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With apologies in advance: this is a brand
new movie, and there isn’t much footage available to edit with right now, so we’ll
be filling in the gaps using footage from the tv show. So what you’re seeing won’t
always perfectly represent what the movie is, but I think it’s close enough, because…
Konosuba the Movie: Legend of Crimson is basically Konosuba, but, y’know, a movie. It’s 90
minutes long, and the animation’s WAY better (mostly), but this JC Staff film is cut from
wholly the same cloth as the hilarious Studio Deen tv anime that first introduced us to
Kazuma and co and the ludicrous fantasy realm they call home. In fact this movie was made
by mostly the same creative team as the show, just working in a different building.
And… Konosuba is one of my favourite anime EVER, so that all sounds like good news to
me. I relish any chance to join these lovable idiots on another misadventure, and I have
been as stoked as a human being can be for this movie ever since it was announced. When
I heard crunchyroll would be bringing it to North America, I… continued to be exactly
that stoked… because I set my baseline level too high…
Subsequently, I was pretty bummed to find out that we’d be in Japan when the movie
hit theatres (not that bummed. Like, we’re still on vaction IN JAPAN! But a little bummed.)
Thankfully though, the fine folks at crunchyroll were kind enough to send me a press screener
so that I could enjoy and review the film before I left.
As a result, I watched this on a smaller screen than most folk will, at least in the near
future, and even with a big copyright notice taking up the top quarter of it, I think that
my viewing experience benefitted from that. I didn’t have to worry about bothering anyone
with my overly loud laughter, which is good news because the movie had me cackling from
beginning to end. But also, it’s VERY obvious that Takaomi Kanasaki is more experienced
with directing for television than he is film. There’s a lot of single-character closeup
reaction shots, that, while they are beautifully animated thanks to that feature budget, are
probably gonna feel a bit overwhelming when they’re blown up on a 50 foot screen. The
way the film is paced and plotted makes it feel more like a 3 episode arc of television
than a feature film. Heck, it even uses the series’ trademark eycatches to punctuate
gags. That said, I do still heartily recommend seeing
this movie in theatres, if you can. The more successful these anime movies are in general,
the better chances are that we’ll see more of them brought over in the future. And there
are some VERY impressively animated action scenes toward the film’s climax that BEG
to be enjoyed at a massive scale with full surround sound. Most importantly though, if
you love Konosuba’s characters, world, and sense of humor, you shouldn’t have to wait
any longer for your fix. In spots, I’d say this movie represents
some of the best of all three. The film begins, as many Konosuba stories
do, with our heroes drinking away their shame after failing an easy quest. This scene allows
newcomers to briefly familiarize themselves with the group’s comedic dynamic and all
the things that make them so terrible as individuals, before Yunyun comes in out of the blue with
a proposition for Kazuma. Uh, sorry, I read that wrong. What I should
have said is that Yunyun propositions Kazuma, insisting that she needs to have his baby.
A letter from her father, the chief of the crimson demon clan, has lead her to believe
that the clan and the world are in danger, and that only her and Kazuma’s prophesied
child can save them. Our hero, as you’d expect, treats this weighty request with all
the respect and careful consideration that it – ah, who am I kidding. His pants are
on the floor before she finishes the sentence. Luckily for Yunyun – not so much for Kazuma
– it turns out there’s been a slight… miscommunication. Yunyun decides to return
to the village to clear things up, and geeling guilty about letting her friendless “rival”
go it alone, Megumin ropes the party into following her, with the magical help of Wiz
and Vanir. After a bit of banter about Vanir’s ongoing
efforts to get rich off of Kazuma’s memories of modern japan, Wiz readies a teleportation
spell, and an instant later our heroes are… Surrounded by a tribe of sex-starved female
orcs, who immediately try to rape Kazuma. And the movie decides that’s just the perfect
setup for a slapstick comedy chase scene. Yeah.
