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The fulfillment of something
very dear to us, and for the world of film making,
which is the market. This is the first LatinArab Co-Production
Forum, with a South-South perspective And to generate new modes of
representation which allow at least from the screens and
from the ideas to think of a future for everybody. I think it’s a huge step
for the festival So I’m very happy to participate
as a producer in the forum and very happy to be with
my friends from LatinArab I’m a producer who’s very
keen on co-production not only economically and financially,
but also culturally. There were over 40; 44 projects from all
across Latin America and Arab countries Which have been submitted
to take part in the forum. This has led us to make this
into a formal space which is this frist Co-Production Forum An International Audiovisual Forum with
three business rounds was put together. LatinArab, where we are now which is this conjugation of
Latin America and the Arab world. To communicate, grasp, mix,
and somehow play together with the Arab world,
with this South-South laid out is, I think, not only healthy,
but vital. I think this is a lovely initiative. I come from a lebanese family.
My grandparents immigrated to Brazil. As a filmmaker I have always wanted to find
a way to do something connected to lebanese culture And to be able to be here, in a space
that promotes this culture exchange through film, through film making between Latin America
and the Arab countries is enormous. It’s wonderful. I think it’s a great experience
to be here at LatinArab for my project, Oriental Tango. I was invited to the forum and
I expect to meet people, potential distributors, potential co-producers,
advice, feedback… When we started producing ‘Fall, Rise, Fall’, we found a strategic ally in Cine Fértil. We want to shoot a documentary
in Syria and in Argentina and the idea is to come here to
look for international support from the various producers who come here. And we thought it a good idea
to talk about this which brings us together with these seemingly remote cultures. We will work exactly on that; The bond between Latin America
and the Arab universe, through this project
called ‘Amal’s Chest’. Truthfully, this is great,
we are very happy that they have put together
this LatinArab Forum. And for us, who have moroccan ancestry really, we thought it
a great opportunity to put forward this project that we
have been wanting to do for a while. We are offered the opportunity to
find two cultures which seem distant, when there are actually so many opportunities
to bring them together through a means called film. Then therein lies the
magic that this forum gifts us. I get the opportunity to
get an idea about many projects documentary projects, that are
very good. Hopefully this first forum will grow up
and become a market in the Mar del Plata Festival. For me, it has been a very
interesting and fruitful experience. Because I have believed in
co-producing for years, international co-production We have placed value on
and have started conducting the MarDocLab, LatinArab
and LoboLab. I think that what we have
started in this first forum, or, better called ‘market’ with these three activities will be the starting point
for a much bigger spread next year.

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