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Who are you? Who are you? “You are not there but you are here.” “You ask in surprise, who are you.” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “I remember those days
when we were together.” “There was laughter
and happiness in life.” “I remember those days
when we were together.” “There was laughter
and happiness in life.” “All the memories
have been erased away.” “The important thing is who you are.” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “You are not there but you are here.” “You ask in surprise, who are you.” “You are not there but you are here.” “You ask in surprise, who are you.” “The hand with which
you wrote my name.” “Today the hand says who you are.” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” Good morning.
Good morning, Sir. Good morning, Sir. Good morning, Sir.
– Good morning. Sir how’s it going?
– Jai Hind. Good morning all of you. Hello! My force will
reach there by 10:30 am. Do what I had asked. Okay? Okay. Sir, your phone. Again? I have to attend
so many phone calls. – Salute, sir. See who it is. Hello!
– Hello. It’s me. Yes, Shila. Say. No. There the condition is very bad.
There is no proper network. But still I will try to
deliver your message to Bikash. How are you? Our life! Anytime we
will be shoot and then finish. You are too much. I am guarding the border.
The country needs to be protected. So I am giving service to my country. If I get your blessings,
then I will be fine. Okay I will talk to you later.
I have some work. Bye. Stop. I want to be lost. Where will you go? Stop. Stop talking and work. What will I do, Madam?
It is there. What can I do? You don’t have to shout
for these small things. I will go out.
Don’t forget to say that to Master. Yes. As if I am shouting too much! Now she has come to manage the home. The gourd made me anchoret. “You had so many impersonations.
But you were not satisfied.” “You had so many rooms,
but why didn’t you build a home.” “You had so many impersonations.
But you were not satisfied.” “You had so many rooms,
but why didn’t you build a home.” “One who doesn’t get a home;
she doesn’t get her beloved bird.” “One who doesn’t get a home;
she doesn’t get her beloved bird.” “You had so many impersonations.
But you were not satisfied.” “You had so many rooms,
but why didn’t you build a home.” “You play with my heart.” “Though I can understand,
I dream about you in the night.” “You play with my heart.” “Though I can understand,
I dream about you in the night.” “One who doesn’t get a home;
she doesn’t get her beloved bird.” “One who doesn’t get a home;
she doesn’t get her beloved bird.” “You play with my heart.” “Though I can understand,
I dream about you in the night.” Hello! Chandrapur Police Station. Accident! On the highway! Okay. We will see. Yes okay. We will see.
– Sir, where did the accident happen? On the highway.
– Where? Beside the petrol pump.
– Beside the petrol pump! Nandi!
– Yes sir. Nandi, there is an accident on
the highway. Beside the petrol pump. Go and check.
– Oaky sir. You also go.
– Yes sir. Report me fast.
– Okay. When will this rich
people become poor? One more sir, please.
– No more jokes. You have exam. Go and study. Sir, I am bored. I will complete
the home work by tomorrow. Look, you don’t listen to me. Sir, now I listen to you. Whose phone is it? Is Rajesh Pal there?
– Yes. I am speaking from Mohan Clinic.
Will you give the call to him? I need to talk. Sir, your phone. Hello!
– Rajesh Pal. Yes speaking.
– Your wife has had an accident. – What? I am coming. What has happened sir?
– I will leave. What happened suddenly?
– I need to go. Where are you going?
– Bye. I am sorry. I couldn’t save her. Actually, her condition
was very bad before coming here. Our operation failed. Do one thing. Take the
death certificate before going. Okay. You come. Sir, you called me!
– Yes. There is a bad news. There is no chance of any
bad news because it is so strict! Bikash’s sister Shila had an accident. Very serious. She is at the hospital now. You will have to inform Bikash. It’s very urgent.
– Definitely. Okay sir. I will leave. You go there. Hurry up.
– Okay, sir. Mr. Bikash, your telegram. Look what is the matter. Telegram? – Reach Mohan Clinic,
Chandrapur. Urgent. What happened? They have called to inform me that. I need to go.
– Oh. Sure. Who is there in his family? No one. He had a sister.
She is also married. I don’t want this life without Shila. Rajesh! What did Shila do,
that she had to go like this? Rajesh, control yourself. Rajesh, you have lost her.. ..with whom your relationship
was for a few days. But I have lost her who
was my partner in my childhood. She was someone for whom I was living.
My childhood. We will not meet again. Why, won’t we? You are the one,
in whom my sister is alive. How can I forget you? You are her memory, Rajesh. Whenever you will feel like,
just call me. Wherever I will be,
I will come to you. This is my promise. But Rajesh, I need to go now. Please. You must have known
the details of the matter. We had never imagined that
this sad incident will take place. It is really shocking! Really sad. Sir, I used to tell Shila.. .. that one day I will
be shot and I will be finished. And Shila used to laugh. Look today, she left before me. I understand.
But don’t be sentimental. The sentiment doesn’t suit
to a senior officer like you. Yes sir. I am sorry sir. It’s okay. “My! You are my, today.” “My! You are my, today.” “My! You are my, today.” “We are so close to each other. There
are many things in my mind to share.” “Keep me in your heart.” “My! You are my, today.” “Our hearts meet each other.” “We will stay close sometimes.
Sometimes we will stay away.” “My! You are my, today.” “My! You are my, today.” “You are my, today.” “You are my, today.” Ate the ginger. He is playing the bell as
if he has never played it before. You! Master, you are here suddenly!
I thought the milkman has come. Come. I didn’t think that you will come. The gourd made me. Master, you seem very tired. Let me prepare some tea for you. Wait. The gourd made me anchoret. The gourd made me anchoret. Please. Listen. Today, I won’t leave you. Leave me. Master, let me say you something. You know that I don’t
like to say bad things. You have to increase my salary. Madam recruited me to
wash the clothes and utensils. And look. I will have to open
the door, receive the telephone.. ..and write the messages. And if someone comes
I have to inform them. You know I don’t
like to say bad things. But from last couple of days,
I am totally fed up. I tried to explain her,
but she got mad on me. That’s why I am upset.
But where were you from last two days. You don’t work at all.
But only ask to raise the salary. Master, there is
no complaint against me. I understood. Look master,
there is a stain of lipstick. Lipstick! We put on our lips. Red colored.
– Lipstick! Did anyone come in between? Who will come? Madam just went down
after drinking water. This is her glass. What are you saying? Which madam? Now, will I have to tell who is madam? Which madam? Oh god! My madam.
The owner of this house. Your wife! What are you saying? Tell me properly, who had come. Master, did you have a drink today? – Shut up. Nonsense. My madam was sitting here. She was scolding me and saying,
do this, do that. Do like this and that. Work silently. Do I speak extra? She just went down.
Didn’t you meet her? Adam must have come. Let me see. Whom do you want, little girl? Is sir at home? Sir! Which sir? Rajesh pal.
