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– Hi, I’m Lauren Lapkus, and I’m in studio with
“The Hollywood Reporter.” (upbeat percussion music) – Thanks for much for dropping by. – Welcome to the Earliest Show. (laughs) See? – Okay yeah, you told me you had a joke. – It landed, it landed. – It worked, yeah. – Good. “Between Two Ferns: The Movie” is out. – Yes. – How does it feel? – So good! I’m so excited for
people to see this movie. It’s like, it was one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had. – Oh, that’s so good to hear. – Yeah. – When you first hear
of them making a movie kind of out of the series, what was your initial reaction to kind of how they were going to do this? – Oh wow, I mean my initial reaction was, I really want to be in it. (laughs) – Sold – I don’t need anymore information. But yeah, I was curious
what the storyline would be because the web series
is such a simple concept. And you don’t know much about
Zach, the character’s life. So I was curious how that would go. – [Brian] Now from the original series, what were some of your favorite interviews and moments throughout? – Oh God, Justin Bieber,
that a classic one. (laughs) Um, I love they Jerry Seinfeld stuff. There have been a lot of good ones. I mean Obama. – Yeah – So there’s amazing interviews. – Throughout the film I guess, how would you say how
much of it was improv? That was another thing I was wondering. – Yeah, a good amount
of it was improvised. Scott Aukerman, who directed the film and wrote it with Zach, they kind of made the story up entirely themselves. And they had all the
scenes with all the beats that needed to happen, but we improvised a lot of the dialogues. So that was fun for me,
because that’s my whole life. – Harold’s looking into that and as soon as we’re done with this. – She doesn’t even know
what we’re doing here. She’s not looking into anything. – I’ll start now. – She’s fully aware of what’s going on. – In terms of kind of the celebrity cameos and the interviews, did Zach and Scott kind of have them in mind
before writing the script? Or did they kind of come
along as you guys went? – Yeah, I think they had
some of them in mind. And some people were
available and able to do it. And some weren’t and
so they moved with it, whoever was able to do it. But yeah we got some people
that were really cool. I can’t say any of them. – You can say no, it’s out now! – Oh we can say, oh it’s out now! Yeah, well he’s in it. (laughs) – The Jon Hamm bit was really funny – Yes. – David Letterman. Calling him Santa Clause
with an eating disorder. (laughs) – I know, I was so sad
because we weren’t there for the day with David Letterman. I really wanted to meet him. – And the David, not
David, Peter Dinklage bit of you guys robbing his house, was that in the original script? – Oh god, I mean it was in my script. I don’t know what they had in
mind when they first wrote, but that was one of the best days. He is so, such an amazing actor. You just watch him and
you just want to watch him the whole time. I mean I truly was like, he is incredible. And he’s really fun to play around with. Because in that whole scene
where I’m stealing from him. He’s really angry. – In the Walhalla la Croix bit? – (laughs) I think it was la Croix. – Are you a big Game of Thrones fan? – Well no I’m not. – Neither am I. – Okay, I feel like I’m
in the minority for sure, but I recently watched the first episode and the last episode for
my podcast, Raised By TV. Where we sometimes do episodes where we watch shows we’ve never seen. And just see the beginning and the end. And that was actually a great way to watch (laughs) I was like, I think I caught on. – Yeah, I caught on a little bit. (laughs) – Everyone will hate that. – Was there any celebrity cameos that Scott and Zach weren’t able to get. Were there any dream guests? – Wow, I don’t know, I really don’t know. I think they left us
out of that conversation so we wouldn’t be disappointed by like hoping for somebody who
couldn’t show up or something. – How was working with Will Ferrell? – Oh, it was great! We did a movie together before and he was, he’s so nice and so funny. And this was really great. We really got to mess around
and improvise together. And that’s like a dream come true. – That’s really like probably the dream. – Yeah. – One thing I was wondering too is in the after credits, you kind of see more from these interviews a little bit. And it kind of leads me thinking that “Between Two Fern” is going to come back. – Yeah. – Maybe for the 2020
Presidential election. I know maybe you don’t know. – I don’t know. – Would you like to see what happens? – I would love to see
Bernie Sanders do it. (laughs) I mean any of those people would be great. – What were some of your
