every date
to end up at his place. Yup, sounds like just
about every guy
I ever dated. [SIGHING] Did you sleep with him? You did! Zoey. [ZOEY LAUGHS] That was my past.
I’m different now. ZOEY: Yeah, I get it. I never told anybody
this, but, I dated this guy
for a long time… and he really
pressured me into it.
It was a big mistake. ZOEY: Anyway, why’d you
guys break up? He cheated on me. What makes you think
this time will
be different? Everybody deserves
a second chance. Right? [LAUGHING] -BECCA: Maybe?
-Yeah, okay, fine. Well, you saw him. [LAUGHING] Hey, this
is really cute. How come you
never wear this? It’s yours. Oh, you little thief. [LAUGHING]♪ Teardrops
Like rain on the rooftops ♪
Get in close. Smile.♪ Start missing
That spot in the road
♪ Where the wild flowers grow♪ I close my eyes… ♪Not bad.♪ …and I go back home♪ My Tennessee home ♪Still got two
left feet? What about
the waltz? You got it.♪ Back home♪ My Tennessee home♪ Where I learned
To dream my dreams
♪ Chase the sun
Spread my wings
♪ Trust that one day
They will bring me home
♪ My Tennessee home♪ My Tennessee home♪ My Tennessee home ♪[CHEERING] WOMAN:Looks like we have
our very own Jake Reeson
in the audience tonight.
[APPLAUSE] JAKE: Hey, everyone.Let’s see if we can get
him up here and sing us a song.
Oh, thanks, yeah,
but I don’t have
my guitar.Just happen to have
an extra one right here.
You know, I’m kind
of on a date and– Are you still
doing that
singing thing? Oh, yeah,
I’ve been practicing. -Really?
-I ought to warn
you, I got real good. -Oh, yeah?
-Yeah, I’ll show you. Hey, let me show you
a real woman does this. All right. [APPLAUSE] Uh, y’all knowReal Woman?You’re looking
at one. -What key?
-BECCA: Uh, C. WOMAN: Okay. Y’all ready? [BAND PLAYING]♪ Maybe I have
Too many pairs of shoes
♪ A pair in every color
For all of my moods
♪ And it might be well known
I run a little late
♪ But when I show up
It’s so worth the wait
♪ Understand
It’s not a ploy or a plan
♪ It’s who I am♪ I’m a real woman
And not afraid to own it
♪ These are my curves
I got the nerve
♪ To bring it
In the ballroom
♪ If you like a real woman
A red-blooded woman
♪ From starting a band
To loving a man
♪ I do it all ’cause I can
‘Cause I
♪ I♪ I’m a real woman ♪[BECCA CHUCKLING] Where did you learn
to dance like that? I’ve always known
how to dance like that. No, you never
knew how to waltz. And there you were,
teaching me. I will say I was really
impressed with you tonight. Yeah. Well, I had fun. Why did you never
tell me you could sing? I haven’t really
sung in a long time. I should introduce you
to my manager. Oh, no, no, no. That life
is not for me. Why not?
I mean, a voice like that,
you could be a star. Well, there’s more
to life than
being a star. Not for me
there isn’t. That’s all
I think about. C’mon. Come over here. What about love? Family? What? You’re so beautiful. What? That was good. It’s not like we
haven’t kissed before. Yeah, that
was then. Ah. I get it. Get what? I heard you
got religious. I didn’t
get religious,
I got saved. What does that
even mean? It means that– You can’t kiss me? I thought
you had changed. But I was wrong. We both know
this isn’t gonna work. You’re just gonna
walk home? Fine! [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] I want to commend you guys
for sitting down on your day off and participating
in your own recovery. Bo? [SIGHS] Well, I saw my wife
again the other day, ex-wife. What happened? Sorry, Reggie, -it’s just tough.
-No, no need to apologize.
These things take time. You took a first step,
that’s progress. Take steps, fellas,
take steps. You take one,
He’ll take two. I’m sure he’ll call. I’ve been texting for two days
and he hasn’t texted back. Well, did you try
going by his house? I’m afraid
of what I’d see. Call him from
my phone. Why would
I do that? No, that’s not right. Him not calling
you isn’t right. GIRL: Hey, you want some coffee? I’m good. [CELL PHONE RINGING] Hey, your
phone’s ringing. Who is it? It’s just
a number. JAKE: Answer it. Hello?Hello?[SCOFFS] What happened? Who was it? I don’t know.
