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Grandpa, grandpa, can you tell me a bedtime story? Of course my grandson, come sit! Have you ever heard the story about the mysterious creature that roams around our places? No, i haven’t. Will you tell me? Of course! Let’s start! It happened long time ago when a harsh winter came. It froze every tree and lake in our land. People sought shelter inside their homes where they tried to keep their cold bodies warm. Their lumber and food supplies plummeted each day while they could only pray for a miracle to save them from freezing. It was then that Kurent came to life. Deep inside an icy forest a creature was born. Mysterious creature whose body is covered in sheep hair. In his arms he’s carrying spiked staff that is gives him power. He has long red tongue and horns sitting proudly on his head while heavy bells are strapped around his waist. Well, at least that’s how the legend goes. Truthfully, nobody actually saw the beast. But they heard the mighty sound of bells and it kept them warm on the brink of survival. People named this creature Kurent. With great vigor and bulldog spirit he was chasing winter away and making way for spring. Snow melted before him and rivers burbled like never before. Tirelessly he ran through the land and marked a new era with his bells. His sheepskin coat was getting brighter and shinier. He loved nature unconditionally and it loved him back. Crops started to grow and fields were filled with blossoming flowers of all kinds. Grass grew so fast that men were barely able to catch up with their scythes. But Kurent didn’t stop. He returned every winter bigger and stronger than before. Grandpa, do you think this creature really exists? Grandson, I honestly don’t know. But the legend says that a boy will be born in this village who Kurent will summon with his bells so his legacy could be continued. Don’t be afraid child, it’s only a legend. Now straight to bed, it’s really late! Goodnight!

8 thoughts on “Kurent – My RØDE Reel 2016

  1. V skoraj vsaki kulturi so taka bitja večinoma z glavami volkov. In ni res da se jih danes ne vidi. V času interneta mnogi pričujejo o teh bitjih in seveda obstojajo. Ne pa nujno vsi v fizičnem trodimenzionalnem svetu. Nekateri da nekateri ne.

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