other favorite moments from throughout shooting? – Oh God, I have to think of things that, oh well I really just loved
some of the simple moments of improvising with Zach
and Ryan and Giovanni. We got spend a lot of time together. And there was one scene
where we’re in a restaurant at one of our pit stops. And Paul Rust was waiter
and he’s so funny. They had to cut out so much good stuff. We just had a great time
together just goofing around. – So again, from the top. – You want to do this
conversation again from the top? – Yeah, this is my life story. You ruined that scene of my life story. So did you by the way,
let’s take it from the top! Where are you going? – I’m going home. – That’s bad acting. – I didn’t buy it. – Zach plays himself, obviously and he’s kind of like a
bit of an insane boss, do you have any insane boss crazy stories? – Oh God, well I think I’m really lucky because I always quit
every job that I had. (laughs) where I didn’t like what
was happening there. I would quit really fast. I tried to be a barista for like a day. And I tried to work at a pier in Chicago like calling out for boat tours and stuff. – How did that go? – Horribly! I had no confidence so
it was my fault probably that I was bad at all these jobs. But I started babysitting for my living and that was like,
everyone’s just really nice. All the parents are great
and I can’t really complain. So I haven’t really
had that kind of thing. And in this job, I just feel
happy just to get to act. – And you did a sketch
on babysitting right? – Yes! – My terrible babysitter. – You do your research,
that’s pretty impressive. – Was that like an older
sketch that you did? – Yeah, that was probably
like 10 years ago. But yeah, with D’Arcy Carden,
who’s on “The Good Place” and I’m trying to think
of who else, but yeah. Michael Caine, yeah. – Looking at your career, you really seem at least, from what
I kind of read about you, that you had a plan. And this is kind of the
route you wanted to go. Can you kind of talk about
breaking into the comedy world and how you were able to do it? – Yeah, I mean it definitely was my goal and my dream from a young age. And I was kind of guided
by a teacher of mine. I was in high school and
really didn’t have any luck getting in to any plays at school. And my teacher, Erin Carny, shout out, suggested that I take improv classes. And it really changed
the whole path for me because I didn’t really
know about those classes. And I was 18 and kind of
nervous about the whole thing. I didn’t even know what the endgame was. I didn’t at that time. I think improv was less known
about, less talked about. It was kind of a direct shot
to SNL or something like that, but you didn’t really hear
that, oh you can end up being on TV and movies just by doing this and as a way to train as an actor. And so I was really doing it for fun and as a thing to express myself and kind of hone my sense of humor. And it really led me on a great path. I mean I feel very thankful for it. – How would you advise other people wanting to break into the comedy world? What would be your best advice? Is it the improv route? – I mean it’s really
what works best for you. I think that standup was not
the thing I was drawn to. Even though I have
always loved watching it, it never really felt like the
path I was going to go on. – [Brian] Why not? – I love doing characters. And especially when I was first starting, I felt more myself when
I was doing characters. So it was kind of the natural path for me. But I think just if you’re
interested in doing comedy, the main thing is just to
get out there and try it. I mean it’s nerve-racking
and embarrassing at first. And you will suck, and that’s okay. Everyone sucks when they start. So you just have to try. Anywhere you can take classes, listening to podcasts I think is great. Now there are so many improv podcasts. – Like yours. – I mean I’m not even trying to plug mine, but with special guest, Lauren Lapkus. (laughs) There are so many podcasts,
which I wish I had when I was younger where I
could like listen to people doing improv and learn
how they’re doing it. – When I was first introduced to you it was on “Orange Is the New Black” and you actually made kind
of a cameo this final season for Caputo’s take down,
how was it returning? And had you kept up with the show? – Yeah, I’ve been watching. And I love the show. And it was so cool to get to come back. I had no expectation to return. My character was fired from the prison. And I really thought that
was the end of the road. So it was really cool
that they wrote me back for a little moment to
get to have my revenge on Caputo for a second which was cool. – Another show you were on is