– My master. Come in. – Thank you. Come in. Good evening sir! You! Come. Sit.
– Thank you. How are you? -Do you want some tea? No. I don’t want anything. Sir, why did you leave that day? I called you so many times!
No one received the phone. Do you know I was very worried? Father called me.
He wanted to know about you. Leave that. Go and get fresh. It’s okay sir. That day my wife
died in a car accident. Really sir?
– I just came back from her funeral. What are you saying master? My madam is still alive. I am not lying. My madam is not dead.
She will just come back. How is you study going? What will I study
when you are not there? I will not study any more. Master! In sake of god, I won’t lie. Madam has gone down. You must be wrong. I am not wrong. You are. I am calling the police. I am calling from Rajesh Pal’s place. Rajesh Pal’s wife has come here again. What are you saying? Rajesh Pal’s wife has come back! Okay. We will see. Yes. We will see. Nandi!
– Yes sir. A few days before the accident
took place on the high way. Yes.
– Rajesh Pal’s wife died. Yes!
– Did you investigate the case? – Yes sir. I did it. Are you sure that
it was Rajesh Pal’s wife? What do you mean by sure? I was present at her
funeral with her relatives. But it is surprising. I am getting calls that
Rajesh Pal’s wife has come back. You are getting phone calls! Yes. I just got a call. You will have to investigate the case. You do the investigation.
– Okay. Listen, my experience says that
the maids are involved in this case. The maid in that
house is Maharastrian. It is better you take the
help of Maharastrian police. I have understood sir.
I will do the rest. Okay? Hey! You also go.
– Me! Yes. You will also go.
– Okay. I am going sir.
– Go. You are late and master killed you. Whom do you want sir? Is Mr. Rajesh at home?
– Yes. Do you want to tell him anything? I am the Guru. Where did you go? Will you answer me? Hello Mr. Rajesh. Hello sir. I called you. Look my wife died yesterday.
– We know that. But Guru wants to say that! What is the matter?
In the sake of Goddess Kali… ..I am telling madam had come. Wait. Guru, come. Where?
– Come with me. Come with me. Come.
– Sir, listen to me. Master I had come
to work in this house. Madam appointed me for the work. Madam always says, do this work.
Do that. Get me some water.
Do this and that to me. And I do everything. What is my fault sir? What did I do? Sir, where are you taking me? What
is my fault? I said what I have seen. Adam came to the house. Where do you stay?
– Sir, I stay there. If you go straight,
then there is a lane on your right. If you go by that lane
to the left is another lane. If you go through
that there is a market. There is an oil shop
behind the market. He does illegal work. Sir,
he also cheats people with the oil. Let me tell you the address. Beside the shop there is a temple.
Beside that temple! Stop. What has happened sir? Don’t talk much.
– I don’t tell lies sir. Shall I tell you something sir? You come to my home with me. My husband drinks
alcohol and beats me. And if I say anything
he says that he will .. away with the neighborhood girl. Sir, you warn him. Then sir I will give you 10 rupees. Shut up.
I will put you in the lock up. Listen, if you see her again,
inform me. Sir! You come to my home. If you ask someone in the lane
about Guru’s home, they will tell you. Sir, did our madam really die?
– Yes. Then who was she
who came few times back? I am asking you that.
– She was our madam. Go and do your work. Master, who died is our madam?
– Yes. Then how did madam came alive? You do your work
and stop irritating me. “In our love life
a sweet melody plays.” “I will stay with you
in your sad and happy days.” “My! You are my, today.” “My! You are my, today.” Sumi, today I am not feeling well. If you can come at my place. Sir, you come with me. Sumi, listen to me. You can’t stay here sir. Hurry up. Don’t stay here anymore. Master, what is going on here?
Where are you going? Guru, we will not stay here anymore. But why? I will take sir with me.
– But where? You stay here and
look after this home. Yes, I will do that. And when madam will come,
I will inform you. And then you will
know that I didn’t lie. Everyone turns me crazy. Sumi, this is not
right to go with you. Leave that matter sir. Did you see your room’s condition? Is it right to stay
in that room? Come. But Sumi! Do you trust me?
– Yes. Then come. This is very unrealistic. But who came to our house? I don’t know. I have a doubt on Guru. Why will Guru do this?
– I don’t know. We can know everything
once police will come. Sir, you don’t worry. You will stay with
me till everything is fine. Come, I will take you to a party. “You play with my heart.” “Though I can understand,
I dream about you in the night.” “One who doesn’t get a home;
she doesn’t get her beloved bird.” “One who doesn’t get a home;
she doesn’t get her beloved bird.” “You had so many impersonations.
But you were not satisfied.” “You had so many rooms,
but why didn’t you build a home.” Who is there?
– Me. Guru. What are doing here?
– Where is master? Why? Why do you need him? I told you that I
will bring madam here. I have brought her. You don’t talk like mad. Go from here. Girl! You called me mad! Where is master? Tell me that. What is the matter?
– I want to say it to master. You shut up. Master, I told you that
I will bring Madam to you. I have brought her.
– Where is she? I will show you. Come with me.
– Where is she? Come.
– Take care. – Don’t go sir. Sir. How are you Rajesh? Why are you staring like that?
Can’t you recognize me? I have not changed,
that you will see me like this. What will I do? I didn’t
know that you changed your address. I know now that you stay here. Won’t you ask me to marry
you again and come here? Madam, you must be wrong.
– I am wrong! I am not that Rajesh,
whom you have thought of. You are not Rajesh? Madam, neither I know
you nor I have seen you before. Rajesh, I am Shila.
Look. I am your wife. Stop talking. I had attended
the funeral of my wife a day back. Go away or else I
will call the police. Sir, calm down. How can I calm down?
– I am telling you. Everyone knows that my wife is
dead and she has come to be my wife! So funny! If your wife is dead, who am I? I am standing before you alive
and you are saying that I am dead! You seem from a good family.
So I am giving you respect. It will be better if you go from here. What will you do?
You have killed me when I am alive. Will you burn me now? Do it Rajesh. Do it. Calm down. Please sir. I will be right back. Police station.
Inspector Binoy speaking. Inspector sir! I am Sumita. That woman has again come. What? You come fast.
– Okay. Officer! You have changed a lot, Rajesh. The man who couldn’t
stay away from me! He is denying recognizing me! Seeing the girl with you,
I should have understood.. ..that I have no place in your heart. But, Rajesh..
If you would have made a gesture once! Then I would have gone from your life. You didn’t have to
insult me before others. Okay Rajesh. I will leave. Sir, you don’t have to worry. I have called the police.
They are about to come. Okay.
– Come on. Hello Mr. Rajesh.
– Hello. You called us!
– Yes. Where is she?
– She has left. She has left!
