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100 thoughts on “Learn English with Movies – Avengers: Endgame | LEARN ENGLISH Movies | Movies for Learning English

    —–> everything you need to sound more natural

  2. You lectures are amazing, most movies' captions are quite understandable when i read, but totally out of nowhere when they are speaking.

    The itch has been scratched.

    Could you point out each marvel hero's pronounciation as a series?
    That will be great!

  3. Hi reach you are the best .I always watch your videos ,thank you very much for your teaching passion.

  4. Hey, Rachel! First, thank you SO much for your hard work to help a lot of people around the workd to hone their English skills! I was introduced to your work on Yourtube by a previous teacher I had in my first time in Canada, and since then, can’t live without your lessons! 🙏🏻 I am a math teacher and I do recognize your dedication! 👏🏻 I would like to ask you something. Britney Spears to me has such an unique accent, any chance to analize with us her pronunciation in a song? I’d love to! I love the way Britney pronounces the contractions as well as other sounds. Again, thank you so much for everything! ❤️

  5. Yeah tell me about it. That short video trailer of the endgame was a nightmare. He was really inunderstandable

  6. These videos are amazing. For listening is terrific! but I wonder if I have to continue struggling with the accent to sounds like a native speaker instead of only worrying speak clearly.

  7. I thought that I know English a bit. But I was wrong. I figured it out after you video. I don't know anything…

  8. I had already listened to this video for about 100 times but I still can't hear the word " record" in the sentence " Just for the record"

  9. Oh…!!! I realize that I have a lot to practice…to discern what I hear and to practice, practice, practice until it sounds as it should… sometimes I feel exhausted of trying…but I feel good when I hear your explanations and that makes me keep moving forward…thanks, Rachel

  10. how do Americans pronounce "OR" in "tomorrow"? Like "A" in "father" + "R" or like "OR" in "morning"?

  11. Great lesson, It was freakin' awesome!! The next could be about The Walking Dead or Stranger Things… maybe

  12. Thanks a lot for your efforts
    May I ask a question
    Should I switch on the captions or not?
    What do you recommend?

  13. This method to learning actual sound compression like native speaker is so benefit as I know most of words
    But pronounce of American eat or reduce most of it
    This lesson is little bit of difficult but it is OK
    Thank you for everything

  14. Thank you a lot for your video! I have a propose: do you can to read all sentence after you analyze all parts of it? Your pronunciation is more understandable, so I'm trying to repeat behind you all parts of a sentence together.

  15. Whose not learn with yours video like this better keep speaking Spanish or wherever wherever else speak for first language thank you so much for your video.

  16. Omg i didn't understand the second part of the paragraph, exactly when you said it was difficult for you, so that makes me feel better.

  17. This is what I call a really English class¡¡¡¡¡ real English !!! Real English class !!!!! Real Rachel !!

  18. Thank you Rachel. First I felt frustration with my listening after watching the scene. Your explanation convinced me that even native speaker is unclear what he said in the scene. Then I felt like I was not so bad with my listening to the native speakers, after all these year of learning American English.

  19. So difficult to understand even if I fully paid attention while I was listening to this video clip. Especially, the sentence " I will dream about you " doesn't sound as it is written.

  20. me gustaria que colocaras subtitulos en español yaque nosotros no sabemos bien ingles pues a veces no puedo saber tus explicaciones…muchas gracias por tus enseñanzas

  21. After watching 11 times the same video I've found things explained by RACHEL that I could barely hear the first time… like dopped consonants, dropped vowels, ending consonants linked with the first vowel of the next word… contractions… reduced speech, things that RACHEL explains in a very easy way to understand. And it's amazing how these things change the pronunciation of the phrases spoken by native speakers.
    Never ever seen a teacher like RACHEL in my whole life. I LOVED THIS VIDEO. Definitely I need to start watching the next one but it's not easy leave this video behind…RACHEL, you're awesome !!!!😊

  22. Hi dear teacher,They speak very comfortably. Everyone speaks as their heart desires.That's why can't be understood.Let's analyze it till the end of our lives.

  23. You're the only English native speaker who knows how to use IPA 😭😭. No one knows. For that reason, native English speakers think that Spanish has the same vowels and consonants but in fact, even that we share the same alphabet, both language are totally different, since Spanish is a syllabel-timed (I don't know if I wrote it well) and English is a stress-timed. You stress in the important words and we stress in all the words (preposition, articles..)
    I think that's the reason that we have bad listening comprehension (I spent much time to wonder "why I understand writting English and not Spoken English and no one answered me that question)
    I just have to say that I've been English for many years and phonetic is the most difficult thing. On the other hand, I've been studying portuguese and Spoken language is not so hard since we share "syllabel-timed"

    Thank you ☺️ so much for teaching us her knowledgments about your native language (you seem that you learn it in a deep)

  24. Hi, Rachelsenglish Team, it's ME again… this video was so GREAT that I'm kinda obsessed with it, you know.. LOL😂…
    But this time, after watching 16 times the same video, I've noticed something almost unnoticeable (within 20 seconds) from 22:31 to 22:51 when Rachel is explaining the sound of TH followed by AH vowel reduced to the schwa, overpowered by N (the next consonant)… it's the word 'THAN' in the phrase "THAN IT SOUNDS" spoken by the character played by Robert Downey Jr., and there's a tiny little mistake in the subtitles (as I said already, 'almost unnoticeable') … The captions says (22:36) "THEN, THEN, THEN. (22:38) "THEN IT — THEN IT — THEN IT — THEN IT SOUNDS — THEN IT SOUNDS — … and the word 'THEN' was *written by accident. I know it really was an accident. Actually, the teacher clearly refers to 'THAN' as an example of the TH sound going right into N, and it is easily explained by her. However, I guess the person who was responsible for editing the subtitles, who probably *is NOT the teacher, didn't correct the word "THEN" provided by YouTube generated subtitles. As a matter of fact, they should've written 'THAN' (the correct word to be used in this case)… Certainly they've forgotten to review these captions… and I understand that… there are so many videos, in-depth analysis in each one of them… much work to do… and as to me, it took 16 times watching the same video for me to notice this…Hahahahahah😂😂😂LOL.
    I don't want to be intrusive… I hope I can help with this comment in some way…☺

  25. 26:10 You're eating something, Rachel…haha You're explaining a story of a person who has got no food and water…so you got scared, that's why you started eating…🤣🤣🤣 I can feel your voice of chewing the food…haha

  26. It's a greaaaaat video a usual, thanks a lot really.
    But I think the part where you wrote "That will be it" , he said " will I be there?".
    I think that, I don't know really but I heard it like that.
    Thanks again Rachel, love youuuu 😍😘

  27. OMG. I am non english speaker from.Korea. It is such a shame I have just found this great video. Please keep updating this video which never get board. I love you!!!

  28. As a beginner I would say that American pronunciation is very complicated for me, British pronunciation seems to me easier..

  29. I've just started to learn with Rachel's English. It is so amazing good for learning pronunciation and proving my English skills. I will continue learn with this subscribes everyday. I will see what happen in few months later. I am very lucky to know you. Thank you very much!

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