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Greetings I’m Nirmila Devi Singh Rathore. Excuse me That is an antique, if you don’t mind Your new physiotherapist, Dr. Chakravathy, is arriving tomorrow Hi Dr. Mili Chakravathy You’re a prince? Yes You don’t look like a prince at all Hi.. oh sorry! Sorry sorry, I’m late! I thought you were Bengali Actually, Manju is Panjabi and we all took after her Is Manju your sister? No man, Manju is my mother! If they don’t value you, then come back here Leave those snobbish kings. They think they’re such big people. Doctor, you won’t understand the way this family functions Ok, tell me one thing Is his son interesting or not? Manju, he’s a complete bore! In this family, everyones strange Is there something going on between you two? NO! When I see you, I get strange thoughts Viku.. I think I said too much.. No no, you were completely correct [Beautiful]

51 thoughts on “Khoobsurat Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Sonam Kapoor Romantic Comedy HD

  1. It made me miss fawad way more than what I do while watching his Pakistani dramas……. He came in Bollywood but we are sooo unfortunate that we lost him…..i miss him hell a lot 😰😰😰😰…….

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