obviously “Big Bang Theory” but when you start getting on a show like “Orange Is the New Black” where it is kind of this ensemble, but you’re kind of in the initial cast, how was it kind of going into it as kind
of already established? The ensemble on “Big Bang” What were the challenges of that? – It was really cool. I mean that show has been on for so long and I had obviously never been on until the 11th and 12th season. And so I think in my
head, there was no way I’d ever would be on it. That’s like a well-oiled machine that I’m not going to squeeze my way into. So I was really thankful
for the opportunity. But it was so cool because
they know each other so well. They’ve been doing the show for so long. And the writers are just like on point. It was the best, easiest, funnest, that’s not a word, but yeah. – No you’ve really taken
the podcast realm by storm. – Thank you. – Not one podcast but
you have four, correct? – Yes (laughs) that’s a lot. – How do you have the time? – I don’t, I don’t (laughs) some of them are
winding down a little bit. So even by the time this comes out, I think some of them will
be done for a second. At least for the season. But I love doing it. It’s been so cool
because as an improvisor, there isn’t really a way to share what you do on a national stage like that or international stage. Standup is so much more like
translatable in that way. Like people can access it more. So it’s been really
cool to have these shows that I can express myself
and my style comedy and there’s no filter
and nobody can edit it except me, so it’s great. – So you edit all of them? – Yeah, and usually I don’t
even cut anything out. I mean I like to keep it really natural. And even when there are bumps in the road in the improv I like to leave it. Because I think it shows, like it pays off better when you see like, of they kind of faltered there, but then they really brought
it together at the end. – Now “With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus”, I listened to Sex and the City, which was hilarious. The old McDonald’s bit of
yours was really funny. And also The Force Awakens. So you’re surprised by what character you’re about to play, right? Is that how it works? – Yeah, so the premise of the show is that the guest is the host. So they come in with
the idea for the show. They come in with a character
they’re going to play. They tell me what my character is once we start recording. So we don’t talk about
anything before we start. And I love it because I
don’t have to plan anything. So it’s really great for me. Because it’s like an easy (laughs). I don’t have to do any prep. But it’s really to see
what people come in with and what they end up
wanting to do the show about because it’s all up to them. – What have you been most surprised by in terms of like a
character you had to play? – There was one. – Were you not able to catch
on to what was going on at all? – I feel like in those moments I just double down on whatever I feel like doing and hope that it works out. But there was an episode where
I was made to play Jesus. And that was really a shock for me because I was like, okay I
guess I’m Jesus for an hour. And you know, that was fun. – What else can you tease
about the new episodes that you have going on? – I did a live one at UCB in L.A. And it’s going to be coming out, in September it will already be out. – That’s awesome. Would you want to do more kind
of the live podcast format? – I love it. I think it’s really fun doing it live because you get that audience feedback. I mean, when you’re in a podcast studio, you’re trusting your instincts
and playing off each other. And you feel like it’s funny, but you know it’s hard to know for sure. And then when you get the
audience in front of you, I mean you can really go much crazier because once they feel that. – Because that’s interesting too. Because of when you’re doing the podcast, you don’t have a live audience, you don’t really know whats’
working or what’s not. – Yeah, I think it’s helped
me trust my instincts more. Because when you’re in like a silent room and you just have to hope
that it’s going well. – Like this. – Yeah, we think it’s fun, right? (laughs) – Next up, you also have a film
with Adam Sandler, correct? – Yeah, with David Spade. It’s a Happy Madison movie. – That’s awesome. What can you tease about that one? – Oh my God, it’s crazy. It’s called “The Wrong Missy” and I play Missy. Basically, David Spade
goes on a corporate retreat and he texts the wrong
person to invite them on the corporate retreat
and it’s me and I’m crazy. – And you just show up? – Yeah. – Thank you so much for being here. – Yeah, thank you! – Make sure to catch “Between
Two Ferns: The Movie” streaming now on Netflix.

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