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sponsored by magical trip in this video I’m gonna show you my top hidden spots in Kyoto Wow as you can see around me it isn’t so busy here right fushimi inari and it’s just super super crazy busy and Kyoto is very much like this so in this video I wanted to spend some time and show you my secret hidden spots to beat the crowds but it is sure hot so I’m gonna try to do this and I’m gonna be slutty probably but I wanted to show you kind of my like pop it in spots but before I continue if you guys want to see what I’m going on daily then definitely check out my Instagram account and if you wanna help support the channel so I got the kyoto merch alright let me show you the hidden spots to beat the crowds number seven private riverboat cruise so there’s the hosokawa boat cruise with its rapid ug gaba cruise for its landscapes but this Odyssey AMA private riverboat cruise is a my per spot to beat the crowds so we’re here in front of Arashiyama and we’re right in front of the boat tours and one of the things that I really wanted to show you is that you can come here booked a private boat and you can also get a bento lunch unfortunately they’re not serving it today because of the typhoon so I’m just gonna see if I can show you the boat ride itself and kind of show you the overall experience here’s the bento box lunches you get to choose from all different price ranges but this is another way to beat the crowds here in Kyoto it’s kind of like away from everything else there are group tours that you can get on but the key here is to get on a private boat all of the places that we’re going today all that information and links are in the description of this video so definitely check that out alright so let’s try to get on now a private boat flowing from Mount Kurama the okawa river cruise started in year eight hundred ninety eight and eleven hundred years later it still remains a hidden relaxing chillout spot actually this take a nap here number six by a rooftop bar spot overlooking the kamigamo River I’m on top of the world I feel like feel like I own this place so this place is perfect and you know along come along a river they have all of these restaurant terraces that kind of go over the river so those river terraces are actually called no do you come which kind of means like blowers to cool down but here we are on top of the world I got a beer Michael got her drink and I’m here just at six o’clock when it opens and there’s not a lot of people here come here right at six you can see the sunset you can see right there the Sun coming down so just in a few moments we’re actually gonna be able to see the sunset which would be amazing and you can see how much higher we are and you can see all the way like over there in the mountains me to do the entire Kamogawa River we’re almost like above all of the tall buildings which is just a spectacular view up here it’s just so peaceful so if you’re looking for like a cool bar to drink and I know a lot of people go to the hunt at your side but here just a little bit higher and it’s just a little bit less people which I really love and in fact you can see another restaurant just down below like we’re above them and we can just see everything and if you’re looking for non alcohol except and they do have a few drinks like this one that might go got that’s not an alcoholic definitely non alcoholic I guess only that’s left to do is enjoy the scenery my next hidden spot is a precious can’t-miss kyoto specialty tamati sushi Soudan is a modern tamati sushi and tea restaurant hidden away in the back streets just a four minute walk away from karasuma oayk a station and mati sushi is a bite-sized sushi originally made for mikaelsons in kyoto so that they could eat elegantly oh we’re getting all sophisticated now I don’t even know where to start because there’s just so much stuff to eat part with it unagi this is the tamagoyaki [Music] Pagliacci is not so sweet itself it’s like it’s kind of like a savory a little bit that wanagi is you can like taste the kind of the peppers that they put in there that’s a really nice now I just can’t wait love it good I have this sea urchin if you guys have seen my other video in skeezy you know I love sea urchin look at that Unni definitely have that much s she’ll like a much a salt flavor wow that’s great the rice is nicely prepared it goes in pairs really well all the different type of sushi I love the fact that each piece of fish is seasoned differently so you get like an interesting flavor each time it’s kind of like a sub prize like a magic sushi surprise every time this video is kind of special because I partnered with magical trip and online booking websites where tours are introduced to a local Japanese guide so you can go on these deep local tours all right so let’s meet the local guide now number four Hoshi on my inside walk so what are we doing so this is cool okay okay he hears we’re gonna take you to some hidden spots that only a local guide knows all right let’s go do this so to add to the list magical trip also have their own can’t miss local hidden spots Arashi Alma’s famous for Saginaw bamboo forest which has travelers from all over the world flocking but today our local guide is taking us away from that beaten path to show us some spots only locals know about tomato soup let’s take peanuts yes so nice a lady just gave misty walking in here simple the whole row the cookie and the name comes from your dark coat around the for booty too well [Music] so many stories yeah came here and put their name yeah the bacteria goes into the tumble and you go to buy some time yeah yeah and actually that’s it becomes three school runs in Coto so I always say famous painting of famous oh yeah yeah yeah you can check that’s crazy I want to try it yeah let’s try oh wow yeah the eyes follow you wherever you go so we definitely visited some quiet hidden temples beautiful gardens and amazing back streets if you want to experience the full trip I’ll leave a link in the description number three Arashi ama insane we’re here right now in arashiyama but what a lot of people don’t know is that Oceania also has contents this being one of the spots but one of the things about this spot and what makes it special is that you can actually book drive it on sends here to get away from the crowds it overlooks the river just completely beautiful and what’s also nice about this hotel one-cent is that evan anxiety plan which means that you can come here during the day and use it on scent and then take off honey cutter also offers various meal plans to book with a private onsen and the Udo Fassett is a pretty unique experience fourth ago let’s put some dashi tofu one of the things I love all these lunches is that you can try it with so many different dishes in one meal and it has a yucca me as well so you have some onions and then I cut the bullshit flakes that’s a flavorful tofu now it’s time to taste the Yuba instead of cooking like a villain all day oh no just for the last few minutes and that you’d over here simmers in a bath of soy milk so you can enjoy the fresh warm tofu and make Yuba all on your own and just as long as the kids don’t burn themselves it should be fun for all ages looking I even cook to perfection yes that’s you bullish is I don’t know sometimes I just don’t make any sense let’s go to the next place all right the shuttle bus has arrived number two Kuniko edokko when japanese think of summer in kyoto they often imagine called OCO on the river which is a temporary terrorist built on the river to help cool things down yeah you can go to pontocho and experience a coma go on audio Yuka but it’s crazy busy so let me take you to a less travelled spot ki Boonen which is about a 40 minute ride away from the city for more than a hundred years kupuna has been a summer vacation destination spot to cool down as it’s hidden away by trees over a river there are many coloured oka restaurants and real cons in this area but I’m taking you to my spot Toa Island check this out move right on top of the river look there’s a river just right here this is amazing so today I threw down on the Yamanote Zen Chi Seki course which comes with an appetizer River salmon sashimi couple of Delegates two dishes like this one grilled IU fish rice a with miso soup and a dessert to finish it off this is the first appetizer that we got with a set meal we have 1 2 3 different inside the top layer you can see the edamame so delicately making a little desserts than just one little bite kind of almost like a salty fish a story the highlight of the course is definitely the IU fish which is a seasonal River fish in the summer we just had the IU fish and I just like completely missed recording it so let me just try to like reacquainted the IU came on this like a bamboo serving plate and then they like set it on our dish that was quite a delicious aiyoo fish kind of sad because you guys miss my are you ready for this joke anyways let me show you the next spot to beat the crowds and now we’re meeting the next magical trip tour guide oh nice to meet you yeah I’m so excited to kind of check out this place you get to see so many cool scene or it’s like natural forest I’m ready okay let’s go okay and number one Fushimi nutty hidden hiking door we started our hike at this cute little neighborhood showcasing traditional Japanese houses and cozy temples and shrines damn I don’t think we can yet even more hidden this path especially in Hiroshima Inari shrine what’s also nice about the local guide is that they can share local manners and explain the significance of spots along the way dividing lines a secure area a human being is a sacred area like Dodson later let’s bow okay towards the shrine okay it’s like [Music] let’s go toward the Gators oh wow that’s amazing great so this is priceless I mean imagine just being here like you know you go to the fushimi inari and there’s just so many people and it’s just hard to get that serene and peaceful momentum fuck and there’s that no one else here so let’s go back to the tour guide and continue this Wow look at that that’s so crazy it’s like the shell the exoskeleton oh and we even pass this beautiful bamboo forest along the way [Music] wow that was awesome through the backside and now we’re at half way up the mountain that’s good that’s like a really good shortcut so actually you have a nice view of waterfall here yeah in the waterfall is sacred waterfall and the water is from this secret knowledge and that water is wellness kinda miraculous water okay yeah [Music] so what’s also nice about magical trip service in Japan is that the local guides are from the area so they can recommend spots help plan your itinerary and even share hidden gems from a locals perspective and you can even join as a small group with friends so you can get that deeper connection with the local guide there you go my ice that’s gonna get better what’s cool about magical trip is that you can check to see which guys are available for each tour and even view their individual profiles with self-intro videos and and past guest reviews alright so if you like this video help me out and hit that like button if you guys want to see more of these videos and definitely hit the Previn and the bell button you want to see what I’m doing on a daily check out my Instagram account and if you want to help spread the channel check out the koto merch alright I’ll see you guys in the next one