– Yes. I told her to leave. Why did you ask her to leave? Then shall he keep her as his wife? You don’t know what
these women can do. They can do anything.
– Then what are you for? Anyway, don’t worry. You could have waited today. Let’s see what we can do. Let’s go. What did you do, master? You drove your own wife! I told you before
that she is not my wife. I know that. Look master,
if you are angry then forget it. Please grace upon madam.
Where will she stay now? What will she do? What will she eat? Master, you listen to me.
You grace upon madam, sir. When you are so graceful
then take her to your home. I know that. Though I am a maid,
I have a better mind than you. I will work hard.
But I will not let madam cry. My name is Guru. Come. Nandi, Shila can’t become a ghost. There must be some anti
social matter in this case. See all the anti social women. Bring all the anti social women. Give third degree to them. Let’s see how she
doesn’t come forward! Go.
– Okay sir. Sir, shall I say something? At my aunt’s son’s
house I was in duty, sir. A spirit came there, sir! I am speaking the truth sir. The spirit came on me, sir.
– Shut up! Sir, at my aunt’s son’s
house there is really! – Shut up. Run. What do you want here? Search here. Go from here. The woman is sleeping. Get up. We are working
since morning. Get up. Who is disturbing me in the morning? Sir, see she is not afraid.
– What is this? Come to the station. Is that your father’s property?
– Why did you beat me over there? Look what she is saying! Put the hand cuffs!
– I will put the hand cuffs. You will see once
you put the hand cuffs. Look, there is a
gift from our in-laws! Who is it? – Come out.
– Why did they come? Don’t talk, once you go in the prison,
then you will see. I just went yesterday!
You are not satisfied! What is the matter? Look, she is beating us. Don’t you have any other work? Oh mother Durga! Oh mother Lakshmi! Please save our job by coming with us. We will have to get beaten by you
and then will have to save your job! Who are they? Don’t talk much. Come with us. How much do you want? We will have to start work with
them or else they will disturb us. Hey! What happened to him?
He seems unhappy. What happened? Why did you stop?
Come. Listen.
– Come. What happened?
– Sir, take them. Listen. Let us earn
some income in the morning. No. Let’s go. We will also give you some share. No. Come. Take half of it. Hold her and come. How dare she? She is saying
that they will do business! Sir, I have brought them.
The others have run away. Why are you disturbing
us in the morning? You will get all the
information from them. Why are you sitting? Stand up! Say whatever you will have to say.
Hurry up. What is going on there?
You go from here. Know whatever you need to. Hey. Stand properly. Do your work fast. We don’t have time.
We are so busy. Look, do you know this girl?
– No. See it properly. – We told you that we don’t know her. Sir, they know everything. Though if we know her,
why shall we say that to you. What will you do? Go.
– We don’t know her. Where are you going?
– Don’t touch. Come on. Come on. What are you saying, sir?
We don’t know who is she. See her properly. I already told you. We don’t know her. Where does she stay?
– Don’t do that. Our boss. Please cut off our name. Shut up! What is going on here?
This is Police Station. I was just seeing. Go from here.
– Wait. Tell us, what to do. I was just seeing.
– Go from here. We will inform you once we take it. Then why did you bring us here? Sir, they will not
say anything like that. Send them to Kolkata. If you take us to Kolkata,
what will you get? You will have to die starving. Take us there. Go. – Let’s go.
– Get out. The morning is good. Now see what will happen. How long will you tolerate them? What shall we do? You can’t touch her. And we don’t have ladies staff!
Can we do anything! But they will act like this
in the police station. Sir, at my aunt’s son’s house,
the spirit! – Shut up. No, sir. It came upon me. So I was saying, sir! – Shut up. I am leaving, sir. It’s okay. Who is this aunt’s son? – I don’t know anything sir. Nandi, you tell him.
I am crazy with the case. And now this aunt’s son. Where has he brought them?
– God knows. Look what happened.
– Let’s go. Stop your aunt’s son’s story! Do one thing. Listen. When the tea
is being served, have it. Yes.
– Give the money, sir. Hey. Give the money.
– Yes. I don’t have the purse sir. What? Okay I will give. Sir, I also don’t have mine. Okay. I will give. What happened sir?
– Mine is also missing. They stole a month’s income. But how did they take my purse? Where was it?
On the table or in my pocket? Don’t know sir. So I was saying that at
my aunt’s son’s house, the spirit! Yes tell me. No. You are busy right now. You have the tea.
I will tell you later. But how’s this possible?
I was far away from them. Sir, what will happen now? So I told you sir to
report in the head quarter. And by bringing some ladies staff,
put them in the prison. Yes. Put them in the prison. Report in the head quarter
and put them in the prison. Sir that’s why I told you
at my aunt’s son’s house, the spirit! – Shut up. I don’t like this in the morning.
– What will you show me? Go have water.
– I have seen many girls. Have some water.
– What will you show me? Brother, your stick will be broken. But my bone won’t break. Leave it.
– Go and report there. This girl has rhino’s skin. I beat her so much.
Nothing happens to her. Do they have rhino’s skin?
Or you have some problem? Madam, what will I say? I beat them so much,
but nothing happens. What will we do madam?
We have rhino’s skin. Nothing happens to us. You know. Stand straight. Can you do this? Yes madam. I am not afraid of death. And if so,
then I wouldn’t have chosen this job. Have 2 tablets. Go to your room. Go. Sister, police have arrested 2 girls. Okay you go. I will see. Keep this money. You seem unhappy! You are taking much
since last few months. Now digest it. What will I do? One minute. No ladies police should
enter in our area. I will see that. I am there.
– Remember that. I will see. Go. I will see the value of others. I am calling from the police station. You have been arrested by the police! But why? What is the matter? I went to Rajesh’s house.
But he denies recognizing me. He gets me arrested as a liar. He loves someone else now. Now what will I do? You stay there. I will do something. Hello! Yes, madam. Yes tell me.
Yes! Police has arrested her. You stay there.
We will come there soon. Don’t worry. We will come there soon. Hey! Get up! We will have to go.
Madam has been arrested by the police. ?>? Who called you?
– Let’s go. Police has arrested madam!
– Madam. Hey, move. What have you thought of? Why did you arrest madam?
– To send her to the museum. It will be better if you release her. We will inform to the reporters. Do you know what
will happen to you then? Hey! – Leave our madam.
– Hey, what’s the matter? – Shut up! You are having fun with us. And you have arrested
her as she is good. Please, we talk later.
– Don’t talk much. We will release your madam. Hey listen. This is the last time. I should not come to
the police station again. Nandi, drive them away? Okay, dear. So sweet of you. That’s why I was saying
at my aunt’s son’s house. Shut up.
Your aunt’s son! I was saying at my aunt’s son’s house. Stop it.
