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Hello sir. – Hello sir. Welcome sir. – Thank you. Please come sir. – Thank you. Honorable education minister, G.
K. Harikishan. I request him to give
away the certificates. S. Ganesh. Msc. – Thank you sir. Now C. Gayatri, Msc. D. Guruprasad.
Msc. Gold medalist of the year. Congrats. – Thank you. Hey, this is our friend, Kiccha. Students are the
future of the nation. We are the pillars of India. Constitute India needs
real constructers like us. But your bloody system
and political pimps like you.. Are the biggest obstruction
of that.. – Kiccha. Sir, please. Do you remember me, sir? You can now recognize me. 2000-2001.
Academic year. The pillars of India. On that day, the pillar of India.. ..on that basis, this gold medal. You congratulated me
when you gave it to me. The same speech. The same style. Everything is same. But.. The students who are
hearing it are different. New gold medalist. Friends. Whatever
he was saying until now.. ..don’t keep any
huge dream or hopes.. ..based on that from our country. Do you know the value
of this gold medal? A big zero. If you take this gold
medal and this certificate.. front of someone,
do you know what he will ask you? Where did you do it?
How did you do it? In what way did you do it? The design is great. It must be of 18 to 20 carat. People who ask this
are more in numbers. Do you know the weight
of the certificates.. ..that you earn from the
1st standard till the university? Just 5.460 grams,
the cost is not even a penny. The loan that you give
for self employment.. ..that is given to people as bribe.. ..and only Rs.3000 remains.
Do you know? What should we do with Rs.3000? Listen. I am searching
for a job since 2 years. I will tell you my experience. It is great to feed your
mother with this education. Supporting your
father is also great. Besides that,
this education has no strength.. dream more than that. So I tell you, this is all useless. Your intelligence has no value here. Bribe. People only want bribe.
That’s it. If you act in this
manner every year.. ..then our reaction
will be in the same manner. If you guarantee work
for the one who study.. ..then do one thing, listen to me. A 10th standard
education is enough.. do a small job and spend life. This further studies
and degrees are useless. Throw it away. Stop this nonsense.. ..and stop this university, I say. If you can’t do this
then please resign. Please leave. – Leave me. No. Stop. I am telling you the truth.
Don’t listen to him. Don’t listen to him at all. Go away.
You are bullying. Go away. – Hey! I am a teacher.
When I went to teach in the school.. ..the children there told me,
your son is against education. And you will teach us?
What is the use? This is the situation
you have brought out. I don’t tell you to work
or earn like other parents. Do I tell you? No. Then why do you insult
me with your news in papers? Snack and coffee.
It is in the flask. Before leaving, have it. I need some money for my expenses. I don’t have any money. Don’t cry, I will hit you. Say bye to sister. – What happened? Good children don’t cry. The girl..
– If we had eaten outside. Don’t cry. I will hit you.
– Sister. Why are you hitting him? Look Kiccha.. ..he is getting stubborn
to go to school with his sister. No matter how much you talk to him. He is not listening. “You are a star for your mother.” “The star is mother’s favourite.” “Read. Write.” “We are wayward youth, watch it.” “Watch it. Watch it.” “We are wayward youth, watch it.” “Watch it.
Watch it. We are educated youth.” “We are jobless. We ramble around.” “We are zero by luck.
But we are hero on the streets.” “We are at par to everyone.” “Don’t think we are fools.” “Don’t think we are fools.” “Don’t think we are fools.” “Watch it. Watch it.” “We are wayward youth, watch it.” “We are educated youth.” “We look handsome, but no
one marries their girls to us.” “No one marries their girls to us.” “We are educated and have degrees.” “Even then no one gives us jobs.” “Don’t gives us jobs.” “We don’t know our destination.” “We can’t gauge the path.” “What we are going through,
please ask us.” “The promises of the
government are false.” “The minister robs us.” “Promises are just words.” “Childhood has been
snatched from children.” “Watch it. Watch it.” “We are wayward youth, watch it.” “We are educated youth.” “We had dreams too.” “We take up a post with degrees.” “Take up a post.” “Waywardness made us crazy.” “We couldn’t do anything in life.” “Anything in life.” “Look at this minister.
Look at these goons.” “They are enjoying.
Watch them getting entertained.” “The rich are living.
The upper class and status.” “The middle class have
tears in their eyes.” “God knows what will
happen to this country.” “Watch it. Watch it.” “We are wayward youth, watch it.” “Watch it. Watch it.” “We are educated youth.” “We are jobless. We ramble about.” “We are zero by luck.
But we are hero on the streets.” “We are at par to everyone.” “Don’t think we are fools.” “Watch it. Watch it.” “We are wayward youth, watch it.” “We are educated youth.” When did the interview begin?
– It’s half an hour. The interview is over.
You may leave. Hey, not even 10 people
have gone inside.. ..and the interview is over? Hey, when I said it’s over.
It means it’s over. You may leave.
– Hey! You. Let me deal with you. Break his office. This is the appointment order.
– Thanks. You are very lucky. Hey! – How much bribe
did you take for this job? How much bribe did you take? In the board outside,
don’t write there are vacancies. Write you sell jobs. Whom did you sell it to? Why don’t you tell because
of whom you sold it? You won’t speak.
Is he the one? It is him. Get up! Are you watching how
it bleed with one blow? You didn’t do this.
I did it in the village. This is not a wet
cloth on a dry stomach. It is a bandage of selling
a kidney to come out of poverty. Seeing your anger and rage, I feel.. are new in the
field of searching for a job. But I am old. I am the only son of my parents. I have four sisters. My father polishes boots. And my mother keeps an
eye on slippers at the temple. My sister works as a maid. It is 2 months my sisters
have left the house. As they don’t have
good clothes to wear. They all have only one desire. That I study well. And get a good government job. Yes. As per their
desire I studied well. Was a topper. In the first year.. ..I attended all the
interviews with high spirits. In the second year, recession began. In the third year, I became fed up. No matter how much and what I do,
I don’t get a job. Worrying about me,
my parents fell sick. Seven years passed. If another month passes by,
I will be over age. I wouldn’t get a job later. But I needed a job. Instead of searching
for jobs in vacancy page.. ..I started searching for pages
to earn money for jobs. I found a rich man there. He wanted a kidney. And this beggar wanted a job. The cost of the job
was one million there. I paid that money here
and started this job. “Without reason, I was punished.” “Who listens to a
poor man’s cry here?” “Without a fault, he had faults.” “No one will look into it.” “During such moments
no one is with you.” “Without a fault, they are
dejected by their own people.” “What can one do in this condition?” “Some day I will get justice.” “Justice. Justice.” Whom do you want?
– My name is Shardha. Hello ma’am.
The warden had spoken about you. Please go in. I am waiting here.
Go and meet her. – Yes. A+ b+ the whole square
is equal to A+2, oh no. I don’t know it.
A square. B square. C square. C square. Okay. A+ B+ C+ the
whole square is equal to.. ..A2+B2+C2+A2+B2+B2+2AB+2AB+2AC. Not 2AC. 2CA. A2+B2+C2.. – Do visit me sometime. Come for Pooja’s engagement. Bring Kiccha along. – Alright. How are you? – I am fine, dear. How far has your
job situation reached? Mother, let her ask. I will tell you for mostly
if something like that happens. Alright son. – Excuse me. Alright. – Let’s go. A2+B2+C2+.. This face cut is matching
for this body, right? What will I do with this? I will print it and
send it to Hollywood. Cut means style cut.
Arnold cut. Venom cut. Babu, you are very smart. Which C.D I asked you
for and which one did you give? Ma’am, you asked for god’s C.D.
I gave that. Is this god’s movies? Check it. Excuse me, ma’am.
This is god’s movies. I asked for good god’s
movie and you gave this. Oh god!
Is there good and bad in god? It’s my sin. – Sorry ma’am. I asked for triple x movie,
you gave Manjunath’s C.D. Manjunath!
