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Why did you come back? Why did you come back? The world keeps going
around and around, So you’ll always end up
in the same place. Then stay put. They were never
really your people. Even though you did
your part in their war, .. and you won your medals.
Didn’t you? The only exist for mankind
is to fulfill his destiny. why do you wanna change mine? I didn’t want, remember? Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! I changed destiny
when I decided that you alone.. .. to survive that useless massacre. Or have you forgotten? Oh you’ve never
been away so long. Your memories will let you forget
the deaths that have to be paid. Aren’t you tired of killing? I have to survive! Keoma! Keoma! Franco Nero in…KEOMADon’t touch me Liza!
You’re still clean. You have to save the baby,
You gotta be through with touching me. What difference does it make? Where they’re taking us,
I’m bound to catch it, sooner or later. Instead of dragging away the dire*,
why don’t we kill ’em right here? Haven’t you ever heard of
Christian charity? When I’m trying to attract
their attention, jump off and hide. But “Mat”, you can’t! -They’ll only kill.. Just get ready to act… fast. One of them is legging
a break forward! Stop him! Stop him! No! No! See how you like this, sweetheart! Don’t touch her!
She’s got the plague. You mind your own
business, stranger! We’re taking another
to the old mine, Where the others are.
It’s the best place for ’em. Anyone who tries
to run away gets shot. That’s orders. Why if anyone of them’s got back,
they could infect the whole town. I never liked people
who talk too much. Get off your horse! I said, get off your horse! Jane! That’s isn’t clean* enough. Put some line*.
Come on, move, higher, higher… Not like that.
Like this, like this,… Hey, mister!
Come on over, and join the fun. There’s everything here
come Wiskey you’ll love it. We can all what
she’s gonna do a man. The town is a dying up flies. Give us something to drink. Hey..
Hey, that’s Farrow’s wife. What the hell is SHE doing here? She has got the plague.
Oh my God, gather around! Don’t touch,
She’s got the plague! Throw her out!
Before we all get it. I told you to give us
something to drink. You get that woman,
out of here! The lady’s with me. Drop it! And now, unloaded! You forgot one. The lady will have
dinner in her room. But, we don’t have
any room, sir! They’re all taken. You… -Your room number?
-Number seven -Get the key!
-But… He’s trying to get away. Help with the back,
hurry up, cut him off. Hurry up!
Get him! Get him! There he goes.
Come on, go after him! What’s happened to this town? How did you get like this? It was… just after the war. With all those
ex-soldiers came to town. They would led by this Caldwell. He bought the mine.
Then, little by little, whole town. He forced people to sell. Using any method he could. Then the plague began… Because of the poluted wells. Now Caldwell won’t let
anyone leave town.. .. unless they’re
sick or dying. Why are you helping me? We all have the right to be born. Your shootings are good.. .. at the dead. Let’s go boys! Go! George! Say that again! George. I haven’t heard that
for a long time. I almost forgot
what it sounded like. What happened to your bow? They went like all the things
have belonged to a drunk. I hocked it for some booze. But you were
never drinking man! Yeah, that’s right.
I know that. I used to have something
to hope for: My freedom. That was a long time ago. Now the war is over.
Now you’ve got your freedom. I found out what it was worth. That’s why I drink. George, who is Caldwell? Do you remember that? Sounds different. I ain’t got but three strings. I’m waiting for them to bust. And kneel with them. You said there was a man,
caused a trouble down the saloon? That’s right, Mr. Caldwell. Well, tell me
more about it, Slade. He shot Ben and Charlie,
without even turning around. Don’t talk balderdash, man. There ain’t nobody can hit a target
without looking at it. -Without looking at it?
-You’re right! There are two men who can. Our Pa is one,
and the other is… -You have part of my offend, Keoma!
-Yeah we’re gonna get you. Little bastard Indian! Hey, boys!