– Okay, sir. Okay. What is your name? Do I have a name? Am I a decent girl? Whatever one will call me is my name. Madam, listen! We are called by such names,
you cannot bear to hear them. You will have to close your ears.
– You will forget Bengali. What do you do? I steal money. What is she saying? We are artist. They are saying
whatever they feel like. It doesn’t matter. Let her say anything.
We will do whatever we need to. We are beaten by the public
and stay in the hospital. When we are fine,
we again start our business. When will we die, we don’t know. How do you know, Mrs. Shila? In our colony, Guru. She stays there. She says everything. What do you think? Is your madam alive?
– Yes. She is. She is fine. This has happened because
of her bad husband. Gifts have been sent from her in-laws.
Now they will see. And you know we are small fishes. Now, there is a big fish in the net. The honeymoon will be great. You saw, we got some
information about Mrs. Shila! Madam! Whom are you talking to? They belongs to the street, they
are being beaten by their parents. Why are you wasting your time? We are not beaten by our parents. We are extra. And you are getting food for us. You are extra.
And will stay like that. They are pollution
for the society. Garbage. Don’t take so much pride. You
will have to take the advantage of us. What do you think? The common people are losing
their hope from the police? What else? Police is not relaxing.
– They can only take money. The matter is with the hospital crew
and the relatives of the dead person. You will sleep till then! At present the case is taken to the court.
– We know that. We can’t say anything about it right now.
– We know that well. You don’t have to say that. You saw that we talked
with everyone .. ..who is involved with
the death of Mrs. Shila. If you go, our country will be saved. What will you eat, if we go? We have our government.
– Then why are you here? Brothers you go from here. Why are
you listening to the street people? Go. We will see.
You have nothing to do. You will have to come to
us at the end of the month. You shut up!
– What will we do now? Depending on the law of
our country we are saying that. As the law of our
country takes some time.. …some famous people of our
society They take advantage of it. And women like Mrs.
Shila have to suffer for that. Moumita Mukherjee.
Chandrakona. Special news. Bye. Bye madam. Bye. Yes sir. Where are you?
– In the office. You will have to go right now.
– Okay sir. Yes.
Okay sir. Ready. Will I have say about the place? – I know that the place is not good. Whatever, you will have to go there. Okay sir. We will leave. Full team. We will leave right now. Okay sir. Okay bye.
– Bye. Pandey, come here.
We will have to go out right now. I want to ask you something. I will not answer any questions. Why are you doing this?
There is danger in it. So what? Okay. We want to know
everything about you. I am a reporter. Why did you choose this job? Every day, you risk your life
and do this work. What is your profit? We will understand that.
I want to know everything. It is our matter. Go now. The question is why you steal. We steal! Very good. Now go.
– Whom are you talking to? Look, they are disturbing us. You have nothing to do. Came here. What is the matter?
What do we have to say? No. We want to know,
why are you doing this? Why are we doing this?
You want to know that. When you arrest us.
Beat us. Don’t you think at that time? No need. Go away from here. Listen, we know there
is some other reason behind it. I have full support for you. Okay. Support? We don’t want your support. You have much support.
You don’t have to show it anymore! You have come to support us.
Many reporters like you have come. Who will feed us if we don’t work? Can we survive without work? What is it? – You go away from here.
We will say nothing. You don’t say anything. Look we will have to
inform them everything. What type of request is this? Now go from here. Now go from here. Come inside.
– Move aside. Don’t talk much.
– Listen. What is the matter? Look we are press reporter. We help to reach your information to.. .. the common people
through our newspaper. We want to know something from you. Tell what you want to know. Like the girls has chosen
this profession of stealing.. there any special
reason behind this? This is the passion
to play with the danger! So professions like this
where there is so much risk. Are they not afraid of it? They like to play hide
and seek with the police. Look, we have got information that you
have given shelter to such a woman… …Who has died according
to the police’s records. Are you trying to make anyone
of you’ll act like that woman? We help many people who are in danger. Hey.
– What is it? Whatever you want to ask, ask her. Okay.
– I don’t want to talk. You do whatever you want.
Write whatever you like. We don’t care. Now the interviewer has come. You said that no police will come.
There will be no problem. There is no police.
– Look if something happens. Nothing will happen. Hey, idiot! Move away. Wait and watch. Good evening sir.
– Come sit. Sorry. I am late.
– Why? I want to give you news.
– About what? I and my friends
are going for a picnic. It is very good. It is not good. You come with us. It will be great. Me!
– Yes. You come with us. What will I do among your friends? You have a job.
It will be great if you come. You go. No. You will come. You go. – These days
I don’t feel good. That’s why I was saying. You
will feel good, if you come with us. Okay. I understood that. You will come.
– Okay. You will come. You are all wet. You are also wet. I love to get wet. If I get wet like this. You will fall ill.
Change your clothes. You also change it. In the spring! “In the spring wind.” “Someone calls me.” “I fly in the sky.
I don’t know where.” “Waking up in the morning,
I can’t find him.” “I have seen him in
my mind’s mirror only.” “Waking up in the morning,
I can’t find him.” “I have seen him in
my mind’s mirror only.” “Be visible. Come closer.” “In the spring wind.” “Someone calls me.” “I fly in the sky.
I don’t know where.” “I have loved.” “It is good.” “I have passed the age of 16 years.” “I will sing. I will dance.” “I will decorate my room with you.” “I have loved.” “It is good.” “I have passed the age of 16 years.” “I will sing. I will dance.” “I will decorate my room with you.” “My mind only knows you.” “You were with me since decades.” “Come closer to me.” “In the spring wind.” “Someone calls me.” “I fly in the sky.
I don’t know where.” “The flowers have bloomed.” “There are so many colors.” “In the touch of love
they have spread everywhere.” “The sky is calling me.
I will tie up in my love.” “The flowers have bloomed.” “There are so many colors.” “In the touch of love
they have spread everywhere.” “The sky is calling me.
I will tie up in my love.” “I will hide secretly.” “You come and play
hide and seek with me.” “I will play with you.” “In the spring wind.” “Someone calls me.” “I fly in the sky.
I don’t know where.” Sir. Sir. Give it to me.
I will rub it. – No. I will do it. Give it. Please. Sumi, leave it. Please. Sumi!
– No. Don’t stop me. I have controlled myself.
No I can’t do it anymore. What is the matter?
– I don’t know. I always think about you. I like it when you stay beside me. Sumi! When you go away, I become restless. I don’t know. I! I don’t know. You promise me that
you will never leave me. Why are you saying this? You are the first man in my life. You are my. I love you. I love you. You will never leave me. No Sumi, this is not possible. Why is it not possible? Am I not a girl? Don’t I have a heart? Don’t I have the right to love? No. Sumi! It is not that. You are old enough to understand that. What do I want from you? – What? Only this, you love me. You always stay beside me. I feel restless to hear
some romantic words from you. Sumi! No Sumi. The good relationship
between us doesn’t give us this right. Please understand. Okay. Give me the right
of the relationship. Take. Put this vermillion on my head. Sumi, the color of
this vermillion is red. Don’t make it black. What will I do now?