The Indian lady who is famous. Her range has increased now. I kept god’s movie
in this code for my safety. This woman has recognized the code. Forget it. If you have C.D
on south Africans and Negro’s. David Neckle. The man in black. South Africa only in one piece. But you won’t get
the C.D right away. If you give your home address. The technician will
come there directly. He will do Cabaret and massage. Who is he? It’s me. What does he think of himself? I will deal with you. Laugh. Laugh. You are laughing at
the owner of a small shop. The same Babu will open
a betel leaf shop in Hollywood. And will come as a
hero in triple x films. Anything can happen
in your and our life. As we are not educated. They are educated and
are playing carom here. Nothing can happen in their life. You have started chattering.
Is it a joke? Right. Don’t you have any work. You make fun of people
who are working. You have an account
at the tea stall. You also have an account
at the cigarette shop. Account at the vegetable vendor. Everywhere you have an account. Kiccha, do something.
– What can I do for that? After finishing my education,
I didn’t get a job. So should I become a
political mediator like you? Look. Look. Look. I am a political mediator.
Don’t make fun of my job. I am the employment in charge
of educated people like you. Do you know? Take you on one side
to Jaipur it is Rs.50. Taking you on the other side
throwing stone downtown is Rs.100. If you talk about
politics here then.. Look there.
The whole square. – Whole square? Who is that? – It’s her. The bus is leaving. Hey! Hey! Hey, hey! Whole square. Whole square! Why do you worry? Bus number 25B, goes to Teresa
woman’s college from Green point. This is not its stop.
That’s why she will get down ahead. Let’s catch up.. I am telling you. No. No. Be careful. Excuse me, hi. There is
a lecturer by the name Meenakshi.. Where will I meet her? – Meenakshi. There is no lecturer with this name. No. She teaches physics. Physics HOD. That is Girija ma’am. Anyhow, inquire in the staff room. Where is the staff room? Right there. – There. Okay thank you. Excuse me. You were right. Meenakshi is not in
this college but in that. In Joseph’s. Thank you. By the way,
I came to meet Meenakshi. But beside that if you..
what’s your name? Suman! Suman. Look, leaving her,
don’t think I am flirting with you. I am speaking the truth,
I came to meet her. Not to meet you.
I am not that type. Okay. Thank you. Why did he say I didn’t
come to flirt with me? Hey, give the ball. Give the ball. Pass the ball. – Hit him first. Why will you hit me? You were saying it’s a superb scene.
And it was nothing. Even I was expecting
thinking of that. If it was not there what could I do? Did you see how it changed now? Boss, look there.
So what if it was not in the movie. It is really happening.
Super hit. – Hey, come on. Walk. Look in the front. Don’t worry. Kiccha will handle it. What happened? I used to visit
an officer for a job. He is his son. Seeing me passing there daily,
he said he will get me a job.. talking to his father.
He became a good friend of mine. After a few days,
he pretended to be in love.. ..and invited me
for his birthday party. Along with his, he.. We will come here
by 9am in the morning. Come to the court with us with them. Let’s go. Sir, this.. How much bribe did
you take to release them? You are a youth. Do you know
anything besides getting angry? That girl is better than you. She compromised with
them and withdrew the case. Withdrew? Who is it? – Kiccha. Sister, he has come. Why did you do it?
– Can we go there and talk? I knew you would
come searching for me. You may be knowing about
the girl who was insulted yesterday. But I am the eldest
daughter of this family. You may not know about this. Not only this.
The places I gave interviews.. ..the people there only spoke
about compromising with my body. I didn’t want all that. That’s why I was selling socks
and ties at signals and footpath. I did all the jobs that I could do. Though insulting. The job that was insulting
yesterday is a good job now. If I think as a
girl then it is a sin. If I think as the elder daughter
of the family, then it’s luck. If I withdraw the case,
your job would be permanent. Saying this,
he gave me an appointment letter. At that moment, I thought of you. Instead of keeping my dignity, I
sacrificed my ego and took this job. If I had a brother then
surely he would forgive me.. ..thinking of my situation.
If this is a mistake then.. No! “Take flowers of well wishes.” “May you be victorious today.” “May you get the
blessing of the goddess.” “This is a challenge. Find a way.” “May this pledge fulfill
without any obstacles.” “Someday we will be victorious.” Hey, why are you sad? What happened? Guru, to make them happy.
We must tell them that joke. Which one? – The mountain one. One man went to climb
the mountain. Alright. It became dark while climbing. He saw a hut and he
thought I will stay here. When he went there,
he saw a beautiful aunt. He asked her.. ..if I wait her tonight and
climb the mountain in the morning.. it okay? Aunt said, no problem. You can stay.
I have only one bed in my house. Can you adjust and sleep?
It’s alright. I can sleep. But how will it be if we
keep the pillow in the middle? It was okayed. The pillow was kept.
Both went to sleep. It was 2 at night. Aunt was horny. He was sleeping. The sari was removed.
He was still sleeping. The blouse. The blouse was removed. The pillow. Pillow. He was still sleeping.
It was morning. He said. Thank you ma’am.
I am climbing the mountain. That lady said, please come here. Fool, the whole night
you couldn’t cross the pillow. Then how will you climb
such a high mountain. Do you know who that hero is?
– Who is it? It’s you. You are right. It’s time for the dance class.
I am leaving. Okay. Bye.
Chandu, come along. – Dance? Dance class? It’s raining. Let’s go quickly. Oh my god! Hey! Oh no. Pushpa darling, if the sparker is
here how will you start the scooty? Why are you keeping me
in the cold for your love affair? She is in trouble.
Let me go and check. Oh no. – Excuse me? Any problem? The vehicle is not working. I have seen you somewhere. When I was in collage
you used to hit on me. Correct at the college.
You are Suman, right? Kiccha. – Oh!
– It is not starting, right? Leave it and come with me. No. It’s a friend’s scooty. So what? Lock it. Take it later. It is raining heavily.
You won’t get buses or auto later. Alright. – Alright. Why this? – You are a girl.
If we stand under one umbrella.. ..then our body will touch.
It is not right. Doesn’t matter. Come here. Thank you very much. – Bye! – Bye. By the way I saw you while walking. By removing the spark break
of your bike I didn’t let it start. Made you helpless to walk,
don’t think like that. Alright.
This was just a coincidence. There is nothing as such. Not like this. I was thinking you
will go to the hostel from here.. will wipe your hair
with a towel, our shoulders dashed. Our bodies touched.
Don’t think of that. As we are not lovers.
– Yes, I don’t remember anything. Yes. Don’t think of it at all. While wiping your hair
with a towel in your room.. ..our shoulders dashed,
our bodies touched. Don’t think of that. Oh no! – What happened? He is killing me. – Who? That Kiccha.
He came to college the other day. Okay him.
The one who came to the college? Today while dropping
me at the bus stop he said.. Don’t remember. Don’t remember.
– I am remembering it. If that is the case,
he is poisoning you, Suma. Poisoning? – Yes. He is injecting
the poison of love slowly. Fool! It’s nothing like that.
He is a nice guy. It is 12 o’clock. Forget it. Come and eat your meal.
– I had my meal. – Where? I ate with my friends. I know what you have eaten. Come here quietly and eat food. I don’t want your ego. You lie to me too. You think that you will
eat food after you get a job. If you don’t get a job,
will you give up food? I called your uncle. – Why? If they wait for my son,
then Bharati won’t get married. Look out for a groom
and get her married. I told him this and send him away. Why are you laughing? Uncle may have come here. You don’t know when
your son will get a job. That’s why I am getting my
daughter married to someone else. As I can’t make her
wait for more time. If you tell this directly to me,
it will hurt me. That’s why you are saying this. There is no need to worry.
Anyway, I don’t like Bharati. Kiccha, where is your whole square? She has come inside this complex.
