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I’m here,
with whom is she chatting? Give this snacks to her. – Thank you.
– Let it be. Babu,
Tell her. I’ll tell her, no more snacks. Not that. – Then?
– To marry you. Just now I befriended her. She may slap with footwear. Will you say her or shall I say? Tell her, let’s see whether
she understands. I’m sorry. What are you guys talking about? I’m saying you to marry him. She couldn’t understand anything. See, she is blinking. I’m sorry
I don’t understand. What is that she saying? – He wants to marry…
– Hey! I’ll keep the hot vessel
in your mouth. Mam, Babu wants to marry you. Really? I shut her mouth
but the China boy spilled it Are you kidding, right? What’s that sitting and batting? I love you. Reply me. Are you serious? I’m sorry, guys. This cannot happen. What now? I’m heavy, dark and my tress
is like X-mas tree, right? Personality is the problem for you all. Not bothered about your looks, Babu. Look, Babu! These are my parents. – Is he your dad!
– Yeah. Your mom is white and
your dad seems to be West indies. Granny! – See, what about looks.
– Superb! I like you so much, Babu. I can’t marry an Indian. I hope you understand the laws. I can’t marry a foreigner
and leave my job. I love my job. Mam, it’s getting late. We’ve to go. Go. Thank you, guys. Babu, why are you weeping? Where am I weeping? Granny sauted mustard seeds. It fell in my eyes. Babu, we belong to the Gurkha community. Even our wife elopes,
we must be bold. I’m leaving. Babu, she didn’t eat snacks. – Hello!
– Congrats, mam! We’re calling from ‘Madras mall’. You’ve won ‘Baahubali 3’
film tickets in SRK cinemas. Not only that, you can return
the tickets and shop… …in the mall’s outlets
for five thousand rupees. You give the movie tickets
and shopping vouchers too! Lord Muruga! Hey! – Hey!
– What mom? I got ‘Baahubali 3’ film tickets. Free shopping for five thousand rupees. I’ll give okay. Thiyagu, I’ve booked all the tickets. The theatre owner has blocked
ten VIP tickets. As per your plan,
everyone will come to the theatre. Don’t know, who will be trapped
in that tickets? Got trapped. The director was trapped. Boss, that’s Telugu film. Do that film has expectations here? Yes, boss. Then, we’ll get the stay order
for that film. Because, that director is an anti-Indian. Book the ticket. Boss, as usual we’re defeated
in the election. We got less number of votes. The opposition party is doing campaigns,
spending money for the votes. They’re getting more votes,
that’s okay. But, who is he? Not attending campaigns, not spending money
but gets more votes than us. Enquire about him. Go… Is the ticket ready? – Yes, boss.
– Superb. We’ll start the protest. Which party is he saying about? It’s not the party. That goof is saying NOTA as a party. (A+B)² is not equal to A²+B² +2AB Boss, give me your ears. A new film is to be released. Taken video of it? Not your movie, it’s Baahubali 3. Who is the heroine? Tammanah and Anushka. – Two heroines?
– Yes. Book the tickets. Jai Mia- He is ecstatic now itself. Hello! Only Rs.30,000 is there in your account. Wait. Only Rs.29,500 should be there. Whom are you trying to cheat? Is your channel incurring loss? Isn’t it known when watching our
channel’s programmes? We’re very poor. Your black money will come out soon. Let’s see, then. So, what are you doing today? Come later. Get lost. Let’s go. Sir! What? ‘Baahubali 3’ is slated for release. We’ve to buy the rights. Shall I send the programme producer? Do one thing. I’ll go and watch the film. Get a ticket for me. Get the ticket in VIP row, okay? Okay, sir. It’s your responsibility to get
your friend for that show. Hi Ram! Hi, today the movie plan is on, right? Yeah, sure. Is Priya coming? Yes, she’ll be coming. Awesome! See you, then. Bye. Where’s Priya? She’ll join us in the theatre. We’ll leave. Okay, let’s go there. ‘Honest lion’ Brother Violent Veeramani… Long live! The future chief minister of Tamil Nadu,
‘Violent Veeramani’. Long live! He looks like a petty thief
in election campaign? Don’t say like that, Babu. Why? He is the leader I adore. ‘Violent Veeramani!’ I wish to take a selfie with him
at least once in my life. The world’s superstar
‘Brother Violent Veeramani’. Long live! I haven’t booked tickets for anyone. I’ll watch the film,
you all can go home. I’m diabetic. I might feel hungry.
Get me a biryani. Go. Boss, you would’ve booked five tickets. The guys are so excited. How many votes we got
in the last election? Four votes. How many people are coming with us? Ten people. When the people who are with us
didn’t cast us the vote, Why should I buy tickets for them? The future Chief minister ‘Brother
Violent Veeramani!’ Shall I take a selfie with you? An older fan.
Take it. You shouldn’t mistake
if I ask you one thing? Tell me. You shouldn’t deny. Shall I take a selfie
like kissing you? You take it. It’s the saliva! What? The saliva. It’s okay. Shall I kiss you? Brother Veeramani who kissed
like people’s star. It’s not an ordinary photo. I’ll never forget this in my life. An elderly guy.
-Come on. My life! My life! You dare to take a selfie
knowing my arrival. The future chief minister of Tamil Nadu,
violent Veeramani. Long live! What are you doing?

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