They hung up. I’ve gotta
MUSIC PLAYING] [SNIFFLES] I’ve missed you. [SNIFFLES] [CRYING] [SNIFFLES] I’ve missed you. How many
we loading? What are you
doing here? I got demoted back to
the loading docks,
thanks to you. For what? Showing up
late the other day. Well, you
weren’t here. I needed somebody
to sign off on the load. Welcome back. Gee, thanks. [GROANS] So, how’s it going
with Becca? It’s not. That was fast. Yeah. I got to get out
of here, man. Well, we still got
two more hours
to closing time. This town, this job. It’s time
to move on. God, give me
the strength, amen. [SIGHING] [SNIFFLES] I got your message. Thanks for coming. The stone
looks good. I used to come
out here every Sunday. I remember. When you left,
I was lost. Seeing you after all these
years made me realize how… not forgiving you has
slowly destroyed me… and our son. I used to close
my eyes and just hope it
was all just a bad dream. And that you were just gonna
reach over and hold me, let me know
it was all okay. Now you said something
the other day that made
me realize that it is– I came here to tell you… that I forgive you. [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING]♪ Ain’t even left but I– ♪Hey, hang on,
hang on, hang on. That’s not the right tempo.Man, that’s the right tempo,
you just missed the down beat.
Uh, I’m not
missing anything, man. Start over. [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING]♪ Hey, girl
I’m gonna be late
♪ Can’t find my keys
Can’t concentrate
♪ Ain’t even left, I can’t– ♪-Wait–
-NEAL:That’s enough, Jake.What are
you doing? NEAL: Give us a minute,
will you? What’s the problem? The engineer said
you were 30 minutes late. And you been
drinking again. I just had
a couple of beers. I told you before,
no drinking
before a session. What’s the big deal? I pay this engineer
by the hour, Jake. Take it out
of my royalties. I would
if you had any. I’m terminating
your contract. You can’t
be serious. I’m the best singer
you got. Maybe, but this
is Nashville, Jake. I can go outside and find
a dozen guys as good as you
working at the local IHOP. What’s that supposed
to mean? Talent alone
is never gonna cut it. Commitment and
dependability make
a true star. You show up late and you
can’t even get the right beat. I’m done wasting
money on you, Jake. We need to talk
about this. We’re focusing
on Tate now. He’s amazing. -We need to talk about this.
-And dependable. I’m sorry. It’s not personal,
it’s business. You’ll be begging
to have me back. This is not happening. [CAR HORN BLARING] [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] [CELL PHONE VIBRATING] [DOOR OPENING] Ah, as if this day
couldn’t get any worse. I need
to talk to you. Must be pretty serious
for you to come all
the way out here, huh? It is serious. Look, if this is where you
tell me all about the birds and the bees, I’ve heard it. We really
need to talk. We needed to talk
a long time ago. Don’t you think you’ve
had enough for one night? You really care? Of course, I care. Just… write
another check, that’s how you usually
show you care, right? Join me? No, I don’t
want any. Your call. Jake, please… I need to explain something
to you and I need you to
listen to me. You said, “please.” This ought to be good. Look, when
your sister died– You just checked
out on me… and buried yourself
in that stupid nursery. I did not just
check out on you. Yeah, you did. [SIGHING] What’s this? They’re from your father. What? He sent them
to you every year. What are you
talking about? He didn’t die. What did you
just say? You said he was
killed in a car accident. Jake, I told you that,
so that you wouldn’t– You lied to me
about my father dying? I know,
I was just
trying to– Where is he? Where is he living? I don’t know. Well, how do you
know he isn’t dead? ‘Cause he came
by the house. When? MIA: Just a few days ago. Why didn’t you tell me? Jake, I am trying
to do that right now. -Where is he?
-You’ve been drinking. I just don’t– I don’t
think it’s a good idea. You don’t decide
