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Thanks for watching… Democracy comes from the Greek root ”demos”… …meaning ”the people”… …and ”kratein” meaning ”to rule” ln other words… …to govern according to the will of the majority Lincoln once said Of the people by the people for the people lt represents the ideals of the future China
that l truly believe in A people’s republic! Prof. Yang Will we ever see that day? l know that day will come Even if l don’t live to see it… You will! Professor! Professor! Yang Qu-yun, the former leader of
the Revive China Society… …was gunned down on October 1st, 1901 lt was the first political assassination
in Hong Kong’s history Hong Kong was once a British colony… …a haven for political exiles and revolutionaries After the assassination of Yang,
darkness loomed over Hong Kong On October 1st, 1906 Sun Yat-sen, aka Sun Wen, left Tokyo on
a perilous journey to Hong Kong… THE FORBlDDEN ClTY, BElJlNG Your Majesty The traitor Sun Wen left Japan He must not leave Hong Kong alive then Summon General Yan CHlNA
HONG KONG BORDER ”ENTRY PERMlT” What is the purpose of your visit? To visit ancestral graves That policeman, he’s the one Tail this man CHEN XlAO-BAl FORMER HONG KONG CHAlR
OF THE UNlTED LEAGUE OF CHlNA Young master was accepted at a Western college! The master is giving away rice in celebration! Line up only once! Take only as much as you can carry with one hand! Come! JlN Ll YUAN ESTATE Step right up! Master, all the guests have arrived Young master is also ready You’re going to a western college,
you should wear a western suit Yes, father Congratulation, Yu-tang! Mr. Chen, you’re late Please follow me What the hell… The son is poised to take over from his father Chong-guang will be the first
Chinese Taipan in Hong Kong! Yale University in America! You’re taking too much! But you said ”one hand”! Thank you, brother! Three, two, one! Not bad… but the queue looks
a bit odd with the suit Where’s my present? Mr. Shi, allow me to introduce you to… …Burmese tycoon, Mr. Deng Youlin Hong Kong’s Chief of Police, Mr. Shi Mi-fu Mr. Shi is the pride of the Chinese community! What is it? Sun Wen is coming! How much money do you need this time? Do you know why he’s coming? Yu-tang Dr. Sun is meeting with the United League
delegates from the thirteen provinces He’s going to unite the various factions and… …launch a mass rebellion within the next few years! lt will take place across the country… …in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and Yunnan! Yunnan’s Lui Zhi-yi, Guangdong’s Xu Xue-qiu… Shandong’s Xu Jing-xin and… Hubei’s Liu Jing-an… Delegates from all over are coming here
to discuss the grand plan with Dr. Sun! Huang Xing and Sung Jiao-ren are coming too! We’re on the verge of a great change China will be shaken to its core! A new world is coming! Yu-tang, just imagine The Revolution begins right here And you will be part of it! How much? Three thousand Hong Kong dollars You ask for more each time…
l’ll think of something Offer them each 25 cents Yes, madam! Ma… Shush or l’ll take you away and sell you! What the hell! Mama! The time and day are confirmed 9 a.m. on the 15th Dr. Sun will arrive at Star Ferry Pier l need to know who’s leading
the Qing assassins… …and how many men they have Our comrades in Guangzhou will do
their best to find out The Qing court will try to eliminate
Dr. Sun at all costs You and your men are
our only defense in Hong Kong We’ve been waiting for this day! After Cixi placed the Emperor under house
arrest at the end of the Hundred Days Reform l led 300 brothers out of Tientsin to escape
persecution from the Qing court Only thirty of us survived As long as Cixi remains in power,
we will fight to restore our honor! General Fang, we’re counting on you! Brothers! Our day of reckoning is here! Four days from now, we’ll fight to the death! Our time has come!
Yes, sir! Father! Go to bed Do you remember why we came to Hong Kong? Why mother died?
Why can’t l go to school? We’ve lived in 15 towns over the course of 6 years We’ve finally settle down!
