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Hey everyone! So if you’ve been following
us, then you probably know we’ve had some wonderful
opportunities this year, and we thought we would celebrate in the form of a sizzle reel. So today on Life Of A
Producer, we’re gonna take you behind the scenes of the
making of our 2017 Sizzle Reel, which was an awesome collaboration. Check it out. Okay!
(laughs) (Intro Song) What we can do is I’ve
been thinking about every sizzle reel I’ve seen, and
they’re all edited to hell. What if instead of editing this thing, we basically just plot
out the sequence of clips as we want it, we time out
where we wanna hit those clips, then we handhold against
nothing, just with a camcorder, and film basically tracker marks. Then we take the whole
thing into After Effects, and we just handhold shoot the whole thing through our footage. So you’re handheld shooting
the video as it’s playing. So you’re going from
video to video to video, and you’re gonna know
where we’re gonna move it. It will all be planned out. (upbeat rock music) This would be awesome. I love it! Send me your invoice! (laughing)

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