when I get to see him. Jake, please. Tell me, where is he? You’re hurting me. Where is he? Bo, you feel ready to
share with us tonight? Whatever it is. When I was living
inside that bottle, even though I believed that
Christ had died for my
sins and rose again, and I truly believed
I was forgiven, I refused to let
go of the pain, until a friend of mine told
me one day, he said… He said, “Reggie, you’ve
got to forgive you.” It’s like this
horrible dream… that plays over and over
in my head. No matter how hard I try
to make it stop, I just can’t. BO: I’d been pushing
myself that week, working a couple
of double shifts, trying to make ends meet. It was my son’s birthday and I’d
promised him a new fishing pole.I forgot my keys in the house,so I jumped out of the truck
to run in and get ’em.
Came back out,
and there sat Lily.She wanted to go.I want to go, Daddy. BO: I’m gonna be right back. She just smiled. I said, “Baby, you can’t go. “I don’t have
your car seat.” She just had a way of looking
at me through those eyes that I just couldn’t
say no to. [TIRES SCREECHING] [CRASHING] [BO SIGHS] BO: She was only
five years old. It was all my fault. [SCREAMING] BO: Everything
changed that day. I didn’t want
to live anymore. I started drinking,
abusing drugs, verbally abusing
my wife and my son. Every time I looked at Mia,
I could see it in her eyes, blame, hatred. I still hear my boy calling
out, “Where’s Lily, Daddy? “Where’d she go?” What kind of a father
could I have been to my son? Leaving my wife and my boy was
the hardest thing I ever did. But I honestly thought
they’d be better off without me. BO: Now I realize that
was a big mistake. [BO SIGHS] I miss ’em. I swear to God,
I miss ’em. I miss ’em so much. Jake? Jake, I’m sorry. Jake! I’m sorry, buddy.
Come here. Jake! Jake, please,
I need to talk to you. -How could you?
-It was a mistake. How could you
just leave? I’m sorry. What are you
sorry for, old man? Sorry for abandoning me
when I was nine years old? Sorry for my
mom getting drunk and crying herself
to sleep every night? Sorry for me growing up without
a dad, thinking he was dead, and watching all my friends
do things with their dads? You have no idea
what sorry is. I’m just asking
you to forgive me. Would forgiving you
bring my sister back? Would it? Son, I want to– I am not your son. Now you listen
to me, old man. You stay away from
my mother and me. Do you
understand me? Do you? You’ll never
be my father. My father is dead. Jake, please! Jake! [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] [KNOCKING ON DOOR] [KNOCKING ON DOOR] It’s open. Hey, you okay? What are you
doing here? BECCA: Um… Well, I came
to say goodbye. And to give you this. I’m leaving to Haiti
for two months, next week. Haiti? But you just
got back. Well, they still
need help. Look, whatever you’re
going through, Jake,
I want you to know that… that I care and that
God cares and that– [SCOFFING] God. You’re kidding
me, right? What God? The God that loves you. You really believe that? Yes, I do,
with all my heart. What do you know
about real pain, Becca? You’re just a good little church
girl now, who’s gonna wind up marrying some good
little church boy
one day and living
happily ever after. There’s something
I never told you. Um… When we were living
in Nashville after
my father died, my momma
flipped out and, uh… And I started using every kind
of drug I could get a hold of. When my mom found out,
she said I could get help, or she was kicking me
out of the house. And so being the angry
person that I was, I just did more
and more drugs. And then one day
when I was already high, I just wanted to end it all. But just before
I cut my wrists, I said a prayer… asking God to forgive me. And he answered… ’cause I heard
a voice that said, “You need to ask God
to save you.” So, do I believe in a God that loves me, that loves you, all of us? Yeah, I do. And I hope that
one day you do too. [SNIFFLES] Goodbye, Jake. [DOOR CLOSING] I… I saw my dad the other day. [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] [CAR STARTS] [GUITAR MUSIC PLAYING]♪ Just sitting still♪ Like cars in park