Why do we need to run again? One day we will return home to Tientsin …and never run again l’ve heard the same lie too many times KOWLOON WALLED ClTY THE LAST CHlNESE
ENCLAVE lN BRlTlSH-RULED HONG KONG l cried the day l received the imperial decree! My prayers were finally answered after years
of disgrace and humiliation Thank the heavens for giving me
the chance to fight for my country l’m a soldier, we’re all soldiers! Soldiers are meant to die in battle! Brothers, drink up! Death to the traitor!
Long live the empire! 4 DAYS BEFORE SUN’S ARRlVAL Rise Where did he go? He went to Li Yu-tang’s house… …then Gao Sheng Theatre Thank you! Thank you! l hear you like to gamble?
Gambling is a passion! Passion means getting what you want at all costs l like people with a passion lf l get paid, l’ll do anything Brother, it’s already dawn!
lt’s closing time! One last round! Just deal! l can do this… Yes, yes… l knew it! You’re going to lose this time! Reveal! l win! We’re closed now! One last round! Good morning, master Good morning, father Where is he? He’s taking his breakfast in his study Can’t he sit down to a proper meal? You… You’re studying? Yes, father Tomorrow is your late mother’s birthday Yes, father Your face… A-si You can read? Young master taught me 53 words!
But now he’s busy with his studies You want to learn to read? l do! l’ll ask Tang Jiu to find you a teacher Thank you, master! DA-YOU PHOTOGRAPHY Master Liu! Prepare an opium pipe for Master Liu! Master, have you seen that woman before? People say he squandered the family fortune… …all because of that woman Nosy! Brothers and sisters!
Fellow citizens of Hong Kong! Not far to the north… Our fellow countrymen are suffering… … under the corrupt and dying Qing Empire My fellow countrymen The Chinese United League was founded in Tokyo… …to overthrow the corrupt Qing regime
and bring democracy to China Support democracy!
Support Dr. Sun! Donate to the Chinese United League… Chong-guang? But master… Support democracy! Support Dr. Sun! Support Dr. Sun! Bring democracy to China! Support Dr. Sun! Support… Come home with me! l will not forsake my country! …do not forsake our country Go home! l will not forsake my country! Go home! l will not be a coward! We will not be cowards!
We will not forsake our country! You’re turning against me too? Young master is a grown-up… Move over ! Move over ! Chen Xiao-bai! Did you know that
my son took part in the street riots? Did you have anything to do with it? What were you thinking
when you gave him these books?! He’s my son, my only son! l was forty before l finally had a son! l gave him these two These were gifts for you l set ground rules when we first met l provide the money but l don’t get involved.
l don’t care how you waste my money! But how could you get my son involved? Do you know what Police Chief Shi told me? The Qing court sent assassins!
They have guns! Did you bother to warn me? l’m a businessman! My son will be a businessman! No, you’re a rebel! The day you donated
your first cent to the cause… …you became a rebel! You hired me to be Chong-guang’s teacher! You willingly gave money to the cause!
No one forced you! Now you say what’s right
for you isn’t right for your son? l don’t care l’m saying this for the last time l’m an old man.
l don’t care if l’m labeled a rebel! But my son a rebel? l will not allow! 3 DAYS BEFORE SUN’S ARRlVAL l waited all night for you! Did you do what we asked? l promise there will be
no police at the theatre tonight Mr. Chen, a telegraph! General! We have news! Yan Xiaoguo is leading the assassins.
He’s now hiding out at the Walled City! lt’s too late! Protect Mr. Chen! Hurry! Go! l told you to step back! l’m a member of this opera troupe! Step back! l need to find my father!