– Sumi! I will not come back. I will leave.
– Sumi. Don’t call me.
I will not come back. Sumi, listen to me.
– No!! What is the matter Sumi?
– Say it. Your friends were supposed
to come to the picnic. – Yes. Where are they? They were supposed to come.
But I cancelled it. – Why? So that I and you can enjoy. You are intelligent in
every case other than studies. Wait. You can’t catch me.
– Wait. You can’t catch me. Come here. Okay, fine. Take like this.
The picture should be good. This is a close up. Take this pose.
– Yes. Turn around. Okay. Fantastic. See. It should be good. Turn around. Okay. The face is bad. But photogenic. Look who sees us. There are so many mad. I will leave. What happened? Sumi, everything is fine.
Yu dance, singing. But you will have to
pass in your exam this year. You will have to keep my prestige. Yes. I had failed sometimes.
But now I will pass. Hello Mr. Rajesh. – You are here?
– I came here for a job. That is good. It is good that we met. There is good news for you.
– What? We arrested the woman. Who is the woman?
What is her identity? We don’t know that.
We have filed the case to the court. There shall be some
identity of the woman. What does she do? We could know that the woman
dances in a mid night hotel. Hotel!
– There is a problem. When the matter is in court.
– Court. We will have to wait for the judgment. Anyway. I will leave. How did the officer come
to know that we are here? I think that the officer
is involved with her. Hmmm. Come with me.
I will talk to my father today. “In our love life
a sweet melody plays.” “I will stay with you
in your sad and happy days.” “My! You are my, today.” What is the matter sir? Who sung this song?
– Someone. Why? Why are you asking? Shila used to sing this song. Anyone can sing this. The same lyrics. The same melody.
– So what? How is that possible?
– It can be. Let’s go to the temples sir.
Let’s greet mother. Let’s go sir. Rajesh.. What is she doing here? Inspector said that
they have arrested her. Inspector is not great.
What will he do? Sir, we should not be late.
We should leave now. Let’s go. “You will have to play this game.” “If you take the heart,
you will have to give yours.” “You will have to play this game.” “If you take the heart,
you will have to give yours.” “One who doesn’t get a home;
she doesn’t get her beloved bird.” “One who doesn’t get a home;
she doesn’t get her beloved bird.” “You will have to play this game.” “If you take the heart,
you will have to give yours.” Look Sumi,
you seem the matter is very serious. She looks the same! Whatever, you will have to see it. Do something. Sir is very restless.
I can’t see sir’s condition. I see. Okay, you don’t worry at all.
I will sort it out. What is greater to me than your happiness?
– Thank you, father. Don’t worry. Happy Birthday. Who kept it here? Hello! Who is doing this? God knows. Mr. Rajesh.
I want to say you something. – Yes. Tell me. What did you tell the woman
that she attempted suicide? Now she is in the hospital. What will I do? I want you to go and
visit her in the hospital. Officer, you are saying this! Look, this is my suggestion.
Now it’s up to you. Oh god! What did you do? If an educated woman like you plays .. ..with her life in anger,
what will we do? When there is a family,
there will be problems. There will be quarrels, problems. Does that mean you will do this? Madam, I am very worried about you. Gunu, don’t worry about me. Why will I not worry? You gave me a job. You gave
me the responsibility of your home. How can you ask me not to worry? I have broken a coconut
in the temple or your good health. Really! Madam, master has come. You!
– What do you want? They don’t allow me to die. This is enough.
Now tell me what do you want? Why are you disturbing me repeatedly? Please clear your point. You don’t shout here. Come.
– No. I want to know, what she wants. Money or something else,
what does she want? Does she want a house?
– Okay. You come. Your sir has asked me to meet her.
So I came here. Okay. Come. What happened to master? He doesn’t talk.
He broke his heart and the family. Guni, don’t talk. Go from here. I will go now.
But I will come back again. I will go nowhere leaving you alone. My name is Gunu.
I won’t tolerate this. Everyone knows me. Sir.
– Sumi, you! You didn’t go to school? No sir. Today it is your first
day at the court. So I bunked school. You have got a good
reason to bunk school. You will be bored.
So I decided to stay with you. And we see in the films
that judges say order, order. Today I got the opportunity to see
it from the front. I am very happy. And you will get a company. Your honor,
our country’s law is very conscious.. .. in protecting women’s prestige. If this is true, then why is Mrs.
Shila in this condition? Why she will be
deprived from her right? This case in the court
is not for any mistake. But this is to wake up
the society who is sleeping. And I want to fight for it. You honor, on the fourteenth
there is a car accident occurs. Mrs. Shila Pal met that
accident and she died later. Mr. Rajesh Pal identifies the body. All her relatives were there. There are the postmortem
report and the death certificate. It proves that Shila Pal is dead. Now your honor,
the woman standing here.. ..comes to Rajesh Pal’s life and wants
to prove that she is still alive. Very funny your honor.. ..when Shila Pal is dead she
is claiming that she is Shila Pal. Your honor this is a case of 420. This woman makes Rajesh
Pal’s life horrible. She ruins his mental condition. I request this court
to solve this mystery soon. That’s all, your honor. Your honor,
my lawyer friend said something .. ..meaningless about this society. He wants to prove my client Mrs.
Shila to be dead. Your honor,
these papers may prove that. But when my client Mrs.
Shila is present in front you.. ..these papers are
totally meaningless. I claim that police report and
medical post mortem report as false. Your honor,
if these reports are wrong.. ..who was she who
died in the car accident? The police should investigate that. My client Is not guilty.
So why will she be punished? I request this court to release
my client from this false report. Does the accused want to say anything? Judge sir, I drive the car very well. I have not forgotten that day. I don’t know why, but I
lost my control from the steering. Then I met an accident. Then I don’t remember
what had happened to me. After getting sense,
I found myself in my friend’s house. She took great care of me. I got my new life for her. When I became fine, I got the address
of my husband with police’s help. Because he has changed his address. When I went to see him,
I thought he will be happy. But no. He got me arrested by the police. I don’t want anything from him. If he stays happy with someone else,
I will also be happy. But Judge sir,
I am not a cheater or a thief. I am not a cheater or a thief. Police should investigate the matter.. .. and should collect
some proves for it. This court is adjourned
for the next 15 days. Good morning sir. Come to my room.
I have something to say. Do you remember everything?
– Yes. Did you get your money?
– Yes. So his face became red. Give that.