On a freeway
♪ What good are wheels♪ If they don’t roll♪ Boy, can’t you see that’s us♪ We’re stuck and I can’t
Stay here where we are
♪ Baby, I need you to know♪ I want you to move over
And make room for me
♪ Move closer
And give in to me ♪
I’m empty here. We’re getting
ready to close, Jake. I need another beer. You need to go home. You have no idea
what I need. Come on, Jake. Look, you know me. Everyone knows me.
I’m Jake Reeson, the best country singer
in this godforsaken town.♪ Stop moving backwards
And sideways
♪ Start moving
Forward with me ♪
Now… give me another beer. Tell you what. It’s on me. You drink it
and you go home. Walk home. I pay my own
tabs, sir.♪ In my life and get under
My skin, baby, please
♪ I want you to move out
Of this ordinary
♪ Move onto extraordinary♪ Move in my direction
Let your heart lead
♪ Stop moving backwards
And sideways
♪ Start moving forward with me♪ With me♪ Baby, with me♪ Start moving
Forward with me ♪
go pay the tab.
I’ll be back. Pay my tab. Hey. Leaving so early, huh? Um, It’s actually late and
I need to get home for
work tomorrow. Why don’t you
stick around? -It’ll be fun.
-You stick around and have fun and I’m gonna go home
and go to sleep. I really liked
your performance. That’s funny.
I didn’t think you
heard any of it. No, I loved it. Let me buy you a drink. Thanks, but, no thanks. What’s the problem? Whoa! Becca’s a great girl
and you blew it, and this? Never, never gonna happen. Have a nice walk. Hey, man,
been looking for you. Get in line, loser. Where you going? Somewhere you’re not. Oh, you got that right. What’s up? Oh, I think someone
owes me an apology. I think you
and your girl posse need to mind
your own business. [GRUNTING] Stand him up, boys. [GRUNTING] You’re pathetic. [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] [MAN SINGING]♪ Just as I am♪ Without one plea♪ But that thy blood
Was shed for me
♪ And as thou bidst me
Come to thee
♪ O Lamb of God[GROANS]♪ I come ♪Hello?♪ I come ♪JAKE: Hey! Did you see those guys? What guys? The guys that mugged me. I didn’t
see anybody. I was just standing
here singing my song. [SIGHS] My boots. They stole my boots. I can see that. [GROANING] JAKE: Well, did you
hear anything? I mean, I assume you can
still hear when you
play, right? This is not happening,
right now. So what do you think? [SCOFFS] I think I’m in
theTwilight Zone.No, I mean about my song. Oh, sorry, man,
I don’t like hymns. My name’s Buck. Yeah. You know,
you look like– Larry Gatlin? Boy has a face of an angel. [CHUCKLES]
I get it all the time. No, not Larry Gatlin.
You look like… What am I doing? Talking to some guy
who’s singing
in the dark. You know, singing’s
a mighty powerful thing. It’s a God-given talent. Wait… I’m not dead, am I? You came pretty close,
by the looks of you. Yeah. Sometimes I wish
I was. What are you
doing here? Just passing through. No, I saw you
twice last week. You’re not just
passing through. Well, my work’s just
not all quite done yet. What do you do? Whatever it takes. Huh. -I’m Jake.
-I know who you are.
I’ve seen you perform. You’re real good. [SCOFFS]
Who cares? All things were
made by Him. And through Him. [SCOFFS] What does that mean? Well, it means that God
has given our talents, so we’ll bring him
the glory. Great. So you’re another one
of those weirdo
preacher guys. No. No, I’m just trying
to help out. Yeah, well, how about you
help out by tracking down those guys
that stole my stuff. Just material things. I heard that before. BUCK: Well, that’s true. Easy for you
to say, man. You got your boots. What are you
doing here anyway? Just singing my song. To who? Anybody who needs
to hear it. Oh… [CHUCKLES] Kinda hard to perform
in the dark, huh? Pretty hard to do anything
when you’re in the dark. Yeah. [BUZZING] [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] BO:Are you ready
for your present?
Happy birthday, son.Thank you, Daddy.BO:You betcha.♪ My dog just up and ran away♪ My dog just up and ran away♪ My trailer rent
Is two months late
♪ My trailer rent
Is two months late