My name is Fang Hong! Father! One day we will return home toTientsin… …and never run again l’ve heard the same lie too many times! ”Revive China,” Sun Wen We can’t find Mr.Chen Yu-tang, my brother We’ve been best friends since
we met eight years ago l’m deeply sorry for upsetting you today But Dr. Sun’s visit to
Hong Kong is extremely important The Qing court will send assassins l may be in danger so l must ask one last favor lf anything happens to me… …you must see the mission through! The hope of China rests with Dr. Sun The future of China depends on Dr. Sun ln China, there is only one Dr.Sun l bid you farewell l will fight to the end Get up! Get up! All of you! Outside! The Chief of Police has ordered China Daily
to be shut down immediately… …for publishing propaganda, inciting civil
unrest and disturbing the peace! Proceed! You have no right! We’ll fight back! Master Li… Stop fighting! Stop! What’s going on? As your friend, l already warned you… l told you not to meddle! You beat up my staff and destroyed the press How can you call yourself my friend? The Qing court is determined to
eliminate Sun at all costs My British superiors ordered us not to interfere! You’re playing with fire. Have you forgotten
that you’re just a businessman? Have you forgotten that… …you’re also Chinese? Well said! Very brave of you… China Daily published propaganda
and incited student protests We are under British rule!
Shut down the newspaper immediately! More than thirty people were killed
at the Gao Sheng theatre last night And Chen Xiaobai is still missing! How could you let this happen? What has the Chief of Police been doing? Well said! l warned you Officers, shut it down! l dare you! Arrest anyone who resists! Attention! We will put out the news of Dr. Sun’s arrival… …even if we must do it by hand! Who’s that old man? That’s my father! Master Li Resistance Leader Dr. Sun Wen
Due to Arrive in Hong Kong October 15th
Hong Kong Government lntervenes We’ve reached a turning point lf the revolution is to succeed… …we cannot fight divided! We need a plan that will bring us together Dr. Sun is coming… to unite the different factions of the resistance… …and launch a rebellion within the next 3 years! The very foundations of China will be shaken! We’re on the verge of great change!
A new world is coming! The great revolution starts here ! And we’re all part of it! Please trust me l, Li Yu-Tang, promise to lead you through this! We can still safeguard Dr. Sun! 2 DAYS BEFORE SUN’S ARRlVAL lt’s your family heirloom So, what do you want in return? l need you to protect someone
the day after tomorrow Alright… Give the most dangerous task to me Master Liu, don’t you want to know
who you’re protecting? Master Li What’s wrong with falling
in love with a woman? You had your pick of women Why did you have to fall for
your father’s woman? Stinky tofu! Stinky tofu! Stinky tofu! You have superb fighting skills! l know you. You’re the hero, Li Yu-tang!
You put on a good show today! Oh? Come… You told off that man who works for the British! l hate cowards who bully the weak! You stand up for the truth l… admire that! Hero Li, call me if you need me in the future! My size helps even if l just stand by your side! How about the day after tomorrow? Who are we fighting? The British? The bad guys! Great! That will do… Take care of the child… Why did you sneak into my house the other day? We went our separate ways long ago! Don’t bother me or my family ever again! Stay out of my life! Are you done? Master, count me in l grew up on the streets l have my shares of wounds,
l’m not afraid of anything! But A-si, the mission is extremely dangerous l just want the master to be safe Alright then Master… l must ask a favor? l’m in love with the photographer’s daughter When this is all over… Will you help me propose? Yes… Of course! Long live Boss! Long live Boss! A-si! Turn around! Where to? To see the photographer Got it! Sir, may l help you? l’m here to discuss a marriage proposal Come, A-si! A-si has been with us at
Jin Li Yuan for over 10 years He’s thoughtful, honest and caring Please accept this money More will come later Please don’t joke with me l promise you… Once your daughter joins
our family at Jin Li Yuan… …l will treat her like my own Let’s discuss this inside My daughter would be honored … …to be part of Master Li’s household A-chun, bring some tea for Master Li! Master Li… Let’s discuss the wedding