Luckily Yunyun shows up to save him before all of his clothes are ripped off, and once
the danger’s gone, the movie goes back to konosuba’s classic running gag of mocking
Kazuma for being pathetic. Look at this doofus, crawling on the ground with his ass hanging
out, desperately clinging to his saviour, getting snot all over her robe because he
can’t stop crying. You know. Because he was almost raped, like,
five seconds ago. Which is also the reason that his butt is hanging out. But don’t
worry, they acknowledge that the event was traumatic for him. By putting up a “Kazuma’s
trauma” counter on the next eyecatch. Look, I’m all for dunking on Kuzuma when
he deserves it, which is often, but this whole bit left a really bad taste in my mouth.
To be CRYSTAL CLEAR, I don’t think that terrible joke, or the other one that comes
up later “ruins the movie.” As I said at the top of this review, I loved this film,
overall. The animation’s often gorgeous, I adore these characters, this is maybe the
most interesting AND hilarious setting they’ve visited so far, and I was laughing my ass
off consistently from beginning to end. There are even parts of this scene, like Darkness’s
very on-brand reaction to learning that there are no male orcs left, that made me laugh.
But that joke’s overall premise is, at best, tired and unfunny – girls bravo did the
same thing well over a decade ago – and at worst, it serves to reinforce some really
shitty, toxic ideas about male rape victims. I don’t wanna make this whole review about
that, though, so, if you need some help understanding why someone would see it as a problem, there’s
a great video from pop culture detective that covers the subject way better than I ever
could. Link in the dooblydoo. Like I said, there is one other really shitty,
meanspirited gag in this movie. Without spoiling things, at one point it’s revealed that
a certain beautiful woman has a penis, and after Kazuma reacts to that with a completely
unwarranted level of disgust, the movie decides to throw it up on the trauma scorecard. Next
to the attempted gang rape. Which is the ONLY other thing that ever goes on that scorecard.
Implying that the two events were equally horrifying.
I… hope I don’t have to explain why that’s bullshit.
Now, maybe the joke is supposed to be that Kazuma’s a transphobic asshole. But it doesn’t
come off that way. It comes off as lazy, tone deaf, and mean. And I think the movie would
have been better without both of these jokes. You might disagree with that. You might even
think they’re funny. And I don’t expect to change your mind if you do, but…if you’re
feeling an urge to charge into the comments and tell me that you think I’m doing something
wrong by bringing this up as a criticism at all…
Please, consider for a second that lots of different kinds of people watch my videos,
many of whom might be personally hurt by jokes mocking rape victims and trans people. And,
as the purpose of this review is to help people figure out if they want to spend money and
time on this movie, I have a responsibility to inform those members of my audience about
these potentially unpleasant surprises. Even though I would recommend seeing the film
even to people who take issue with them, because it has a lot going for it.
Sorry for going off on a tangent. I read the comments, so I know the vast majority of you
already understand that, but I read the comments, so I still felt it needed to be said.
Those two scenes really did stick in my craw, but I think they only stood out as much as
they did because the rest of the movie is so damn funny.
More or less as soon as the gang of idiots reaches the Crimson Demon Village, we see
that they’re handling the demon king’s army just fine on their own. Uh, to the point
that I actually started to feel pretty bad for the army of evil goblins. The crimson
demons are a bunch of ridiculously OP anime wizards, after all, and most of them know
more than one spell. But they’re also a bunch of melodramatic
chuunibyou losers, and it turns out that the part of her dad’s letter that had Yunyun
most worried, “by the time you read this, I will have already passed on” is just their
version of “I hope this letter finds you well.”
The movie really commits to this concept of performative Chuunibyou delusions as a fully
realized culture with its own history, customs and ettiquette. And every second that it spends
building that world up is just… comic gold. Every townsperson is delightfully quirky in
their own special way, and each one wears a costume more ridiculous than the last. The