♪ My baby stole my truck
And now she’s gone
♪ My baby stole my truck
And now she’s gone
♪ My life is turning out♪ My life is turning out♪ Just like a country song♪ Just like a country song ♪[SOBBING] [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] JAKE: Come to me. Give me rest. [SOBBING] [MUSIC CONTINUES] [SIGHING] Hey, Mom. Mom. My God, your face! What happened? It’s not important. Can we talk
for a minute? Of course. Why didn’t you ever
tell me the truth about him? You would ask me every
day, “Where’s my daddy? “Where’s Lily?” I just– It killed me to see
what it was doing to you and I didn’t know
what to do, so I thought I did
what was right. I thought that if you
thought that they were both together
in heaven, that you would
eventually be okay with that. I know now
that I was wrong. I don’t like
who I am anymore, Mom. And I can’t help
but think that if… If my father had
have been there all those years that
I’d be a different person, that I’d be
a better man. It’s never too late
to change. Yeah. I really just tried
to protect us both. Jake, please, forgive me. Please. After Lily died,
your dad was
just a broken man and all he did
was drink. You don’t remember
what it was like. But he loved me. I do remember that. Yes. He loved you very much. That’s why I sing. Can you forgive me? I’ll try. [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Lily. JAKE: Sorry I haven’t been
to see you in a while. We love you. I love you, baby. [MUSIC CONTINUES] Hey, Jake,
how you doing? Good. I’m here
to see my dad. Your father
isn’t here, son. I thought he
was staying here. The tour’s moving on
to Houston. He decided
not to join us. He left early
this morning. Oh. You know where
he was going? He didn’t say. Your dad’s a good
man, Jake. And he loves you
very much. You know, forgiveness
is a powerful thing. To give and
to receive. Thank you. You bet. Good luck out there. All right. Take care. [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Ugh. Huh, looking good. She’s getting
ready to leave, so– I just came
to say goodbye. Well, I don’t think
she wants to see you. No, I also wanted
to apologize to you, for the other night. I was out
of line. I’m sorry. [SIGHING] I accept. All right, fine,
you can come in. Becca. -Hey.
-What happened? I got what
was coming to me. Look, I’m sorry. I’m sorry about everything,
hurting your feelings, coming on too strong,
shutting you out. You know, you can
stop me at any time. [LAUGHING] Hopefully, I can see
you when you get back? Yeah, I don’t think
that’s a good idea. I was hoping you
weren’t gonna say that. I really am sorry. And I know I’ve been
wrong, but… I’m asking you
forgive me. I mean, I do forgive you
and I believe you’re sorry. It’s just you were right
when you said we both know
this isn’t gonna work. No, no. I didn’t know what
I was saying. I was an angry person
then, I’m not now. Look, I just don’t think– Look, I know
what I want… and it’s you. It’s you. [SIGHING] We’re just not in the same
place right now, Jake. I’m sorry. Okay. Well, I know you’ve got
to start packing, so– Yeah. Have a great trip. Thanks. Oh, I almost forgot. What’s this? Some going away music. Hey… I’m really
gonna miss you. Hey. It’s only gonna
be two months.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah. I suppose. You have a God-given
talent, Jake. You’re gonna do great. Thanks. [DOOR CLOSING] [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] Looks like you
could use a hand. Yeah, ’cause I’ve been
pulling your weight. I’m really sorry. You’ll be more sorry
if you don’t grab a bag and get to work. Yeah. I got two of them.
Watch this. Yeah, yeah. [LAUGHING] Is that it? It is. It’s good
to see you. You too. I missed hanging. Yeah. But you’re back? I am. I’m back. [SONG PLAYING]♪ Until today I believed
Without a doubt
♪ I had gone down this
Roadway too far
♪ To turn around♪ I carry the weight
Of the past on my back
♪ ‘Til the day I die♪ But thanks to you♪ Now I realize♪ That every lie that’s
Been told can be untold
♪ And every soul that’s
Been sold can be unsold
