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Hello Ladies and gentlemen, How you doin? *silly Joey reference* today we are going to talk about Kuchh Kuchh hota hai is a textbook definition of a 90s masala movie except the fights The movie had friendship, Hot legs 😛 , Love maternal love, religion, kids tears, twists and finally a happy ending And since its a Karan Johan movie we know right off the bat that this movie is about *First World* problems Problems like making money paying your rents and installments handling your bosses etc. naah! too *loving* main stream, too frikkin main stream *saw what I did there? :P* too frikkin mainstream! I am appalled that someone can make a movie where most of the bets are placed over basketball and the protagonists dont even know how to dribble! *awkward chuckle* Cmon! Yooooooooowwwwwww!!! So this movie is to be blamed for unreasonable high number of Rahuls and Anjalis in your college and your school *pause* these days! Also this movie is to be blamed for unrealistic expectation of college life by a whole genreation! I mean as a kid I expected in college Iam going to be a super stud and there are going to be super cute girls wearing super short skirts that didnt really happen, and I have attended two colleges…so.. * thumbs up for post graduation* Just like these shows of the 90s they had me clear my 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th blazingly fast but wasnt I shocked when i reached high school because my bags were still heavy I still had no time and…. *awkward silence* .. the girls were still wearing ghagras Also this movie gave us the cancer called Friendship bands Squeeze me??? or the introvert’s weapon of flirting I havent seen one relationship which was triggered by friendship bands Its quite poopy actually So coming to the story of Kuchh Kuchh Hota hai its about Rahul who friendzones Anjali for a hot Classmate *wont blame him for that* Tina bears a baby and leaves letters for her child called Anjali Out of gazillian other names *overacting* So the letter basically asked the younger Anjali to be the wingwoman of Rahul And reunite him with the elder Anjali *processing the data* *calculating* *ciphering* *does that even make sense?* So basically the letters asked the younger Anjali to be the wingwoman of her father called Rahul to reunite him with the other Anjali that he had dumped earlier in the movie *cumface* So lets take a step back and look at the judgments and assumptions flying right around here First, Anjali wont get married in the next 8 or 9 years aa…She didnt really look good or attractive to me 😛 *judgmental* but I dont see why she wouldnt get married for the next 8 or 9 years, she was doing pretty fine with her life She was just..a little heart broken right? Not getting married for 8 or 9 years? Thats kind of stretching the line a bit Chhoti Anjali would have the EQ to understand all this love and jazz through her letters…!!! ok..when I was that age I was looking for walls to scrape off the cement and eat..!! and this woman was being the wingwoman of her father The third and the biggest assumption! This one’s huge This one’s really huge ! Wait for it! *dary* Tina assumed that Rahul would not marry for the next 8 to 9 years! *intellectual face* going by how Rahul was.. when he was in college *moans* really Rahul *in a sexy voice* really Rahul *in a sexy voice* *hard-on alert* and how he rushed into this marriage at the age of 20, 21 or may be 22 I would not place my bets on Rahul not getting married for even 1 year after Tina dies Let alone 8 or 9 years. I mean this is…. ………………… this is the hugest, this is the stupidest assumption ever So anyway this little girl hatches a plan to reunite Anjali and Rahul but but woah..hoho..woah..woahh!! *overacting* Salman Khan is behind Anjali now Things get a little tricky here, okay, because we have seen the guys who are behind Salman Khans Layydeeezz..and they have not had really good future So long story short, after a touch of Allah and God and some tears and some dramas finally these guys unite and Salman Khan just lets her yeah basically thats that ! But did you even think what happened to Salman Khan? Did you? *batao* or do you just think about yourself? *shell fish* that frikkin break up made Salman Khan the playboy, alleged hunter, alleged killer and alcoholic But did you ever think about that? No! You only think about yourself! Now I want to discuss about Some cringeworthy moments in the movie in their order of appearance. Most of watched this movie as kids and this movie has subtle messages for the genders! Like in this scene! Kaalej mein no short skirts plisss!! but there is more to come Main tumhari mummy se shikayat karunga ke tum college mein short skirts pehen kar boys ko excite karne ki koshish *RSS alert* tumhara haath dikh raha hai ladke excite hote hain Arre ye kya chappal daala hai, is chappal ko daal ke to tumhara paer dikh raha hai, ladke excite hote hain! But dont get too emotional because the girls still wore skirts throughout the rest of the movie. Relax! Also in the movie SRK whistles to the teacher which is not even the oddest part! *Prema ji ahaan* ( DD1 reference) the oddest part is her reaction! This is precisely whats wrong with the country these days! Men can get away with the sleaziest of the things and women have to cover themselves. There you go! Done with my Youtube Social responsibility for the month! This movie also gave love a whole new definition Pyar Dosti hai, Love is friendship pyar dosti hai, this is the line of hope If i had to give a logo to this line, I would choose the one that Superman bears on his chest. Essssss *hisses* Hope. *overacting again* And then came a barrage of phrases used by Indian boys across the globe and over the internet because now they knew ke pyar dosti hai so they had to get started with friendship I am sure you have heard of a few of these phrases I wants to do fraaandships with you. Can v b fraandships Send bobs and vagene pics *my fav* And then there is one hutiyapa that I want you guys to look at *specifically* because its totally ludicrous! To usne shirt daala, upar jacket daala, usne socks daal ke, joota daala par is hutiye ko ye dikha nahi ke isne pant nahi daala..I mean Hoooooo tf makes these..scripts *frustrated* In the end we are going to talk about pyar ek baar hota hai Hum jeete bhi ek baar hain, hum marte bhi ek baar hain *L O L* *Ghanta* So basically the whole movie is an irony to this dialogue Its like making a movie with a tagline “Its all about loving your parents” and then leaving your parents at the drop of the hat. *confused* *recalling* *2.7ghz at work* that kind of sounds a little familiar * Hello Sherlock* Its like living a lie your whole life Atleast Karan could have given us a closure and showed us a last scene where in Anjali and Rahul are getting divorced wherein Rahul tells Anjali that hey I have to get a divorce because I love Tina and.. She is my first love aur pyar zindagi mein ek baar hota hai, hum jeete bhi ek baar hain aur marte bhi ek baar hain. and The End. Dude that would have given me a closure. Lastly, Rahul had nothing to do with love or friendship Rahul had always fell for the better looking option. *Exquisite bum shot for no reason at all* He fell for Anjali when she was transformed and was in a red saree Chal *hutiye!! Although, Karan did try to prove Rahul’s virtue by pulling in Tina’s aatma in the last scene but we know you better Rahul You re a frikkin jerk So thats it for today guys..aa.. Let me know if you liked the video I have to confess that I have been totally inspired by Pretentious movie reviews and I am sad that they…aaa.. if there are any movies that you would want me to review please just write them in the comment section Thanks for watching and thanks for being a great audience. I will be back soon. *tata*

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