– Later. Listen, you will
have to make it better. Why, isn’t it good the other days? You always doing better. You should remember the night duty. Your face is so beautiful.
I will say that. I need to talk to you.
Come to me later. “Come dear to me.” “You went away.” “Come dear.” “Today over here.” “Come dear to me.” “You all have desire and money.” “I am a human.” “You will stop to see
that I have spread my hands.” “You all have desire and money.” “I am a human.” “You will stop to see
that I have spread my hands.” “Come dear.” “Come dear.” “Today over here.” “Come dear to me.” “We do dramas. We have many demands.” “This is my profession.” “I get drunk and
play with the hearts.” “Come dear.” “Today over here.” “Come dear to me.” “I have never thought about
this addiction of my mind.” “Where it goes after getting sense.” “I will come tomorrow in
this time and will make you mad.” “I have never thought about
this addiction of my mind.” “Where it goes after getting sense.” “I will come tomorrow in
this time and will make you mad.” “Come dear.” “Come dear.” “Today over here.” “Come dear to me.” “You went away.” “Come dear.” “Come dear.” “Today over here.” “Come dear.” “Come dear.” “Today over here.” Let’s go. Oh God! Sir, she left. Let her go. But sir.
– Why are you thinking? Come with me. Hey. Stop the car. Hey, rickshaw.
Stop. What has happened? Who are you?
Where are you taking him? You don’t worry.
– Come on. Come on.
– Where are you taking him? Why did you catch me?
What is my crime? Who are you? – I am a dancer.
I was going back after my work. Why are you doing like this? Hey! Stop the car. How dare she? She fooled us! Why are you pushing me?
I will fall down. Wait I will show you. Adam, I told sir that she had left. But I got the call,
that she has been attacked. Come, you sit. Stop discussing about her. Tell me about you.
How is your business going? My business is going great. How is your health?
– Very good. Is there any trouble of the police?
– No. But what about the girl,
who has been attacked? Leave that and drink this. You don’t worry about her. Sir, we couldn’t do the work. The girl we kidnapped
was someone else. The girl cheated us. No. The girl didn’t cheat us. Sarmista cheated us. And she will have to answer us. Are we useless? I will kill her. Take it. I will show you today. Sarmista. Sarmista. Your game is over. You may be very smart,
but don’t forget that this is my area. You can’t cheat me. You all are inside! Open the door. Look who is shouting outside. See who has come outside. Leave it. There is a guard outside.
He will see it. Play.
– He is shouting since long. I know you are inside. You play. I will see. I am coming. Open the door Sarmista. I am alone. Come out. I won’t go without meeting you.
I recognized you. It will be better if you come out. Sarmista, if you don’t come out.. .. I will have to break
the door and come in. Sarmista! Hey. What has happened? Go. Sarmista is not here. Today I won’t go without
meeting Sarmista. Go. What did you say? You beat me! Yes I beat you. I will take the revenge.
– Get lost. You will take the revenge! Showing me attitude! Go.
– Okay, I am going. Go. These things! Sarmista’s helper. Say this to Sarmista.
I always keep my promise. Tomorrow, she will be finished.
I will give you a dead body tomorrow. Let’s see what is happening outside. Wait she has gone. Hey. You wait.
Let me go and see outside. What is this? Let me call her. Hello! Ambulance! Look officer. The dead body is approved by
her close relatives and her husband. The dead certificate
is given based on that. And you have the postmortem report. The postmortem report may be wrong. It is not easy to prove
the postmortem report wrong. Your police report may also be false. You start the processing at the court.
Then come to me. I will help you. Okay. Relax. Adam, hurry up. What are you doing? Police will come. Come fast.
– But where will we go? You come first.
Hurry up. – My bag.. Come on, hurry up.
– Take this bag also. Come. Take the bag.
Hurry up. What we have thought of. Wait I will see. Hey, your father has come. Look. To investigate the ghost. It is female ghosts. Why are you joking? Why will I do that? How will I know that whether
it is a male ghost or a female? Chutki, give the towel to your father. Give me food fast. You remember me when you are hungry! You didn’t get food at ghost’s house! What dear? You didn’t go to play!
– No. First call at your office. I will call later. I will
think about other’s death later. Now give me food. Do you have that time? See. Hello! – I have asked
you to investigate .. ..and inform us about
the case quickly. The Maharastrian police
are a big organization. We are having trouble, Sir. I asked you repeatedly to complete
the investigation and inform us. You didn’t do anything. It is so late. An unknown lady has
occupied the place. The woman has died in an
accident according to our record. Our officer was present there. How long shall we wait? Please do it quickly. Please. Okay. Look. Such a bad job. You don’t have the time to eat. I will have to leave now. Have your meal.
– I will have it later. I don’t want this bad job. Yes sir. Yes sir. The full coverage is complete.
I was preparing the report now. You will get it soon. We have come to know everything. But there is a problem. That group has given
security to that woman. And the woman who
has died and this woman! We don’t have any prove that
are they the same person or not. Is it true?
– No sir. No. But now the case is in the court. As the case will proceed in
the court I will send you the report. Without fail.
– Okay sir. Okay.
– Sir. One thing. Do you want to say anything?
– Yes sir. Any requirement?
– No sir. If you need any help, you can ask for it.
– Okay sir. No. Whatever you have said. Okay.
Thank you sir. Look, don’t talk like this. Talk decently. Listen to me. Later. Don’t get yourselves involved. Why don’t you understand? Don’t disturb me. You go. Don’t talk like that. Why don’t you understand? You are creating the problem. We don’t want to answer. Don’t interfere in our personal life.
– What do you want? I will call the police. We need to know the matter.
– Go decently. Leave them. Let’s go.
– Try to understand. Your honor, my first witness.
Shila Pal’s husband, Mr. Rajesh Pal. Mr. Rajesh Pal,
can you explain to the court? Yes. She was my wife.
And I burned her body myself. Your honor, I don’t think
there can be any more questions. Your witness please. Mr. Rajesh, did you see Mrs.
Shila’s dead body? I recognized her by her figure. Not only that. Her necklace and ring
prove that she was my wife. This statement should be noted,
your honor. Your honor, in that accident Mrs.
Shila’s face gets damaged. It was not possible to recognize her. There is so much change in her hands,
face and.. ..body that the hospital staff
also denied to approve the body. Death certificate was given
based on Mr. Rajesh’s statement. And Mr. Rajesh’s
statement is before you. The next witness should be called. Your honor,
I want to call Santashpur’s.. ..senior police inspector Mr.
Binoy, to the witness box. Granted. Mr. Binoy what was the condition
of Mrs. Shila over there? I didn’t see her. I was not there. How did you understand
that the body was of Mrs. Shila? Mr. Rajesh told me. That’s all, your honor. Mr. Inspector,
how did you understand .. ..that the dead body
was of Mrs. Shila? I don’t know. Mr. Rajesh told me. I don’t want to ask anything more. That’s all, your honor. You may proceed further. Your honor,
the truth is proved in the court. It’s my request.