town itself is roughly styled after a traditional Japanese village, but where you’d expect
to see shrines or religious iconograpy, we instead find finely-carved wooden bishoujo
figurines. And the film’s eventual explanation for how this culture came to be is… equally
hysterical. Konosuba really has a knack for making the
ridiculous feel real, and this movie really puts that strength to use.
Learning more about the crimson demons in turn helps us better understand both Megumin
and Yunyun. The latter is the “local weirdo,” which means that she’s the only sane, reasonable
person there, and along with Kazuma, yunyun gets a lot of hilarious opportunities to play
the straight man against the wacky villagers. Megumin is more at home here, and we get to
see her actual home. The first member of her family that we meet is also the cutest; Kommeko,
a precocious mini-megumin, dressed in her older sister’s patchwork hand-me-downs,
who steals basically every scene she’s in with adorably expressive animations and a
lot of blunt “uh, aren’t you a bit young to be talking like that” commentary.
Megumin’s parents are dirt poor, which clearly puts a lot of strain on them and gives their
tiny house a slightly… tense atmosphere. Her parents do cheer up when they learn that
Kazuma owns a mansion and is about to come into 300 million Eris, though. The way her
mom reacts to that in particular leads to a lot of great comedy, and a little bit of
genuine character development as well. As with every Konosuba adventure, the combative
but steadfast friendship between our four leads really drives this story forward, and
imbues it with some much-needed heart to offset the raw cynicism. But while Darkness and Aqua
do get plenty of screen time, this is a Kazuma and Megumin story. Which I think is a good
choice, from a stortelling perspective, because it’s a lot easier to take them seriously
when the narrative need arises. And the other two do great as comedy relief.
Aqua’s definitely at her best when she doesn’t have to carry any real narrative weight and
she’s free to just be a stupid, whiny idiot for laughs; and while Darkness is fully capable
of taking heroic actions that move a plot forward, it’s a lot funnier when she decides
to, you know, not… do that. I won’t say that the film uses them to their
FULL comedic potential – I still think that the axis cult arc that caps off season 2 is
the funniest the series has aver been – but their antics nonetheless had me rolling, and
I think that most Konosuba fans will walk away feeling more than satisfied with the
laughs this movie offers. It’s also nice to see an anime movie that actually feels
integral to the overall plot of a series for once – a result of this film being adapted
from a light novel, instead of being anime original.
The trade-off for that is that this does just feel like more of the tv-show, which might
be disappointing if you go in looking for something more cinematic. The movie does take
advantage of its more lavish production values by making the already vibrant characters even
more animated and layering sight-gags into the background of almost every scene… but,
yknow, even if it didn’t, it’s been so long since we last HAD “more konosuba”
that I’d honestly have been happy if the movie was JUST that.
The konosuba fanboy in me felt almost 100% satisfied with this movie for its brilliant
riff on the series’ long-running “Kazuma desu” gag alone.
As I said, though, it’s got some really beautiful and hilarious character animation
on top of that, and there is also a big cool action climax that’s packed full of sakuga,
but… I’ll leave you to discover for yourself how the movie gets there.
If you only see one anime film this year… uh, it should probably be Promare, honestly.
But if, like me, you love Konosuba, then I wholeheartedly recommend giving Legend of
Crimson a watch as well. It’s not a perfect movie, or even a perfect konosuba story, but
it delivers on almost everything that made me love the show in the first place, and there’s
no other franchise in anime that makes me laugh quite like this one does. The film’s
best moments are more than enough to make up for its shortcomings.
Or at least, they were for me. Konosuba the Movie: Legend of Crimson hits
theatres across the US on November 12th and 14th. Click the link in the dooblydoo to see
when and where it will be showing near you, and to get your tickets today.
Now, I’m back on vacation until November 16th, but there are two more great guest videos
coming in the mean time, so please look forward to those.