She is not visible. Kiccha, look there. Hey, look at these toys. Excuse me. – Yes.
– Can I take your skate board? Thank you. Yes! Oh no. You? – Hi! What coincidence is this? Sorry, what happened
was an accident. – It’s okay. By the way.. ..are you hurt? – No. It will. It will. You see the first
time if a boy falls on a girl.. ..then a chemistry will take place
if something touches something. Like it always happens. When you go to the hostel, you
will remember this while sleeping.. ..don’t sing duet
songs with me. – No! Sure. – Sure. – 100%. – 100%. Promise. – Promise. What happened to you? I told you a chemistry
will be formed. It will happen to you too. Stop! Stop! What is wrong with me? Why do I do what
he tells me not to do? Am I in love with him? I like him. Am I loving him? No! No!! Yes! Yes! I need to talk to
him about this finally. A coincidence once again. No. Expected. You didn’t sing songs
last night, right? It start.. No. No. No? – Before that
I want to talk to you. What do you want to talk about?
Tell me. That.. that..
I.. your way of approach.. Your style. Walk. Look. Behaviour. Most of all your rough trim beard. I like it a lot. I didn’t expect it. What she
has to say and what is she saying? Is it all or there’s more? More? Not only that. – Then? I.. you..
– You are almost there. Tell me. You.. a lot.. – The bus is here. The bus is here. – I know. – Bye! Her smile is great too. Suma. She is a friend. You were going to tell something. Way of approach. Style. My beard and many other
things which you were to say. I want to hear it. Tell it. I will tell you later. – Tell now. As I have to get
down at the next stop. Please! – Even I am saying please. I will tell you later. – Please! Tell quickly what you want to say.
Or he will die. Sir. That girl is saying
that she loves you. “This is my promise.” “A desire of my heart.” “This is my promise.” “A desire of my heart.” “I will always support you.” “I will love you more than my life.” “I won’t ever break your heart.” “This is the affection
of our heart.” “Our bonding is of different lives.” “I sing your songs everytime.” “Your face I see in
my dreams and thoughts.” “Your image is like intoxication.” “When I see you,
I feel intoxicated.” “There is intoxication
in your talks too.” “How do I say, this intoxication
is in my heart and soul?” “This intoxication.” “The flowers blooming,
the heart beating.” “It’s a sign of
love the way we meet.” “You are in my dreams,
in my thoughts.” “You are everywhere.” “I will love you more than life.” “I will never break your heart.” “You touched me just
like fire in the water.” “God knows what has
happened to me today.” “It’s as though there is a smoke.” “Two thirsty hearts met,
all desires are fulfilled.” “The ambience is so sleepy today.” “You are in my heart beat.” “You are in my heart.
You are in my eyes.” “You are on the ground,
you are in the sky.” “You are my love,
my lover, my sweetheart.” “I will love you more than life.” “I will never break your heart.” “This is my promise. My desire.” “I will always be with you.” “I sing songs of you everytime.” “I see your face in
my dreams and thoughts.” “This is the affection
of our heart.” “Our bonding is of different lives.” Ma’am, your son is here to meet you. I am tensed. – Have patience. She is coming. She is Suma. We love each other. I came here to tell you that. Take her to the staff room.
I will be coming there. Sit down dear. Your name is Suma, right? – Yes. How did Kiccha propose you in love? My mother is the head
mistress of the school. Her salary is Rs.15,000. I have a house in Sadashiv Nagar.
A garden. Everything. Since the school is here,
we live in a small room. I am trying to go abroad.
I will get a job very soon. He must have said
something like that, right? If it was someone else
maybe he would say this. But he didn’t say
anything like that. You are an ordinary school teacher. The expenses are taken
care of with your salary. You give him his daily expenses.
He is right. When is the wedding? After he gets a job. And when will he get the job? It is fine if he gets it anytime.
I will wait. Did you like her? I am Maths teacher so
I give her 92 marks out of 100. Excuse me. – Excuse me. Mother! Thanks. Look. Look. Excuse me.
– You will have to answer us. We are reporters,
we want the answers to our question. Please! Please!
Allow us to ask questions. Look. Look, please help us. What happened? He murdered his own father. They have arrested him. We are reporters;
did you murder your father? Being educated,
how could you do this? Answer our questions. Show us his face.
– Have you murdered your father? Kuvar. He is my classmate. How did you murder your father? Didn’t you remember your
mother while murdering your father? I didn’t remember. I didn’t remember anything. I only remember my father’s death. Do you know why? In a government job,
if a person dies suddenly.. ..then the job is handed
over to the family member. You know it, right? That’s why I killed him. My father used to
get Rs.4000 as a salary. Nine of us depended on that salary. I studied MTech
with much difficulty. Because of my good marks,
I was praised a lot. I was searching for a job in north,
east, west and south of Bangalore. No one knows about it. In another 6 months,
my father would have retired. How would we spend
the days with that pension? One of my sister
was of marriageable age. This wouldn’t happen if my
father would retire from the job. Later.. what to do later?
Thinking of this, I was scared. Mother’s health was also important. After killing my father,
I was worried for 2 days. But more than that,
my mother who lived at home.. sister and everyone.
It was important to feed them. I had no time to think
what is good or what is bad. If we would see father’s health
then another 2 years would pass. That’s why I planned
and murdered him. I thought I would get his job. Being merciless, I killed
the one who gave life to me. Write it down.
Print it on the front page. “I am punished for no crime.” “Who listens to a poor man’s cry.” “An innocent became an accused.” “There is no one to see it.” “There is no one with
you during such moments.” “Without a fault, they have
no hopes from their own house.” “What can one do in this condition.” “Some day I will get justice.
Justice. Justice.” “Some day I will get justice.
Justice. Justice.” Hey! Why are you beating us? Are you the student leader? – Yes. Do you supply drugs to them?
– Drugs? This is drugs found in your room. Come with me. Come with me. – Leave me. I was shocked to
hear what Kiccha said. Don’t worry. – Who are you? Brother, we are the
students of the university. We know you very well.
– What is the matter? Brother, some time back
the police came to our hostel.. ..called them drug
addicts and arrested them. Did you have a fight
with the police? No brother. The government is not
giving scholarship to a merit student. With the fund of the college,
they started a fake college. They selected an uneducated
student and gave him the merit. Others did fraud with the money. When we pressurized them,
they said to adjust for a year. We were going to go on strike in
front of the parliament for justice. In the meantime the
police arrested our leader. The police haven’t done this. They have done it on the
insistence of their superiors. Who is it? The one who took away your
scholarship money has done it. He mustn’t lose his
post because of your strike. It is the education minister, G.
K. Harikrishna. Don’t go on strike tomorrow
in front of the parliament. Do it in front of G.K.
Harikrishna’s house. Ask for justice being
on the side of truth. I am with you. Thanks brother.
– Thanks brother. Let’s go. Everywhere you see
there is injustice. God knows what will
happen to this country. Country? Why are you
thinking of the country? Think of your ward. Think
of your ward. What has happened? Who is the mayor of our ward?
Jairaj. A big criminal. A rowdy. But since the last 9 years he is
winning one after another election. Do you know what he did to Shivraj.. ..who stood independently
for election? He killed him mercilessly
in front of everyone on this road. What did the law do? Nothing. When no one could anything
to a corporator. Then Minister? What can anyone do to a minister? Down with education
minister Harikrishna! Down with education
minister Harikrishna! Down . Down. – Harikrishna. Down. Down. – Harikrishna. G.K. Harikrishna. – Down. Down. G.K. Harikrishna. – Down. Down. Who are you?
After all party candidates. Who are you to tell
me not to resign? You are the one who made
me win at the constitution. If there is something
wrong in my portfolio.. ..then I am the reason for it. Everyone will think. There will be one headlines
in all the newspapers. Bogus college.