Launch is ready. C’mon in, Keoma! Aren’t you hungry? Come on in! Well, you gotta
stand there all the day? C’mon in! Welcome home, son! You’ve been gone
quite a while this time. Where have you been? Fighting at war. You winned it or lose it? I just happened to be
in the winning side. -Did you see anybody faster than you?
-Not yet! Maybe I never will. C’mon over here,
you over-grown Pappous. What’s with the town?
What’s going on there? I say there won’t be no town. They are like guns,
won’t defend themselves. -Won’t fight back.
-How about my half-brothers? The boys chose the side
of the strongest. I can’t blame them for that. And who is the strongest? Caldwell. You used to be the strongest. The fastest.
I used to be the fastest. That’s not the strongest. This means you’ll
live a little longer. Don’t need you ride either. I have lived long enough
to find out how wrong.. .. I was about…
so many things. The great Shannon I saw George. Hmm..
Did you? Pa? -What was it all about?
-What? The war.
I never could figure it out. The war.
Not sure I know. I figured after we got through
slogering all the Indians.. .. we thought we gotta
do something.. generous. Thought we get the freedom
to the black man. Now we here are good. We’re
going back to.. end itch off the Indians. You’ve been in love, yet? Not as much as you. Well… Yeah… She was quite a woman. You must be very lonely. You know what it is,
you’re searching for? Myself, I guess.
I don’t know. I need to find out who I am. To be the simplest of
my actions or result. I know my being in this world
has something of significance. But I’m affraid when I find out
what it is, to be too late. In the meantime, I’m a vaguer. I keep travelling. Even when
the Earth sleeps I keep travelling. Chasing shadows. I think that’s the way you have
gone when your mother died. When you were away. I’d like to do something, Keoma. You know, that’s funny,
whole my life I’ve looked to death. Looked him straight in the eye. I was never affraid. Now I’m old. Dying slowly. I wanna live I’m affraid. What should I do? I can’t shoot it
out of my own sons.Come on, beast. Gather around here!
Get her out of here. Throw her out!
Right out, right out! Don’t let her touch anything.
Keep her off the furniture. We don’t wanna get infected.
You better use your sister’s. -What am I gonna do?
-Don’t wanna get infected by you. I have to burn everything
I have in my room. Get out all of you.For God’s sake throw her out,
Well, well…
Look who’s here! If that ain’t our little lady friend. Hey, what happened
to your shepheroo? Don’t tell me
the honey moon is over! Move! Come on! Whait a minute,
who’s gonna pay me back! Nigger, you shouldn’t step
on my path like that. That was a dumb thing to do.
You’re leaving your stinking around. I’ve just gotta clean it up.But I could;
but it was too many of them.
She didn’t have a chance
with a scum like me. I can hardly defend myself. They said it was Caldwell. Caldwell?
Where is she now? I tried,
God knows I tried. Where did they take her? Where did they
take her, “nigger”? They said something
about the old mine. Where the sick people are. George, I didn’t mean it! Slade, Chuck! Find her. It’s no use.
You can’t save her. Hey lady! We wanna
talk to you. Come on out! You’re deaf? Come on out, if you don’t want me
to do something I might regret. We have found her. What’s the name of the man
who took you too the saloon? Tell me his name. You wanna die? You got pain?
What’s his name? I don’t know!
He never told me. This is true, I promise you. I don’t believe you lady. This is your last chan.. This is my son, George! My dear brothers. -Butch.
-Sam, Lenny. Three names.. .. one brand. There is no use,
hiding your faces. It won’t change
the way you behave. It’s been a long time. But you haven’t changed a bit. Why don’t you
get out of here? You’re will be never
welcomed in our family. You don’t have to rush it. Our half-brother knows
how to run away.. .. when he feels like it. That’s enough with that. Forget your family’s quarrels. These poor people,
made these an accomodation. I don’t have food to sustain them. That is up to us. There are neigbours.
They’re saying that they get it. But ‘cos the rest of the world is
ignored them with the plague.. .. raging the murders. But if we give them
a brotherly hand, We can overcome this crisis. Will you join us?