100 thoughts on “Konosuba: The Movie Review

  1. Since many commenters took issue with it, I removed "spoiler-free" from the video title. This review only elaborates on the film's setup and first 20 minutes of content, which I don't consider to be spoilers, but ultimately it's what you're all comfortable with seeing that matters. If anyone feels this will have an adverse effect on their movie-going experience, I apologize.

    Looking at your other feedback, it also seems like a lot of you would prefer pre-release reviews of movies like this to be shorter, more direct, and lighter on narrative context in general. In the event that I make another one, I'll keep that in mind, instead of trying to write in my usual style. I don't make videos like this often, and this is the first one I've done so far ahead of a film's release, so it's a learning experience for me, and I appreciate the feedback

  2. Is the counter gag any worse than the "Jiggle Counter" from Plastic Little? That literally counted up every time a boob shifted a centimeter.

  3. Pretty sure an explanation of the premise and two very legit content warnings is not the same as spoiling the movie. Not to be too much of a bitch but y'all shouldn't be watching reviews at all if you consider any mention of any story element to be a spoiler.

  4. I really want to watch this review but since i haven't watched it and the movie won't be coming out in my country, the only thing for me is to wait for the dvd/blue ray to come out and hope some fansub will sub this movie.

  5. Ooo are you gonna make a review for Promare? I’d love to see that!

    P.S. Great video, and glad to see your channel survived the dreaded strikes! 😀

  6. If I wasn't subbed already, I would be after how well you handled those 2 bad jokes, the professionalism in your reviews is outstanding!

  7. kind of feels like you over praised it since the middle portion of the movie is where people seem split and like with the light novels seems split on adding a relationship element. the movie does have a hilarious beginning and a decent end but the middle section is where I've noticed people seemingly being divided and it feels like you more or less just act like this movie doesn't do much bad. the jokes aren't really a criticism as comedy will always be subjective so there's no point in trying to analyze or explain the jokes here.

    it's best elements are with the animation and when the 4 main characters are all together and them splitting up for a long period of time in this film is more of a detrement than a strength.

  8. So obviously i haven't seen this movie yet, but i have read the novel on bookwalker! And with that knowledge i knew the 2 "controversial" scenes as soon as this movie was announced which had me concerned for how western audiences would feel about it, as an aside i think you handled that part of the review as best you could.

    In light of this video coming out before the movie hits theaters in NA i would like to take the chance to embed some ideas at least a few people. Incase anyone decides to just read the comments and not go through the whole review to avoid spoilers i will address the scenes in chronological order without referring to exact details, but as "male rape scene" and "chick with dick scene".

    As for the "male rape scene" I don't think there's any justifying it, but you can contextualize it, not that that makes it a good thing of course. The "male rape scene" as with a lot of things in Konosuba is a scene that flips a fantasy world trope that doubles as a subversion of expectation scene seeing as darkness being who she is. Personally i wasn't that huge of a fan of this joke when reading the novel, i still found it funny in a situational irony way, but still thought it was a bit fucked up.

    As for the "chick with dick" scene I do think there is justifying it and contextualizing it in the story, and i think i can do it in 1 sentence. Kazuma is at the end of the day a horny 16 year old straight male, whatever adverse reaction he has to finding out what appears to be a beautiful women, is in fact a man, makes perfect sense. Now whether or not you will find this scene funny or be put of by it will vary. but keep in mind this was written 4 years ago by someone who lives in a country that doesn't have a built trans aware society.

    At the end of the day this movie is still Konosuba if these things make you uncomfortable all i could recommend is if you can bring a friend who has read the novel to give you a trigger warning when these scenes are coming up or something idk.

  9. Gotta say, pretty disapointed in the sound of those 2 jokes you mentioned. I had assumed that Crunchyroll were producers for this movie, and would ask for those jokes to be removed at the very least. I mean, good chance they aren't, just distrubuters but still, poor show for Konosuba.

  10. I was able to get my tickets for the 12th early, unlike Bunny Girl Senpai movie where I didn't know the movie was going to be available in my area until two days before the film released!

  11. dude seriously enough with the over sensitivity. if played for comedic effect even rape can be funny regardless of gender. i didnt hear anyone complaining about futurama's amazon snu snu episode, and futurama is a goddamn masterpiece. this is exactly the same gag. get over it. we come to you for insightful entertainment, not so you can get on a soapbox anytime something triggers you. if someone is too sensitive to handle sexual jokes of any kind, they're in the wrong community.

    how about you discuss the juxtaposition of yun yuns proposition and immediately flipping the script on kazuma putting him on the receiving end of a comparable situation? that shit is brilliant. much rather hear about that than "rape is bad." like…. duhhhh rape is bad, way to point out the obvious and ruin the joke.