Scholarship scam is over. Someone else robbed
it and I was blamed. Why did it happen? How
did it happen? Why did you do it? Did anyone come to ask me? No. There is no need
for you to question me. I know that’s why
I will slap myself. Look. Look.
Look at the faces of these people. Look at it once. I will fight for you. Yes. You are the light. You are
the pillars of these countries. If you lose in your life
then this country won’t progress. It won’t progress. The government will support
the students who will study. As it is not supporting that’s
why they are holding the flag. Until there is blood in my body.. ..I won’t allow injustice
in this country. But brothers,
seeing the situation at present.. ..I was about to
say you are good boys. Four boys from you’ll are
imprisoned for drug dealing. Sir, those boys are innocent. Enough.
You said that, that’s enough. My boys are clean.
They won’t lie with excitement. I know it. Hello commissioner. The boys you arrested are innocent. They are like my brothers.
Leave them. What? You want surety. Harikrishna. G. K. Harikrishna’s
portfolio is a surety. My name is surety.
Is it enough or should I come? Good. Release them. Thank you. They are being released. Friends, consider this
the first victory of your fight. And move ahead.
We will fight against injustice. Since you are with me,
I will resign bravely. Come, let’s go.
– No brother. Don’t resign. People like you.. ..who understand our problems
must be there in the parliament. You have got our people
released is enough. We believe that you will support us. Long live minister Harikrishna. Long live minister Harikrishna. Long live minister Harikrishna. Long live minister Harikrishna. Hey, where are you going? What is it, gold medalist?
Everyone has left. What are you doing?
Go away from here. They can leave after
seeing your acting. But I won’t leave until
I know about this scam. Tell me, what do you want to know? I robbed. My brother did the scam. What I told outside was an act. What will you do now? You will go to them running
and tell them, I did this. Will you get them back?
They will beat you up. The person who called
up and got the boys released.. call him a liar? They will spit at you. Do you know the meaning of politics? To take praises from
the one who spits. To be garlands by
the hands that beat you. Why should I give
scholarship to them? Vishwesh. C. B. Raman. Abdul Kalam. Did they study with a scholarship? Without it, scientists
and engineers became President. Tell them to work hard and study. I am making 5 million
people dance on my tunes. I am fooling them. I want someone who trusts.
A trustworthy person. I am making him a politician. No matter what I say. What I do. There is no one to question us. That is politics. And I am a politician. This is a bandage of selling
my kidney to come out of poverty. Instead of keeping my dignity.. ..I sacrificed my
ego and took up this job. Being ungrateful I killed
the person who gave life to me. We can’t do anything
to our ward corporator. Why are you worrying
about the country? My nomination for the election
of 14th ward corporator election. Do you know who the
ward corporator is? The mayor Jairaj. A living devil. You want to nominate
yourself against him. Looks like you are excited. Go home and take a cold water bath. Everything will be fine. Will you accept it or not? Alright. It’s your luck. My dear solo.
Who is standing opposite Jairaj? Bring him to me right away. I am here. I had thought that my opponent
will be like me in speech. Dear, go and take
back your nomination. “Say hail.” “Say hail.” “Say hail.
Say hail. Say hail to the goddess.” “Say hail to the goddess.” “Say hail to the goddess.” “Say hail. Say hail.” “Say hail. Say hail.” “Say hail. Say hail.” “Say hail. Say hail.” “Say hail. Say hail.” “Say hail. Say hail.” “Say hail to the goddess.” “Say hail to the goddess.” “Say hail to the goddess.” “Say hail. Say hail.” “Say hail. Say hail.” “Say hail. Say hail.” “Say hail. Say hail.” “She won’t spare a sinner,
unreligious person.” “She kills the demons.” “The goddess doesn’t
spare evil doers and demons.” “She is Durga. She is Kali.” “She takes the image of Chandika.” “Say with your heart. Say together.” “Say with your heart.
Say together. Hail the goddess.” “Hail the goddess.” “Say hail. Say hail.” “Say hail to the goddess.” “Say hail to the goddess.” “Say hail to the goddess.” “Goddess.
Goddess. Hail the goddess.” “Goddess.
Goddess. Hail the goddess.” “Sherawali, Katawali, Mairawali.
Pahadawali” “With affection.
With pity. With love. My goddess.” “Anyone who prays to her,
she saves them from trouble.” “The one who believes
knows the power of the goddess. “Say Hail.” “Say together. -Hail.” “Say it with love and together,
hail the goddess.” “Hail the goddess.” “Say hail. Say hail.” “Say hail to the goddess.” “Say hail to the goddess.” “Say hail to the goddess.” Kiccha! Kiccha! – Kiccha! Kiccha! – Kiccha!? Kiccha! – Kiccha! Kiccha. Kiccha. Kiccha, who did this? Kiccha! – Kiccha! Kiccha, who did this? Tell us. Tell us. – Kiccha. Kiccha. Hello. Hello. Will you go to the
general hospital? – Yes. Why are you taking on meter?
I asked for a lift. What do you mean? – Lift? Lift? You are the first
man to ask for a lift in an auto. I watch you ask for lift
everyday at this very place. Seeing you,
I feel only you can do this. Right? I like to roam free without paying. I like to travel without tension. If not you then someone else.
Or someone else. Go away! Excuse me, my friend
is in the General hospital. I want to go urgently.
Will you give me a lift? Even I am going there for a test.
Please come. Are you a student?
– Yes. – Very good. Thank you. Can I sit? Sir, if it is a problem
then give it to me. I will hold it. Give it to me. Doesn’t matter.
– Why? I will hold it. You may dash somewhere keeping
an eye on it. Give it here. Look ahead. Some of it fell down.
– Doesn’t matter, sir. Thank you. Drop me here. Thank you very much.
You are in a hurry. You have a paper. Right? Write well. This was not an exam test.
It was a urine test. Is it urine test? What is there in this? – My urine. Stupid fatso, everyone
take urine in a small bottle. But you are taking
it in such a huge bottle. What can I do?
This is the method I know. O god. The whole body smells. Fatso. Good. Did you see? I told you there is no danger. The one who tried to wound
you didn’t want to kill you. He tried to create
fear in your mind. If the knife would
go in another inch.. ..then we wouldn’t be
able to save him. Got it? Kiccha, this has been
done by Jairaj’s men. I have got him and
his men imprisoned. Will you be able to
recognize the person.. ..who attacked you with the knife? I have kept a constable outside.
If you want anything.. Long live Kiccha. Long live Kiccha. Long live Kiccha. Hey! Glory to Kiccha. Glory to Kiccha. Kiccha, do you know what
this reaction is called in politics? Sympathy. This time Kiccha who stands
for election from ward number 14.. Bangalore pole
has won with 1, 48,000. Kiccha, he is from our party. He is the member of
the neighboring ward. He wants to talk to you.
Talk to him. Tell me. – My name is Rangaswamy. I am standing for the post of Mayor.
We want your support. My support?
– Why are you saying that? You have won with a great majority. If you say yes, then I will
get ¾ of support just like that. Is my yes so important?
– Of course. Please don’t forget me. Kiccha, he is also from our party. He is the corporator
from number five. He wants to talk to you.
Speak to him. Speak up. Tell me.
– Instead of him, support us. Be it a car, bungalow.
Whatever you want will be yours. We only want your support. I am a corporator, my support.. Who told you, you are a corporator? If you want you
can become the Mayor. You have defeated ex-Mayor Jairaj. It means if I want,
I can become the Mayor. I vow on my mother. But I know you don’t
want to become a Mayor. Your support for me.. We will win election this year. Kiccha will sport our party. Kiccha has come. He will tell us. Kiccha, the one whom you
support will become the Mayor. We both have equal support.