I’ll pay you well. You’ll pay, don’t worry. And my price is high. We’ll see. Go away, stranger! Don’t try to help us.
We’re already dead. But, you’re still affraid?
That hasn’t changed that? It’s not for ourselves,
it’s for our wives and children, And the town,
for we’d infect it. But if we rebel,
or if you’re trying to help us, Caldwell will take it out on them. It’s said,
for coward people like you, That bastards,
like Caldwell will going on living. Keoma, I had to warn you.
You can’t take her back to town. The town is surrounded. -She needs a doctor.
-Can’t do it alone. I have to do it alone.
Because I am alone. This is my son, George!
This is your new family. -Why did he come back
-What does he expect to proof? That nothing’s changed between us? That he can stand our way like
he’s done ever since we were kids? Well, let me tell ye, Pa!
He won’t. Times are different now.
Times are changed around here. He’s been away too long. And the only thing
that’s keeping us.. .. from sinkin’ a bullet to his head,
is our respect for you. You gotta put a stop
into Shannonigans. Are you that much
affraid of Keoma? Or are you affraid of what
Caldwell will gonna think of you? Hell no, but you never
give us a chance Pa. You are too busy caring
for that half-breed. You haven’t any time for us. You’ve never gave us
the affection you gave to him. For God’s sake
we’re your real sons. Real sons? All of you are my sons. Since has never been any
difference, you made a difference. This is it home. You can
come and go as your pleases. And joking, you! You can come and you
can go to hell as your please. We’ll catch this son-of-a-bitch
sooner or later. Yeah. I hate to be in his boots,
when Caldwell’s got a hold of him. He don’t deserve no better.
He’s only a goddamn Indian. That Caldwell is a mean man. Hey, nigger! This time’s better
off without that gut-puked. I guess he ain’t had
enough to drink yet today. Yeah, you’re right. When he gets skinful,
he plays really cheerful. -George?
-Yes, it’s me. This isn’t the time yet.
The few more days. Otherwise she’s in perfect health. Nothing’s wrong with her.
All she needsd now is rest. You can take her away.
There’s nobody outside. Good! -She’s staying here.
-She’s sta.. oh, no no! That’s impossible. She can’t stay here.
If they find out, It will be all over for us. How much’s Caldwell paying you
not to treat the plague victims? Oh, how dare you to say that?
I do all I can. It won’t be all the matter of medicines
or contact the authorities. Caldwell is gambling at anyone
at the town, unless they’re dead. How am I going to
fight them? Alone? And there’s my wife.
I have to think of her. She’s the only thing I got. No no no, I don’t wanna
be mixed up in this. So you just give up in
by inch by inch. But if you feel like that
it might as well be that now. What’s happened to you, George? I used to admire you so much. I have never forgotten
the lessons you taught me. You were my idol. You were the black man
and I, the half-Indian. I learned from you that the color of
man’s skin doesn’t make any difference. And those days you were
never affraid of anything. From a wild-cat to a grizzly bear. And you could duel any man in town
with one hand behind your back. And now, look at you! Both of you.
Two cowards. What do we have to do? Get out of town. Inform the authorities
and bring back medical supplies. But, how? You’ve already said it. We’ll go like the date. -Alright, George.
-Why are you helping us? Who are you doing it for? For myself maybe. George! -Where is he?
-Where’s that son-of-a-bitch hiding? Talk! Are you looking for me? We told you to
keep the head out of here. So how come you’re still here? Why don’t you go hunt buffalo? Now get going! You miserable little bastard! You scum!
You no good half-breed. Get lost, hey Keoma! -Half-breed!
-Bastard Indian! Filthy animal! What’s it gonna be?
Three against one? -Like the old days?
-I can beat you by myself. Your gun.
Mine’s over there. Won’t you get up? What’s the matter, Indian?