  12. I thought the second trauma score joke was funny exactly because it makes him a transphobic asshole. But what it really needed if it was supposed to be intended that way was someone pointing out to him that he was overreacting and being a dick. (pun very much intended)

  13. I originally wrote a comment about how your sensitivity towards rape was a bit off, I realized that hm.

    So to comment on your review here,
    I love konosuba, but the show is written with the stereotypical male viewers in mind.
    Understanding this, and supporting it – Are what you do by enjoying Konosuba.

    The stereotypical "Girl with a dick." being what fucks Kazuma up is really a step back on the beaten path. Its been done alot.
    Same with male rape. they've both been done alot. I'm kind of sick of them being used for comedic points.
    I like them when they are used for traumatic points, actual character growth and realistic appropriation into a world building. (I liked it on goblin slayer, but then disliked boobie witch fanservice.) It needs to be done tastefully.

    Not for comedy.

    I will say though that Konosuba uses alot of offensive comedy, by opening your eyes to two forms of it, you should also take a moment to recognize they reference alot of abuse comedy as well.

    But I stand, we watch konosuba because we all know we are horrible people and like the bad comedy it uses.

  14. Wont you find that offensive? Thats the joke there, kasuma is a vanila male scum and he finds it traumatic to see a girl with a dick. Vanila male can be offended too especially if we get betrayed by expectations.

  15. Pop Culture Detective does not cover male rape in either a comprehensive or appropriate fashion. In fact it’s one of the worst examples of Toxic Feminism. You should take it out of the link and the mention from your video.

  16. Yeah I just noticed that I missed the movie since it was aired in Germany a while ago so now I need to wait until its uploaded somewhere. great 🙁

  17. I can agree that the two "taboo" jokes aren't in fantastic tastes but I think it's a stretch to jump to "it's mocking rape victims and trans people" as much as a joke about someone being killed shouldn't be lumped in with "mocking witnesses of murder victims."

    Context and all, is the punchline that the feminine entity has a penis, or is it that Kazuma is a horndog that got an unexpected surprise? Would the same situation and then Kazuma discovering the aforementioned penis and then him politely acknowledging it make ANY sense for the character and not be a jarringly subdued reaction for his dickbrained character? Does said character having a penis immediately make them trans which I'd argue is a harmful jump in itself?

    Likewise, with the rape victim scenario, while as a victim of sexual assault myself and hating how male rape is seen as a lighthearted joke in a lot of films and other media, is the punchline really in that realm or is it "Kazuma borderline sexually assaults just about every woman he encounters; suddenly an inverse of the male orc being rape horde trope is his karmic retribution that he comically avoids?"

    It's fine you don't like the subject matter or delivery of the jokes, I just don't agree that it is quite as meanspirited as you're framing it and that context of a joke does in fact matter. It's not like we're discussing the 40 Days and 40 Nights movie where the male lead is in fact raped and this is framed as him being in the wrong for cheating on his girlfriend he has to win back over for the crime of //being raped// which even in a comedy movie isn't depicted as a joke and is instead played straight as him on a redemption arc for again… being raped.

  18. I still don't like Megumin like others. She's ok, but not sure why she's beloved so… other than I guess if you're a pedo/like lolis, but she's even more annoying in personality than most lolis. Bleh…

    But I'm great this movie is funny. I'm looking forward to it next week.

    Yunyun is best girl

  19. I actually sincerely appreciate your comments on these two tasteless jokes. I'd forgotten about these bits from the novel and I will pre-warn my friend who is going to see it with me.

  20. This might be a risky generalization, but it seems that Japan as an entertainment creator, is so far behind in discussions, mainly about sexuality related topics, that their media products either are ignorant about this issues and discussions in the west, or simply choose to deliberately ignore it for the sake of just not bothering to review their concepts of absurd humour as a whole cause they've been doing this kind of approach, joke and genre of comedy for so long, that they've grown resistant to contest it's content.