♪ Every angry word that’s
Been spoke can be unspoken
♪ And every heart that’s
Been broke
Can be unbroken♪ I know that it takes
A lot of guts to tell the truth
♪ And a heart
Won’t be fixed overnight
♪ When it’s broke in two♪ You never gave up on me♪ Even though I kept
Pushing you away
♪ You showed me how♪ It’s not too late to change♪ Yeah♪ And every lie
That’s been told
Can be untold
♪ And every soul that’s
Been sold can be unsold
♪ Every angry word that’s
Been spoke can be unspoken
♪ And every heart that’s
Been broke
♪ Can be unbroken ♪If I hadn’t asked
for the fishing pole, then Dad never would have left,
Lily would still be alive. It wasn’t your
fault, sweetie. It wasn’t your fault. You were never meant
to carry these burdens.♪ Yeah♪ ‘Cause every lie
That’s been told can be untold
♪ And every soul that’s
Been sold can be unsold
♪ And every angry word that’s
Been spoke can be unspoken
♪ And every heart♪ That’s been broke
Can be unbroken
♪ Be unbroken♪ Yeah♪ Can be unbroken ♪[CHEERING] [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] Brothers and sisters,
please grab your pew Bibles and turn with me
to Matthew, chapter 11. Beginning in verse 28,
Jesus says these words, “Come to me
all you that
are weary “and are carrying heavy burdens
and I will give you rest.” [MUSIC CONTINUES] [LIKE A COUNTRY SONGPLAYING]♪ My dog just up and ran away♪ My trailer rent
Is two months late
♪ My baby stole my truck
And now she’s gone
♪ My life is turning out♪ Just like a country song♪ The fish just snapped
My fishing pole
♪ My momma’s
Hooked on dipping skoal
♪ My rooster crows
At dusk instead of dawn
♪ My life is turning out
Just like a country song
♪ When things
Are going sideways
♪ I’ll just hit the highway
And leave my troubles behind
♪ I’ll just find the dirt road♪ And know wherever it goes
I’m gonna be just fine
♪ My brother Joe
Is back in jail
♪ I hocked my gun
To pay his bail
♪ And now he’s popped
A tent up on my lawn
♪ My life is turning out
Just like a country song ♪
[MUSIC STOPS] -MAN 1: Why have they stopped?
-MAN 2: What’s he doing? -MAN 2: He’s not playing.
-MAN 1: Why’d they stop playing? [INDISTINCT CHATTER]♪ Well, lookie there
My dog came back
♪ The rooster had
A heart attack
♪ Baby pulled up in my truck♪ Cried and said
She’s still in love
♪ Begged and begged
And pleaded all night long
♪ My life is turning out♪ Just like a country song♪ My life is turning out♪ Just like a country song♪ Like a country song♪ Like a country song♪ Just like a country song♪ Just like a country song ♪[APPLAUSE] [CHEERING] [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING]♪ I’ve had it all♪ Been to the top
Of the mountain
♪ Felt ten feet tall♪ Hearing them scream
And shouting out my name
♪ One taste of fame♪ Yeah, it feels great
But at the end of the day
♪ I want to love and be loved♪ And be a friend you trust♪ And raise my children
To be strong
♪ I want to give
More than I get
♪ Love God ’til my last breath♪ And know in my heart when♪ I’m gone I lived this song♪ I lived this song♪ I lived this song♪ I lived this song♪ Give my heart away♪ Like it’s never been broken♪ Stand in the rain♪ With my head back
And my arms wide open
♪ Turn wrong to right
Switch dark to light
♪ Change someone’s life
Before I run out of time
♪ Yeah, I want to love
And be loved
♪ And be a friend you trust♪ And raise my children
To be strong
♪ I want to give
More than I get
♪ Love God ’til my last breath♪ And know in my heart when♪ I’m gone I lived this song ♪[COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING]♪ I was just gonna ride in♪ Steal some love
Like a desperado
♪ Slip away in the darkness♪ But I don’t want to go♪ Tell me what do I do now♪ Tell me what do I do now♪ I was just gonna ride in♪ Steal some love
Like a desperado
♪ Slip away in the darkness♪ But I don’t want to go♪ She’s sleeping like a baby♪ My guitar’s leaning
On her dresser
♪ My boots
Want to take me away
♪ But my heart
Won’t let ’em
♪ Oh♪ What do I do now♪ What do I do, oh
What am I gonna do now
♪ Somebody tell me
What do I do now
♪ Yeah
What do I do now ♪