arrangements and the dowry And where to host the wedding… Master Li? Let’s take a family portrait together Yes, of course! Three… two… one! Master Father Where is he? Stop playing… Son, it’s not safe outside Promise to stay home for the next few days… Please? Let’s eat! Professor, not eating, drinking or talking
is bad for your health As your former student, l’m concerned l’ve brought the Professor
his favorite wine, Fan Jiu! ls this is my last meal? Of course not! You’re my mentor! l’ve been taught to respect my mentors You’re like a father to me lf you still consider me your mentor, set me free! So that you can thwart my plans? Yan Xiaoguo Do you remember the advice
l gave you at your graduation? Talented But foolish Will probably never achieve greatness! Professor, you’ve misjudged me Do you think that l blindly
serve the imperial court? lt’s not true l have a question, Professor Other than war and suffering,
disgrace and humiliation… What have the foreigners brought us? The belief that we are all born equal! ln China some can be born
emperors and into privilege… …while others are born into slavery! The Emperor has the ”mandate of heaven”! That needs to change! We need to establish a democratic republic! Xiaoguo, you received a western education How could you remain blind to the world outside? The world is much bigger than you imagine! My western education taught me to see… …how evil and greedy the foreigners really are! Do you think you can save China
with meetings and protests? Professor You’re just a teacher,
you’ll never achieve greatness You still can’t stomach
the sight of blood, can you? You’re all the same, useless and weak! lf your revolution succeeds, China is doomed! l won’t kill you, but l don’t ever
want to see you again! l need 100 silver coins to bury
my father and his men Bring her the money! Yes, sir! l’m hungry More rice Yes, sir! l want to see your friend My father died because of him He disappeared at the same time
your father was killed He went to ask your father for help l will take my father’s place At 9a.m. tomorrow, Dr. Sun will arrive on shore There will be a crowd of a thousand
at the Star Ferry Pier The assassins can easily blend into the crowd
of coolies, merchants, foreigners and civilians We must be on the alert! The large police presence at the pier
will be our best defense The assassins won’t dare make a move there Master! They’re my brothers, they all run fast! We need someone to keep watch
from the roof and signal us l’ll do it Dr. Sun will make three stops tomorrow: Yashuhito Society, Mrs. Sun’s residence
and the China Daily We need to be extra vigilant at these locations! Understood! From Queen’s Road to Yashuhito Society… Fang Hong will lead the procession,
Wang Fu-ming will bring up the rear Remember, do not break formation! Tan Jiu warned me yesterday that… 3 vacant properties along Queen’s Road
were leased on the same day We don’t know who rented them We must get through these areas quickly Do not stop! Reporting for duty, sir! At your service, sir! 1 DAY BEFORE SUN’S ARRlVAL Thank you all lt’s for you! ”After tomorrow, l will marry you,” A-si A-si, do you know
who you’re protecting tomorrow? l just want the master to be happy This book was written by him… …it’s young master’s favorite! Read it to me, please Alright l gave up medicine in order to help
overthrow the Qing Empire… …and free my fellow countrymen When l left Hong Kong… …l endured great hardship on the road My mother was worried She said: the revolution will save lives… …but practicing medicine also saves lives Why choose the harder path? l said: mother, there’s much you don’t understand Practicing medicine can save a few lives But the revolution can save millions After 260 years of foreign rule and
2000 years of autocratic rulers… China is in decline The Manchurian regime is corrupt and oppressive lt will only bring further suffering The tide of revolution is rising.
The will of the people shall prevail We need to gather our courage
to overthrow the Qing Dynasty… …and establish a true democratic nation! The road to revolution is paved with blood My life is destined to end in time But the republic will herald a new era… …of lasting peace and prosperity We must continue to struggle
and overcome obstacles… …in order to end the suffering of millions …and allow the exiled millions to
return to their homeland After l was kicked out of Shaolin l headed south and ended up in Putian l kept going south until l reached Hong Kong lf l went any further l would have fallen into the sea! Try the tofu Stinky tofu! Stinky tofu!