  21. Ahh we truly live in weird times when reviews of products have trigger warning and as far as rape jokes go I think the radical left has made the whole concept of that as one fat joke.
    Hey don’t blame me for this comment but rather the times we live in because I think it needed to be said.

  22. "Konosuba: Movie Review"
    "Thanks to our friends at CR I got to watch it early"
    "Oh thank god"

  23. 6:24 spoiler:

    I think the reason why it went on the trauma counter was because he was expecting to become mates with this general since she did make some passes at him, and hell when he realised that she was gonna make him her "toy" he was fine about that and even let him back talk darkness and the gang, but took a sudden turn when he realise that there was something poking in his back, I think the main worry wasnt the fact that she had a dick, it was more or less that he suddenly realised that when she meant toy, she meant he was gonna get fucked in the ass and that was probably what scared him, but just to clarify, all I did was read the LN because I couldn't find the damn manga, so I dont know if that made it into the final screen play, if not then please correct me and have a nice day….also I just want to say, I dont have a problem with this or the joke itself, I thought it was funny as shit when I read it and I'm sure it was funny in the movie too just wanted to state my opinion on the mater is all….

  24. Thank you for covering male rape and mentioning pop culture detective.

    Edit: Thank you for the transphobic part too.

  25. Haven't seen the movie. In the book, the Demon General (forgot her name) basically has Kazuma volunteer to be kidnapped because he is so down for everything on offer… then he finds out the Demon General currently has a penis. It's implied everything about her is constantly in flux, not gender but even species. It works as a joke in the book because the General is more confused by his about face over being her prisoner (with benefits). You are also laughing at Kazuma who is so ready to get laid, then realizing it's not exactly the kind of laid he was expecting. It's kind of funny. Not really funny, but kind of funny. Certainly not as funny as how even the janitors in the Crimson Demon village introduce themselves.

  26. i hope this comes to europe aswell. i would'nt mind watching this in the cinema, it looks better than most movies these days so yeah well worth my money for a change and just so where clear on this i truely think we need more anime movies in theaters because the regular movie all suck now that they are trying to push wokeness and political correctness

  27. Americans annoy me so much, if we can't have it y'all don't deserve to have this much luxury either. You should have to for anime movies to be online somewhere like the rest of us tbh.

  28. To be honest, konosuba has always used crude humor. People shouldn't be mad that it still has it. Jokes about gays, straights, trans, racism, rape, whatever. If It's funny, I will laugh from it. I have nothing against anyone. If you're a trans, good for you. If you've been raped, I hope you're doing better and keep moving forward. I'm sorry, but I'm just a person who'll laugh at a funny joke.

  29. Thanks for the heads up on those two plot points! I do plan on seeing this movie and being able to prepare for that in advance is really nice. I love the videos, keep up the good work!

  30. Damnit, every showing in theaters is at 7:00pm on either a Thursday or a Tuesday, and I work a second shift job.

  31. Based on how the trap scene happened in LN, I can say for a fact that it not a knock on trans people, but rather a bit that's focused on Kazuma's shitty sexual impulses backfiring on him, as in this case he'd the the one on the receiving end when he thought he would take advantage of the situation. Can't speak for the movie scene, as I haven't seen it, perhaps that scene was distastefully portrayed, but I can speak for the original intent in the LN. As for the orc rape scene, once again a knock on Kazuma's sexual impulses, but I will agree that it's a joke that needs to be very well crafted to fly in the current social environment, so once again, I'd have to see the movie to really judge it properly. Overall, since I haven't seen the movie, I can't say this with full confidence, but I do feel that based on the plot of the LN that people seem to be taking these jokes in a manner that's far too serious and relating it to real life social issues that, in reality, shouldn't be related. Again, depends on how the scene was done, but at this moment I do feel that it's a bit of an overreaction due to current social climates (and in some reviewer's cases, a huge overreaction, as it somehow turned a movie that was an 8-9 into a 4-5).

  32. Wait hold up do canadians not spell trauma with a U? Is this the sole example of british english not putting a U in every word?