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  5. For anyone wondering or looking for a 2nd opinion, I been in 6/7 of these recommended places and it’s pretty good! I’ve travelled Kyoto many times and as a person who been there many times, it’s a place that you cannot explore all in few days or weeks. Hiring a local would be one if the best for a first time visitor. Searching up ‘best’ touring spots on tripadvisor or any other place will give u a idea of what other people are looking at but there is soooo many hidden gems in Kyoto, it’s not worth missing out.

    Just a short note, anyone who’s visiting japan, please don’t expect everyone be able to speak English. If you’re a visitor it’s ur responsibility to try to learn their culture and language. (Btw if you visit Kyoto please don’t damage the shrines, bamboo trees, respect the rules (like if it says don’t enter, don’t enter)… I know it seems like common sense but the amount of absurd stuff I’ve seen in my travels cannot justify the stupidity of some ppl can get)

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  28. Fun fact – the bamboo grove on google maps it's still shown as forest arround monkey park. When I was in Kyoto I visited monkey park Togetsu-kyo bridge and Daihikaku Senkoji Temple accidentally because I was following google maps and just trying to find that damn bamboo groove (turned out I wasn't the only one who did this mistake).

  29. During my visit to Kyoto last spring, there was one night where I parted ways with some new friends at an all-you-can-drink bar at 3 a.m. in Gion, I then walked for two hours across a sleepy Kyoto to Fushimi Inari and arrived there at 5 a.m. I hiked all the way around the back of the mountain through the cemeteries and bamboo forests, by the waterfall and through the fields as the sun was rising, needless to say it was the most incredible and serene experience of my life. I made it to the top at 7:30 a.m. and walked down through all the gates as tourists were just starting to arrive — I wouldn't have done it any other way.

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