No time should be wasted here. That’s all, you honor. Your honor, my lawyer friend wants
to end the case in a wrong manner. But proofs and papers
are not complete yet. I want to present Mrs.
Shila’s medical report in the court. Your honor, 2 years before Mrs.
Shila had got a chest operation. For which there was
a symptom at that place. When the woman is saying
that she is Mrs. Shila Pal.. ..then I don’t think there
will be any problem to test that. I strongly object that, your honor. A decent woman cannot be
insulted like this in the court. Your objection is sustained. But to make the judgment
the court orders to investigate.. .. it by the ladies police. Judge sir, you have graced me! But look at him, by husband. Who is supposed to me my savior. Look how he is smiling there. When he has no problem. How can I object? I don’t want any women police. No lawyer sir, I do not want
to show any woman police anything. What is this? Then look properly. Examine well. If this is the same mark or not.
Examine this well! Calm down Miss Sheila,
don’t lose patience. You will have justice.
I give you my word. Your honor,
Miss Sheila has been tested much. And all the results are correct. I only pray that a good wife
may not be insulted like this further. Your honor,
this is my humble request to the.. ..court that Ms. Sheila may not be
humiliated by the public prosecutor. That’s all your honor. The police are being
given a chance to present.. .. to the court any
solid proof or witness. Or else the court will end the case. Keeping in mind all
evidence and witness’. That the accused is none
other that Rajesh Pal’s wife. The court is adjourned for 1 week. Do you have any doubts now? I think we are on the right path. And I will try and give it my best. Not just try Mr. Pathak, we will
have to give Sheila back her rights. That’s all.
– Fine, it will be so. Officer, how is it
possible for that woman .. have the same
marks in the same place? It might be so, just listen. Impossible, it cannot be so! Just please calm down. What clam?
How can you say so being an officer? Listen to me first.
– Damn you! Listen to me.
– Come, sir. No one will listen to you here. You talk rubbish. Pandey? Pandey! Yes, yes, yes. All the reports that I sent
for the print, stop that now. May not even 1 report be printed. But why?
– I am saying this! If anyone asks then take my name. Go fast! May not a
single report be printed. Do you understand?
– Alright. Oh just go quick! Go! Sir, sir, sir? I know, that woman’s case right? Yes sir, how is it possible? The one we declared dead,
how can she be alive? Don’t worry about that. You do your work. But we signed sir. Yes, on my word. And it is my responsibility. Tell me Dr.
Sumit, have you seen the woman.. .. who demands that Rajesh
Pal’s wife is still alive? But sir, she has proven much in court. The case is in court,
so they will decide. Then why are we involving ourselves? But sir, the police disturb a lot. Do something,
tell the police officers to meet me. Okay sir.
– Go now. You know about the
return of Miss Sheila. The case is very mysterious and
the police are still investigating. It will be all out, but right now
let’s see what all we can tell you. This is that hospital where Ms.
Sheila was declared dead. Due to which her life was upset. Her husband doesn’t accept her. This is a very sad
case of women oppression. Come let’s see what the hospital
officials have to say about this. Tell me something about Ms.
Sheila’s death? I have said before. The body was found by her
brother and other family members. And her husband. As per their requests,
we have issued the death certificate. Neither did we know her nor see her. So if anyone is to be blamed.. in if Ms. Sheila wants to do so,
it is on her family. Why do you not ask her
husband regarding this matter? A few questions still
remain unanswered. Like how can Moina’s
investigation report be wrong? I don’t think it has any mistakes. And if there is,
it should be proven with.. .. the help of the police and the law. But before all that,
I detest what light the media is .. ..showing the hospital in. One minute, please hold. Doctor? You have a call. Thank you sir, thank you very much. You? Mr. Rajesh,
I want to say something to you. Our case might have become weak,
but it is not over. Our essential proof is Mr. Bikash. Present him to the court somehow. If you do so,
it will be better for us. That’s all I had come to say.
Alright then. Bye. Who is this Mr. Bikash? Come, I’ll tell you. Mr. Bikash is no one
but my own brother-in-law. This is the first time
the inspector has talked smart. And Bikash is a chief
witness of my wife’s death. We did her last rites together. I will just call him.
– Yes, do so. “Oh this game,
everyone will have to play.” “If you take a heart,
you will have to give yours too.” “Even fairies don’t have husbands.” “And big hope stay unfulfilled.” “Even fairies don’t have husbands.” “And big hope stay unfulfilled.” “There is so much,
but nothing interests you.” “There were so many,
but no one caught your fancy.” “There is so much,
but nothing interests you.” “There were so many,
but no one caught your fancy.” Hello Bapi? Yes one minute. Sir, Bapi wants to talk. Hello? Do not take tension unnecessarily. Whenever he will find out,
he will come. Yes our people are on it. It’s in the newspapers, and have
been broadcasted on the radio too. When Bikash won’t know,
then he will come back on his own. Do not take tension. Yes thank you. What did Bapi say? That he has arranged
to search for Bikash. And? Yes that is true. One minute.
– Look who has come now? Hello Mr. Rajesh.
– Hello. Sorry to disturb you.
– No problem. What happened about Mr. Bikash? We have put out the word everywhere. This is about the
prestige of the police. You will have to present
him in court anyhow. He might come anytime. Okay, inform me when he comes. Okay bye. Sir will Bikash not come? I don’t know. – It is very
important for him to come. I know, but he hasn’t come yet. Sir, you have been recognized. Get security sir. Where will she run and go? This way, come. Let her not escape Now we will get her. Come this way. Come on. You, go look there. Rama, check properly. You go there go! Must have come here! Look there. Look properly. Hey Rama, look there! What? What do you want here? What are you doing here? Can’t go from here,
must be from there. Look properly. You can’t run away, the game is over! Not safe for us to go now. Enough is enough. Not anymore. I want her under me any how! I will have to get to
her before she talks to anyone. Hurry up. Okay okay, alright yes. Who called? A patient. Lies. If a small lie helps
to set free a bigger truth. Then neither in law
nor in my eyes is it wrong. But doctor what I think is. Have patience. You will get to know
everything in time. No need to disturb me here. Okay? Advocate Debjeet Chaudhuri here. Namaste, tomorrow at 11 will
be the final verdict of this case. Ask your assistant to plead,
not yourself. Cannot tell you the reason now. But remember that
it is very important. Okay. I am asking you for the last time. Tell me! No.
– Tell me! No.