  33. I'd say that the less "classy" jokes in the movie kinda boil down to what's seen as acceptable in Japan, crossed with what is expected of the kind of humour Konosuba has which is mean spirited in most parts and coming from the suffering of others on the other. It's understandable that certain aspects would be considered inappropriate and potentially "problematic" through a western point of view, but certain jokes like those might not be as bad from other peoples perspectives or culture. As someone whose whole career is essentially presenting media from a different culture altogether, it would have been worth noting that but hey that's just my opinion.

  34. I don't remember if the videos this channel has made are always been this political arguing against logic but I have an opinion to express. I understand your point of view to warn somebody about that but that's the problem.

    The difference between Nuxtaku and Mother's basement is that Nux can take joke and makes videos about hentai plots. Mother's basement tries to force politics in almost every review like everything has to be "politically correct". Lot of people hate this kind of climate where you can't joke about anything even when humor is subjective. Also there is no correct or right filosofy of life for an example the vikings or Romans. Nowadays western atmosphere is full of hypocritics
    Read history you hypocritics!! And I mean world history and different civilazations not america centered things.
    My entire point being that don't argue against laws of nature and people get hurt too easily about anything.

  35. "Make sure to check it out so more anime movies get brought over in the future"

    >Live in the maritimes
    >No showings anywhere near me
    >No anime movies EVER have showings anywhere near me

    Yeah I'll uh… I'll just be over in the corner gently weeping

  36. Spoiler Culture really has gotten out of hand in the past few years. This review is getting dinged for talking about the premise, major characters and two scenes that poorly handle sensitive issues, by 2023 I expect it will be considered a spoiler to say the title of a movie.

  37. I'm the type of person who laughs at every joke Konosuba makes, regardless of how "offensive" it may seem. I love Ghost Stories dub and that says it all.
    … I've got tickets for this movie on Nov 14 🙂

  38. sooo…. just a warning… the orcs are a running joke going forward in the LNs. one scene that really shocked me was when we get introduced to the male orcs. Darkness thinks shell finally get what she wants but they are afraid and whipped because of being abused by the females… haha..Oh? Chris has short hair and no boobs… gay orcs…ha. oh YIKES

    whats weird is that the first few chapters are actually what gave me a lot of respect for the author and Kazuma as a character. the scene is heartbreaking but done super well. then this

  39. "…This JC Staff film is cut from wholely the same cloth as the hilarious Studio Dean TV animated series that introduced us to Kazuma and Co. …" Sold! See you after the movie!

  40. I'ma say it again Darkness best girl fight me. Also can someone tell me the appeal of Megami. I love explosions as much as the next guy or girl but it quickly got old for me and the fact that she is still technically a child in the whole trying to ship her and him makes me feel uncomfortable. still of the character in fact I love all the characters even though to the contrary I shouldn't because let's face it this is konosuba but I like Psychopaths anime girls in every aspect of all anime so maybe I'm just a weird one

  41. Sylvia isn't a trans tho, they're a Chimera. They have both boy and girl parts, and thus Sylvia isn't trans (Sylvia wasn't born a girl, they were born a Chimera with both parts). You can't be transphobic if the character isn't even trans.

  42. Thanks for the trigger warning, as a male victim of sexual assault the way we are treated in media reminds me all to well of the scorn and derision I received when trying to talk and work through me trauma. Now I just don't talk about it. I don’t need the additional shame and humiliation people are all to happy to heap on

  43. This is so unrelated but can you review Maid Sama ? It’s a childhood favorite and Netflix just added it back. Maybe we’ll get a season 2 or a reboot like fruits basket . Because it’s such a good shoujo

  44. Unfortunately I go to night classes on Tuesdays and work overnight on Thursdays so I can't go see this in theaters. I will be buying the Blu-ray/DVD as soon as it comes out though

  45. Hard to feel bad for Kazuma almost getting diddled when he almost sorta rapes Darkness in the next volume. Let's admit it, he's a horrible person and we're all horrible people for laughing at all their pain. XD

  46. all i hear from gamespot and here is just woke bitching, baaawwww my american 21st century sensibilities are offended baaaawww how dare the japanese make jokes that offend my sensibilities!

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