You don’t look like you feel so good. See what heppens when you
go picking up fight? It ain’t healthy. Hey, hey! Are you dead? Haven’t you had enough? You ain’t no match for me, Keoma! But if you want me to hurt you.. Lenny! -What have you got in there?
-Nothing much. Just annother victim
of the plague. A nigger. There’s only one nigger in the town.
He is with his fiddle. George, I saw him
a little while ago. -Check the wagon.
-Go ahead… Look at the state is he now. Get it at an empty bottle of Wiskey. Eww.. he’s disgusting. -I told you
-Get him out of here. Yeah, It’d be my pleasure. George!
You can come back to life now. The coast is clear. Hey doc! We sure fooled them, ha? Not yet. Don’t be forgetting.
We got to make it back. Come on!
Get me those reins. The three Shannons. The terrors of the west. And you think you go inherit
the legend of your father. Why you three yellow-belly cowards
couldn’t even take care of one half-breed? He wiped the countryside with you. And you wanted to join up with me, Be my partners. Why, I’d rather team up
with a bunch of old women. They’re right, with alikes like you. I’ll ride into town,
and handle this my way. Meantime, why don’t you
run home to your Pappy, And let HIM take care of you? Before you really
get into some trouble? Let’s go! Search every house!
Get everybody out in the street! They’re searching for us. We go, have the back. Okay, where is he, lady? How dare you breaking in
my house like this? Who do you think you are?
Get out of here! -Where do I find your husband?
-How should I know? If you do find him, you tell him
to bother coming home when all it’s over.Slow down looking at here.I’m going right back
and check out these houses here.
Alright, hurry up!
That was them running here.
-How about over there?
-Ok, I’ll go back and check it.
Why are you on here?
Go get stable.
-Not even a chase?
Gotta be here, somewhere.
Go find him! Halt! Come on, get the hell outta here.
Gates look and go, over there. Come on, come on! Hey, what’s the matter with Billie? Tank passed his neck, find him! Stand up! Nice and easy now! Well, well…
Look who I’ve found. This way. She’s sleeping. Take care of her! Keoma! Keep yourself look up behind you! Well look who it is,
it’s the undertaker. I’m just doing my duty
to the town’s folks. Taking care of them
from cradle to the grave. It’s torture doc! I don’t know what’ll
those get paintless do without you. The next thing you don’t know,
is how to smuggling medicines. We made it, George!
We made it. It’s easy going from now on. Hey everybody! We’ve got the medicine.
We’ve got the medicine! Al, Jake! Go and get your Wives. We’ve got the medicine! We can stop the plague now. Come on, we finally got
the medicine we need. -And we got food too.
-Come and get what you need. You’re gonna be alright, come! We’ve got some medicine,
and food! And the authorities
are gonna send more. And another thing.
They’re sending a federal Marshall. Oh, thank God! Can’t believe it! Won’t be any good, lady! Hey, see you finally found the chance
to be here all, ha? Good for you. Go on unload then, doc! -But these are only medicines.
-I don’t give a damn. This land belongs to Mr. Caldwell. Along with everything that’s on it. Now that you had to pay for the water,
and now you gotta pay for medicine. Hey! I’ll pay this time. How much you’re willing to pay? Four cents. Four cents is mighty little. The price of four bullets. One, Two, Three, And four. Take it. That’s your name on it. Now go tell Caldwell
that I’m waiting here for him. Waiting for me, ha? Well, that’s the last time
he’s gonna have to wait. Come on out! I think it’s about time
we got rid of Caldwell. Get rid of him?
That would be a big mistake. Right now he’s the one
we need the most. Come on, Butch,
what are you talking about? What the hell do we need him for? I figured, if Keoma
doesn’t get to him first, Mr. Caldwell’s gonna
make us a fine executioner. Executioner?
Who, Caldwell? Yeah! We got a chance to kill
two birds with one stone. We play our cards right. Keoma and Caldwell
will kill each other. And that’s gonna leave the town
temporarily without a leader. And then? Well, nothing’s gotta stop us. We’ll then end taking
tight control of the town. Running it anywhere
with time we’ll want. Now let’s go to see what
that two birds are doing. Let me through!