– Tell me! No I won’t. You will surely say,
but not like this. After taking this injection. Even if you kill me, I won’t say. Look at this venom closely. As soon as it enters your body,
it will give birth to 32,000 insects. That will feed on you and
will come out from your mouth! You will not be able to bear it. And you will only writhe in pain. You will only feel pain. And there is no doctor
in the world who can cure you. No hospital for your treatment. And now I will inject you. Give me the syringe! No, no! I will tell. I will! I will tell. Madam a call for you. Listen. Namaste, no time to listen madam. When I have given you my word,
I shall do so. I know that.- Any which way. Thank you. Even if it risks our lives.
– I know that. But we will live up to our word. That is what we have.
– Keep faith. Where is the necklace? I will tell you. Why is the dog barking? I think someone might be there. Who will come so late but? Sammy Sammy! Stop! Stop! No Sammy! I think someone has come.
I will go see. No Sammy! Sammy! Stop! Oh Bikash you, when did you come? Have been waiting for half an hour. And it has been raining! I heard a female voice inside. So I thought you would
be having some fun in the dark. Keep shut and come in. Joking always! I will but I feel like a convict. Please keep my respect. She is no one, but my student. Hello.
– Namaste. Okay sit now.
– Yes Namaste. Forgive me.
Always drama! Sorry.
– No problem. Tell me first, why did you
make such a big show of calling me? That is why I had called for you. Why, what has happened? Rajesh! Sheila is alive and in this city! Are you crazy? Not yet. But it might not remain so. I might just go crazy. Rajesh tell me, what is the matter? I will tell you. What will you say.
– Actually here. Rajesh, I think it might
be someone’s plotting. Nothing to do today. But tomorrow at 11
I will say it all in court. It might not be so. What guarantee? What are you telling me?
– There is guarantee. Rajesh I can and I will. I am hungry now. Have you cooked for me? Horses are running in my stomach. Sorry, sorry, I will just get you. Please do sit.
– I will, no other option. You look and I will eat. Come on. Come all of you. May I come in sir? Come Mr. Pathak, come. Sit please.
– Thank you. You will have to do something for me. Of course. Look at this matter. Yes please. Sir, any message?
– No. Your honor. I will call
as witness who is a pride.. .. for not just me
but for the force too. Sheila Pal’s own brother. Mr. Bikash Ghosh. Your name? Bikash Narayan Ghosh Occupation? I protect the nation. I am a soldier. Tell me sir, on 14th June
near Aamtala, the accident that.. ..happened and a woman had died,
did you know her? Yes, she was my sister. Sir, she was my sister. I had looked
after her after our parents died. And got her married too,
to an educated man Mr. Rajesh Pal. Who is sitting right here. Thank you Mr. Ghosh. Sorry to have called you here. Your witness please. Tell me Mr.
Bikash, how were you sure.. .. that the burned
body was of your sister’s? Could have been someone else? If it were so,
no one would be as lucky as me. But it is not so. She was my sister. When it has been proven
that her face was burned beyond.. ..recognition with many stitches,
then how can you say so? Lawyer sir, I was not
at all talking about the face. I checked out the body very well. She had such body marks that
could easily be used to identify her. Judge, I have seen her
when she was this small! That was long ago but. But she had such body marks
that I remember specifically. She was lying dead in front
of me and I could do nothing for her. May the accused be presented here. Then how can this woman say
that she is your sister, Miss Sheila? What can I answer to this lawyer sir? If she is demanding so, then I
demand that she is part of some gang! And that she has been forced to
involve like this to earn some money! Please remove cloth to show your face. Sheilu, my sister? Your sister is dead! If I really had a brother,
I would not have to see this day. Would not have to hear such insults! I want no brother. I have no brother! I have no brother! Sheilu, my sister.
– Don’t touch me. What happened to you? Where were you? Did you not remember me? Rajesh! Sheila is alive! No, it is not true! No it is not! ?>?No, it is not true! I am his sister.
– That cannot be. But why not, she is my sister! No, it is not true!
– I am not lying! No, it is not true! This is a court Shumi. No sir, No, it is not true!. It cannot be so.
– It is all lies. I am Sheila! How can that be? I killed her myself! Oh my god! How can you kill her,
you were studying then! I paid goon Chandal to kill her! And I saw the dead body myself! So where did she come from? Who gave you money to do this? I sold my mother’s
necklace to pay for it! My Lord, Chandal is locked
up in the Chandrapur Police Station. And you are? Major Sunil Bhowmik. We have much to contribute
in this truth that has just come up. That is why we have come here. You can proceed. My Lord, it was said right that Ms.
Sheila did not die in an accident. She was murdered. But due to mistakes and drawbacks,
the truth was lost. It was our intention to
bring out the truth in court. But what is this
woman’s real identity? Her true face will be
revealed in front of you all. My lord, this is the result
of an advanced cosmetic surgery. By which man can change
his face as he pleases. And with this, how our helper solved
this case, she will say it herself. Captain Bonny Chaudhuri reporting sir. After my friend was killed,
I tried a lot to find her murderer. But after that I entered
Rajesh’s life as his wife. I knew that he will
never accept me as his wife. Also, the murderer
will be much careful! So after much pains I have come here. I have served many years
for the nation’s security. And today,
I have come forth to help the law. That is my motive. Judge, Shumi is the real murderer. She has accepted that herself,
in front of you all. Arrest her right away!
– Thank you my Lord. Hey you! What are you doing Shumi? Shumi! – If you try to act
smart I will blow your head off! To have my lover,
I can murder 100 more like this! Drop the pistol. If you try to be a hero,
I will blow your head too! The result will be very bad. Shut up!
Don’t step forward! You cannot run away! – Come with
me sir. Nothing will happen to you. Come sir. Don’t come forward.
I will blow your head! Come on sir.
– Shumi! Sir, what is all this? Amused are you? I knew everything. Our work is done. We have done our duty to the fullest. Now let’s enjoy. Come on. I want nothing but you.
– Leave my hand. Look Shumi, you can’t do this. You cannot take the law in your hands! Shumi! Shumi! Shumi! Listen to me,
I have never seen you like that! I only wanted to
help in your learning. I gave your father my word
that I would help you pass. And what have you given me in return? You killed my Sheila!
Tore my house apart! You have taken it all from me!
Ruined my life! So that we may share a home?
Like this? Do you call this love? I never thought you
could act so lowly? You disgust me!
I never want to see your face! What have you paid
for my teaching? What? Bikash, what do I have left? Everything is over. Calm down.
– What shall I live for? I didn’t know that’s
what she had in mind. I didn’t know that. Calm down. She is gone,
but will I get my Sheila back? Sir, just one regret. I tried but I couldn’t catch the girl. Bad luck. No point in sulking. You have done your duty. So you have not failed. You know, whatever you
may call the girl’s feelings as. It was so strong that
all our efforts failed. We must accept this, that whatever
the girl did, we could not win. That’s okay. But you have done well. Congratulations.
– Thank you sir.

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