100 thoughts on “Like A Country Song – Full Movie

  1. 😭😭😭❤❤ lovely movie. Too goooood. Must forgive to heal the wounds and bury the tragic pass. ❤❤

  2. Once a cheater always a cheater. Why do women always run after men even though that they hate our guts and cheating on us.
    Watching from Samoa

  3. North America has the best looking native boys! Always clean shaven and hair braided. I'll stop here so you can find out why.

  4. Great story about forgiveness and love. I’ve been intrigued about the word “mercy” recently – “Blessed are the merciful for they will receive mercy”. To forgive, or have mercy towards someone who has hurt you deeply is one of the most difficult things to do. Personally, I have found that it has literally brought me to my knees in painful humility asking God to forgive me for my self righteous attitude, all the while painfully aware of the undeserved forgiveness He has shown me. It brings you right back to the cross every time. What an awesome God we have.

  5. Living life with hate for someone, I have found out is a form of suffering and I have suffered enough! It’s easy to forgive when you have been forgiven.

  6. What a great movie…..forgiveness doesn't always come easy….bt we have to forgive others in order to be forgiven……thanks for the upload

  7. Why are so many country music flicks so 'Hallmark' and cheesy. I would imagine most 'country' folks must cringe at being portrayed this way.

  8. I absolutely loved this movie. Sometimes you have to hit bottom to understand that God will never leave us. He is there through our storms as His precious Son Jesus went through every single sin and storm for us. Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is Love. God Bless

  9. I managed to make to 1:43 by repeatedly hitting the fwd button, I'm # 110 on the dislike thumb.

    I'm with: The 4th Way
    "This movie needed a better director. Why are so many country music flicks so 'Hallmark' and cheesy. All the good themes are here, love, god, country music, family….but the delivery is so commercial. How about more realism, grit and less fake ?"

    Not with: Kathie Padilla
    "…as His precious Son Jesus…"
    Thank you both for the tips, uhhgg, adenoid singers displayed in a movie crafted for lemon suckers and a certain kind of cheese craving viewer.

  10. I love all the songs in this movie, and watch a bunch of handsome man sooooo good combinations 🥰👍🏻💐 thanks…

  11. We all knew how the father and son were.
    They were Turing to hard to delay that reveal.
    But the movie is good. I like it. 😀

  12. Loved the message and the music.  The acting was good as well … Joel Smallbone is a great actor !!!

    You can live in Forgiveness = Love or unforgiveness = hate. You can't serve two masters. Good or evil. God or Satan. It's that simple, black and White. I learned this lesson late in life even after being sober for over 30 years but thank God I did !!! It takes what it takes. Just keep practicing forgiveness … forgive "them" and then forgive yourself. I failed to forgive myself for hating until I was in Katmandu with a beautiful woman who did not have the same beliefs but carried that beautiful message that set me free and God because so HUGE in my life even tho I had been saved for at least three decades. I had to forgive myself as well as everything else. Now, I live in forgiveness and love. What a beautiful life. It wasn't as easy at first as it is not but … I PRACTICED it as often as I remembered until it because my nature !!! 

    God bless everyone. This movie blessed me ~~

  13. I can't for the life of me, figure how Billy Ray Cyrus can be in a movie that tells a story of forgiveness and God's love for all of us and all the while, he lets his daughter, Miley Cyrus, live her life in darkness and eventual hell. I suppose he has told Miley the consequences of her ways and that she refuses to listen to his advice. Pray for the Cyrus family.

  14. This is a good movie wish Miley saw this movie and it changes her heart, it's never been too late for her to change her way of life praying for Billy and the entire Cyrus families.

  15. This movie hits home. With my father and brother that hasn't spoken in 5 years. They used to sing together. I can only pray that it would change soon

  16. Wow! Good movie, i love country songs very much & i did enjoy this movie very much too. Thank you very much for uploading this movie.