These are for you! Not one pot that’s green! Stinky tofu! lt’s for you! Thank you! You’re a Shaolin monk? Grab a chair… Will you show us your kung-fu tomorrow? l’ve never actually been in a real fight before l’m not sure if my kung-fu works But after tomorrow’s mission,
l will proudly return to Shaolin! You can’t leave! l’m getting married soon! Really? You must come to my wedding!
l will! Miss Fang, you’re invited too! After tomorrow, l’m taking
my father’s ashes home We will never leave home again Dinner’s ready! lt smells good! Let’s eat! Master Master Chief lnspector Shi sent this over Master Liu… l haven’t been called Master Liu in a long time My father told me on his deathbed: The most important thing in life is… ”lntegrity” But tomorrow… l’ll fail! l will be a liar! Do you know what is the most painful thing in life? To watch the one you love die… To fall in love with the wrong woman… l drove my father to his death… She killed herself in front of me… l’m tortured by that knowledge each day… l’m like a ghost Nothing could be more painful All for a woman, was it worth it? Tomorrow, will it be worth it? Thank you, Master Li… Tomorrow, Liu Yubai will be set free! What… What’re you doing here? l need your help What can l possibly do for Mrs. Li? You must help me! Alright! l’ll help you for old time’s sake! But you have to pay l need you to protect someone tomorrow l’ll pay any price to keep him safe! l’ll do anything for money! Who is it? Li Yu-tang! What? You want me to protect your new man? Shen Chong-yang! Get out of my house! Can’t you do something worthwhile
for once in your life? Get out!
You must help him! Get out! He’s raising you daughter! You know that? l was with you for 8 years and
you gambled the entire time But l stuck with you! l never asked for anything! l stayed and accepted my fate Because l loved you But when l became pregnant… l didn’t want my child to suffer the same fate l needed a man who could be a good father… …a man who could raise a child Come over here! Look, your daughter is down there! When she grows up… What do you want me to tell her
about her real father? lf you come tomorrow… When she grows up, l’ll tell her that… …her father’s name is Shen Chong-yang! Stop! Go Where’s the gun? You were told to steal a gun
from the police station! Look! lt’s money! Take it all! Loser… Master, you’re back Master… Mr. Chen? There’s a change of plans for tomorrow We need a decoy to ensure the safety of Dr. Sun You want to use our people as bait? We’re dealing with an invisible army!
lt’s the only way to keep Dr. Sun safe! No, that’s out of the question! Dr. Sun hasn’t been home in ages! But he’s sacrificing his one chance… …to see his ailing mother! Revolution is not just about spending money,
printing newspapers and distributing pamphlets Li Yu-tang! Revolution is about blood and sacrifice! Since joining the cause,
l’ve faced death many times! l can still die at any moment! Revolution is about sacrificing our generation… …for your son’s generations!
Enough! l’m just a businessman We’re drawing straws… …to determine who will pose as Dr. Sun
on the last leg of the journey tomorrow We must stall for one hour no matter what! We need to give Dr. Sun time… …to meet and organize with the thirteen delegates The fate of 400 million countrymen
will be decided in that one hour Who drew the short straw? Who? No! lt can’t be! You shouldn’t even be here! Draw again! Why? Because l’m the son of Li Yu-tang? You don’t understand! l promised your father that
you wouldn’t get involved! Uncle Chen, this is a historical turning point The entire nation is involved!
How can l be the exception? But you’re his only son! Only son? lsn’t this exactly the type of feudal thinking
that the revolution hopes to change? Aren’t we striving to establish an equal society? l can’t sacrifice my life, but they can? You want them to draw straws again
because l’m the son of Li Yu-tang How can you justify it to them? Chong-guang l… l just can’t let this happen… General, we’ve got the gun! Are you clear about the mission? Yes, sir! Thank you! Tomorrow we’ll use this foreigner’s invention… …to kill that traitor Sun Xiao-bai, thank you! Don’t stop! Run! Use the covered walkway! Grab the sacks of rice! Tell A-si to get the rickshaw! A-si has left; he said master
wasn’t going out today! Who fiddled with my watch? Charge straight ahead! Go! Go! Hurry! Go! Stinky tofu! Go! Stinky tofu! My name is Wang Fu-ming! Go! Wang Fu-ming
Born in Zhengzhou, Henan, 1878; deceased 1906 A-si! Young master? Go away! You shouldn’t be here!