Only you are left to vote. Speak up. Seeing both of you,
I don’t see any difference.. ..between that Jairaj and you two. Fighting amongst yourself.. Ram Murthy, you. Rangswamy, you? You. You. You. If you select me together,
can’t I become the Mayor. I can, right? It is not that. All of you choose one person. That person will become the Mayor. The one chosen will
be liked by the people. And fair as well. Yes brother, if it is
someone who is liked by all. Then beside me,
you can become the Mayor. But this person
can’t come in between. Yes. Forget it. Kiccha, if it is not
me then you can be the Mayor. Brother, if you become the
Mayor then I support you completely. Who will support you?
I support Kiccha. Right? – Yes. Yes. We all support you. Yes. You have our support. Hello. What is happening?
What is this? Brother, not excuses.
We have decided. You are our Mayor. I, Krishna Mohan alias Kiccha.
Pledge on god’s name. What is it? Can you give me a lift? – I can. But I have some work in between. No problem sir. I can wait.
– No. I have to visit my site. Sir, it’s fine. I will visit it too. You irritate me a lot.
– As a friend. Come on. Sit down. – Thank you. Wow! It’s a super site. Surely you are educated
to come to this site. Sir, are you an income tax officer.
– Correct. You pretend well, sir. Superb. Taking tax from a
person like you. Got it? It means you are a robber. Remove it. – Joke. Remove it. – I am giving. I am giving.
This is earned from the C.D’s. This is from duplicate cinema. This is from African’s god C .D’s. This is from my live shows. If you tell the police about this,
I will kill you. I lost my gold but
I am saved from insult. He didn’t tell me
to remove my clothes. What you said is right.
Remove your clothes. That? – Even the underwear? Yes. Even that my dear. Hey. – Take. Robber. He took the underwear too.
He didn’t leave anything. How will I go on the road? Robber. He left me at such a place. Who will give me a lift here? Someone has come. Lift please! Why? What happened? Why are you asking?
Will you give me a lift? Alright.
But I have a condition. – What? If you ride the bike. That’s fine. It is safe too. Sit down. – Close your eyes. – Okay. Thanks a lot.
By the way, what’s your name? Umapati. – Umapati. What work do you do? – Homopathy. Homopathy. Homopathy? I have heard about Homeopathy,
what is this? Is it a new profession? – It’s new. In the beginning you feel it’s
strange but later it is heavenly. Hey! Hey! What are you doing? I told you. Homopathy. Dirty person. That robber
robbed me of my clothes and gold. You want to rob my dignity.
Go away from here. Alright. If you don’t like it
in the front then come sit behind. Stupid, I will teach you a lesson.
– Stupid. I will hit you with a stone.
Take this. Oh god, I was saved
by the nick of time. Now no lift from 2 wheeler guys.
I will take lift in a 4 wheeler. Alright. Keep this file in the car.
– Okay sir. Is that so? – Mother, I am leaving. What is this? Lalita is
waiting here to talk to you. Sorry aunt.
Tell me, what’s the matter? I want to know what
to do about Suman. Tell me, what to do? You said you will marry
Suman once you get a job. You are in a good post.
If you agree then.. Can I talk to Suman? What do you want to speak about?
Tell me. I wanted to tell you.. Suman, we can’t marry. Suman, when I was in love with you,
I dreamt of many things. I will get a job. I will marry you. Mother. Me. You. House, car and a small family. You will be there. I will be there. A dream of living life peacefully. But doing nothing.. I became a corporator. A mayor. Walking on this path,
life took a turn. Now I want to be
disciplined in politics. For this discipline,
if I marry it can be an obstacle. And after marrying Kiccha,
you won’t be happy. Suma if you agree then I will
get you married to someone else. You need to talk to mother
and aunt Lalita about this issue. Suma! Suma! Suma! What is this? What is wrong with you? You.. you said you can’t marry.
– What I said.. You know that I am an orphan.
No one. You and mother are everything to me. Saying disciplining in politics,
if you keep me away from you.. won’t see life in the body
in whose hand you saw the blood. Suma. Suma, wait. Suma! – Suma! What happened, dear? Why this blood? Mother! Suma, what happened? He doesn’t want to marry me. She is not trying to
understand what I am saying. I understood. Our marriage is an obstacle
for disciplining in politics. Kiccha, falling in love
with her and not marrying her.. ..what will be her condition?
How will she live? Look son,
you are everything to her now. You are her first love. If you say this,
she won’t be able to live. Aunt, this is not the case. Right. If I think not as a mother,
but as a girl ..I don’t understand
what you are saying. Look, she cut her nerves
on hearing that you won’t marry her. If it is true then she will die. I never asked you
anything until now. But today I request
you to marry her. “I am yours. Only yours.” “Our pair will be perfect.” “Our love is different
and beautiful.” “You are the cloud
and I am the lightening.” “You are Romeo and I am Juliet.” “This is our love.” “You are mine. Mine from the heart.” “Our pair will be perfect.” “I want to live with you.” “I don’t want to live without you.” “I take your name all the time.” “I dream about you.” “I think of you often.” “I can’t live without
you even for a moment.” “Our love is different
and beautiful.” “You are the cloud
and I am the lightening.” “You are Romeo and I am Juliet.” “This is our love.” “I am yours. Only yours.” “Our pair will be perfect.” “You live in my heart.” “You live in my senses.” “Your love is my life.” “My eyes have seen only you.” “You are craved on my palm.” “In my dreams. In my thoughts.” “Our love is different
and beautiful.” “You are the cloud
and I am the lightening.” “You are Romeo and I am Juliet.” “This is our love.” “You are mine. Only mine.” “Our pair will be perfect.” Why are they digging
on the main road? The Olympic company
is putting some cable wires. Who gave the permission? The ex-Mayor,
Jairaj approved the digging. Oh no! Listen. Careful. Careful. Get up! Commissioner. – Sir. – Come here. Look. Look. It is so
troublesome because of this. Look at the citizen.
Think about them. No. Close this hole today itself. Not only this. Close all the holes
in the city that has been dug up. And that’s my order. No dear. He is doing some work. What is keeping him so busy?
Come, I will talk to him. I told you. Let it be.
– What is happening between you two? Nothing. At this age mother is going
to school at such distance. She will be troubled, right? That’s why I was
asking her not to go. Mother, do you think
in the same manner? No dear. Suma is just saying it. Mother, there is a give
and take in every work. But between studying and teaching
there is no such give and take. You make the life’s of
people who learn from you. So I won’t like
if you leave this job. This is not what mother thinks. I was telling it just like that. Sir, some telecommunications
staff is here. Send them in. Hello sir. – Hello sir. Sir, did you give notice of
stopping the work that was going on? You are doing this.. .. when we about to
give connection to people.. ..after taking an advance from them. Try to understand our problem, sir. How much did you pay bribe to the
old Mayor to approve the project? Sir, we didn’t give any bribe? Don’t fool me thinking
I am young by age. How much did you bribe him with? It is very little, sir.
We gave around 20 billions. I am not a fool like
the ex-Mayor to agree to it. You have given 3 billion
connection in the main city. If you take 3000 on
every connection then.. comes to 90 millions. If the work starts then a guarantee
of another 3 billions connection. If you want to continue
this work then my share is 10%. It means 9 millions. Sir, that.. – Don’t talk. Sir, one million advance. Sir. – Sir.
Please sir. – Please sir. Listen to us.
– Please wait for a moment. Just a moment. – Sir. Sir. Please sir. – Just a moment. Maybe your question is.. ..what it means by starting
the work that you stopped? Do you want to ask me this? Am I right? -Yes sir. Yesterday I took a decision
like a common man not as a Mayor. Excuse me, sir. When I saw that man’s trouble,
I stopped the work in anger. Then I realized my mistake. As that work is a
living for 5000 people. What about them? If you consider the man who was hurt
then only 5 to 10 people got hurt. It is not right to make 5000
suffer for those 5 to 10 people. Am I right? Tell me, was I wrong? – No sir. Thank you. Excuse me.