  17. Forgiveness is powerful.~ to give and to receive. I like what
    Sandra Polichino said ~~"You can live in Forgiveness = Love or unforgiveness = hate. You can't serve two masters. Good or evil. God or Satan. It's that simple, black and White." I learned this lesson late in life after I was abused for years. Once I learned that God loved and had forgiven me, I realized I had to forgive those who abused me. It was hard at first But I just kept practicing forgiveness … forgive "them" and then forgive myself.. Now, I live in forgiveness and love. Because God is Love and with God there is forgivenss for all. To forgive, or have mercy towards someone who has hurt you deeply is one of the most difficult things to do. It has brought me to my knees in painful humility asking God to forgive me for my self righteous attitude, all the while painfully aware of the undeserved forgiveness He has shown me. It brings you right back to the cross every time. What an awesome God we have (Music 1 week ago). It's easy to forgive once you have been forgiven. God loves us all ~~He sent His only Son to take all our cares, worries, fears and in place He gave us LOVE< MERCY> GRACE. Good movie. I really liked it. It kept my interest and pulled at the strings of my heart. Thanks for the upload.

  18. We all have the chance to change! No one can do that for you. Only you can change ~courage to change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference. Once you open your heart and let LOVE in there is forgivenss for all!.

  19. More cheesy than most Hallmark shows but good message. Needed better director. And why wouldn’t Reggie or his friend ask what happened to Jakes face?!

  20. "Better not bitter." Good movie. There are experiences in life that are painful to the core. As K. Roger´s song says, I truly believe we have to know what to throw away and what to keep: what we DO have must always weigh more than what we lost. Another very important thing is to see, to recognize those persons and things on the way, that help to heal; and those that do the opposite. The loss of a beloved one, specially in a tagical way, leaves a pain that lives with us, but that does not mean that we cannot live enjoing life and loving others anymore. It will take time; it is a readjustment. But first of all, we have to want to be happy. And, as the movie shows, forgiveness and to forgive ourselves, if there is a responsible one for the wrong, is completely necessary. Precious moments are forever. Pain will pass. Blessings!!!

  21. Movie was C-B which ain't bad really. But soon as I saw that Achy Braky Cyrus was in the movie, I couldn't watch it anymore. Everytime I even hear his name I got that image of his daughter sticking her tongue out and wearing a giant dildo. That image ruins the movie for me. I know it ain't his fault, I guess, but I can't help it.

  22. Very good message of Family, How Jesus Christ really works, if you let him do what he does!!! Love , feeling feeling, recovery and growth and pressing on and Our Lord Jesus Christ and how he forgave us and lives are changed and life presses forward!

  23. Also there is a person who said something negative about imaginary friend represented JESUS I see you are not a believer by your negative language!!! FORGIVE ME!!!

  24. Lord thank You for Grace and Forgiveness without You we are lost . I love You Jesus Thank You For Your Presence Of The HolyGhost Amen 🙏 🙏

  25. Jenifer Taylor – wow- great Acting-!!- doing two and half men had a good pay check- her work in this is award wining ! Especially Trying to make a sceen Work with Billy Ray Cyris–

  26. This is a good movie . I've never seen it before . I'm sure I'll watch it again . Thanks for sharing this movie . God bless !! ❤

  27. I wouldn't watch the coming of Christ if Larry GATLIN were involved or present. What an arrogant son of a bitch.

  28. I’ve watched this movie before & personally found it to be good. Does anyone have any idea as to who the mysterious cowboy who appeared & vanished was supposed to be ? My guess is an angel or Jesus.

  29. I liked this movie because I've lived it. I don't care about the bad comments because until you have been there and find that God brought you there only then will he bring you out of there. Forgiveness of others is the only way to move forward so that you can forgive yourself.

  30. 9/10. Good movie. Worth watching. Good values. One scene felt skipped but made no difference. Great sound and video. Real difficult issues and hope to solve them.

  31. The movie is too slow and too predictable. I wasted almost an hour on this. As soon as the chick sang sounding like Shania Twain and badly miming the words, I had enough. There are much better Nashville movies around, with better music. The music here was more disco than country. This new stuff all sounds the same…. it has the 'Nashville' sound, and I had enough of that when I lived there just a few years ago…

    Give me Waylon, Merle Haggard, George Jones, etc., Sadly, there's no-one to fill their shoes! I can't make do with this weak stuff.

  32. mom is a good actress – did Jennifer Taylor sang this song completely – love it – there are so many assholes out there and so many people in pain…. too many

  33. What a Great Movie, I passed it up for weeks, I'm glad I watched it today. Awesome Message of Forgiveness and leaving the past behind.

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