Come here… Come here! l won’t let you do this… What are you saying? You can’t do this Do you know how important this day is? Do you know how much
preparation it took and… …how many lives were sacrificed?! l don’t care A-si The future of our country is at stake! l don’t care! l can’t let young master do this! lt’s now 9:59 We’ll depart at 10:00 And then Dr. Sun can leave safely Young master… lt’s now 9:59 and 30 seconds A-si, will you stay with me for the final hour? 15 seconds to go… lt seems l’ve waited 17 years for this hour! Young master, don’t do this, l beg you… 55, 56, 57, 58, 59! Asi, let’s go! Go! Young master… A-si, you told me once that … Each night when you close your eyes in bed… …you see A-chun When l close my eyes… …l see China’s future! They’re coming! Stay away! Father, forgive me! Yu-tang! Fang Hong
Born in Jinghai, Tientsin, 1890; deceased 1906 You, out in front, don’t move! Step out of the carriages! All of you! Stay put! We were only passing through… Don’t move!
Were you involved? But it has nothing to do with us!
We were heading that way… Nobody moves! You two may go! But this is a serious matter!
We can’t leave yet You’re relieved of duty! We should wait for orders… Where did you find this man? He’s sabotaging our mission! Get him! You idiot! Are you trying to start a rebellion here? This is Hong Kong A colony of the Great British Empire! Round them up! Li Yu-tang You practically own Hong Kong But you’ve never had a police escort, have you? Here’s your chance Move! Li Yu-tang Move! Let’s go! Yu-tang ln 5 minutes, there will be no police
in the streets of Hong Kong Our superiors have ordered all of us to retreat He said that China’s affairs
are to be resolved by the Chinese l’ll take you as far as l can
on the last part of your journey! Go! The beggar! The beggar’s here! Run! Get up there! Hurry! We’ll go upstair to meet with Mrs. Sun! We must stall for another 15 minutes! How old are you? Seventeen How are your parents? My mother is dead My father is nearly sixty l must thank you on behalf of my son l must also thank your father Farewell! Use the tunnel! Liu Yu-bai
Born in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, 1871; deceased 1906 Get in! Chong-guang! Go! Go! Take this to Nianci… Take it! Go… just go… Go! Shen Chong-yang
Place and date of birth unknown; deceased 1906 Our main targets are Guangdong,
Guangxi and Yunnan We’ll start rebellions in Chaozhou
and Huizhou at the same time Meanwhile, Guangdong and Guangxi will join in
to thin out the enemy forces… Go back! Bao-shi, take my place! Go back! Chong-guang… Go! Sit tight! Let go! Let go! You asked for it Deng Si-di
Born in Xiangshan, Guangdong, 1884; deceased 1906 Ten years ago, Qu-yun and l
discussed ”the revolution” l said: revolution will bring prosperity
to 400 million countrymen… …and put an end to hunger and poverty Ten years have passed l saw many comrades sacrifice their lives My exile ended; here l am again ”Revolution” no longer has
the same meaning for me Today if you asked me,
”What is revolution?” l would say: A nation cannot progress without sacrifice The road to modernization is paved with blood And that blood… …is called revolution Sun is indebted By imperial decree, execute Sun the traitor! Yan Xiaoguo… Don’t do it! lt’s all over! Sun Wen is gone! Death to the traitor! Long live the empire! Sun Wen has already left! Death to the traitor! Long live the empire! Chong-guang! Run! No! Chong-guang! He’s not Sun Wen! He’s not Sun Wen! Yan Xiaoguo! He’s not Sun Wen! He’s not Sun Wen! No! Chong-guang! Yan Xiaguo! Your student has fulfilled his duty to his country! l told you… …stay home for a few days Why didn’t you listen… Li Chong-guang
Born in Taiyuan, Shanxi, 1889; deceased 1906 May, 1907 – Huanggang Uprising May, 1907 – Huizhou Uprising September, 1907 – Fancheng Uprising December, 1907 – Friendship Gate Uprising March, 1908 – Qinzhou Uprising April, 1908 – Yunan Uprising February, 1910 – Guangzhou Uprising April, 1911 – Huanghuagang Uprising On October 10th, 1907 The Wuchang Uprising ended with
the success of the ”Xinhai Revolution”… …that finally toppled the Qing Dynasty Thanks for watching…

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