I have only answered your question. Don’t make it an interview and put
it as headlines in the newspaper. I don’t like publicity. Bye! The chief minister has
returned from Jalahalli. The present mayor. A Mayor’s picture beside my picture? He is the same person
who won from Jairaj’s ward? Yes sir. – Does he buys
publicity by paying money or.. No sir. He is agitating everywhere. Kiccha. The name is like fire. Sir, he is earning
good name among the people. Then what is stopping you? Call him here immediately. Hello sir. I am Kiccha. – I know. I read in the newspaper. You are progressing faster
than a film star. – Sir. You may be around
27 or 28 years old. Sir. At your age,
I was the party’s candidate. But you, a Mayor. It is your blessing sir.
You are my inspiration. My blessings, eh? You speak well. You became a Mayor from
being a independent candidate. What shall I call you? Independent. Join my party. Sir, being a Mayor.
I am in a way your party member. How can that be? If people like you associate
with the party then.. ..the party will have
a good name and even me. Sir, the names of
members are vacant. If you make me an
MLA in this way then.. To make you the MLA,
should I have an election again? Right sir.
Even you have this problem. If you give me a chance
in the forthcoming election.. ..I will be associated
with the party. Sir, don’t take me wrong. I am leaving, sir.
I am leaving. – Fine. He is ambitious. A burning fire. It’s time to open the shop. A car. Lift, please. Excuse me, will you give
me a lift upto the corner. Why not? – Thank you. Let’s go. Is it automatic?
– Everything is automatic. Tempting, you see. By the way, what is your name?
– Umapati. – Umapati! Umapati? Work? – Homopathy. Hom.. Shameless,
how did you come in this car? Outside I take a 2 wheeler.
In the city, I take a 4 wheeler. Oh god, oh! Leave me. You can’t do anything.
Everything is interlock. Stop the car. Or I will bash you. To have fun with a man like
you is really enjoyable, dear. Hey! Hey! What is this? What? What? What are you doing?
Leave me. Leave me. Oh god! What have you done? I have seen ladies
getting raped in movies. A boy is raping a boy? Sinner. May your family life suffer.
May your wife divorce you. Hello. Do you want a lift? Please don’t ask lift from anyone. Inspector, what is this?
– Food poison. Welfare minister’s Chandrashekhar’s
brother-in-law’s factory.. ..was sealed 3 years ago
because of low quality food. On getting permission
from the welfare department.. ..the milk powder with an
expiry date lying in the factory.. ..was purchased and
sold to the orphanage. Why didn’t you arrest him yet?
Tell me. How can I arrest him?
You and I know of his mistake. But where is the
proof to arrest him? Doctor! Doc.. Sir, she is dead. – Dear. Dear. Excuse me, what are you doing? The children are dying.
Go and attend to you job, I say. Go! Hey, why are you standing quietly? Not even one child should die.
What do you want, tell me? Medicine. Ambulance.
Whatever. Tell me, what do you want? If it is not here,
it doesn’t matter. Order it from the private hospital. It doesn’t matter
if money is spent. Go. Don’t stare at me. Go! Sir, water. Are you resigning from the post? If some issues has
taken place in my ward.. ..who are you to ask
me to resign for that? Sir, you let the government
to take the milk powder.. ..from your
brother-in-law’s factory. You are accused of this,
answer to this. Let the inquiry commission
start its proceeding. You will know about it then. Actually the opposition
is plotting against us. Anyway, who were the dead people? Beggars. They were
a burden to the society. Let such people die. Among the dead there was no Gandhi,
Bose or Nehru. All poor people.
People living on the pavement. Sir, for the deceased
family ex-gratia.. Brother, I have spoken
of this to my officer. After I get the list
of the dead people.. ..I will talk to
their family members.. .. I will pay them 5,000 or 10,000. In between even the inquiry
commission will do its work. And the culprit will
be found in 10 or 15 years. I found you now. The girls these days!
They look great. Wow! Wow! Sir. – Yes. The details of the
dead children has come. It has come.
Whether people live or die. I wait for this opportunity. They are a burden to the earth.
Give it here. Dinnath. Ramlal. Kishan. Sir.. Does god forgive a sinner? The one who was the reason
for thousands of children’s death.. killed like a dog today. Kiccha. Kiccha, the minister
died but you are caught. What are you saying? – Right. In the by-election.. ..the Chief Minister has
decided to give you a MLA’s seat. Mother, your son won’t
be just a Mayor now. He is a MLA. MLA. Kiccha from Jainagar who stood
for legislative assembly election.. ..has defeated his nearest opponent
M. Ravindra with 2,60,000 votes. Sir. – Hey! Sir. Thank you sir. Thank you. A majority of 2,60,000 votes. The deposit of the
opposite party is lost. At such a young age,
a man who won with so many votes.. ..I didn’t see it until now. Sir, you.. – Not only this. I give you the post
of Chandrashekhar.. your ward without
asking your opinion. Sir, actually.. – Yes. Instead of small portfolio,
make me an Education minister. How is it possible? That portfolio I have given to G.
K. Harikrishna.. Sir, I didn’t say it is there. I say that I have just
finished my education. I know the student’s
problem and how to tackle it. I will handle it very well, sir. Do you trust me? It’s not that. There should be a reason
to change the present minister. There is a scholarship
complain against him already. If you understand the student’s
problem and change him.. ..then you will get
the student’s support. Sir, just think about it. If you can’t give me this
department then it’s fine, sir. I don’t want the post of a minister. I will remain only a MLA. Alright. Tomorrow onwards you will
be the education Minister. Sir. Sir. Thank you sir. Bloody politics.
And I am a politician. Sir, the printing press
executives are here. You called them
and they have arrived. Send them in. – Good morning sir. I give you the contract of school,
college.. ..and government related printing. Thank you sir. The price for that is not
just thank you, it’s 5 millions. Rs. 5 million. – Okay sir. Oh! Hey, how are you? Pandit, did you eat your food? Did you come to see me?
– No. Mother called us. Why? Mother and Suma.. Mother! Mother! Suma! Mother, what happened? Why did you hide your
sin behind our picture? Where did this money come from? You earned this money.. .. by breaking the head of poor
people and shedding their blood. How many houses you
broke and earned this money? This is government’s money. If it was government’s money.. ..then it would be in
the bank and the treasury. How will it come to you? The money for exchanging. That’s it. The money for exchanging
or is it bribe? Answer mother’s question. Hey, why are you quiet?
Tell us, if it is a bribe? Yes, it’s a bribe. Now what? Tell me. Let me see. The money lying there is of bribe.
Is it alright? I arranged for your food and drink.
Be happy with it. There is no need to
interfere in my politics. I am not interfering
in your political life. I am interfering
in the issue of my son. On asking where did
you get the money from.. would say that this is not
bribe but it is for something else. This is what I prayed to god. And you are saying,
yes, I took a bribe. What will you do? I never thought you would
speak in this manner to me. Son, you have changed. Yes, I have changed. The person who doesn’t change
after joining politics is not a man. It is an insult to politics. Look, if you want to
stay with me then its fine. Behave you are blind
and stay with me. Otherwise get out! What are you talking?
Have you lost it? You told mother.. Hey! I can tell my
mother whatever I please. If you want you can
stay or you can leave. Are you a human? Stay within your limits.
If you cross it.. What will you do?
What will you do? Sister-in-law.. Hey! I didn’t raise
my hand on your wife. There is no need for you’ll
to speak more than your status. Correct. You joined politics
to finish injustice. We thought the public
will get justice. But you..
– Hey! You have crossed your limit. Do you know who you are talking to? To Minister Kiccha. Forgive us,
education minister Krishna Mohan. We forgot that we don’t have the
status of standing and talking to you. As a mother, wife and friend.. ..we kept telling you
something or the other. Forgive us. You may have earned
this money by wrong means. You and people like you.. ..must get a death worst
than that Welfare minister. When you raised your hand on that
pregnant woman due to your ego.. that very moment,
my son had died. Look Suma,
my son is dead to me from today. That’s why I am leaving this house. If he is in your husband’s
place then you can stay here. Mother. I will come along with you. Go. All of you can go.
