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To seek revenge against the powerful man who killed his father he infiltrated an elite security team. But his cover… … was blown. Sir can you hear me? What’s going on? You stay with me and you’re staying alive. Now… Find him and kill him. He’s the target. Where is he? …Jean-Claude Van Damme, with Maria Conchita Alonso and Peter Stormare…. He is a trained killer. A one-man Army. …when you don’t know who to trust KILL… THEM… ALL. Kill ’em all.

100 thoughts on “KILL ‘EM ALL Trailer (2017) Jean-Claude Van Damme Action Movie

  1. As they get old they cut down on the steroid use. Plastic martial artist. All show mo go. Ripped all the 90s fans off.

  2. one huge problem… a trained person would never hold a gun next to their head like in a james bond movie. always point it to the floor.

  3. van damme vs daniel bernhard it would be better a next bloodsport movie where the 2 winners have been kidnapped and they are forced to fight.

    Alex cardo vs Frank Dux hell yeah.

  4. Hey Honest Trailer Voice Guy, What up! … it would be acceptable if he seeks revenge for a brother. a cousin or a friend, seriously a Father? how old was the father 100? 150? Sorry Van Dam, I really loved your movies when I was a kid but a Grandfather kicking bad guys half is age and a story line base the is no longer fresh or very very generic, makes you wonder if Van Dam is broke or is in desperate need of dough … IMHO, SMH, but because it is a Van Dam movie,. heck, I might watch it still ughhh… might …

  5. first of all Van Damme Direct to Vidoe movies don't have much effect/punch,on top of that they do the voiceover with the honest trailers guy >.< Haha damn i ciuldn't help laughing throught out this trailer >.< xD xD

  6. Its like a bad PARODY of the great action movies of his heyday in the 1980s – mid 90s (ie Kickboxer, Bloodsport, Lion Heart Double Impact, Hard Target etc etc etc)

  7. even until death was better than this crap movie is the worst Van Dam movie for me

  8. Serbs are the bad guys. Again?
    How you don't get bored with it?

    And Albanian from Serbia named Filip? Really? Filip? 😀
    And Almira is, of course Serbian.

  9. For nostalgic reasons, I'll probably watch this. However, the only way it's gonna be good is if his daughter makes an appearance in a shower scene.

  10. I just watched Kill Em All Fantastic Movie I would rate Kill Em All 7 Out Of 10 One of his Better Movies Lately

  11. i couldnt whatched them till end…the worst jean claude van damme movie ever and the worst action movie in history

  12. Is He Daniel Bernhardt at 0-29 ? Why i did not see his name at the beginning ? it s bullshit..Daniel Bernhardt is one of best actor of my childhood ..

  13. I hope that while trailer never showed his face in any of the physicly more difficult moves, he'll do the actual stunts. Also, it's good to see Daniel Bernhardt live and kickin'.

  14. Badyguoard pumnul astasin Jan claude vandame jeicxsan lee oficial bună dimineața o zi bună distracție plăcut oficial

  15. I know we don't stay young forever but his looks are just gone! His face reminds me meat that has been cooked to long. Falling off the bone

  16. I saw Jean Claude Van Damme's Kill Em All movie and it's good. I see Maria Conchita Alonso is in it. She's aged well. She was in the classic movie Colors with Sean Penn, Robert Duvall, Damon Wayans and Don Cheadle.

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