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So when are you coming back again? Next week Are you coming to Olivia’s birthday party? I think I’m going to pass on this one What, why? I made plans with a friend on Saturday Actually, I think you know him. Brian – Brian Lee? – Yeah. I always see you two tagging each other in memes Is there something going on? I wouldn’t be surprised I can totally be your wing man when I get back Nah, I think I got it under control, Kai I’m actually biking the seawall with him today Oh, good choice. Very romantic Yeah, he’s asked me three times already. That guy just doesn’t quit I guess he thinks you’re someone worth waiting for Well, I got to go volunteer at the hospital now so I’ll talk to you when you get back, okay? Oh, and if you see Brian, can you not embarrass me in front of him? – Okay – See ya – See ya Lili Lili? Kevin? Hey, long time no see Yeah, how have you been? Good, just got back from volunteering at the hospital Didn’t you move across the city? What are you doing here I’m actually here to sell some concert tickets. I was supposed to go to the J. Cole concert tonight But, my friend can’t make it anymore, and I don’t want to go alone either, so What, no, you should go! It’s J. Cole Do you want to come with me? The tickets would be on me I can’t, I’m biking the seawall with a friend later Tell your friend you’ll bike with her next week My friend’s a guy, and I’ve already canceled on him three times, so I’ll feel really bad if I have to cancel again I mean, you can bike with him any day of the week. This is a rare opportunity If your friend’s still trying to hang out with you after three cancellations I’m sure he won’t mind a fourth one Are you coming with me? She cancelled again It’s the fourth time already I don’t know if I should give up or not Well We rescheduled for next week I hope I can decide by then ♪ How long can I survive with this mentality ♪ I just got off the bus Yeah, I’ll be back by midnight Okay, bye I can’t believe you’ve never biked along the seawall before Too bad we couldn’t go last week Yeah, sorry about that. The restaurant really needed a shift filled that day Well, are you free anytime soon? Like We can do something simple Yeah, sure Hard to tell for the upcoming weeks though cause I’ve been getting more shifts at work And I also have to volunteer Will you be free around midnight today? Maybe we can meet up? Yeah, sure, at twelve? Yeah, around then. I’ll text you Okay I don’t know if I’ll be home on time tonight She wants to meet up at twelve I’m going to wait for her text If she doesn’t text me then I guess it’s over Alright, that’s going to be $17.38 please – Here you go man – Thank you so much, you need change? – No, no – You sure? – Yeah I’ve been saving up for a BOGO hoodie, this is going to be so helpful, you don’t even know man, thank you Have a great night. Hey, hey, you know what? Does this include tip? – Yo, sick place man – Thanks bro Take a seat Brian, have you been? I’ve been well, man So, who’s this girl who’s been tagging you in memes? What are you talking about? Brian Okay, fine. She’s this girl I met at a party I actually bumped into her today, and she asked me if I wanted to meet up at midnight Really? Woo! She gonna text you? Yeah, hopefully Is it her? No, it’s my mom just check up on me What time do you have to be home anyways? Well, I told my mom that I’d be back home by twelve Wait Aren’t you meeting her at twelve? What should I do? Well, it depends on what you can do If you can stay the night, then stay the night Can’t you just set up a date? She’s always busy Busy with what? She volunteers at the hospital, she works as a waitress, she has a club to run But, don’t you think if she was really into you She’d sacrifice at least one day to spend with you? What are you saying, Kai? Brian, you may think that she’s going out of her way to spend time with you But you just may be another back up She’s not who you think she is I may not know who she is, but I know who you are What if she never texts you? I’m going to sleep over at Kai’s place Tell mom I’m sorry Yeah, I will. Good night Just call her Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system Uh, sorry All good, good morning How was your sleep? Uncomfortable See you soon man, tell your family I said hi I will, see ya TEXT: Are you still awake? Hello? – Hey, how was your night? It was good – Where are you? I’m heading home right now Do you want to meet up? Sorry I don’t think I can wait anymore

21 thoughts on “Last Call | A Short Film

  1. The story was so good considering the scope and budget of the film. I really enjoyed it. I prefer seeing filmmakers tell good stories and truly entertain audiences rather than just play around with color grading and bokeh. Seeing good stories is rare now! You don’t know ur talent, pursuit it and keep up the good work!!!

  2. Another incredible film that sparks curiosity, challenges the status quo, and engages viewers. And another spectacular performance by legendary actor Charlie Park.

  3. Hey great content. It has this authentic vibe to it but there is something off about the sound. It kinda feels like a bit unnatural, especially the first few scenes, like how other sounds are made quite whereas the voices of the characters becomes bigger. But great job guys!

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