Are you frightening me? Get out! One more thing. Knowingly or unknowingly
you did a great favour on me.. telling me not to leave my job. So.. What about this? Now tell me,
where will I build houses for them? Not one or two,
it will be 992 houses. Sir, there is no
place in the city now. We can build houses
at the outskirts. What do you say? Sir, if you don’t mind,
can I tell something? The labourer staying there
works in some or the other factory. If we leave him 45 kilometers
away then they will come in a bus. When will they return?
It’s a problem. According to me.. ..if we give them a place
in the middle of the city.. will be very nice. Where is such kind of place
in the centre of the city? There is, sir. IS, PS officers, business man’s,
children of rich people ..enjoy with their partners
at a park of 36 acres. The project is of 108 millions. If you make homes for
these people at that place.. Stupid, idiot. Since the
day you stood opposite me.. ..I am watching you since then.
You are telling us new ideas. You snatched the portfolio. I am quiet thinking I am a minister. Every minister in
the parliament know.. ..that the theme park
is my unnamed project. I transferred it in
my younger brother’s name.. ..and started the construction work. Sir, you know about it. If I take everything
in today’s date.. .. even then I won’t
get the election expenses. Sir. Don’t get angry. I didn’t want to upset you. If we leave the park and
make a house for the poor.. ..then another 5 years you will see
that the people will support you. And your party will grow. There are Hindus, Muslims
and Christian among the people.. ..who get houses. By giving them houses, you will
get the support of all communities. And you will win the
election undoubtedly. At that time even the sleepy
person will make their people win. What do you say? Right. God knows what he is saying. Yes. Yes sir. – It will be nice. That will be good.
– He is right. – He is right. This will be fine. -He is right. Chief Minister,
what Kiccha is saying is right. The party foundation
is important for us. Yes Hari Krishna, what do you say? Your wish. Not here. Not here.
Where are you parking? Come on. Go there. Hello! At the junction.. – No. They have come for me. I had fought with them
before I became a corporator. It will be fun to fight
after becoming a minister. Please come. Please come. The people you send what
did they do? He is alive. Stop! Seeing me coming,
did you think I will hit you? I spoiled your theme park project,
that’s why you wanted to kill me? Whom will you kill
in this way everytime? As a politician,
what you are doing is wrong. No matter what people say. That C.M who takes action
against you should be killed. I am telling you the right thing. You mean, I should directly.. You must not kill him directly.
But by politics. You didn’t understand, right? Majority proof.
No confidence vote on the C.M. I mean bring his MLA’s to your side. What will happen
if we lack a few MLA’s? Buy MLA’s telling them when they
will get a place in the government. Hari Krishna will become the C.M. And you will be one
group for the other states. Once you make a majority
then you will be the C.M. Will this work be
done in 5 millions? Will you give only one? Give 2 for everyone
in the opposition. In my party, 4 for everyone. In totality this game
is for 1300 millions. What 1300 millions? I don’t have it. When you were the
education minister.. ..the permission for private
college and medical college.. ..a doctor’s certificate for the
one who couldn’t hold an injection. An engineering degree
for the uneducated. Fake scholarship. Taking this in account
it is 1500 millions. What are you thinking? When you become a C.M.
with a snap of a finger.. You can double it
with a snap of a finger. Done. Good. Kiccha! How will you benefit by doing this? If you become the C.M
then I will be the deputy C.M. What? I will be the C.M? Right. What is lacking in you? You made good money with
the post of a Home Minister. Look, people talk a lot.
Forget about them. I say, you will be the C.M.
after all. If that is the case then it’s fine. What? I will be the C.M? What? I will be the C.M? I will be the C.M.?
– Yes. You will be the C.M. “Love is cheating.” “Cheating.” “Cheating.” “Love is clever.” “Love is smart.” “Love is cheating.” “Love is a criminal.” “Love is wayward.” “Love is unwanted.” “Every lover is caught by love.” “Love kills a human.” “Love is cheating.” “Cheating.” “Cheating.” “Love is fire.” “It burns your dreams.” “Love is a storm.” “It scatters your life.” “Love is destruction.” “It destroys your feelings.” “Love is suicide.” “It kills a lover unnecessarily.” “Love is deal, Love is loneliness.
Love is imposter.” “It is rejection.” “Punishment.
Fraud. Blunder. Mistake.” “Attitude. Intoxication.” “Love is wayward.
Love is not acceptable.” “Every lover is caught by love.” “Love kills a human.” “Love is cheating.” “Cheating.” “Cheating.” “Love is craziness.” “It loses its senses.” “Love is an illusion.” “It plays with your feelings.” “Love is poison.” “It never loses its intoxication.” “Love is destruction.” “It breaks as a problem.” “Love is attitude.
Love is agitation. It hurts.” “Punishment.
Fraud. Blunder. Mistake.” “Attitude. Intoxication.” “Love is wayward.
Love is not acceptable.” “Every lover is caught by love.” “Love kills a human.” “Love is cheating.” “Cheating.” “Cheating.” “Love is clever.” “Love is smart.” “Love is cheating.” “Love is a criminal.” “Love is wayward.” “Love is unwanted.” “Love is cheating.” “Love is a criminal.” “Don’t love.” What is this? They don’t trust you. This crowd is to show they
have a majority more than you. I don’t know if you are
aware that I am behind this plan. Sir, there is a reason. You changed his portfolio. And cancelled his project thrice. He wanted to kill you out of anger. Not just this. I did this to show you
how many people are with you. This is my idea, sir. That stupid fellow was a beggar. I made him a minister. Kiccha. How many millions
did he give every one? I will give twice that amount. While proving majority, I will
defeat him without his knowledge. Everyone must forget Harikrishna
existed in politics. Take as many millions you want. I should be the C.M. always. Stop worrying about
this from now on. I will see what I
have to give and to whom. What happened, dear? What happened dear? Is it paining severely? Rasul! Don’t think of anything. I am there. I guarantee your son’s job. Be courageous Suma.
Some more patience. The condition is critical
as the child has turned. We need to operate right away. Do the operation, doctor. I need signatures of her husband
or her parents on some documents. Kiccha! If we were not there
then it would be a problem. And a blanket. – Mother! Who are you? You need the signature of Suma’s
husband for the operation, right? Suma has no husband. He is dead. The parents can sign
if the woman has no husband. So I signed as a mother. The delivery is over. You may leave. Let me see Suma and the child once. He is an infant.
He has just been delivered. He won’t endure crime. If you touch him, your bribe, unjust
and terrorism will touch him.. ..and he will become unclean. Is that my son? He is my son, right? Just a second. Can I.. Can I see him once? Let me see. Stop! Mother, no one must
try to come in our life.. ..taking the name of my son. If you take another step
then I will kill the child. But I won’t let him
see the face of the child. I won’t let him see the child. Go away! Go! Go! What help do you want from us?
Tell us, brother. Future India Trust. You just have to do one thing. Beside the children
from the university. Go to every home in the state, take
10, 20 or 100, any amount of money. In the name of the trust. When we don’t trust
bank in this time. Then who will believe in the trust. That’s why don’t
take money from them. Only get their signature
on the receipt. What? A member without
paying money. – Yes. Alright. Give it to me. Sir, the date given by the governor
to prove majority is 15th August. Do you believe that you
will prove majority tomorrow? August 15th, 1947,
we got freedom from the British. Tomorrow is also 15th August. We will take freedom
from the C.M’s post. The C.M. is litigating
of proving the majority. In this situation
who will be the C.M. Why are you in a hurry for that?
You will find out everything. Hello. Hello. – Hello. There is a breaking
news in that too. In the history of the state
government, for the first time.. hour before proving the
majority both the opposition party.. ..will meet at the ground
where the flag will be unfurled. What is this?