My son’s ill. Please, please let me through! He’s quite alright. Take him away.
Nothing’s wrong with him. -Who’s next?
-See Mr. Abel, just this and be good. Ok, you take two of these,
three times a day. Alright? Hey, come on, what are you doing?
It’s too early for this. It’s all scheduled. Everything’s gonna be alright.
You’ll see it. Caldwell’s coming. Everybody
go home, and stay out of sight. Go on, hurry, hurry! Alright friends, he’s right out.
Bring me that goddamn half-breed. Alright Keoma,
come on out! You can’t hold all
against us alone. You’re wrong, Caldwell. He’s not alone. Wolf, take your platoon,
and flush ’em out. Just like old times, Mr. Shannon! Welcome back, George! It’s good to be back. What are you waiting for?
Go get him! That lousy hair flees, making fools
out of your blundering, ain’t it? Hold it! Sorry, there ain’t
no name on this bullet. Half-breed!
Come on down out of there. Or I’ll blow out his head off No! No, Keoma! No! Now you see what happens,
to anyone who gets in my way? Caldwell! You shouldn’t have
done that, Caldwell. I’m sorry boys.
That was nothing I could do. You see, He turned against us.
He turned against me, And against you. He was helping that Indian. Remember how we’ve done with
the traitors in the war? We shot ’em like dogs. Here lies,
William H. Shannon. The man we all
loved and admired. A very special sort of man. There was no person on earth he refused
to help with when they needed it. Not one person who
would have betrayed him. Except the one
he gave his love to. His bastard son. We learned from father
to respect law and justice. But you didn’t. Only filled with
sell out his own father. But died alone. It’s not
the extent of his guilt. He betraid us all when he brought back
that plagued woman to infect us. How far can a man sink? He betrayed his father.
He betrayed us, And he betrayed each and
every one of you, my friends. Keoma is responsible with
the death of your loved ones. He has brought this
despair to this town. So now…
what should we do with him? Take the law on our own hands? Drag him to the nearest tree and
straight him up like he deserves? No… For we’re honorable men. And prefer like justice.
Take it to courts. As it should have done with this
venomous snake, in a court of law. We already called the Marshall.
He’ll be here in few hours. And then Keoma will be…
HIS problem. And as soon as my brother is here,
and he’s more than a sherriff, All we start rebuilding around here. Like this kind of place
we can be proud of. Where it takes, Sam! Coming to saloon, Lenny? Why didn’t you make yourself
the mayor of the town? Keoma!
Keoma? Keoma! Yes sir!
We all turn this hill town, Into a regular metropolis. -I think I’ve created a monster.
-Yeah. Hey, Sam! Looks like
I’ve got my hands fulled. That woman take out
cuts you to down a size. Butch, Lenny! Goddamit!
Come on, let’s go find him! I can’t Keoma!
He’ll die! He can’t die,
and you know why? Because he’s free,
and the man who is free never dies.

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  2. I love the cast of characters, the English sound tract suited the movie just fine. A Classic Italian Western, it's very good, freedom and justice wins at the end, we can only hope our world has just as happy ending. Great movie.

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  6. Thumbs up. Great movie, but… Yoko Ono Syndrome: Apparently the director's girlfriend wanted to sing… I was barely half way through when I began to think that the female singer was actually a cat with it's tail slowly going through a meat grinder, and the guy singer was actually a cow giving birth. Extra thumbs up on that soundtrack!! lol

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  12. I miss my childhood days when I watch this types of movies. I grew up on them. Bud Spencer and Terence Hill was one of my favorites. I guess I'm really old Now.

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  14. The term "spaghetti western" is racist in nature and therefore NOT acceptable at any time in history, let alone in 2019. You can convey the notion that this is an ITALIAN western by so stating without using offensive words.

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