Both the parties together? That too on the same ground? What is happening? – Amazing. Yes. To watch such a special
event you will invite the educated.. ..uneducated or students
through your newspapers. What is this?
Two parties at one event. I don’t understand. I can see clearly. Our faith tells us what the C.M.
will do. We know he is a player. Tomorrow’s stage.
All those who will gather will say.. Long live Alliance party. Long live Alliance party. On hearing this, the C.M.
will be embarrassed. That is important. Hey, he wants to be the master
of politics and politicians. If he does anything
at the stage then kill him. Charukiya. Give this to mother. I have spoken to them. You
can tell them what you want to say. How are you, friends? Why did you call us? Are you still angry? It means you have
not forgiven me yet. Forgiveness.
What you did is a sin not a mistake. No. The bribe that I took,
from whom did I take? The one who robs the people
and society, I take his money.. ..and spend it on the welfare
and development of the people. What great are you doing? What you are saying, is it true? The way you are
not ready to believe.. the same way they are
not ready to believe the truth. That’s why they are ready
to kill me at the function tomorrow. But I don’t want
to be killed by them. I want your help.
– What kind of help? Hello! I.G, I am the minister speaking. Good morning sir. Is the security of
the parade ground fine? It’s perfect, sir.
I am going there. Nothing is wrong. A problem will take place. – Sir. This is politics. If 2 opposition party will
come together at one place then.. ..surely a big problem
will take place. Try to understand politics. No matter what happens on
the ground where the police is. Just watch quietly. The C.M.
has asked me to tell you personally. If you want I will
let you talk to the C.M. No sir. What is you say
is like C.M’s order. – Thanks. Control room. Kiccha! Kiccha! Kiccha! Kiccha! Kiccha! Kiccha! Hail Kiccha! Best wishes of independence
day to the people of Mumbai. And congratulations! Being the education
minister of the state.. ..I want to give you a gift today. For the first time,
every house, every lane of Mumbai.. .. will get free electricity.
– Hey! Hey! Free ration for every person.
– Hey! Hey! Petrol only for Rs.2 for one litre.
– Hey! Hey! Free travelling for woman
and children in buses and trains. Everyone is applauding so well. But why? Why? You applaud on hearing
false promises. Among the promises I made,
can any of it can be fulfilled? Without thinking or
understanding what I say. Without finding the truth,
you only know to applaud. But I can’t say applauding is wrong. No matter what we say.. .. we must curse the situation
where we have to clap. Who created such a situation? Politicians like us. We created us. Politics. You people don’t want
politicians like us. The real countrymen.
I will introduce 4 such countrymen. He is Ramchandra Shastri. Mohammed Karim. Kuwaiya. Sister Mary. Ramchandra Shastri
feels proud fighting.. ..for the country not for his greed. He was a watchman.
He lives his life on a small salary. He doesn’t beg for a pension. He is the real countryman. His people didn’t get real
freedom and not everyone is freed. He started a newspaper
in those days. He does a business of 5000
or 6000 newspaper is Mohammed Karim. Sells those newspapers
even today on the streets. This is not important for him. But by the work he is doing, even
if one person, one person changes. He will then feel he
won the freedom struggle. He is a real freedom fighter. This sister, in the name of
social services she gave shelter.. thousands
handicaps and helpless. She is another Mother
Teresa among us. He build a home with
the money he had.. ..he brought up thousands
orphans as a father. Mr. Kuwaiya is actually
an great actor. What did they do? – What did he do? You people are having
a question in your mind, right? If they are real countrymen
then who are you? The people on this stage
are like these four great people. There are others too.
The others are supercilious. I am one of them. What are you saying? I won the first corporate election
with the mercy of the people. You think that Jairaj
tried to kill me. But that day, I stabbed myself. After I became a Mayor,
I wanted to be a minister. Chandrashekhar,
the minister of Welfare then.. ..was killed by me with cyanide. From there until now, I am
growing in this manner in politics. Now say long live Kiccha. Hail to the youth
Education minister. Why did you stop speaking? It’s possible you will
stop speaking on listening to me. But seeing the injustice
happening in this state.. ..I have come here and
am speaking in this manner as.. ..I wanted to open up their secret. I am the Chief Minister.
You are the Chief Minister. These people spend millions
of rupees to buy MLA’s vote. Today those millions and
millions of rupees is with me. Today onwards that belongs to you. You have already got it. And you have deposited
it in Future India Trust. Hey! What is Future
India trust? – Yes. What is that? None of you paid a penny. But you signed a receipt
saying you donated.. Future India Trust, right? I made that money yours. You all are liable
to this Future India Trust. This trust will hereafter run.. ..under the guidance
of these four great people. Education for the poor. The person who has no
job after finishing education.. ..will be given a loan from this
trust so that he can do some work. After you progress in life,
this trust will take money from you. That money will
come handy to someone. And this will continue. The money that is in the trust,
I took it from these people. I won’t tell you how
much money I took from whom. It will be unjust. – Kiccha. No. Let me explain to them. How much these people earned
by making these people struggle? They knew I would speak
all these things here. That’s why they made
preparations to kill me. Hey, he is saying as though
he has planned something already. The person whom you elected
as the Chief Minister.. ..thinking he will
run the state well.. you know how much he earned? Rs.5398 millions. What are you saying? Even if they are arrested
they will be bailed out. They will waste time by
having a commission inquiry. Then they will start the same work. If you have to explain to them
that Kiccha is doing a good job.. ..then Kiccha has to die. And this must be done
in front of the people. Sorry Kiccha. Kiccha! Kiccha! Kiccha! Now only one person’s reality
is known and you want to kill me. The welfare minister Krishna’s
doings are not known yet. Where are you going? The flag is not hoisted.
The account is not told. Without hearing that
the people won’t leave you. Is there no other way beside this? For the life of
millions of student.. ..nothing will happen
if one Kiccha dies. Hari Krishna’s earnings
are Rs.4321 millions. No! Is it your man, Harikrishna? Hey! Hey! Now the account of
many people is pending. Have you thought of
mother and sister Suma? Your child will become orphan. What if one dies,
mother has 5 sons like Pandavas. Suman has 5 brothers. If there are so many
people to shower love then.. child can’t be an orphan. He will be lucky. The earnings of Home Minister,
Patil is Rs.4796 millions. And the opposition minister.. Shivaiya’s earning
is Rs.1078 millions. If I have done this,
it is not for sympathy. Such scornful people
will salute you.. ..and make you remove
your clothes for votes. Don’t give your precious
vote for these people. If you want this country
to progress then.. have to decide. What do you really want? You will have to search
for good people like them. IAS officer must be the C.M. IPS must be the Home minister. Good doctors must
be the Healthy minister. The people who run the
government must be educated. And honest. To bring this change
you must be educated. And take decision wisely. Or the future of India won’t modify. I fold my hands and request you.. ..transform and
bring transformation. We must not be here. The people who killed
Kiccha are running away. Catch them and beat them up. Beat them. Beat them. Leave me.
Leave me. – Beat them. Beat them. Kiccha! – Listen. – Kiccha! Kiccha! Kiccha, your son is here.
Look at him. Get up! Mr. Abhishekh, IAS. Age 33 years. The chief minister of Karnataka. Mr. Pawan Kumar. MA, Phd. Age 30 years. Education minister. Miss Vidya Rani. Ms. Age 29 years. Health Secretary. Mr. Santosh. IPS. Age 31 years. Home Minister. Among these there
are no uneducated goons. The person who brought
a change in politics.. none other than Kiccha. A government job is waiting
for you as per your degree. Take this appointment letter. On the basis of priority, 3 years
are there for you to get a job. Until then you have to be busy. With the help of
Future India trust.. ..a loan of 10 billion is
sanctioned for self employment. Take this.

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